Discover a few HNB cartridges and devices sold in China currently

One of our old friends has been selling heat-not-burn and vaping devices in China for over 8 years, and he used to export lots of vape products to Hong Kong. Today he asked us to recommend his product to more readers outside Hong Kong. Following are all the HNB products he has in stock, and the prices are negotiable. Currently, all the products below are priced at 35 USD for 200 pieces of cartridges, which is not expensive.

1. PNT HNB cartridges

Including flavors of Hami melon, pop blueberry, Chinese tobacco, ice lemon, original tobacco, mint

hnb devices sold in china recomendationhnb devices sold in china recomendation

2. Zero HNB cartridges

Including flavors of orange and blueberry.




hnb devices sold in china recomendation

3. Wang HNB cartridges

Including flavors of tobacco, mint, tea, mojito

hnb devices sold in china recomendation

4. CIGOO HNB cartridges

Including flavors of mint, original, ice melon, coffee, pop orange, blueberry.

hnb devices sold in china recomendation

4. LEME HNB cartridges

Including flavors of lemon, original, mint, blueberry, tea, mojito,orange

hnb devices sold in china recomendationhnb devices sold in china recomendation hnb devices sold in china recomendation

How to purchase the Heat not Burn devices and cartridges above:

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 18811872989

Scan the picture below to add Wechat account:

hnb devices sold in china recomendation


AUGUSE ERA PRO RTA review – DirtyCheck No.146

Today I will bring you a top-level atomizer for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.
Speaking of the AUGUSE brand, many people can’t help but think of the classic AUGUS MTL RTA V1.5. or the recently popular FOTO 510 Drip Tip.
Now let’s take a look at ERA PRO RTA.


Auguse brand brief view

Auguse was founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Auguse’s mission is to be the most reputable vape company in all parts of the world. Auguse loves to listen to different voices from users, and Auguse aim to contribute a positive impact on society and bring a healthier life to the public.


AUGUSE ERA PRO RTA introduction

Era Pro RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer of 4ml e-juice capacity. It features a knurling design, dual coil deck, bottom and side airflow. You can open or close the juice channel by turning the tank. And the drip tip has 3 layers of heat sink. Some pins are also included in the package to help you get greater vaping experience.



4ml e-juice capacity, top filling
Bottom and side airflow, knurling design
Dual coil deck, three layers of heat sink



Packaging Details:Auguse Era Pro RTA original gift box
Supply Ability:10,000 pieces per day
Brand Name:Auguse
Model Number:Auguse Era Pro RTA
Size:Ø22mm*H46.2mm(without driptip) or H59.7mm(with driptip)
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Material:SS316,Pyrex Glass
Color:Silver , Black
Side airflow pin:0.8mm*2、1.0mm*2、1.2mm*2and Close air*2




1. It can be perfectly adjusted between DTL and MTL modes, and the taste details are good.
2. The bottom oil injection system perfectly solves the embarrassment of unpacking oil injection
3. High taste reduction
4. DIY coil making is convenient and easy to use
5. Condensation details are well dealt with
6. Reasonable openings for air intake fittings to avoid abnormal noise from oil storage



1. The air tightness is not perfect, the air resistance is relatively loose.
2. Disassembly is too cumbersome and not very friendly to new vapers.



ERA PRO RTA overall feeling is relatively moist, not very dry, and the overall performance is very soft.
In the single-intake mode, the performance of the air holes will be better than the performance of the lower airways. It is recommended to use the MTL mode to vape.
The sweetness taste will be reduced so as to be not greasy.
The performance of the hardware design is very good, the details are delicate.
Overall speaking, it’s recommended to buy this product.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.


