Zafiro pod vape review: one of the best taste vaping devices – DirtyCheck No.102

Most of the pod products on the market are relatively boring and similar at present,
Or just compromise.
Even the appearance coincides with each other,
It has lost aim of user experience.
Today, Captain recommends a new machine to everyone
Zafiro. Let’s find out if it’s still the same.

Zafiro specifications/parameters

Material: zinc alloy, food grade PCTG, food grade PC
Size: 102.5mm*22.5mm*18.5mm
Weight: 60g
E-liquid capacity: 3ml
Power output: 11W
Battery capacity: 500mAh

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Short comment: Looking at the panel, the material is not currently the most popular aluminum.
Zinc alloy is used instead,
The brand obviously pays more attention to the feeling of holding in hand.
In terms of appearance, a rectangular body is used to bring some rigidity to the overall feeling.
But the size gives us a sense of lipstick design, both rigid and soft, very particular.
The pod capacity of the cartridge is 3ml, which is scientific, not as weak as 2ml.
It’s not as accommodating as 2.5ml, reasonable and scientific.
The 500mAh battery feels a bit weak, and let’s find out more in the later actual test results.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Zafiro package content

1* ZAO cigarette rod
1* ZAO cigarette holder
2* ZAO cartridge (without smoke oil)
1* Type-C charging cable
1* ZAO exclusive anti rub bag
1* User manual

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Short comment: Complete accessories.
The mouthpiece is beautiful and full of carefulness.
And non-510 universal drip nozzle, exclusive customization.
The only thing that is not elegant is that the exclusive anti-scratch bag is relatively casual.
It’s unreasonable to put the accessories in, it takes some sweat to put the device inside.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Product experience (static)
The device size is relatively small,
But as to the device weight, it’s relatively heavy.
Captain got silver in color.
There are three colors, bright gold, brushed gold, and antique silver.
We look forward to more candy colors later.
It’s naturally better to have more colors.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

The texture is good.
The drip nozzle design also has a condensate collection and reflux tank.
Because it is customized, it is also very beautiful
The downside is that the player’s personalization will be lost.
Although it is a mouth-to-lung product, there are also thousands of DIY vapers.
An exquisite dripping nozzle cannot match the personal preference of different vapers.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

The careless place is the position of the indicator hole and the air inlet
The position of the opening is improper in terms of aesthetics and design.
Whether it’s to accommodate the battery and solution board inside,
Captain personally thinks that they should not open holes so randomly without a sense of design.
It does not fit such a beautiful shape.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

The atomization chamber body is also rectangular.
There is independent air intake space at the bottom and large space.
It can be seen that it is perfectly adjusted.
The pod capacity of 3ml is a real 3ml.
The only problem is insufficient re-optimization of the airway.
The whole is straight-through, without secondary air compensation or optimization.
Let’s not say good or bad taste first,
Captain will definitely down rate it here.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Product user experience (dynamic)
Since this is a mouth-to-lung product,
Captain used relatively good-grade e-liquid to test it,
Which are
JAGO Mango Tango 6mg
21 zone salted butter 6mg
One dessert category, one fruit category
I believe that many mouth-to-lung vapers must have regarded them as their long-term vaping e-liquids at one time.
The resistance of the atomizing core is: 1.3ohm±0.1ohm,
Very mouth-to-lung parameter.
I believe that the brand has also finalized this parameter after many studies and tests.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

JAGO Mango Tango
This is a mango, peach and pudding taste e-liquid
Zafiro handles the details very softly, and the overall fruity fragrance feels very good.
The aroma of fruit brings the softness of the pudding. This feeling is not very good on the general RTA.
On this device, I got feedback that maximized the taste.
The sweetness is also very harmonious, there is no sweetness rising or excessive sweetness
21 zone salted butter 6mg
One dessert category, one fruit category
I believe that most mouth-to-lung vapers must have regarded them as their long-term user e-liquid at one time.
The resistance of the atomizing core is: 1.3ohm±0.1ohm
Very mouthful data
I believe that the brand has also finalized this data after many studies.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Zone 21 Salted Butter
Friends who are familiar with this vape juice should know,
The saltiness of salty butter is difficult to make with parameters,
Vapers must have a clear understanding of the atomizer and parameter combination they use.
Otherwise the saltiness of this salty butter is really hard to experience,
But Zafiro is very precise on it, the salty taste is very reasonable and clear.
With a rich milk fragrance, it really gives me a great experience.
Whether it’s a fan or a friend familiar with Captain,
Everyone knows that I am a heavy dessert lover.
Zafiro’s perfect for dessert flavors.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

Speaking of the taste experience, let’s talk about the use experience.
I don’t know if it’s the product batch issue received by Captain or a personal issue,
Although there are not many faults, there are still something fatal.
One is the air switch, Zafiro uses its own chip,
Whether the test on the draw resistance has passed,
Actually experienced Captain, the air switch is not sensitive.
There will be a state of no smoking or empty smoking at 3 or 5 times,
It greatly affects the overall experience. At first I thought it was out of power, but it was not.

