Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods review – DirtyCheck No. 97

After the launch of “Pioneer” Rta by Bruce,
It introduced a new blockbuster product “Hilt” constant voltage pod device.
So its promise in the fan base is also fulfilled on time.
This is a device that is more suitable for mouth-to-lung vapers.
Compared with the bulky box mod,
This time it’s a relatively small and portable device like this.
So what is it worth our experience?
Let’s go.

Hilt Mosfet Mod brief view

The packaging still uses a “Hermes” color with a mustache logo.
The overall atmosphere is still simple and high-grade.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod package content

1*Hilt device, 1*shell
1*22 ring, 1*24 ring
2*user manual.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Open the package, we can see all kinds of accessories,
And two instructions in Bruce style.
Still concise and clear pictures to provide a suggestive instruction.
One thing is more important,
The resistance of a single atomizer should not be lower than 0.45ohm,
Atomizer using MTL or some RDL is the best choice.

The combination of the device is very interesting,
It’s also a player attitude of Bruce.
The machine needs to be used with a combination of shells.
The machine can also be disassembled and rebuilt to match up.
The shell can be configured with a 18650 long body.
Or a 18350 short body configuration,
To match what you need, very personalized.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod size and weight

18650 size, 80mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 122g,
18350 size, 52 mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 85g

Hilt Mosfet Mod output gear

Hilt supports a three-speed voltage adjustment,
Respectively are
3.5v (corresponding to red light),
3.8v (corresponding to yellow light),
And a full power output (corresponding to the green light)

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod power

Double click the pwoer button to see the battery usage,
100% battery green, 50% battery yellow, 25% battery red.

Colors are currently relatively few,
A total of three colors: black, silver and dark green.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod experience

The overall cumbersomeness of the machine is obvious.
With different casings, you need to disassemble and reassemble.
You also need to disassemble and reassemble with different atomizers.
The good news is that the disassembly and reorganization are all smooth.
There is no situation where the abrasive tool is not snapped in place.
Integrity and hands-on are all excellent.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

The casing on the material adopts an anodizing process,
It’s worth mentioning that the “zirconium” sand is sprayed here.
Feel very comfortable on hand;
It feels very delicate when you hold it.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

A waterproof nano-coating is used on the chip,
So whether it’s accidental ingress of water or condensation from some atomizers,
It will not cause the crash of the machine in working.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

In order to be more direct in experience,
Captain also used three atomizers to experience, the data is for reference only,
Just focus on your own real experience.
They are patio RTA, matty 20mm RDA and a finished atomizer

Patio RTA
The 0.88ohm finished heating coil of the Bruce is used.
Strawberry Cream Melaleuca Cake with Cream vape juice,
3.8V voltage output.

Matty 20mm RDA
I use ni80 interwoven keel clap, about 0.6ohm,
Three milk marshmallows with KC e-juice.
Full power voltage output.

GenS finished atomizer
1.2ohm resistor finished core
3.5V voltage power

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Let’s talk about the overall feeling, there is no delay in ignition,
If the battery voltage is lower than the gear,
Can only maintain a current output maximum voltage.
So there will be a normal attenuation of the output,
You need to change the battery in time to maintain a normal experience.
Because Captain uses it more frequently,
The 18350’s battery can only last 3-4 hours of user experience.
18650 will be better, basically, the working time is about 6-7 hours

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

There is no doubt about the later playability,
The official side of Bruce also directly talked about some of the later thoughts.
Regardless of the material and color of the casing,
Or the material and color of the buttons,
Or the material and color of the ring,
There will be continuous update and upgrade later.
So don’t worry about the personalized configuration you need,
You can rest assured about the personalized experience of Bruce products.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods


Although this “Hilt” is a constant voltage pod vape,
The power output can be adjusted, which is very good.
The advantages of this constant voltage machine are obvious.
Unfortunately, the battery life is not ideal,
And there isn’t a charging port outside.
Even if the hidden type, requires plugging and unplugging the casing,
Not very friendly to crazy frequent users.
The indicator light of the button is not very obvious,
The only little hole indicator is a bit stingy.
I think it can be made into a ring,
Or a more intuitive and beautiful design to prompt function and power.
However, it’s very convenient to upgrade the accessories,
This device is very friendly to vapers who love DIY, customization or personalization.
Captain Dirty spent about half a month on this pod mod,
Speaking of experience and beauty, Hilt Mosfet Mod gets a high score here.
Such an outstanding device in this field, it’s a bit invincible.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Cream E-Juice

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

On November 6, FIBIE OS China Fashion open refillable pod vape was officially launched.