Where to buy AUGUSE ERA PRO RTA @$38.99

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to get a discount

CoilART F5 pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.145

CoilART, a brand with many fans in the industry, and veteran vapers can name its products at once.
Today, Captain brought you a new product from CoilART, F5, a fifth-generation general-purpose pod vape device.
In fact, CoilART also tried to enter this pod vape market before, including UME and the like, I don’t know if you have any impressions on it.
Without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape parameters

Device material: aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: 380mAh

3% NICOTINE content
2mL pod capacity

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape highlights:

1. Vibration reminder every 15 puffs, scientific smoking and restraint
2. Ceramic core heating technology, power increase, better taste series
3.Type-C fast charge interface
4. Alloy oxidation/baking paint color matching, unique colors
5. Six-pointed star array breathing indicator.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape colors

Fairy white, dark night, swallow feather ash, candy forest, polar glacier, dream princess

CoilART F5 pod vape review CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape flavors


CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape user experience


In terms of power, the power of 380mAh is a regular design in the pod.
Under normal conditions, it meets the daily consumption of the vaper.
Color matching and process are very scientific anodizing processes, simple color comes from piano paint process.
Difference colors meet the needs of different vapers.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The six-pointed star array breathing indicator is very suitable for the cultural theme of “Mage”
Very recognizable and very beautiful.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The air intake holes are commonly used in regular sizes, but the outlet holes inside the shaft are relatively large.
The air intake is relatively saturated, and with the good power of the device, the overall experience are improved

CoilART F5 pod vape pod

The capacity of 2mL is much higher than 1.8mL and 1.6mL.
However, during the experience, I found that the 2mL of F5 matched with the high power of the device at the same time works great, this is also to my surprise.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The air inlet adopts 3-hole air intake design, which avoids the embarrassment of excessive direct air intake.
However, there is room for improvement. The segmented air intake will make it easier to reflect the quality of the taste.
They can add a section of air intake, such as honeycomb air intake and three holes air intake, which will make the taste more delicate.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The flavors are very comprehensive, like conventional watermelon, lemon, mango, and unique complex flavors such as cola sauce and fruit devil, etc.
The choice is greatly increased, and so does the fun of the experience.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The overall experience is very good.
The experience process is relatively gentle, without oil spitback or too much excessive condensation.
It’s a very good point.
MIX FRUITS and ICED GRAPE are the most well-done flavors among them all.
The feeling of mixed fruits is very good. The compound taste of fruits is between distinct layers and individual highlights.
This flavor is a daily essential e-liquid that is very good to vape.
The sweetness and coolness of ICED GRAPE are above the middle level.
It’s not too sweet and the taste is full and rich.

CoilART F5 pod vape review


Generally speaking, this F5 produced by CoilART is a very sincere product.
Whether it’s the uniqueness or the functionality of the product,
They are all very in line with things produced by the time-honored brand CoilART.
The taste and flavor experience are very good.
Of course, there is room for improvement, including the readjustment of the airway, etc.
Such a good product is worth having a try.
I’m a dirty team, see you next time.

Where to buy CoilART F5 pod vape

CoilART F5 pod vape reviewCoilART F5 pod vape review

LTQ VAPOR CURER KIT review: a perfect device for dry herb, wax, CBD – DirtyCheck NO.142

Regarding a recent letter from a friend to Captain, he said that he would like to see some different device. So today it comes.
It is a three-in-one device named CURER KIT from LTQ.
How is the new CURER KIT? Now let’s take a look.

LTQ brand overview

Shenzhen LTQ Vapor Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2013, has been specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of smoking product and vape products, such as rosin press machines, electric herb grinders, enail kit and other vaporizers for dry herb and wax. Up to now, LTQ has exported LTQ’s products to more than 50 countries and regions such as the USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. What is more, great reputations and good feedbacks are obtained from LTQ’s customers all over the world.

LTQ devotes LTQ’sselves to providing excellent quality products for LTQ’s valuable customers. LTQ holds a complete quality system. LTQ’s mission is to research and develop advanced products with high quality and supply them to worldwide distributors and reliable customers. LTQ’s R&D department has more than 40 professional engineers with rich experience. ODM and OEM orders are highly welcomed. LTQ is looking forward to establishing long-term cooperation partnerships with you.