Treatment of condensation
Although the treatment of condensation has always been a problem with various products,
It more or less affects the overall experience.
But as a mouth-to-lung product, the control of the airway is still a secondary collection.
Captain believes that all should be done in a state of carefulness
Even if there is really no way to avoid it, I think it should be optimized.

The adjustment of air holes, the randomness or irrationality of the air inlet,
Captain has verified it here, blocking the air holes, and it doesn’t has affected the overall airflow entry.
There is no experience deviation that affects the taste.
If it is a secondary supplementary air intake,
The position of the opening or the aesthetics needs to be refined and designed.

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102


This is probably one of the most in-depth reviews I wrote this year,
Because Captain is one of the positioning groups of this product.
So subjectively, I “spoiled” this product a bit.
However, the above contradictions or problems still cannot stop me from liking this product.
It is still one of the best taste machines this year.
Captain is also looking forward to Zafiro’s follow-up, wishing them to improve and optimize its device.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time!

Where to buy Zafiro pod vape: add the author’s Wechat below

Zafiro Aromatic Oral Inhaler pod vape review - DirtyCheck No.102

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

The Chinese e-cigarette brand LAMI announced that it has obtained ten million dollars in the first phase of investment from the Chaos Innovation Fund. This round of financing is funded by the Innovative Investment, and financing platform Qunfengshe as the investment and financing consultant.

It is reported that the funds obtained will be used to continue to deepen the entire industrial chain layout of the upstream e-cigarette supply chain, enhance the integration of scientific research resources, and expand the investment in the research and development system.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

It is understood that the Chaos Innovation Fund is an early investment institution focusing on industrial innovation and industrial Internet. This investment is also its first investment in the health field and the new tobacco harm reduction industry.

Public information shows that LAMI is an e-cigarette brand established in early 2019. Before entering the country, LAMI chose Japan as its first voice channel. This brand cooperated with the Japanese mechanical dance company World Order to shoot a music video together, which received greater attention.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

LAMI is an e-cigarette brand established in early 2019. LAMI vape is invested and controlled by Wuye Shen Group, with co-founder He Chang as its president. He Chang was previously the founder of Huang Taiji.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing

LAMI is committed to providing high-quality full-category e-cigarette products to users around the world, and has initially completed the construction of its own supply chain from atomizing liquid production to atomizing equipment production. LAMI e-cigarettes focus on peppermint flavor, and use a compound formula of herbs and other medicinal materials. It is hoped that the essence of natural mint raw materials can be extracted to ensure the taste of mint flavor. Products have been widely recognized for quality in the market.

After the peppermint flavor was launched, several series of flavors were introduced. The fruit series includes eight flavors: original leaf mint, mung bean ice thin, golden voice ice thin, lychee ice thin, green mango ice thin, watermelon ice thin, grape ice thin, and passion fruit; the herbal series includes Yungui smoke rhyme, South American smoke rhyme, Caramel milk tea, cinnamon cola, pre-spring tea, herbal original fragrance 0%, herbal original fragrance 2%, ice storm 8 flavors.

LAMI vape closed 10 million USD financing
Based on the herbal formula e-liquid and the product experience of strengthening the throat, the main taste characteristics of LAMI are: “soft” and “smooth”.

2020 Global Electronic Cigarette Industry Report is officially released

2020 The Fourth International E-cigarette Industry Summit Forum is held yesterday and 2020 Global Electronic Cigarette Industry Report is also released in the summit forum.