After considerable development in the Chinese e-cigarette market, there are still a group of loyal customers of open pods; with the rapid progress of closed refillable pods, the favorite products of open pod loyal customers are gradually decreasing. FIBIE OS is precisely the diversified development needs of industry-oriented products and the needs of customers.

FIBIE stated that, adhering to the pious original intention and taking “good products” as the starting point of R&D and innovation, FIBIE OS has gone through 467 days and nights of R&D and design, from appearance and experience to inner core technology, in order to fully satisfy customers’ demand for open cigarettes. It meets the ideal requirements to design and configuration.

The surface of FIBIE OS uses stable and durable thermal transfer technology. According to reports, this can ensure that the color of the device illustration is brighter, clearer and more beautiful; the device is more durable and not easy to wear and corrosion.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Different from the traditional box mod design, the overall FIBIE OS body is small and exquisite, with smooth lines, comfortable grip and easy to carry.

The design of the 650mAh large battery is the biggest feature of FIBIE OS that distinguishes it from ordinary small cigarettes on the market. Another major feature is the mesh structure of the atomized heating coil.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Traditional atomized heating coils are mostly cylindrical winding patterns. FIBIE introduced that MESH mesh structure atomizing hot coil has more advantages and stability, and the atomization is more delicate, and the amount of smoke is larger and cooler. The most important thing is that the mesh structure heating coil can restore the taste of e-liquid to the greatest extent.

In terms of user experience, FIBIE OS has been refined. In the R&D and design of the cartridge, the capacity of the adapted cartridge is increased to a large capacity of 2ML, which satisfies the user’s longer-term use experience.

In addition, the FIBIE OS package contains a dual cartridge configuration, and the dual cartridges are equipped with different resistance options; the dry black cartridge is equipped with a 0.8ohm resistance value, and the amount of smoke is larger and more comfortable; the moist white cartridge is equipped with 1.2ohm resistance value, greater suction resistance, more durable vape juice capacity. The double pod design gives users more choices and experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

For the connection between the cartridge and the device, FIBIE OS continues the previous high-strength magnet connection technology to ensure the tightness of the connection and easy use.

In the design of changing the cart, FIBIE OS uses a little thought. The user needs to gently rotate the cart to the left and right to gently pull out the pod. After the empty pod is filled with oil, it is connected by a high-strength magnet. Plug it in and use it easily.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

This careful design is to ensure the stability of the cartridge after it is connected to the device and the more stable and delicate atomization process.

In addition, FIBIE OS enables 3.2V constant voltage output design, which makes the device more compatible with nicotine salt, and the atomization is thick and mellow. The mouthpiece adopts a fish-lip mouth design to achieve a more lip-fitting experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

In general, FIBIE OS is a simple and powerful vape device. In terms of appearance and use design, FIBIE OS integrates the advantages of most of the existing closed pods and open pods on the market.

FIBIE said that the design of 650mAh large battery capacity, MESH mesh structure atomized heating coil, double pods and double resistance value, 2ML e-liquid capacity, and thermal transfer surface processing are all based on user needs and experience. Sincerely designed.

In terms of flavors, FIBIE OS first released as many as 19 flavors, including fruit, energy drink, tea, milk and fruit mix and match. 19 flavors have undergone continuous debugging and testing, and are highly compatible with FIBIE OS atomizers.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Since its establishment in 2018, the FIBIE brand has launched the closed atomization series and the FIBIE OS open series; the launch of each series of products, FIBIE said, has spent a lot of time and energy on R&D and design.

Learn more about FIBIE vape here

Cream E-Juice review – DirtyCheck No.96

How are you doing with the vape devices Captain reviewed previously?
Today I will share with you some e-liquid.
Everyone knows that Captain is a dessert lover,
And I believe that most mouth-to-lung vapers are loyal to dessert flavor.
So today I bring you a good brand, CREAM.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice introduction

CREAM, as a graduation-level e-liquid, was released in 2014
In China, it is generally sold out as soon as it arrives in the country, which shows its great popularity.
There are 5 flavors in total.
Respectively are
Strawberry Mille Cake,
Spanish Cream Fritters,
California Butter Tobacco,
Banana Cream Melaleuca Cake,
Creamy Layer Cake.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice experience

Captain only got three types of this e-liquid (because it is too difficult to grab)
Strawberry Melaleuca, Spanish Cream Fritters, Banana Cream Melaleuca.