LTQ VAPOR CURER KIT specifications/ parameters

Model Name: CURER 3-in-1 vaporizer kit
Usage: Used for dry herb, wax, CBD
Size: 101*56*25mm
Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
Heat Up Time: 2 Seconds
Charging Time: Around 3 hours
Temperature setting: 140F-600F
Turn on/off: 5 times click on power button
Charging port: Micro USB charging port
Heating chamber: Fully ceramic heating chamber, extra insert chamber available
Replaceable parts: insert heating chamber
Material: PCTG, Zinc alloy, silica gelZinc Alloy
Size: 100.5mm*55.3mm*25.1mm
Working temperature: -20℃~ 85℃
Working voltage: 3.3V~4.2V


LTQ VAPOR CURER KIT package content

1pc Curer vaporizer device
1pc Wax coil
1pc Herb coil
1pc CBD oil coil
1pc Dab tool
1pc Brush
A pack cotton swab
1pc USB charger



3 Types replaceable heating coil for Wax, Dry Herb, CBD Oil

Glass water filter part, can be used for water bong/hookah function

Temperature control 160-600℉, Wattage 5~11W

Fast heating speed, only 5s, no waiting period


LTQ VAPOR CURER KIT product operation

5 times presses on the power button to start
Then adjust the power or temperature,
There is not many differences from the conventional temperature control box.
The water in the water tank must be on the standard scale in order to have a better experience.
Pay attention to the air intake switch, you need to press it yourself
The air intake can be adjusted according to your own preference for a better experience


CURER KIT atomizing core performance

As the e-liquid of Captain is limited, we experience 2 types for the time being.
In the future, if Concentrata has enough e-liquid, we will let you know as soon as possible.


CBD/THC oil coil

Captain choose CBD oil to vape on the 1.4ohm coil.
Generally speaking, 1.4ohm experience is actually a bit limited for this oil, not very delicate.
But the real experience is actually very good, and the drag feeling is quite good.
Overall experience process is softer than the straight-through voltage regulating device.


Dry herb coil

The 0.4ohm core is used to experience AL FAKHER, which gives a very good feeling.
AL FAKHER is relatively dry on hookah device.
But in this device, there is no such feeling at all, the air is fully open, and the experience is wonderful.
Captain even feels kind of dizzy and high, which feels great



Overall, the experience and use of the product are very good.
The reduction in taste and purity is the biggest highlight of this device.
However, the heat insulation system of the atomizer is not very good,
During the vaping experience, sometimes there is a danger of directly touching the skin.


Also, we must pay attention to hygiene, especially residues such as vaping cream or crystals.
The brand has given us enough cleaning tools, and the details are very good.


I hope our friends experience it in a correct and reasonable way.
If you have marijuana cream or the like, the experience may be even better
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.



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Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review – DirtyCheck No.140

Speaking of Dovpo, everyone will think of a series of classic devices.
Whether it’s the BPMODS series co-produced with Bruce
Or Clutch X18 Dual 18650 Mechanical Mod,
They all received much attention and love among vapers.
Today we take a look at the latest Abyss AIO 60w Kit to see what kind of surprise it brings us.

DOVPO brand introduction

Established in 2012, Shenzhen DOVPO Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of electronic cigarettes. Since the foundation, Dovpo has always been devoted to developing various electronic cigarettes for consumers.

DOVPO’s  vision is to offer innovative vape devices to the market, to be an industry-leading brand.

DOVPO’s mission is to be a reliable partner to our customers, to make the best possible devices for vapers!

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO kit brief view

The Suicide Mods Abyss AIO kit comes standard with the Nautilus Coil adaptor bridge but additional bridges for the Caliburn G, EUC, PnP/GTX, Nord Coils and ETHER RBA Bridge can be purchased separately, the Abyss is also compatible with all Billet Box Bridges, not only will you be spoilt for choice with what bridge/coils to use you can also remove the integrated tank section and add the Side By Side Kit (Sold Separately) which will allow you to turn you AIO kit into a Side By Side device, delivering a maximum output of 60w this is sure to tick a few boxes for most users.
The body of the Abyss is CNC’d Aluminium creating a lightweight but sturdy device, the fire button is situated in a place that makes for a ergonomic grip and feel, the OLED Display screen is placed on the base of the device as not to spoil the overall sleek look with additional screens and buttons.
The overall look and feel of the Abyss AIO can also be changed with the purchase of the button kits that are available in Square and Round in 3 different finishes, the 18650 Tubes that are available in smoke and frost, the integrated drip tip kits that are available in white delrin or black delrin and lastly the Glass pack which has 3 different colours (Smoked, Clear, Ultem)

