Vapes are Not Allowed to Be Sold on the Shoppe Website in Taiwan

In Taiwan, ecigarettes sold on the Shoppe website are not allowed!

A well-known shop in Taoyuan, Taiwan, sells e-cigarettes. The flavors of the vape juice are fruit flavor, chocolate, etc., and each 30 ml sells 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, on the 15th, the person in charge was sent to the court in accordance with the Pharmacy Letter after being inquired by the police.

Police said, in addition to selling vape in his shop, the 25-year-old man surnamed Chen sold thousands of yuan worth of atomizers, e-liquid and vape juice on shoppee. He has made around 300, 000 profit since opening last year. However, on the website, he only says that the e-liquid vaping function should not be used for other purposes to circumvent relevant laws and regulations.

The Seventh Corps of the Security Police of the Police Department and the relevant personnel of the Food and Drug Administration and the Taoyuan Municipal Government Health Bureau were present. They found that many flavors such as oolong tea and frozen lime tea sold by the store, which were labeled with nicotine and vape juice and sold directly in the store and on the website without permission from the health department. These actions have violated drug laws.

New Vape Ban Proposed for Taiwan

In response to Taiwan’s provincial government’s abnormal attitude towards e-cigarettes, wang Yuyang, secretary general of the e-cigarette industry development association of Taiwan, said that it is not reasonable for Taiwan to ban e-cigarettes completely regardless of the higher health hazards of paper cigarettes.

Suspect: Wang Yuyang

He emphasized that electronic cigarettes should be banned under the age of 18 or even moderately taxed, but foreign practices should be referred to, for example, general commodity management without nicotine, drug management with nicotine through medical grade certification and tobacco management without medical grade certification. Besides, authorities can regulate conditions for traffickers.

Taiwan’s tobacco control law has not been amended for ten years and amendments proposed by the health and welfare department. Wang Yuyang said, “Taiwan authorities did not hold a public hearing so that they have ignored the relevant industries, public opinion. So they should give voice to the public.”

The Pure British E-liquid – IVG

IVG has millions of consumers in more than 60 countries on six continents. As a recipient of numerous international awards, IVG offers a wide range of mouthwatering smoky flavors. Sweet series, Desserts series, menthol series, macarons series, Tobacco series, each kind of e-liquid has a taste to satisfy every taste bud. The vision of IVG has always been to pursue excellence. To learn more about IVG e-liquid, click on:

IVG e-liquid


Sweet Series: Do you like sweets? And these tastes satisfy all your desire for sweets perfectly.IVG e-liquid

Desserts Series: Exotic and aromatic milk tea, full of cardamom aroma with a hint of cream.

Menthol Series: Black iceberg, blue iceberg, blueberry ice burst, cherry wave, icy kiwi and rainbow explosion, you can know how cool it tastes just by the name.IVG e-liquid

Macarons Series: The flavor of French macarons round cake. The texture is light, with a hearty fruit and cream filling.

Tobacco Series: A true tobacco flavor, a natIVG e-liquidural blend of Virginia tobacco, warm tones with sweet cream and the essence of black truffles

IVG’s vision

“We believe that we are standing in front of the world and making great steam products. This has not changed. Our team has always focused on innovation, growth and customer satisfaction. We have the technology to produce high-end products, focusing on the the development of taste.IVG e-liquid

IVG vision has always been to be satisfied with excellence in everything we do. In the evolving vape industry, they use honesty and courage to change and break through, making them lead the industry.

The Highest Tax Rate on E-liquid is 100% Now!

On July 12, the Bahraini government suddenly announced a 100% high tax on vapes without any indication, and this behavior also made all Bahrain vapers and the operators very dissatisfied.

After Indonesia’s 57% heavy tax, Bahrain’s e-liquid tax percentage has reached a new high.

The tax caused the Bahrain e-cigarette industry to be extremely dissatisfied!


Bahrain Sets in Place a 100% Vape Tax Without Warning

Sayed Al Wadei, head of VapeWorld, Bahrain’s e-cigarette industry, accused “the vape juice has the 100% tax as tobacco products” is insane. The local VAPE store imports about 40,000 different types of e-liquid from the US every month. And you can know how much tax they have to pay for each shipment now.