Cream E-Juice

Strawberry Mille Cake

Official description: The perfect combination of rich layer cake and cream, full of layers.
It’s like a layered cake we bite into, with endless aftertastes

Reference device & data:

Bruce 0.88ohm fancy coil
Matty 20mm RDA

Personal feelings of Captain

Strawberry has a milder feeling, a bit of a ripe strawberry, no fruit acidity.
More of it is biased towards strawberry jam.
The milk smell is relatively pure, not as greasy as butter.
The whole is a delicate & mild dessert e-liquid, which is relatively sweet in this series

Cream E-Juice

Spanish Cream Fritters

Official description: The churros stuffed with butter, fried into crunchy fritters.
Sprinkle with sugar, it’s really enjoyable.

Reference device & data

Ni80 28ga 1.2ohm plain silk
Pioneer RTA

Personal feelings of Captain

This dough stick is actually bread and pastry, which is different from Chinese breakfast dough sticks.
In this series, it’s not as complex as other flavors
The sweetness is mainly derived from a kind of frosting, which is commonly used for bread.
The overall style is my favorite,
Not too sweet, but you will feel his special sweetness (a bit contradictory),
Personally recommended.

Cream E-Juice

Banana Cream Cake

Official description: Rich butter-like vanilla layer cake,
With fermented butter poured on.
Plus ripe fresh bananas, perfect.

Reference device & data

Firefly RDA
A1 28ga 1.0ohm

Personal feelings of Captain

I think this flavor is the most surprising in this series,
The layering is also rich in this vape juice.
The banana feels very comfortable, especially when your nose exhale it.
It gives you a special feeling of rich banana and milk fragrance,
Neutralizing the blending ratio of butter and cream.

Cream E-Juice


The CREAM series is currently one of the best dessert flavors I think,
The unique formula matches the quality of e-liquid, perfect combination.
The sweetness degree is perfect.
The only regret is if you are buying for the first time,
There is no taste description on the packaging,
You can only see the picture or the label to recognize the taste.
Unfriendly for novices.
Economical in terms of price.
The most cost-effective e-liquid I’ve ever seen.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice

Analysis of Harm Reduction Performance of Heat-not-burn Tobacco Products

In recent years, major multinational tobacco companies have taken new tobacco as their strategic focus and vigorously developed new tobacco products. Heat-not-burn products are a new type of tobacco product, which is characterized by “heating shredded tobacco or tobacco extracts instead of burning shredded tobacco”. The special heating source of the device heats the shredded tobacco in the cartridge to volatilize the nicotine and flavor in the shredded tobacco. Substances that produce smoke to meet the needs of smokers. Because of low-temperature heating, no combustion process is required, and compared with traditional cigarettes, it does not produce many harmful substances and has good harm reduction performance.

Analysis of Harm Reduction Performance of Heat-not-burn Tobacco Products

1. Smoke composition of traditional cigarettes

1.1 Harmful components of smoke

The tobacco in traditional cigarettes produces thousands of complex chemical components by itself or after being ignited and smoked, such as tar, nicotine, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes and many other toxic and carcinogenic substances, including tar, nicotine , CO, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) and 3,4-benzopyrene (BaP) are extremely harmful to the human body. Some harmful components with strong toxicity, large release in mainstream smoke, and mature detection technology are in it.

1.2 Correlation between smoke toxicology indicators and harmful components of smoke

The technical staff analyzed the 5 toxicological indicators (MR value, SCE rate, micronucleus rate, cell death rate and passive smoking mouse death rate) and 5 chemical indicators (tar, nicotine, CO, TSNA and BaP) carried out correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that there is a certain correlation between the biological effects of cigarette smoke and the important harmful chemical components in the smoke. TSNA affects the MR value, SCE rate and cell death The most important factor of the rate (P<0.01), while the micronucleus rate and the acute mortality of passive smoking mice have no correlation with tar, nicotine, CO, TSNA, BaP (P>0.05). Therefore, the health hazards of smoking can be reduced by greatly reducing the TSNA content in cigarette smoke.