Ao Weinuo, secretary general of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, released the “2020 Global Electronic Cigarette Industry Report” at the meeting. According to the report, the estimated retail sales of electronic cigarettes worldwide in 2020 is 36.3 billion U.S. dollars, which is a 10% increase compared with the global retail sales of 33 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. In 2020, China’s e-cigarette exports are estimated to be 49.4 billion yuan (7.559 billion US dollars), compared with 43.8 billion yuan in 2019, China’s exports increased by 12.8%. China’s domestic retail sales are estimated at RMB 14.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of RMB 11.2 billion, an increase of 30%. Currently, the top six countries in the e-cigarette market are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, France and Germany. Among them, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and South America are new growth areas for the e-cigarette market. This year, due to the global epidemic, China’s e-liquid has achieved substantial growth year-on-year. It has achieved all-round improvements in technology, equipment, production standards, raw materials, quality, and taste. It has been recognized by global users and established a good word of mouth for manufacturing in China.

2020 Global Electronic Cigarette Industry Report is officially released

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce has conducted a forecast analysis of the global e-cigarette retail sales in the next five years. In 2021, the estimated export value is 63.2 billion yuan, and the China domestic sales is 18.5 billion yuan. The export and China domestic sales are expected to increase by 28% each year. Exports in 2025 amount is expected to reach 169.7 billion yuan, with China domestic sales reaching 49.8 billion yuan. As the earliest birthplace and largest producer of e-cigarettes in China, China’s e-cigarettes are not only new kinetic energy and “engines” for promoting social and economic development, stabilizing employment, and earning foreign exchange through exports, but also a business card of China’s electronic information manufacturing industry that is internationally renowned.

JVE pod vape improves its battery experience in 3 aspects

Many pod vapers are always in some anxiety of low battery. Today let’s talk about JVE’s method of improving its product battery user experience.

Some people say that the most direct way is to increase the battery capacity, speed up the charging speed, and at the same time slow down the power consumption and improve the efficiency of the battery. That’s right.

1. Increase battery capacity

  • 450mAh battery

The most direct way of insufficient power is to increase the battery capacity. However, expanding the capacity is not a simple thing out of a whim.

There used to be a law in the “life history” of smartphones: “Large battery = high thickness, thin and light machine = low battery life”. Subject to the limitations of battery materials and technology, under the same energy density, increasing the battery capacity often means that the volume and weight of the battery will also increase. Therefore, at the beginning of product design, a difficult problem is how to assemble a larger capacity battery into the product without affecting the appearance of the product as much as possible. Here is a small question for everyone. Why do most of the pods on the market use 350mAh battery capacity?

Starting from the user experience, at the beginning of the product design, the size, weight, grip, and battery capacity requirements of the atomizer rod are comprehensively considered, and finally a relative balance is reached between the appearance design of the atomizer rod product and the product parameter battery capacity design. Therefore, the 350mAh battery capacity has gradually become the industry’s, but in fact it is also a limitation of product design. If you want to break through the limitations, you have to face the risks and costs of change. Increasing the battery capacity of the atomization rod means the need to re-customize, and it also means trial and error of uncertain time and investment. The risks brought by the quality of customized products and the customized cycle are also one of the main reasons why everyone gives up upgrading.

As a brand that insists on the product-oriented strategy, JVE insists on serving consumers from the perspective of consumers, integrating the life attitude of young people into the brand, and using the latest technology to create electronic atomizer products that meet market needs and design aesthetics. Keep improving at any cost may be meaningless in the eyes of others.

In order to solve the user’s pain points in battery life, the industry-leading product R&D team built by JVE has spent several months of repeated R&D and debugging. Without changing the appearance and size of the existing atomizing rod, the internal space structure design of the atomizing rod was optimized and repeated adjustments. In order to free up space to maximize the installation of larger capacity batteries, repeated brainstorms, discussions, tests, overthrows, adjustments… In the end, JVE did it. It is very important not to change the appearance and size of the existing atomization rod. At the beginning of the product project, all the R&D members made it clear that users should not be troubled by the battery life problem. The existing JVE circulating product series, JVE brilliance series and series, are applicable to the same atomizer. This new product will not change the appearance size while solving the battery life pain point, and still applies to the existing JVE atomizer. No matter which atomization rod the user holds, he doesn’t need to be troubled by changing different atomizers of different specifications, which greatly reduces the user’s obstacles to choice and use.

JVE pod improves its battery experience in 3 aspects

2. Reduce power consumption

  • Low-voltage output technology

One of the core technical advantages of JVE products-low voltage output technology. Starting from the first JVE dazzling series product, JVE has adopted low-voltage output technology. Under the same output conditions, the voltage output can be lowered to reduce power consumption, and the change direction has achieved the effect of increasing battery capacity. Is this technique difficult?