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO kit package content

1 *  ABYSS AIO Device

1 * 21700 Battery Conversion Plate

1 * Nautilus Coil Adapter Bridge

1 * Accessory Bag

1 * 21700 Battery Cover

1 * USB-C Cable

1 * Battery Usage Warning Card

1 * User Manual

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO kit specifications

DOVPO Chipset

Dimensions – 83mm by 53mm by 25mm

Single High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included

Wattage Output Range: 5-60W

Voltage Output Range: 0.8-8.0V

Resistance Range – VW: 0.08-3.5ohm

Resistance Range – TC: 0.10-3.5ohm

Temperature Range: 200°-600°F / 100°-315°C

Setting Memory

VW Mode

Bypass Mode

TC Mode

Aluminum Alloy & Stainless Steel Construction

Intuitive Firing Button

OLED Display Screen

Two Adjustment Buttons

Adjustable Airflow System

Refillable Tank

Side Fill System – Silicone Stoppered

Versatile Coil Options

Short Circuit Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Temperature Protection

10S Overtime Protection

Reverse Battery Protection

USB Type-C Port

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO kit colors

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

This is a device similar to a multifunctional sleeve,
Compatible with the popular coils on the market.
It includes the self-configuration capable of DIY.
The appearance can be adapted to multiple modification schemes.
You can even connect the 510 atomizer you want.
It can be vaped with the taste, settings and personalized DIY you want.
Function and performance and even battery life give you enough space to have fun.

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Abyss AIO kit pros

1. There is a lot of room for modification DIY.
2. Good material selection and ergonomics design, sophisticated workmanship,
3. Excellent performance and configuration, can be equipped with popular coils on the market, and maintain the excellent taste
4. The process details are excellent, the tolerance is controlled strictly, and there is no problem of jamming and mismatching of adaptation.
5. Excellent air intake, enough holes to provide the most reasonable solution for the coil setup with the corresponding air intake.

Abyss AIO kit cons

1. The air inlet adjustment is very blunt, and it takes a very large force to adjust it, which is very laborious
2. The device body is generally slightly heavy.
3. The resistance of RBA flatuate too much from the 510 burning process to the installation.

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review


ABYSS is one of the best device so far in terms of functionality and beauty.
Many people will compare it with BB-BOX,
Compared to BB-BOX ABYSS is better, because BB-BOX is extended in a rectangle
And ABYSS is an extension outside of the body, which has already won the taste, performance and even the air intake are very good.
The unfriendly point is that new vapers need to find an adjustment plan that suits their own suitable coils to realize the best taste.

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Overall, ABYSS is really a very cost-effective good device.
And it’s deserved to be called one of the top 10 vape boxes in 2021.
And it will be more fun if there is an uninterrupted RBA-type cover later.
This excellent device Abyss AIO kit is worth having a try.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time!

Where to buy Abyss AIO 60w Kit @$124.99

Abyss AIO 60w Kit by Dovpo X Suicide Mods review

Why Should You Try Gold Maeng Da Kratom for Peaceful Mind?

Gold Maeng Da is considered the top strain of the kratom plant. It is for the people who are searching for a kick in the first take. This strain provides the highest potency of all the other strains of kratom. Gold Maeng Da Kratom bred with a specific focus on strengthening its alkaloid properties is the most remedial of all the strains. This ultra-potent alkaloid property of Gold Maeng da has wondrous effects on the health of people. Hundreds of years passed in breeding the various strains to get the king of strains. The hard work yields the strain that can relieve any worry and calms your mind.

Origin of Gold Maeng da strain

Maeng da is the most potent strain of the kratom plant with a long-lasting effect on the person. It has all the positive impacts one looks for in a Strain. Amongst the three Strains of Maeng da, Gold Maeng da is the ideal choice for a relaxed mind. It has prominent mood-lifting properties and a soothing aroma. Gold Maeng da comes by crossbreeding the white (20%) and green strains (80%). These two strains undergo a long drying process before getting mixed to form the Gold Strain. When infused, they yield a Strain with a golden hue. It is the reason why this strain’s name is Gold strain. For obtaining the fine quality gold strain, veins and stems of Gold Maeng da leaves are taken out and dried separately. Here are some reasons why you should try Gold Maeng for a peaceful mind.