2. Smoke components of heat-not-burn tobacco products

Heat-not-burn tobacco products do not burn tobacco because they are heated, so that the types and release of chemical components in the aerosols produced are reduced. The main components are water, glycerin, nicotine and low content of potentially harmful components (HPHCs).

2.1 The chemical composition of aerosol of electric heat not burn cigarette

At present, the research on electric heating technology is the most extensive. Philip Morris Tobacco is the company that conducted the research and development of this technology earlier, represented by Accord and iQOS.

The technicians analyzed the Accord aerosol and 1R4F mainstream smoke obtained under the 3308 standard suction mode of the International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization, ISO). The content of most of the smoke components is quite different. From Table 2 and The results in Table 3 show that compared with 1R4, the content of harmful components in Accord aerosol is 80% lower than that in 1R4F on average. Among them, the content of aromatic amines, hydrogen cyanide, cadmium, phenol, cresol, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is reduced by 5% Above; Arsenic and gas phase components acrylonitrile, 1,3-butadiene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are reduced by 90%-95%; dihydroxy phenolic compounds, isoprene and tobacco-specific nitrosamines are reduced by 80%~ 90%; the release of aldehydes (except formaldehyde), nicotine and tar is reduced by 70% to 80%; 5 components (water, glycerin, formaldehyde, 2-nitropropane and hexamethylenetetramine) in Accord aerosol The content of in is significantly higher than 1R4F, and the formaldehyde content in Accord aerosol is 2.4 times higher than that in 1R4F.

3. Conclusion and discussion

Compared with traditional cigarettes, heat-not-burn cigarette smoke has a significant harm reduction effect. The harmful components of smoke, such as tobacco tar, nitrosamines, volatile components, phenolic compounds and other harmful components are reduced by more than 80%, and its aerosol toxicity is low compared with traditional cigarettes, it has good harm reduction advantages.

FUWOO vape closed angel round financing

FUWOO vape closed angel round financing recently. The investor & amount haven’t been disclosed yet.

It is understood that FUWOO e-cigarette is a cutting-edge e-cigarette brand that is clearly positioned as only serving smokers and aims to provide a supplementary solution for cigarette smokers. It only produces tobacco-flavored cartridges, not other flavored cartridges.  And Fuwoo is a vape company located in Shenzhen, China.

According to incomplete statistics, there were 29 financings for the smart hardware field of Fuwoo electronic cigarettes this year.

Freemax MAXPOD review – DirtyCheck No.94

In this issue, we still talk about pod vape.
There is a pod vape that has both advantages of pod vapes and mod vapes.
Its big cloud, taste and throat hit are all at the top level.
Which one would it be?
Today’s protagonist is MAXPOD by Freemax.

Freemax brand introduction

Captain has introduced the Freemax brand before,

It’s a bit earlier, so I’ll talk about it again here.

Freemax is an enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. “Innovation, hard work, perfection” is their corporate spirit, and they create a good corporate environment with the business philosophy of honesty, win-win, and pioneering, with a brand-new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and perfect quality as the basis for survival , They always insist on customer first and serve customers with heart, and insist on using their own service to impress customers. The company is located in the world’s electronic cigarette supply and marketing chain center, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Since its establishment in 2013, the Freemax brand has insisted on innovation as the core, focused on user experience, and continuously improved users’ taste comfort, and is committed to serving smokers around the world with integrity. It has been widely recognized in the e-cigarette market, especially in the European and American markets, and has been well received by consumers.
Among them, the Freemax’s cartridge base pod vape has received considerable praise, especially the taste and resolution are very great, coupled with the trendy color matching, it still has a place in the pod vape market.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD details

Content, specifications and parameters:

The package contains a machine,
One charging line,
Two atomizing cores of different specifications,
And a user manual.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The size of MAXPOD is 100.81mm*21.81mm*14mm, which is just right.
56.3g weight.
Which’s not heavy nor light.
The output power is 10W-15W,
Which is more suitable for higher-grade and nicotine salt e-liquid.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The battery capacity is relatively weak,
A battery life of 550mAh.
Can’t support a day’s normal vaping.
There is no Type-C charging port,
The mid-stage recharge time will also be a bit slower.

Freemax MAXPOD review

In terms of the e-liquid capacity of the cartridge,
2mL is not scientific for such a power.
2mL-3mL will be better.