It is easy to reduce power consumption without affecting performance. Lowering the voltage on the atomizing rod and lowering the output power will inevitably affect the atomization performance, which in turn affects the atomization experience, which is not worth the loss. The core advantage of JVE low-voltage output technology is that while reducing the voltage output to make the power more durable, it maintains the stable and high-burst performance of the atomizer and still brings a rich and powerful atomization experience. In addition, the low-power output after lowering the voltage is more stable, ensuring that the taste of each mouthful of the same atomizer is consistent regardless of whether the atomizer is in a fully charged state or a low-charge state. Before increasing the battery capacity, JVE Colorful Atomization Device can guarantee to draw a whole atomizer when it is fully charged. Now the battery capacity of JVE Bright Series has increased to 450mAh, and the Device can support more than 1 pod when it is fully charged.

3. Speed up charging

  • 35 minutes fast charging

The battery capacity has increased, how about the charging speed? Any increase in battery capacity without fast charging is a rogue. Now the pace of life is so fast that one minute can’t be used as an hour, but it takes nearly an hour to charge the atomizer. Wait ~ a long wait ~ refuse to wait, love to be online at any time. Stand by~Vape non-stop!

The new JVE brilliance series has a new fast charging function, which indirectly improves the battery life of the atomizer by increasing the charging speed of the atomizer. The battery capacity is increased to 450mAh, and the charging speed is increased by 30%. The addition of the fast charging function puts forward higher requirements on the safety and reliability of the battery. For this reason, the JVE R&D team innovated and integrated design solutions, adopted a new upgraded battery cell design, customized a dedicated charging module, and integrated high voltage, high current, and high temperature charging protection. No matter when you charge, you can be “cool down” and not get hot, and the speed will always be the same.

JVE series shines on the market, 450mAh super battery, about 35 minutes lightning-fast charge.

Learn more about JVE on their official site (Chinese):


BP MODS BUSHIDO V3 RDA review: a 5-star perfect atomizer – DirtyCheck No.100

In the ancient times of the box mod, there was such an atomizer,
Kennedy’s air intake, clamshell type, BPMODS egghead dripping oil equalization pad RDA, etc.
Yes, it is the Bushido RDA that everyone is familiar with.
Friends who are new to the vaping circle may not know it well,
After Captain’s use of it, the best RDA product of the year can’t be some RDA else.
As for your point of view, you’ll draw your own conclusion after reading this post.


The packaging continues the BPMODS Hermes color,
Still familiar style.


BPMODS typical user manual in the package,
Intuitive graphic product introduction,
Convenient for vapers to use the product better


Then the product itself,
The atomizer is equipped with more rubber rings,
It is true that there are no problems with such delicate and complex RDA accessories.
There is also an ante screw.



There are many accessories for the atomizer body,
Captain likes this.
More means more combinations or configurations,
Whether it is customized or an official extension,
It’s all based on the fun of DIY for mod vapers.
We also learn that the official will roll out more choices.


There are a few things that must be said.
It is still the continuation of the previous Bushido configuration,
Clamshell drip design,
A signal on the top cover will tell you where to open the top cover.


Exquisite, yes, exquisite
The inner waist ring of the atomizer is designed with a slot,
Need to be aligned when using,
You can’t get in without right angle.


The design of screws and base is reasonable.
There is space behind the screw bit for cutting the heating coil.
The e-liquid groove of the base is very deep,
Rich vapers can staff more cotton in it,
Reaching the limit of tank capacity.


“Root” air intake is also a new model that BPMODS is proud of,
That is, the airflow will be like the root sign, there will be a secondary air intake,
In other words, second use of incoming air.
It will be softer than the direct air intake,
Makes you feel less empty when you inhale the vapor.


BP MODS BUSHIDO V3 RDA user experience

Captain tried two data,
One is the 0.88ohm BPMODS heating coil that Captain prefers,
The second is the ni80 28ga plain coil, which is about 1.2ohm after it is finished.
Because the parts are completely disassembled,
The thread of the top cover is not easy to screw during recovery.
Because of the slot, the top few circles are half circles.
This requires patience, take me as an example, it took more than 1 minute.
It is recommended not to twist the top cover at will.

Staffing cotton is very convenient.
Friends who use ante can comb the cotton.
It will more convenient to form a tree-like e-liquid guide.


The e-juice I used is Jago’s Mango Tango and KC’s Three Milk Marshmallows.
Regardless of the performance the fancy coil, or the plain coil,
We can only use two words to summarize it, “top class”.
The taste reduction and vaping effect are very good.
Mellow, with clear taste of the front, middle and back, and powerful.
In the current RDA, to be so delicate and taste so good,
In Captain’s inventory, there may only be mattyRDA left besides this one.
Even when experiencing jago at 0.88ohm,
Bushido gave me a better feel.