  1. Mild Euphoria

Another peculiar benefit of using Gold Maeng da is that it boosts energy and promotes vitality. It is the best source of kratom for keeping your energy level high. People with low-calorie intake have more energy requirements. They should try the Gold Maeng da strain. One dose of this strain can keep you energized all day. The alkaloid property of this strain helps to goodbye fatigue, nervousness, digestive issues, and muscle tiredness. Caffeine has adverse effects on the body. Gold Maeng da counteracts those effects. It helps to reduce weight and stress caused by caffeine.

Source- <a href=""><u></u></a>
  1. Energy boost

Another peculiar benefit of using Gold Maeng da is it boosts energy and promotes vitality. It is the best source of kratom for keeping your energy level high. People with low-calorie intake have more energy requirements. They should try the Gold Maeng da strain. One dose of this strain can keep you energized all day. The alkaloid property of this strain helps to goodbye fatigue, nervousness, digestive issues, and muscle tiredness. Caffeine has adverse effects on the body. Gold Maeng da counteracts those effects. It helps to reduce weight and stress caused by caffeine.


  1. Pain Relief

All strains of kratom have the individual capacity to relieve pain. Gold Maeng da amongst all the Strains is known to have the highest capability to free from pain. The large concentration of alkaloids in this variant of kratom gives it pain-relieving properties. The alkaloids present in the strain interact with the opioid receptors and reduce pain. Gold Maeng da kratom is just like morphine, but it does not include the ill effects of morphine. It controls chronic pain, muscle pain, other body pains, inflammation, and tiredness without inducing dizziness.



  1. Elevates mood

Gold Maeng da has antidepressant properties that make you feel cheerful and composed all day. It lifts you from your emotional traumas. Gold Maeng da in a day poofs away all your worries and gives you a peaceful mind. It also enhances your productivity and concentration at work. It’s a natural stimulant for relaxing the nervous system in everyday hustle-bustle. With Gold Maeng Da kratom, your thinking abilities improve, you can make quick and wise decisions.


  1. Relief IBS

Drinking too much coffee can affect your body badly. Your digestion and metabolism can suffer from excess caffeine. People prefer coffee to get an energy boost and to avoid unnecessary sleep during their working hours. Your body can suffer from the acidic effects of coffee that damage the intestine. Consuming coffee multiple times causes the problem of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Kratom strains are a herbal alternative that can save you from the dangers of IBS. Add Gold Maeng da strain to your daily appetite for better health.


  1. Restful sleep

Though it is said that Gold Maeng is not sedative, it promotes good sleep in some people. The sedative effect of Gold Maeng comes to work by taking high doses of it. It gets the sedative properties from the red strain though it is not as high sedative as the red strain. After taking this strain, it causes euphoria and some restlessness. Those people suffering from sleeping problems such as insomnia should try the Gold Maeng da strain. You should limit the dose as per your needs. A high dosage of the kratom strain could also lead to side effects in the body.


  1. Anxiety and Depression

Gold Maeng da strain makes you happy by taking away the stress and pain. There is a high possibility that it can reduce anxiety and depression too. Compared to the other therapies of depression, consumption of this strain has more calming effects on the person. It can take considerable time to get to action but, it does not harm the body being a natural herbal supplement. Its antidepressant properties keep you far from negative thoughts and feelings.


There was a reason for creating the Gold Maeng da strain. The breeding was to get the benefits of green and white kratom in a single Strain. With every dose of Gold Maeng, the user can relieve pain and get an energy boost. The Gold Maeng strain is created in a balanced atmosphere and therefore has a range of benefits compared to the other natural Strains. It is indeed a must-have strain for people wanting pain relief, stress management, sedation, or energy boost. You can find Gold Maeng da strains in both powder and capsule form in the stores. Try out this incredible strain and avail of its many health benefits.

Homeless people offered free e-cigarettes in trial

Homeless people are being offered free e-cigarette starter packs in a trial aimed at helping them quit smoking.

Homeless centres in five parts of the UK including London, Scotland and Wales will provide 480 contributors with starter kits or care group sessions.