There are many colors for choosing.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD user experience


First, we use an NS mesh atomizing core 1.0ohm on Freemax MAXPOD,
Two thirds of linen cotton & one third of organic cotton.

Then the NS mesh atomizing core 1.5ohm,
Two-fifths of linen cotton & three-fifths of organic cotton.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD cartridge taste

The 1.0ohm atomizing core is more inclined to the taste pod vape,
The official recommendation is to use nicotine salt (20-30mg) and free alkali (12-24mg)
The actual experience of Captain is that it is more comfortable to smoke 6mg of e-liquid,
The taste will be a little sweeter,
But not too much sweetness,
So it’s not too greasy to smoke desserts,
The whole process will be very comfortable.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The 1.5ohm atomization core gives more nicotine intake and throat hit.
The official also recommends a higher nicotine content to have better experience.
Nicotine salt above 25mg is very good,
I especially recommend the tobacco flavor.
Captain did try it,
The 30mg coffee tobacco flavor.
The overall taste experience is quite good.
Therefore, Captain recommends this strong tobacco flavor.

Freemax MAXPOD review


There are not many excellent machines capable of doing vaping and atomizing so well like MAXPOD.
The actual test show the cartridge could be refilled 8 times,
Which is a relatively good data.
The shortcomings are also obvious,
Insufficient battery life.
In fact, it cannot support the normal demand for a day for its higher power.
However, the attenuation of power leads to insignificant attenuation of vaping,
It proves that the power supply and circuit board are relatively good.
Will you pay for such a device?
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Freemax MAXPOD

Freemax MAXPOD review

Philter Labs launches filtration device to eliminate secondhand vapour

The technology-enabled filtration company pioneering a new category of micro-sized personal air filters that eliminate the impacts of secondhand smoke — today announced the launch of the PHREEDOM, the first and only personal filtration device that allows consumers to inhale and exhale into the same mouthpiece to eliminate up to 97% of secondhand vapor and smell. The all-in-one accessory, designed to serve 80% of the existing cartridges on the market, attaches to all 510 cannabis and CBD cartridges, regardless of mouthpiece design, to enable widespread adoption of Philter Labs’ patented filtration technology.

“The PHREEDOM represents a massive step toward a vaping culture free of exhaled vapor, pollutants, and best of all, its associated shame,” said Philter Labs CTO and inventor, John Grimm. “We wanted to provide a product that respects a person’s right to vape. The PHREEDOM is exactly that, with seamless integration for the majority of vape cartridges on the market and an enhanced experience focused on protecting people’s health, the health of the environment, and the quality of the consumer experience.”

Three years in the making, the PHREEDOM utilizes unique valving that wraps around Philter Labs’ patented Zero-5 technology. The proprietary filtration process manipulates smoke and vapor at the molecular level to dissipate emissions, dissolve harmful particulates and pollutants, and revolutionize the way people vape. The device is tailor-made to attach to any 510 cartridge — matching it in performance and volume — so consumers can continue to use their favorite products and filter emissions as long as the cartridge lasts, while the pocket-sized design facilitates ease of use when inhaling and exhaling through the mouthpiece.

PHILTER’s mission has long been to empower consumers with the ability to vape responsibly. Survey data show that vapers are acutely aware of the health effects, the social and environmental impact of secondhand smoke, and the stigma associated with their actions — especially in the midst of COVID-19, where reducing the impacts of secondhand smoke is crucial for respiratory health. In a recent study conducted by Philter Labs, 91% of respondents indicated they were concerned with how their secondhand smoke impacts the environment. But, the vaping industry at large has failed to offer a solution that respects a person’s right to vape while simultaneously recognizing the rights of those who do not, and addressing environmental concerns. The PHREEDOM changes the game by providing consumers with the ability to vape on their terms — all while promoting cleaner air for all and a guilt-free experience, making it easier than ever to participate in the movement for more responsible vaping.

“The PHREEDOM has made filtering emissions as accessible as possible, without compromising the quality of the user experience. It’s revolutionary,” said Cody Shirk, Managing Partner at Explorer Equity Group, a private equity firm that invests in global emerging trends in technology and cannabis. “The PHREEDOM is going to spur widespread adoption of safe vaping practices around the world — ultimately helping protect our environment and our health — because it’s so easy to use.”

Philter Labs is working with HERBL, the largest cannabis supply chain solutions company in the state of California, to distribute the PHREEDOM at more than 850 stores. It will be available today on PhilterLabs.com and on store shelves at the end of October.