After changing the drip nozzle, I opened a new world.
Strong! It’s really too strong!
But this Bushido’s drip nozzle slot is not so suitable for every drip nozzle.
You need to change a thicker rubber ring yourself, some of them are loosely inserted after changing.


Of course, after use, there will be some condensation attached to the top cover disc position,
This is what all RDAs have.
Vapers with OCD may suffer.



What real vapers like BP MODS make will eventually get closer to real vapers,
This is how the vape looks like in the first place.
The Bushido V3 by BP MODS, gathers the things that vapers in the market need most.
Whether it’s price, taste, or workmanship,
There is no doubt that it is already a benchmark.
Some friends may think I’m exaggerating it way too far,
I’m not bragging, you will naturally come to the same conclusion when it comes onto your hands.
The overall treatment of this atomizer is not very amazing,
But in terms of taste, richness, vaping performance,
They are all excellent and competitive.
Of course, Captain is not some god-like expert,
More ways to play are still there for you to unlock by yourselves.
The core of DIY is not about perfect accomplishment,
But communication, and let’s make this vaping circle alive and vital forever.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy MODS BUSHIDO V3 RDA 

BP MODS BUSHIDO V3 RDA review Vaporesso Luxe II Mod review

Did Desired Design Vape go bankrupt or out of business?

Desired Design Vape is a famous brand from Shenzhen, China, and recently something wrong happened to them. Many readers from VAPE.HK are asking if they’re out of business. We still don’t have an answer yet and will keep you posted here.

The author only found on Aiqicha (a company information database) that Desired Design Vape company (Chinese name: 深圳市优顺电子有限公司) in China were sued by 3 companies recently.

Serial number Date of filing Case number Plaintiff Defendant Acceptance court
深圳市优顺电子有限公司 (Desired Design Vape)
People’s Court of Baoan District, Shenzhen
孙晨光、深圳市优顺电子有限公司(Desired Design Vape)
People’s Court of Baoan District, Shenzhen
孙晨光、深圳市优顺电子有限公司(Desired Design Vape)
People’s Court of Baoan District, Shenzhen

No more information found yet.

Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes

On November 30th, Make Herb, a new electronic atomizing brand in China, held a new product launch conference at the Shajing production base in Shenzhen, the world’s e-cigarette capital, and released the latest e-cigarette accessory product Make Power Bank + e-cigarette smart charging station for consistent vaping experience with consistent power.

It provides a stable and long-lasting current for the atomizing core, ensuring that each puff of smoke is soft and delicate, and atomized uniformly. Because the battery life of the electronic cigarette is an important factor affecting the user experience of the electronic cigarette.

We can see Make Herb maintains a high degree of insight into the actual needs of e-cigarette users for charging and battery life.This e-cigarette accessory released this time has a compact and portable design; smart wireless charging method; standard configuration Magnetic USB and TYPE-C interface are compatible with almost all electronic atomizing cigarettes; the three major innovations directly hit the pain points of consumers and will perfectly solve the battery life problem of electronic cigarettes.

Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes

Make Herb Power Bank + e-cigarette smart charging station brings a new charging experience to smokers

Round, exquisite, compact, and minimalist, this is the first impression most people have of the Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging station. The appearance is technologically beige, and the appearance and delicate texture follow the “Apple style”. This combination of electronic cigarettes can complement each other. The wireless charging method further simplifies the user’s use steps and conveys a minimalist, convenient and unique lifestyle in the use experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating a more perfect interactive experience between people and digital accessories.

The product adopts a separate design and consists of a 400mAh Make Power Bank (wireless magnetic charging power bank) and an electronic cigarette smart charging station (wireless charging base). The Make Power Bank can be attached to the electronic cigarette to achieve portable wireless With charging function, the smart charging station for electronic cigarettes can be placed on the desktop as a wireless magnetic charger.

As a separate mobile magnetic wireless charger kit, Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging station brings users not only a desktop wireless charger, but also an essential wireless power bank for travel. According to You Chengchao, the person in charge of Make Herb, “Many times we will go out to work temporarily. At this time, your e-cigarette is charging, and the power of the e-cigarette is insufficient. You only need to charge the wireless charging station. The treasure slides up along with the mobile phone, and you can go out with the e-cigarette and Make Power Bank directly. This design reduces the operation steps for users to switch between various products and realizes a new charging method and life experience.” Make Power Bank is only slightly larger than cigarette cartridges, and can be easily put into pockets and bags for daily use and has excellent portability. Make Power Bank has a battery capacity of 400mAh, which can fully support the battery life problem of temporary outings. At the same time, the charging status does not affect consumers’ addiction needs, and can be charged while pumping.