About 70% of homeless people smoke tobacco, research from University of East Anglia (UEA) showed.

The study will assess if e-cigarettes help participants quit smoking and whether it offers them value for money.

Half of the contributors will be offered the e-cigarettes, while the other 240 people will be allocated to a care group.

‘More helpful’

The project is being led by London South Bank University (LSBU) and University College London.

Prof Lynne Dawkins from LSBU said that in an earlier trial, the kits “worked well” and staff at homeless centres were able to support the study.

The £1.7m project has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and is in collaboration with UEA, Kings College London, Queen Mary University of London, the University of York, Cardiff University, the University of Stirling and the University of Edinburgh.

Prof Caitlin Notley from UEA said studies suggested e-cigarettes were “more helpful” than nicotine gum or patches when people tried to stop smoking.

“If we find that providing free e-cigarette starter kits helps people to quit, homeless centres could decide to adopt this approach in future, to help reduce the impact of smoking-related diseases on the homeless,” she said.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.139

Today I bring you a very good e-liquid series from the United States, Vapetasia.
And Captain has selected one or two very good e-liquids for everyone from these award-winning e-liquids.

Vapetasia brand self-introduction

At Vapetasia we manufacture only the highest quality eliquids for your e-cigarettes andvape devices. All our liquids are carefully crafted in a sterile and controlled environment,upholding the strictest standards, ensuring each inhale is nothing but the best! We package all our ejuice in clear plastic bottles, with tamper proof locking rings and child proof caps for maximum safety and compliance. All our products are proudly sourced and manufactured right here in the United States and enjoyed all around the world! We are hardcore vapor enthusiasts here at Vapetasia with one unified goal: To provide only the best quality flavors with the highest standards imaginable in every aspect of our process. Making sure the bottle you buy today is just as good as the one you’ll get next year!

Vapetasia cares about vaping and we take every opportunity to support state and federal level advocacy groups to keep our industry alive and well for everyone! We recently showed our support at the platinum level with the Vapor Technology Association and are also involved with our state agency the Nevada Vaping Association.“Our passion at Vapetasia is to provide the best e-liquid flavors with high standards in mind. We believe in crafting only the finest e-liquids that are proudly sourced & manufactured in the United States. Our position is fairly simple; the right to use vaporizers of all kinds and e-liquids in unlimited flavors is a fundamental right of every person in the United States. Our belief is that working together with the Nevada Vaping Association and Vapor Technology Association are our best chance at keeping all options available to smokers who are desperate to quit.” – Chris Finch | CEO

Vapetasia e-liquid specifications

Bottle capacity: 60mL
Nicotine strength: 0mg、3mg、6mg、12mg
Ratio: 70VG:30PG

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review

Vapetasia e-liquid flavors


There are a total of 14 flavors, and Captain believes that ICED MILK OF THE POPPY and ROYALTY TWO tastes best among them.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review


A unique combination of ice-cold strawberries blended with the chilling breath of dragon fruit for that perfect mix of fire and ice!

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review


Hints of rich custard, sweet hazelnuts, and creamy vanilla forged boldly with a mild tobacco flavor. Our Royalty II Gourmet E-Liquid is an exceptional flavor and favored above all others in our lineup.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review

Vapetasia e-liquid taste

Since most of the friends like mouth-to-lung vaping, Captain chose a concentration of 6mg in 60mL bottle.
Device reference: dovop abyss
Resistance reference: 1.8 Nautilus.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review


The combination of dragon fruit and strawberry is very attractive, and the effect of this flavor treatment is very unique
It dilutes the fruit acid, strengthen each other’s breath, and make the whole process softer.
Just when you feel soft, the coolness of the staying power will bring you a hint of surprise, and the overall feeling is very good.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review


This must be one of the favorite flavors of friends who like dessert,
I personally feel that its status is higher than that of the same KILLER KUSTARD, although KILLER KUSTARD has won numerous awards,
The ultimate combination of custard, hazelnut and cream vanilla served with mild tobacco flavor, tastes appropriate, very comfortable to vape.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review


On the whole, Vapetasia series e-liquids gave me many surprises.
Nowadays fewer and fewer brands are doing pure handmade.
And this handmade one remains the exquisiteness that vape juice should have.
Moreover, Captain will use other devices to experience the good taste of this brand later and share it with everyone as soon as possible.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Vapetasia handcrafted e-liquid review

Where to buy Vapetasia e-liquid

5 Questions About CBD Vape Juice That Everyone Has

Vaping employs inhaling and exhaling vapor either made up of nicotine or any other flavoring with the help of a vaping device. These are also identified as vaporizers. E-cigarettes are a very refreshing option for those who want to quit smoking. Also, it is easily managed and is commodious whether you are at home or outside.