At the same time, vapors and users said that e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco components, it is unreasonable to levy e-cigarettes against 100% of the tax like cigarettes, and such high prices may cause e-cigarette users to re-use traditional cigarettes!

 Bahrain tax

Mohamed Ahmed, head of Juffair Vape Bahrain, said that “the government’s current tax collection is based on the size of the bottle, which is $16 for a 60 ml bottle, $22 for a 100 ml bottle, and $26 for a 120 ml bottle. The store will sell these oils at twice the price.


How many e-liquid scandals can you remember in recent years?

Some time ago, Cui Yongyuan was angry with Feng Xiaogang in the microblogging, and Fan Bingbing was also involved. A series of problems are also exposed, such as sky-high entertainment pay, “real or fake contracts” and the tax evasion and taxation. It can be described as a scandal and a good show. How many scandals do you remember in the e-cigarette market these years? The author tests your memory and experience!

e-liquid smuggle

Toxic vape juice incident

On June 25, 2018, Hangzhou Customs seized a case of smuggling drugs through a postal parcel. Unlike the ordinary drug smuggling case, the drug in this case is marijuana oil, and the smoking method is the popular vape. This is the first time this year that Hangzhou Customs has seized marijuana e-liquid in the parcel channel.

Although marijuana is freely available in some countries abroad, it is a little common sense that marijuana is a harmful drug that is banned in China. It’s hard to believe that someone would dare to bring the e-cigarette oil containing marijuana into China from abroad. It is simply underestimating the level of Chinese customs.

After the case was exposed, there was much negative news about e-cigarettes on the Internet, which led to the wrong public opinion. Some spectators thought that all vape juice was poisonous. Seeing this, the author really wants to cry.

JOHOR BAHRU 16 December 2015. Ketua Polis Johor, Datuk Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd (tengah) menunjukkan pelbagai cecair e-liquid vape yang dirampas dipercayai mengandungi racun sambil diperhatikan Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJ) Johor, Kamarul Zaman Mamat (kanan) dan Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik, Asisten Komisioner Zulkifli Ali (kiri) ketika sidang media di Pusat Media Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Johor. NSTP/Hairul Anuar Abd Rahim

A Shanghai vape/ e-liquid smuggling team is arrested by the police

E-liquid smuggling incident

On the afternoon of August 21, 2017, Gongbei Customs held a press conference to announce the seizure of the largest series of e-cigarette smuggling cases in the country. It destroyed four smuggling gangs successfully and verified that the case involved smuggled goods of about 600 tons initially, with a case value of about ¥300 million.

Vape oil is an indispensable raw material in the process of using e-cigarettes, and it is also a high-frequency consumable. As the market for e-cigarettes expands year by year, the demand for vape juice is increasing. Behind this case of vape and e-liquid smuggling, it also reflects the huge market demand for vape oil, especially the imported vape juice. Because of this, there are always some people who are aware of breaking the law and like to take risks and try to make a fortune, but they can’t escape from the police, and they will be subject to severe legal sanctions.

Arrested for Vaping?

Regarding the scandals of e-cigarettes, if you have any supplements materials, please feel free to leave a message.

Taste of vape juice isn’t good? these factors should be the culprit

At present, there are many flavors in the vape juice consumption market, which can be roughly divided into seven categories, such as fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, and herbal medicines. All of these flavors add up to thousands of different flavors, and it is really the phrase that there’s no taste you can’t get, only something you can’t imagine.


E-liquid includes domestic and imported. The vape juice of different channels, sources and different company brands has a very different taste even in the same flavor. In addition to these factors, other factors like raw materials, atomizers, battery power & the voltage will affect the taste of vape juice directly.