Make Herb releases Make power bank and smart charging station for e-cigarettes

In actual use, you only need to move the e-cigarette lightly close to the e-cigarette smart charging station, and it will be adsorbed and charged. This can truly get rid of the shackles of the charging wire, optimize the e-cigarette charging experience, and realize the e-cigarette holding It can charge freely and charge the electronic cigarette in trivial time, which improves the comfort of daily use.

In terms of compatibility, this is a wireless charging product that supports a variety of e-cigarettes, and is suitable for almost all e-cigarettes. In terms of details, the water-washed adhesive base can be restored after washing and can be pasted repeatedly for more than 1000 times.

Take a small product to the extreme

You Chengchao, the head of Make Herb brand, is a salesman who understands the market and the needs of customers very well. You Chengchao said, “The market competition is particularly fierce now. There must be a craftsmanship in making products. The extreme is the only way to consolidate the market and maintain survival. Make Power Bank+ e-cigarette smart charging stand is a product with low technical content, but it is a small accessory that e-cigarette consumers need. Make Herb hopes to make this small product. The highest quality, relying on detailed innovation, truly solves the pain points of consumers.”

“The e-cigarette industry has always had no lack of glamorous concepts. To make a product, you can’t just use the product as a tool to make money, but treat it as an aura of life, and you must carefully polish it and have an almost harsh attitude. Pursuing perfection in one detail, creating the product to the extreme, and truly bringing practical value to consumers, can make small products such as Make power bank + smart charging station for electronic cigarettes also emit a dazzling light.”

It is worth mentioning that last year’s Internet online sales ban and the epidemic in the first half of this year accelerated the reshuffle of the e-cigarette industry. After the survival of the fittest, truly powerful brands will usher in better development in 2020. Make Herb Is one of the best. Make Herb has its own technological characteristics in the field of e-cigarettes, and its style is also refreshing. Its technological innovation and R&D strength is very strong. With its silent work in the industry, especially the excellent operation of offline channels, it has become an eye-catching black horse in the industry.

Learn more about Mark Herb (Chinese website)

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods review – DirtyCheck No. 97

After the launch of “Pioneer” Rta by Bruce,
It introduced a new blockbuster product “Hilt” constant voltage pod device.
So its promise in the fan base is also fulfilled on time.
This is a device that is more suitable for mouth-to-lung vapers.
Compared with the bulky box mod,
This time it’s a relatively small and portable device like this.
So what is it worth our experience?
Let’s go.

Hilt Mosfet Mod brief view

The packaging still uses a “Hermes” color with a mustache logo.
The overall atmosphere is still simple and high-grade.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod package content

1*Hilt device, 1*shell
1*22 ring, 1*24 ring
2*user manual.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Open the package, we can see all kinds of accessories,
And two instructions in Bruce style.
Still concise and clear pictures to provide a suggestive instruction.
One thing is more important,
The resistance of a single atomizer should not be lower than 0.45ohm,
Atomizer using MTL or some RDL is the best choice.

The combination of the device is very interesting,
It’s also a player attitude of Bruce.
The machine needs to be used with a combination of shells.
The machine can also be disassembled and rebuilt to match up.
The shell can be configured with a 18650 long body.
Or a 18350 short body configuration,
To match what you need, very personalized.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod size and weight

18650 size, 80mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 122g,
18350 size, 52 mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 85g

Hilt Mosfet Mod output gear

Hilt supports a three-speed voltage adjustment,
Respectively are
3.5v (corresponding to red light),
3.8v (corresponding to yellow light),
And a full power output (corresponding to the green light)

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod power

Double click the pwoer button to see the battery usage,
100% battery green, 50% battery yellow, 25% battery red.