At first, these are used to quit smoking. But now, there are specialized vaporizers on the market as well. At present, they are also available in different herb blends, CBD Vape Oil and essential oils. This makes it very appealing among non-smokers also.

Vaping CBD juice is now a very popular option for fair reasons. Cannabidiol compounds affect the body’s endocannabinoid system that brings about some therapeutic effects such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation and pain relievers.

Since the very first introduction of CBD vape juices on the market, people have been very eccentric and have many questions about this product.

In this article, we will address 5 basic and most asked questions about CBD vape juice. We will try to give honest and straightforward answers to these questions.

So, let’s begin-

1. What is cannabidiol (CBD) vape juice?

CBD vape juice is made for vaping and it is also referred to as CBD vape oils. But it does not contain real oil. It comprises PG/VG, cannabinoids, CBD extracts and terpenes. Here, PG is propylene glycol and VG stands for vegetable glycerine. They both serve as coherent carriers for vape additives.

For CBD vape juice, a juice blend is constructed with a certain ratio of VG and PG. and then a specified amount of cannabidiol extract is emulsified into the mix. Sometimes, manufacturers also create vape juices with different flavours such as spearmint gum, raspberries and many more.

2. How does CBD vaping work?

CBD vape liquid lets cannabidiol absorb instantly into your bloodstream. While supplementary CBD by-products take a long time to get assimilated into the body. Vaping best CBD to get delivered directly to the area where it can get absorbed easily without any nuisance.

However, the effects of inhaling CBD vapours are not long-lived. Although vaping shows faster actions. Thus, it’s an ideal option for many users.

3. How to vape CBD?

There are multiple ways of vaping cannabidiol oil. However, each method involves one common thing. That is heating the vape juice mix at a standardized temperature. So that the cannabidiol oil vaporizes without getting burned.

A special device-a vape pen is needed for vaping CBD. There are different types of vape pens. Among them, the most common and good vape pens are-

  • Disposable vape pens
  • Refillable vape pens
  • Vape pods.

4.How does it feel?

When cannabidiol oil associates with the body’s ECS it persuades the state of complete calmness and relaxation. It instantly lifts your mood, gives you relief from any type of pain. But, if there is THC in your e-cigarette then you may feel sluggish, hungry and drowsy. Vaping CBD is a bit advantageous over other forms of consuming CBD. This is mainly because it acts quickly in our system. While vaping CBD, it first enters your lungs and then travels into the bloodstream. Therefore its outcomes are felt in few seconds.

5. Are there any aftereffects of CBD vaping?

Studies for the side effects of CBD are still very few. Vaping high-quality authentic CBD oil is considered safe. When it comes to using cannabidiol, it all depends on the quality and the ingredients of the CBD product. Vaping is simply inhaling any liquid in its vapour form, that is completely safe. A thorough joint study on CBD indicates that there are indeed some side effects of using CBD. The most common side effect is mild drowsiness. But it is mainly common among first-time users. And can also be seen in users consuming high doses of CBD. Some other side effects that can be seen are euphoria and hunger. As you can see, these side effects are very few and mild compared to other prescribed drugs.

SHFT S1 Review – What You Need To Know

The SHFT S1 is a new player in the vape/ pod industry in the Philippines giving consumers more flexibility in terms of flavors and design choices.

The SHFT S1 also comes with additional features making it compatible to pods from other brands giving consumers a much cheaper alternative with a vast and wide selection of flavors to choose from.


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SHFT Pods: Php 200.00
SHFT Decice: Php 600.00
SHFT Necklace: Pho 200.00

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