1. Raw material

The main raw materials for the vape juice, includes flavor, propylene glycol and glycerin. The properties of the essence determine the 70% taste of the e-liquid. However, if the glycerin in the vape juice is high, the vape juice will be sweet, but at the same time, the smoke will increase. If the content of propylene glycol is high, there will be a taugh throat feeling. If you have pharyngitis, it is recommended not to choose high propylene glycol vape juice.

vape taste eliquid taste


In the market, there are many types of atomizers. Different atomizers have different tastes of vape juice. The atomization effect of the atomizer is different, so the taste is also different.

Therefore, we should choose the appropriate battery, with the appropriate atomizer, in order to use the atomizer more joyfully. It is recommended that we should choose a relatively good quality nebulizer to have a better experience when buying the vape. Also, the atomizer should be constantly checked. We should replace the atomizing core or heating wire regularly.


3.Battery voltage and battery

Nowadays, many batteries have the function of voltage regulation, which is designed for atomizers with different resistance values. For atomizers with small resistance values, the low voltage should be used. If the high voltage is used, there may be a paste smell. In severe cases, the heating wire may be blown.

10 Reasons Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How To Fix It

As for the power, it is easy to understand. When the power is too low, the atomization effect is reduced. At this time, the smoke is reduced and the taste is poor.


Finally, sum it up: How can you experience the best taste of vapes? First, buy the vape juice that suits your taste and smoke reference. It is up to your choice. The taste is a subjective thing. For the choice of taste, you still have to explore for yourself. Second, choose a good nebulizer. It is best to use different nebulizers for different flavors. It is necessary to check the replacement of the atomizing core periodically. Finally, choose the right voltage for your vape and charge it in time!

The first bottle of e-liquid was invented by this old man!

When you vape,

Enjoy the beauty brought by the e-liquid, indulging yourself in a variety of fancy smoke technology show,

Have you ever thought about who invented vape juice or e-liquid?

Maybe you won’t believe it if I say it.

In fact, the world’s first bottle of electronic cigarette oil was invented by an old man.

Time returned to 2004, when the world’s first electronic cigarette was born.

And what comes with it is the vape juice.

It is the blood of electronic cigarettes’ life.

It was just then that an old man from a well-known pharmaceutical listed company, was keenly awared of the industry prospects and future of this product.

As a result, he began to invest a lot of energy and funds in the research and development of e-liquid.

In 2005, the team led by this old man successfully invented the first PG/VG based blended vape oil.

This invention created the birth of a new generation of vape oil.

Since then, he has been promoting electronic cigarette oil products worldwide.

In the next few years, the team led by this old man has invented various flavors such as Vape 4, Marlboro, and mint.

These vape juice flavors are loved by hundreds and millions of consumers around the world.

Today, the position of PG/VG vape oil in the market is still pretty stable.

This old man’s contribution to vape  is absolutely unbreakable and extraordinary, and the title of “the godfather of vapes” is truly deserved.

Who is this old man?

He once worked as a project manager and a general manager of a foreign-funded enterprise and a state-owned company.

He is the executive vice president of the Electronic Commerce Committee of the China Vape Association, the CEO of Shenzhen Hengxin Technology Group, Yao Jide.

This old man’s vape juice brand founded by Hangsen, has successfully entered the ranks of the world’s most famous high-end vape juice / e-liquid brands.

Ch.1 History of Vaping

Top 10 Popular American E-liquid Brands – Does anyone suit your taste

As e-cigarettes become a healthy way to quit smoking and live a lifestyle that is widely recognized, the choice of what kind of oil becomes a problem for vapors.

In the motley brand of e-liquid, imported oil, especially American oil, has become the preferred choice for many vapors because of its sophisticated market norms, superior products quality and a rich selection of flavors.

Here, a selection of 10 popular American oil flavors for vapors reference.
Of course, “ A thousand men have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts ”.
Therefore,everyone has his own taste for the e-liquid, For reference only, the rankings come in no particular order.

1. Ripe Vapes
VCT Mixed Tobacco Vanilla Almond Cream

vct e liquid
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Ripe Vapes was founded in 2013. It’s based in Ventura County, North of Los Angeles. That’s a handmade vintage cigarette oil!Ripe Vapes only uses the best quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials. All the hand-made oil comes from the patent formula. 99.9% Kosher ( kosher food certification) grade glycerol and propylene glycol as well as natural and synthetic flavors. Where to buy


2. ANML ( The Animal World)
Classic series, White Octopus, Fruit and Grain Milk

octopus vape juice
CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: The ANML is made by the Electronics Distiller Phillip Rocke. ANML series of e- cigarette oil has been carefully handcrafted from the brand to the level of the Artwork. Phillip Rocke pushed the industry’s standards to a higher level once again as it launched ANML. Where to buy

3. Beard
No. 00 Coffee Tobacco

coffe vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Beard was founded in 2014 by Bates brothers and friends. Among thousands of U.S. producers, Beard’s iconic symbol and best-selling flavors are stand out. For customers are used to the taste number, they name them by numbers. Beard is a simple name that resonates with them and can also be associated with different cultures and people. Where to buy

4. Mad Hatter
The nicotine salt line, mixed fruit

ilove salts vape
CONTENT : 25ml
BRAND FEATURES: Mad Hatter brand was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA, and it is a company known for its food series, including I love doughnuts, I love cookies, nicotine salts, and other series. Where to buy

5. Cuttwood
Unicorn milkshake Strawberry Milk

unicorn vape juice
CONTENT : 16.5ml 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Cuttwood was founded in 2014 by the company’s founder, Jerry·Ange . It was founded on a simple belief that he believed he could make better e-liquid flavors.(“I can do better.”) As soon as he inhales the new recipe, he knows immediately that this is what he wants, “Never Settle ” (this is the Unicorn’s milk shake from the famous cigarette industry) At the time, Jared did not think that the e-cigarette that touched him would be beloved by thousands of vapors around the world. Where to buy

6. Black Note
Quartet, Latakia Tobacco

four vape juice
CONTENT : 10ml 30ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: The mission of Black Note is to create a smoke-free world by providing the most authentic and interesting alternative to smoking. It means that Black notes obey the highest standards of quality– you won’t find any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or chemical additives. Black Note rely on natural flavors, not artificial harmonies. Where to buy

7. Charlie’s Chalk Dust
Black ice blackberries cucumber mint

blakc ice vape juice
CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Charlie’s chalk dust is based on a dreamer and his life experience to create a unique and profound taste formula, it is far more than the rival. It was founded in southern California, Charlie’s chalk dust is about a man’s dreams and his recipes, serving all e-cigarette users with his handmade taste. Designed beautiful bottles, extraordinary brands and marketing have made Charlie’s chalk dust a household name in the United States, sold in more than 300 U.S. stores. Where to buy

8. Pacha Mama
Apple, strawberry, nectarines

CONTENT : 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg
BRAND FEATURES: Pachamama is Charlie’s Chalk -gray sub-brand, and the name “Pachamama” comes from the goddess of the adoring Andean natives, also known as the Earth Mother and Time Mother. Pachamama of tobacco and oil, mixed rich earth plants and fruits, is a reference to the mother Earth, which is responsible for planting and harvesting. Where to buy

9. Cosmic Fog
Passion fruit pineapple kiwi

pine apple vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml 60ml
NICOTINE: 0mg 3mg 6mg 12mg
BRAND FEATURES: It is founded in Orange County, California, the highest motto of the “Cosmic Fog” brand is that it is the industry’s highest quality of production and the most though-paced product testing. Based on this craftsman spirit, it takes an average of 7 to 10 months for “cosmic fog” to develop a e-liquid flavor. Each new flavor is tested by the company’s founders in himself for weeks to ensure that the products they produce can stand the test of time. Where to buy

10. 13th floor
Diago, Vanilla, milk, Caramel, tobacco, Nicotine Sea Salt

nic salt vape juice
CONTENT : 30ml
BRAND FEATURES: The 13th Floor brand was founded in Sunny Southern California. A team of industry experts has developed the full-day smoke-free oil that every vapor would expect. 13th Floor, insisted manufacturing processes, best-tasting research and development, and top-level brand design and development. The team of experts of 13th Floor has received better customer service training, speeding up transportation times and strict inventory control. Where to buy