Colors are currently relatively few,
A total of three colors: black, silver and dark green.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod experience

The overall cumbersomeness of the machine is obvious.
With different casings, you need to disassemble and reassemble.
You also need to disassemble and reassemble with different atomizers.
The good news is that the disassembly and reorganization are all smooth.
There is no situation where the abrasive tool is not snapped in place.
Integrity and hands-on are all excellent.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

The casing on the material adopts an anodizing process,
It’s worth mentioning that the “zirconium” sand is sprayed here.
Feel very comfortable on hand;
It feels very delicate when you hold it.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

A waterproof nano-coating is used on the chip,
So whether it’s accidental ingress of water or condensation from some atomizers,
It will not cause the crash of the machine in working.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

In order to be more direct in experience,
Captain also used three atomizers to experience, the data is for reference only,
Just focus on your own real experience.
They are patio RTA, matty 20mm RDA and a finished atomizer

Patio RTA
The 0.88ohm finished heating coil of the Bruce is used.
Strawberry Cream Melaleuca Cake with Cream vape juice,
3.8V voltage output.

Matty 20mm RDA
I use ni80 interwoven keel clap, about 0.6ohm,
Three milk marshmallows with KC e-juice.
Full power voltage output.

GenS finished atomizer
1.2ohm resistor finished core
3.5V voltage power

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Let’s talk about the overall feeling, there is no delay in ignition,
If the battery voltage is lower than the gear,
Can only maintain a current output maximum voltage.
So there will be a normal attenuation of the output,
You need to change the battery in time to maintain a normal experience.
Because Captain uses it more frequently,
The 18350’s battery can only last 3-4 hours of user experience.
18650 will be better, basically, the working time is about 6-7 hours

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

There is no doubt about the later playability,
The official side of Bruce also directly talked about some of the later thoughts.
Regardless of the material and color of the casing,
Or the material and color of the buttons,
Or the material and color of the ring,
There will be continuous update and upgrade later.
So don’t worry about the personalized configuration you need,
You can rest assured about the personalized experience of Bruce products.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods


Although this “Hilt” is a constant voltage pod vape,
The power output can be adjusted, which is very good.
The advantages of this constant voltage machine are obvious.
Unfortunately, the battery life is not ideal,
And there isn’t a charging port outside.
Even if the hidden type, requires plugging and unplugging the casing,
Not very friendly to crazy frequent users.
The indicator light of the button is not very obvious,
The only little hole indicator is a bit stingy.
I think it can be made into a ring,
Or a more intuitive and beautiful design to prompt function and power.
However, it’s very convenient to upgrade the accessories,
This device is very friendly to vapers who love DIY, customization or personalization.
Captain Dirty spent about half a month on this pod mod,
Speaking of experience and beauty, Hilt Mosfet Mod gets a high score here.
Such an outstanding device in this field, it’s a bit invincible.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Cream E-Juice

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

On November 6, FIBIE OS China Fashion open refillable pod vape was officially launched.

After considerable development in the Chinese e-cigarette market, there are still a group of loyal customers of open pods; with the rapid progress of closed refillable pods, the favorite products of open pod loyal customers are gradually decreasing. FIBIE OS is precisely the diversified development needs of industry-oriented products and the needs of customers.

FIBIE stated that, adhering to the pious original intention and taking “good products” as the starting point of R&D and innovation, FIBIE OS has gone through 467 days and nights of R&D and design, from appearance and experience to inner core technology, in order to fully satisfy customers’ demand for open cigarettes. It meets the ideal requirements to design and configuration.

The surface of FIBIE OS uses stable and durable thermal transfer technology. According to reports, this can ensure that the color of the device illustration is brighter, clearer and more beautiful; the device is more durable and not easy to wear and corrosion.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Different from the traditional box mod design, the overall FIBIE OS body is small and exquisite, with smooth lines, comfortable grip and easy to carry.

The design of the 650mAh large battery is the biggest feature of FIBIE OS that distinguishes it from ordinary small cigarettes on the market. Another major feature is the mesh structure of the atomized heating coil.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Traditional atomized heating coils are mostly cylindrical winding patterns. FIBIE introduced that MESH mesh structure atomizing hot coil has more advantages and stability, and the atomization is more delicate, and the amount of smoke is larger and cooler. The most important thing is that the mesh structure heating coil can restore the taste of e-liquid to the greatest extent.

In terms of user experience, FIBIE OS has been refined. In the R&D and design of the cartridge, the capacity of the adapted cartridge is increased to a large capacity of 2ML, which satisfies the user’s longer-term use experience.

In addition, the FIBIE OS package contains a dual cartridge configuration, and the dual cartridges are equipped with different resistance options; the dry black cartridge is equipped with a 0.8ohm resistance value, and the amount of smoke is larger and more comfortable; the moist white cartridge is equipped with 1.2ohm resistance value, greater suction resistance, more durable vape juice capacity. The double pod design gives users more choices and experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

For the connection between the cartridge and the device, FIBIE OS continues the previous high-strength magnet connection technology to ensure the tightness of the connection and easy use.