The launch of the PHREEDOM follows a year of continued growth for Philter Labs, with direct-to-consumer sales increasing by nearly 77% in Q2 from Q1. Philter Labs will continue to support growth, continue research and development, and bolster the launch of new leading-edge products to filter emissions and reduce the spread of airborne contaminants.

To learn more about Philter Labs and purchase the PHREEDOM, visit: PhilterLabs.com. To see how the PHREEDOM works and how others are enjoying the product, visit: https://vimeo.com/philterlabs.

KT&G launches new Fiit Change Q heat not burn new tobacco product

KT&G launched the upgraded product lil Solid 2.0 at the beginning of the month, and now it has launched a new product “Fiit Change Q” dedicated to pods. The new products will be expanded to nationwide sales offices after their debut at Lille flagship stores in Gangnam, Dongdaemun, Sinchon, Sindolin, Incheon, Ulsan, Cheongju, and Busan.

Lin Wangxie (transliteration), head of the KT&GNGP business team, said: “Fiit Change Q will bring greater satisfaction to consumers through improved taste and a clean finish. In the future, it will introduce differentiation that reflects the diverse needs of domestic and overseas market.”

The biggest feature of lil Solid 2.0 is the upgraded thermal system and the increase in usable capacity after one charge. The newly adopted “surround heating method” is continuous heating through induction heating technology to make the final taste uniform. In addition, the trouble of charging is improved, the battery efficiency is upgraded, and up to 30 cartridges can be used after a full charge.

The design adds a sense of modernity. The combination of frosted front and soft coated sides gives consumers a high-end atmosphere while providing consumers with a meticulous grip. The power button is equipped with soft glowing blue LEDs, reflecting high-end fashion feel. The two colors of dark blue and dark gray emphasize the competence of the product; the side design is detachable, so you can change the color according to personal preference and customize the decoration style.

In January this year, KT&G and Philip Morris International (PMI) signed a global cooperation contract for “lil” overseas sales, which proved the brand’s competitiveness. Currently, the product is sold in Russia and Ukraine, and plans to expand into various countries through cooperation with Philip Morris International.

Salt PRO e-juice review – DirtyCheck No.89

Today Captain brought you a special friend.
It has produced many popular products,
Including DR.SALT series, Hi SALT series.
After the 2020 vape show in Shenzhen,
It also launched the Salt PRO e-juice series.
Let’s take a look at how the new e-liquid is.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

About the brand

Eternity Clouds Biotechnology co,.Ltd was founded in 2017. It integrates independent research and development, production, and operation. And it is one of the most innovative and cost-effective e-liquid/vape juice manufacturers in China.
The company covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, has a 100,000-level purification workshop, complete high-end R&D and production equipment, and has a research and development team composed of industry-leading technical personnel.
The company has established cooperative relations with many well-known leading enterprises in the industry.
The company’s products and raw materials have successively passed the testing and certification of international authoritative testing organizations such as REACH, PONY ROSH, MSDS.
Eternity Clouds Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of e-liquid, privately customized tens of thousands of e-liquids, and one-stop supply of hot-selling flavors at home and abroad.
Eternity Clouds people are committed to creating value for customers, and they insist on being an e-liquid manufacturer that really cares about e-juice.

Salt PRO introduction

Salt PRO comes with a 20mg nic salt content this time.
The bottle body comes standard with a gorilla oil bottle to ensure product quality.
30mL of e-liquid storage is a standard of the Eternity Clouds nic salt series
What’s more interesting is the use of Eternity Clouds’ new anti-counterfeiting logo.
In addition to the anti-counterfeit feature, you can also conduct mini game draws.
which is small welfare to buyers.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

There are 8 flavors this time.
Respectively are
Blackcurrant soda, lush ice, pineapple lemonade, peach ice
Pink lemon, matcha, blueberry raspberry,  mango ice

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Salt PRO user experience

The experience machines:
MT4, VK280, RomioPLUS, AnaniV2 MTL

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Blackcurrant soda

Captain experience:

The sweetness of blackcurrant is direct,
The soda does not feel particularly good.
Moderate cooling is a good match.
The carbon dioxide bubbles of soda are not very enough.
The overall feeling is that it is fruity and tastes good.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Lush ice

Captain experience:

This is one of the best in this series.
Combination of watermelon flavor and cantaloupe flavor.
At the same time intervention of strawberry was added.
Different from other melons, this sweet flavor is not greasy.
Lush ice’s overall fruity ratio and matching make the whole feeling just summer, refreshing and sunny.
Highly recommended.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Pineapple lemonade

Captain experience:

The scent of pineapple actually covers up the lemon flavor a bit,
So the overall feeling is biased towards pineapple.
The fragrance of lemon is not strongly expressed.
But the sweetness of pineapple is not sweet enough,
The overall feeling is relatively medium.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Pink lemon

Captain experience:

It’s a pity that the lemon’s sourness doesn’t come out.
The honey is still added to sweeten the whole.
The scent of lemon works very well here.
Fresh and delicious, sweet but not greasy feeling.

Salt PRO E-Juice review


Captain experience:

I have tried a lot of matcha-based e-liquid before,
The feeling of this is beyond my expectation.
The matcha scent is very full.
With the unique bitterness of tea, this e-juice is especially soulful.
A light ice cream milky jumps in, making the whole e-juice very pleasant to vape.
Highly recommended.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Blue Ras

Captain experience:

The popularity of this flavor may date back to 2015,
There are rarely such flavors now.
But the classic is classic,
The combination of berries will undoubtedly fill the whole mouth with fruit acid.
The sourness of this fruit is very good,
Sweet and sour, very nice e-liquid.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Mango Ice

Captain experience:

This is a conventional e-liquid flavor.
The combination of mango and cold is always so classic.
The unique milky aroma of mango does not come out very well.
It will be better if this taste becomes thicker.
Coolness is above the middle level.

Salt PRO E-Juice review

Peach ice

Captain experience:

Juice of peaches paired with comfort and coolness.
The whole taste bursts in sweet and delicious.
Moderate cooling will not make people unbearable.
The whole experience is very full of juice.
Highly recommended.

Salt PRO E-Juice review


Maybe it’s been too long without vaping such good nic salt vape juice,
It makes me a little excited.
The overall experience is very good.
Of course, there are some areas where the taste of e-liquid is not very good.
But the overall feeling is smooth,
It shows that the quality is really good.
Special mention here,
ROMIOplus is completely comfortable to vape with such an e-liquid.
If you don’t use a pod vape, it is recommended to use a resistor above 1.4ohm mod vape.
It will make the overall feeling very good.
I also hope that Eternity Clouds can produce some unique flavors of e-liquid in the later period.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

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Salt PRO E-Juice review

Vape juice supplier Zeus makes first foray into bricks & mortar retail

Vape liquid manufacturer The Zeus Group – which supplies products to more than 700 vape stores in the UK – is making its first foray into in-person retail with the opening of a physical store in Birmingham.

The brand’s new store, Zeus Juice Outlet, will sell a full range of Zeus products, as well as discontinued ranges, exclusive hardware and limited-edition merchandise.

The Weoley Castle store’s opening on 16 October comes after Zeus Group launched a direct-to-consumer online store during lockdown which has enjoyed “huge sales success” the company said.

“We already have a strong retail presence supplying to vape stores across the country. The decision to launch our online store selling direct to consumers during lockdown proved to be a game-changer for us. Having a physical store is a great opportunity for us to continue connecting directly with local customers, offering them value and access to clearance items they can’t get anywhere else, without affecting our pre-existing partnerships with retailers who stock our products across the country,” said Zeus MD Tim Allinson, a former logistics director at Tesco.

The move defies the trend in the independent physical vape store sector, which has seen hundreds of shop closures as a result of the pandemic. According to data from The Local Data Company, prior to lockdown there were 4,003 vape shops in the UK, but only 3,571 remain open. It is estimated only 2,707 will survive the year.

The closures have come as an advantage to supermarkets and convenience retailers who have been expanding their vape juice and hardware listings.

Through the pandemic, Zeus has rebranded, launched five new flavours and produced hand sanitiser in response to demand.

“Despite a challenging few months, we have come out of the other side with stronger business relationships with both suppliers and customers alike. Launching an outlet store marks a new and exciting chapter in our ongoing domestic growth and gives us a great opportunity provide our local customers with the ability to purchase exclusive, premium vape juice at a bargain price,” Allinson added.

The south-west Birmingham store is 715 sq ft and will be managed by Nathan Curtis, son of the company’s CEO Paul Curtis who established the firm in 2011.