In the design of changing the cart, FIBIE OS uses a little thought. The user needs to gently rotate the cart to the left and right to gently pull out the pod. After the empty pod is filled with oil, it is connected by a high-strength magnet. Plug it in and use it easily.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

This careful design is to ensure the stability of the cartridge after it is connected to the device and the more stable and delicate atomization process.

In addition, FIBIE OS enables 3.2V constant voltage output design, which makes the device more compatible with nicotine salt, and the atomization is thick and mellow. The mouthpiece adopts a fish-lip mouth design to achieve a more lip-fitting experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

In general, FIBIE OS is a simple and powerful vape device. In terms of appearance and use design, FIBIE OS integrates the advantages of most of the existing closed pods and open pods on the market.

FIBIE said that the design of 650mAh large battery capacity, MESH mesh structure atomized heating coil, double pods and double resistance value, 2ML e-liquid capacity, and thermal transfer surface processing are all based on user needs and experience. Sincerely designed.

In terms of flavors, FIBIE OS first released as many as 19 flavors, including fruit, energy drink, tea, milk and fruit mix and match. 19 flavors have undergone continuous debugging and testing, and are highly compatible with FIBIE OS atomizers.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Since its establishment in 2018, the FIBIE brand has launched the closed atomization series and the FIBIE OS open series; the launch of each series of products, FIBIE said, has spent a lot of time and energy on R&D and design.

Learn more about FIBIE vape here

Cream E-Juice review – DirtyCheck No.96

How are you doing with the vape devices Captain reviewed previously?
Today I will share with you some e-liquid.
Everyone knows that Captain is a dessert lover,
And I believe that most mouth-to-lung vapers are loyal to dessert flavor.
So today I bring you a good brand, CREAM.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice introduction

CREAM, as a graduation-level e-liquid, was released in 2014
In China, it is generally sold out as soon as it arrives in the country, which shows its great popularity.
There are 5 flavors in total.
Respectively are
Strawberry Mille Cake,
Spanish Cream Fritters,
California Butter Tobacco,
Banana Cream Melaleuca Cake,
Creamy Layer Cake.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice experience

Captain only got three types of this e-liquid (because it is too difficult to grab)
Strawberry Melaleuca, Spanish Cream Fritters, Banana Cream Melaleuca.

Cream E-Juice

Strawberry Mille Cake

Official description: The perfect combination of rich layer cake and cream, full of layers.
It’s like a layered cake we bite into, with endless aftertastes

Reference device & data:

Bruce 0.88ohm fancy coil
Matty 20mm RDA

Personal feelings of Captain

Strawberry has a milder feeling, a bit of a ripe strawberry, no fruit acidity.
More of it is biased towards strawberry jam.
The milk smell is relatively pure, not as greasy as butter.
The whole is a delicate & mild dessert e-liquid, which is relatively sweet in this series

Cream E-Juice

Spanish Cream Fritters

Official description: The churros stuffed with butter, fried into crunchy fritters.
Sprinkle with sugar, it’s really enjoyable.

Reference device & data

Ni80 28ga 1.2ohm plain silk
Pioneer RTA

Personal feelings of Captain

This dough stick is actually bread and pastry, which is different from Chinese breakfast dough sticks.
In this series, it’s not as complex as other flavors
The sweetness is mainly derived from a kind of frosting, which is commonly used for bread.
The overall style is my favorite,
Not too sweet, but you will feel his special sweetness (a bit contradictory),
Personally recommended.

Cream E-Juice

Banana Cream Cake

Official description: Rich butter-like vanilla layer cake,
With fermented butter poured on.
Plus ripe fresh bananas, perfect.

Reference device & data

Firefly RDA
A1 28ga 1.0ohm

Personal feelings of Captain

I think this flavor is the most surprising in this series,
The layering is also rich in this vape juice.
The banana feels very comfortable, especially when your nose exhale it.
It gives you a special feeling of rich banana and milk fragrance,
Neutralizing the blending ratio of butter and cream.

Cream E-Juice


The CREAM series is currently one of the best dessert flavors I think,
The unique formula matches the quality of e-liquid, perfect combination.
The sweetness degree is perfect.
The only regret is if you are buying for the first time,
There is no taste description on the packaging,
You can only see the picture or the label to recognize the taste.
Unfriendly for novices.
Economical in terms of price.
The most cost-effective e-liquid I’ve ever seen.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice