Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

“Difficult to do vape marketing? No precised marketing channels? Strict marketing regulations? Here comes the first professional marketing agency specialized in vape marketing! Xper MKT Agency, aims to provide professional, precised, high quality global marketing services for vape companies.”


Starting from the China, e-cigarette online sales ban in 2019, to the 322 draft regulation proposal, and now the application of authorized licenses for the vape companies; worldwide, the top 1 vape market USA has started the PMTA process that would cost vape companies millions of dollars for single product sku, and other countries like Germany, Philippines, Malaysia have issued new regulations such as high taxes, restrictions on import, etc… it seems that the vape market is going down, but the trillion dollars worth of tobacco market size, with YoY growth rate of 20%+, keeps pushing the players to moving forward, vape companies like Smoore and Relx went IPO, supply chain companies like EVE, BYD seeing higher market value, quite a lot of companies who used to focus on China market now plan to turn to overseas market. At the same time, there are also some other players we didn’t expect it coming, like the one we’re going to feature today – the Xper MKT Agency, who sees the future from providing mkt solution & services for all the vape companies.



Overseas Vape Marketing

With the tightened regulations, how to get adapted to the different regulation policies and local cultures becomes a headache for vape marketing, that’s why Xper MKT Agency decided to extend their services to vape industry. Given that many traditional trading companies/factories going through the process of transformation from B2B to B2C/DTC, from OEM/ODM to self-owned brand, but with less marketing personals, and lacking of marketing capabilities, Xper MKT Agency is able to offer services including but not limited to: marketing strategy, social media management, fans growth, influencer marketing, press release, campaign planning and execution, etc, helping vape companies to go through the difficult time and grow their business and brand.

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

“Efficient, Professional, and Accurate”

The key team members of Xper MKT Agency all have worked in top consumer electronic companies, with an average of 4-7 years of overseas marketing experience, and enjoy below advantages:


  1. Proved MKT Work Experience, lead 10+ successful MKT(such as new product launch) projects;


  1. Proffessional Strategy & Content Planning, deep understanding of e-cigarette product & audience user analysis, in-depth insight into market trends, helping e-cigarette brands in the early stage to adapt to the international market more efficiently;


  1. Rich & Precised Marketing Assets:3000+ high quality influencers from various industries with high responsive speed, PR, forum/tech websites and other big traffic marketing channels;


  1. Super cost-effective & Efficient Execution, reasonable investment in return of unexpected results, to gain brand exposure & awareness in a short time;

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

With the increasingly severe regulations an public opinion, they key to take over the market is not only about product, it’ s also about if the brand can take over the sales and marketing channels as fast as it can, the one who takes over the channels first, the one will most likely to takes a big share of the big vape market.


To know more about vape marketing or who may need marketing services, pls scan below wechat QR code or email to [email protected] for further discussion.

Xper MKT Agency: Your Global Vape Marketing Expert

7,000 puffs Fume Unlimited disposable is launched

QR Joy (“QR” or “the Company”), the premier retail manufacturer of the popular Fume disposable vape devices, has introduced its most powerful, longest-lasting vape device yet.

The Fume Unlimited comes pre-loaded with 14mL of e-liquid in 17 classic and exotic flavors, including icy, fruity, sweet, and more. Its 400mAh rechargeable battery ensures that vape enthusiasts will be able to enjoy every one of the 7,000 puffs Fume Unlimited has to offer.

“Vape enthusiasts love unique flavors and want to be able to enjoy every last drop of e-liquid in their devices,” said the president of QR Joy. “Packed with loads of flavor and a handy USB-C charging port, Fume Unlimited offers virtually endless vape satisfaction in a sleek, pocket-sized package.”

QR Joy teased Fume Unlimited at the 2022 Alternative Products Expo in Medellin, Colombia, in late May, and will officially unveil its new powerhouse at the CHAMPS Chicago Show June 7-9.


About QR Joy

QR Joy is a Florida-based corporation renowned for patented electronic cigarette devices of the highest quality and most tantalizing flavors. With multi-million dollar brands such as Fume, a global success with consumers built on extensive market research, QR-Joy focuses on what customers want. QR Joy’s years of industry experience, combined with a process that stresses continuous improvement, results in a best-in-class vape product that competes globally. There’s guaranteed excellence inside when the QR Joy name is on the label. For more information, visit www.FumeVapors.com.

About Fume

Fume, an authentic QR Joy product available in over 30 smooth and delicious flavors, is the vape industry’s most sought-after product. Built with the consumer in mind, Fume disposable vapes’ sleek design, medical-grade technology, and increased puff capacity quickly cornered the mult-million-dollar vape market. Today, the Company boasts one of the largest consumer bases in the vaping industry, due in no small part to its cadre of innovative and popular products, including the Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, Fume Infinity, and Fume Mini. With Fume continuing to corner the market, America’s vaping pastime is poised to be renamed “fuming.” For more information

Hyde Disposable Vape Pens With Big Capacity Battery Review

Vaping was first introduced to be used by chronic smokers as an alternative to traditional cigarettes to reduce the effects of heavy smoking. Since then, it has been gaining popularity among people who want to get rid of their smoking habit. Hyde is arguably one of the most popular brands dealing with disposable vapes.

This exclusive brand produces disposable vapes meant for temporary usage requiring almost no maintenance. This article reviews the high-power disposable vapes introduced by Hyde that last longer than the common vaping pens. Keep reading further to know the longest-lasting Hyde’s vapes.

What are the components of Hyde’s Disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are a device that does not require any cleaning, refilling, or maintenance. The period these e-cigarettes last is typically determined by the type of battery used in them. While there are single-use devices, Hyde’s vapes come with a rechargeable battery, meaning you can replenish the device with adequate power to enjoy longer usage.

A coil that heats the vaping juice and sends it out in the form of vapor is also part of disposable devices. Once the battery is out of capability and the e-juice cartridge is empty, you can throw out these electronic cigarettes and purchase new ones. To know different vapes suitable for you, you can also check official online store – Hyde Flavors.

High capacity disposable vapes by Hyde

Hyde has released a different version of its disposable vape series, which includes a high-capacity battery for longer usage periods. Some of these versions have a capacity of 4000 plus puffs in a single device, as mentioned below.

  • Hyde Retro 4000 Puffs Rechargeable

This rechargeable, draw-activated disposable vape encompasses a battery with 400mAh power. A vapor chamber receives vaporized e-liquid that contains 5% nicotine salts in the form of 50 my of TFN. The stylish, easy to hold, eye-catching dual-colored design makes it convenient to carry around. There are a total of 26 flavors available in this version, including   Lemon Crumble,  Loops, Strawberry Kiwi, Neon Rain, Summer Luv, Minty O’s, and so on. This Retro vape is usable for up to 4000 puffs upon stable charge.

  • Hyde REBEL 4500 Puffs Rechargeable

This product by Hyde comes in 19 different, fresh flavors, including Blue Razz Ice, Power, Strawberry Banana, Cola Ice, Aloe Grape, Banana Ice, Strawberries & Cream, Sour Apple Ice, and more. With a rechargeable battery facilitating up to 4500 long, satisfying draw, this disposable vape has a sleek design and smoother surface. The flavored e-juice pre-filled in the vape is 10ml and contains around 5% of nicotine to satisfy nicotine cravings. The battery can be recharged via a micro USB port encompassing the adjustable design.

  • Hyde Retro RAVE 5000 Puffs Rechargeable

One of the newly released Hyde products, this vape stick is particularly attractive due to its chic design. Pre-filled with an adequate volume of vaping juice, it is available in a wide spectrum of exotic flavors such as Cola Ice, Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Brazmallows, Morning Brew, Energize, and Aloe Grape, Strawberry Lemon Lime, Peach Lemon, Loops, Blue Razz Ice, etc. This button-operated vape pen has an illumination feature that activates with a simple click. With a 400mAh battery rechargeable via a micro USB, this vape pen has enough e-liquid to last up to 5000 fulfilling puffs.

  • Hyde Edge RAVE 4000 Puffs Rechargeable TFN

Edge series by Hyde is among the most popular disposable vapes. This device has a huge battery capacity of 600mAh and is tobacco-free as the e-liquid contains TFN elements. Rechargeable via the micro USB, this vaping pen comes in refreshing flavors, including Minty O’s, Dewberry, Brazmallows, Caribbean Colada, Mango Peaches & Cream, Philippine Mango, Cherry Peach Lemonade, and more.


There are various disposable vapes released by Hyde in different versions and puff counts. It is advisable to check out the features of a specific vape before purchasing to understand how long it can be used.

ELFBAR shows up with Audi Sport X Works Asia in GT Asia Cup World Challenge

On May 20, the first stop of the GT World Challenge Asia Cup was grandly kicked off at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. This event is of great significance. It is not only the first GT event since the epidemic, but also made more splendid by the cooperation between Asia’s top team, Audi Sport Asia X Works, and the internationally renowned brand ELFBAR. At that time, ELFBAR will be the official partner of the Asian Audi Sport X Works team in the challenge race in Malaysia, with the title ELFBAR Racing car representing Audi in this GT race to witness this exciting event feast together.

ELFBAR shows up with Audi Sport X Works Asia in GT Asia Cup World Challenge ELFBAR shows up with Audi Sport X Works Asia in GT Asia Cup World Challenge

HCD releases dual-mesh heating ceramic core AXdual

Mr. Chen Ping, CEO of HCD officially announced: that HCD AXdual dual-mesh graded heating ceramic core is grandly launched.

The HCD AXdual dual-meshgraded heating ceramic core released this time, the heating circuit is provided with a preheating part and an atomizing part. The kinematic viscosity improves the fluidity, so that the atomized oil can quickly reach the atomization surface from the liquid guide liquid inlet surface; the atomization part is heated within the range of the combined atomization surface formed by bending and turning, which also has a heating effect on the guide liquid.

Through dual nets and graded heating, AXdual ceramic cores have solved the pain points of ceramic cores such as local high temperature, powder drop, carbon deposition, heavy metal release, oil conduction and oil leakage to the greatest extent, and carried out eight core upgrades respectively.

The following are its features:

1. Dual mesh heating, graded temperature control

Dual-mesh heating, graded temperature control, more efficient, more accurate and controllable atomized liquid conduction, and the amount of smoke increased by 50%.

2. Gradual heating of multi-layer temperature field, the taste is improved by 100%

The multi-layer temperature field gradually generates heat, which significantly reduces the separation of atomized liquid molecules and improves the degree of taste reduction.

3. Avoid local high temperature and significantly reduce harmful substances

The possibility of local high temperature areas inside and on the surface of the ceramic body is avoided to the greatest extent, and the formation of harmful aldehydes caused by the thermal decomposition of the atomized liquid carrier substances (PG and VG) is significantly reduced.

4. The double heating element has high efficiency and reduces the amount of carbon deposition and heavy metal release

The heating efficiency of the double heating element is higher than that of the single heating element. Under the same amount of smoke, the temperature of the heating element can be appropriately lowered to prolong the life of the heating element; under the same number of mouths, it can reduce carbon deposition, paste smell, and reduce the release of heavy metals.

5. Progressive fever, reduce powder drop

Gradual heating, reduce excessive thermal shock, reduce the hidden danger of ceramic powder falling from the source.

6. Double power, free switching between high and low gears

It can be freely switched between 5-10 watts of high and low gears, double the power range, and smooth atomization power response.

7. The industry’s thinnest ceramic core, smaller volume and thinner

The thinnest ceramic core can be 3.0mm, which is 31% thinner. It is the thinnest ceramic core in the industry at present. It is suitable for a smaller assembly space and is suitable for carrying lighter and thinner atomizing equipment.

8. Precise temperature control

Aquios Labs to launch water-based vaping technology

According to foreign media reports, Aquios Labs plans to launch water-based vaping technology this month.

Most traditional vaping devices and vaping cartridges are water-free, and even if they do, they’re only 3 percent or less. So far, the low viscosity of water has made it unsuitable for any vaping device.

However, Aquios Labs’ first-generation technology, AQ30, combines a specially formulated vaping oil with a hardware design that supports up to 30% water content. Aquios said it was already developing technology to support higher water content.

According to Aquios Labs, water reduces dehydration and irritation, helps deliver nicotine more efficiently and produces a more natural flavor. Additionally, water-based vaping operates at a much lower temperature than conventional vaping, enhancing chemical stability during vaping operation.

“We started Aquios Labs because there is still a long way to go in improving the vaping experience,” said Aquios Labs founder Jack Sanders. “We believe water-based vaping is the new frontier in nicotine delivery, and AQ30 has demonstrated this by delivering a clean flavor while dramatically reducing the dehydrating effects of vaping.”

Leading vaping brand and manufacturer Innokin plans to integrate Aquios Labs technology into its wide range of entry-level devices. Consumers can expect to see Innokin devices featuring AQ30 technology debut on the market in the second quarter of 2022.

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes

As we have seen the package used to package these items, the vape cartridge boxes by TheSpeedyPack are impressive. We have been impressed that these boxes have included security features for children, which we think is pretty amazing. It might seem odd to say, but there are times when these kinds of circumstances are manufactured to attract the maximum amount of people to certain situations. Many organizations and subtleties are engraved on the sides of these buildings, including logos of various organizations.
Our primary service is the design and manufacture of high-quality boxes to meet a wide range of specifications. Packaging Forest LLC is a full-service packaging company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality boxes. Our business model allows us to use various products commensurate with the application’s function, selecting the features that match that particular scenario and ensuring that the product is compared to that scenario.

Special Offers for Custom Product Packaging for Your Vape Items:

It’s no secret that vaping is experiencing increasing popularity around the world. This is not just because of the growing number of companies who produce them, but also because of the ever-increasing number of people who use this technology. To ensure that your Vapes in every possible way follow your specifications, we will do everything we can to make sure that they meet your standards. Packaging Forest LLC is happy to offer its free container design recommendations. This is to ensure that when you choose them as your container supplier, your business will expand in an entirely appropriate way.
With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes
Having your company name printed on specially designed vape boxes can give your company an edge over your competition. This is because it gives your company a competitive advantage over your competitors. Packaging Forest LLC, a company dedicated to offering customized printed products, can assist you in doing this. It may be a good idea to promote your products to a broader audience to gain exposure from a wider range of consumers who will most likely discover your products among the plethora of other vape products available to them.

Safer Vaping for The Whole Family: Use Child Proof Vape Boxes

A great deal of skill and creativity are required by the manufacturers of great products, and product packaging boxes are one of the most important aspects of ensuring that consumers enjoy the products they purchase. Providing goods in proper packaging offers an additional benefit of allowing customers to protect their interests and integrate them into their overall visual appeal by covering them with a suitable package. The rest of the website provides more information on what you are searching for, so if you are curious about more information, please feel free to read through it. We have adopted a reliable, safe, and flexible solution that we use across the board, and that is what we depend on a day-to-day basis.
Among the various ways that adults can package vape cartridges securely and safely for children, surprisingly few options are both practical and safe. There is no doubt that vape cartridge boxes make one of the safest and most reliable vapable product options. Working with a company of such high quality is truly a delight, and customers can choose from a wide range of packaging options. The product is also hard to damage because we use double-layer tubes to protect it, making it hard to damage and hard to hurt by water. A second feature of the product is that it is hard to damage because we use double-layer tubes.

With A Stylish Design, You Can Personalize Disposable Vape Boxes:

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes
When we look at the fact that creative minds are working together with marketers to stand out and engage consumers in marketing and branding, this type of mix of creativity and imagination can be effective. When you have achieved success, the packaging system of your product is one of the most significant factors contributing to customer sales. It also builds the brand name for your business.
Additionally, vaping is a connection between a sense of style and a sense of dependency and being a habit. It is imperative to smokers and drinkers that the packaging they use while drinking and smoking are convenient and attractive. This makes it worthwhile to invest in packaging that they find suitable and appealing. This packaging company, Packaging Forest LLC, provides stylish disposable vape boxes and distinctive color combinations to support the brand names of vape brands. These boxes will encourage potential customers to purchase by using their products.

Here’s Where You Can Get the Best Vape Cartridge Boxes:

As our company’s commitment to providing our clients with a variety of customized options, we also offer some cool labels that they can use for their products. We strive to provide the most reliable, durable, and eco-friendly packaging for our customers. A wide range of shapes and sizes of Custom-made Vape Boxes Wholesale with Logo imprints can be customized based on the customer’s requirements. As a leading company for top-quality packing and printing, Packaging Forest specializes in a wide range of products combined with innovative custom-made packaging designs.

Let Me Conclude

With A Wide Range of Options, We Can Serve Your Needs for Vape Cartridge Boxes
Our company strives to make your company stand out from your competitors, so we design Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Boxes using the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Your box will be crafted by a team of trained professionals that will complement your brand’s style. Due to the advancements, we have included in our boxes, we have been able to help companies increase sales by providing them with the packaging they need.

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and factories

The Taylex Group is a leading global exhibition stand design and build supplier, offering the pinnacle of building and design solutions since 2007. Our family-owned and operated business specialising in high-quality custom solutions.
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our clients benefit from our full range of exhibition stand services, managed under one roof, from design right through to installation and dismantle, our teams are qualified, experienced and love what they do.
We pride ourselves on delivering truly personalised services from start t
o finish, working to design, craft, and install to the highest standard, thinking differently, working to develop your brand objectives into an eye-catching and memorable exhibition stand. There is no job too big or too small for our experts, we use state of the art 3D technologies to assist in the design, construction, and installation processes.
Thanks to our loyal clients such as Kawasaki, Royal Enfield, Olympus and many international organisations, we have bounced back stronger and busier post pandemic. Following the return of live events, we now offer a diverse range of services, all with the hallmark of quality that has become synonymous with the Taylex name.
Our services included:

  • Custom and Modular Exhibition Stand Construction
  • Creative Experiential Design
  • Worldwide Project Management & Event Management
  • In-house Experienced Production Team and Facilities
  • Worldwide Installation including Transport & Logistics
  • Graphic Design & Production
  • Audio Visual, Lighting and Sound
  • Point of Sale, Event Display Features and Shop Fitting Services

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Workshop

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Work

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Freight and Shipping

The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries
Our Team

Our Homepage https://taylex.co.uk/
Contact our team today to schedule your consultation [email protected]
The Taylex Group, exhibition stand design and build supplier for vape brands and facotries

How to Understand Weed’s Legal Status in Your State

In recent years, public opinion on the legality of marijuana has shifted drastically. According to Norml.org, over sixty percent of Americans are now supportive of marijuana legalization, the highest amount on record. Furthermore, roughly three-quarters of Americans support lessening legal ramifications for marijuana possession by making a fine the most severe outcome of such a minor offense. This major attitude shift toward a more positive outlook on cannabis use has been reflected in state policies as well, with many states opting for full legalization, medical marijuana certification, and decriminalization. Other locations still remain skeptical and simply maintain marijuana’s illegal status. Compounds derived from the complex marijuana plant further complicate matters, as less psychoactive forms of the drug, such as CBD and delta 8, have varying legality depending on which state in the U.S you find yourself in.
Varieties of Legal Status
Considering that there are many possible legal classifications that exist in relation to marijuana and compounds derived from the plant, here is a quick list of what each classification means to help clarify any confusion. In order to find a convenient representation of which locations condone marijuana use, or maintain it as an illegal substance, take a look at this listing of cannabis laws state by state.
1.) Recreational  Legality – This classification exists in places like California, Alaska, and Washington, to name a few, and they have the most lax outlook on marijuana. While regulations may vary slightly from state to state, this classification allows for possession of sizable amounts of marijuana, as well as the recreational use of the plant.
2.) Medical Legality – The medicinal marijuana classification requires that those who use marijuana carry a card that is provided by a medical professional. Medical marijuana cards are obtained by individuals when they have an illness or condition that can be treated with marijuana. Access to weed dispensaries is typically contingent on the possession of said medical marijuana card, as this document is also required to avoid persecution for possession or use in areas where weed is not fully decriminalized.
3.) Decriminalization –  When weed is decriminalized in a state, it indicates that punishments for possession and use of marijuana are greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated, as long as the amount held does not exceed the state-sanctioned limitation. In locations where weed is decriminalized, open sale in public places is typically not allowed, and places like weed dispensaries are lacking.
4.) Legal CBD and low THC products – This classification applies only to products derived from marijuana which isolate specific compounds, such as CBD or Delta 8, and does not sanction marijuana use as it exists in nature. Many can benefit from the less psychoactive compounds found within marijuana, and as a result, many states that are typically seen as conservative, such as Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma, to name only a few, have allowed these compounds to be sold legally.
5.) Full illegality – In spite of growing public support, still many states maintain the criminal nature of marijuana possession and use, and the violation of these laws still holds serious sentences. Locations like Idaho, Kansas, and South Dakota, among others, all maintain their stance that possession and use of marijuana is a criminal offense.
Public opinion is shifting rapidly toward a more positive outlook on marijuana, and the plant’s growing legal status is a great representation of this perceptual shift. Still, just as many individuals still have their reservations about cannabis, many states hold differing levels of legality for the plant and compounds derived from it. Be sure to fully understand your state’s stance on marijuana so you can act responsibly in accordance with local regulations.

The Vapouround Awards Announces Its Return For 2022

Brought to you by the world’s leading vape trade magazine, the annual Vapouround Awards show is recognised across the globe as one of the most important and competitive events for the industry.

The Vapouround Awards Announces Its Return For 2022

After two challenging years for the vaping community – and the world as a whole – the Vapouround team is pleased to announce that the seventh annual awards ceremony will take place in Birmingham, UK – the home of the prestigious event.

On Friday May 27, the global vape industry will come to together for an unforgettable night of celebration, entertainment and networking, taking place on the evening of the first day of The Vaper Expo – one of Europe’s biggest and most popular vape exhibitions.

This show promises to be the biggest and most spectacular Vapouround Awards yet.

Patrick Griffin, Vapouround Magazine Editor said: “Our annual awards show has truly become the not-to-be missed event of the vaping calendar…a testament to the strength of our team and the community values of our industry.


“I am thrilled that we can, year on year, act as a hub for vaping excellence and inspire growth and innovation through our highly-sought after awards”.

There are a total of twenty-three titles to be handed out on the night, including everything from ‘Best Reviewer’ to ‘E-Liquid of the Year’ and the esteemed ‘Vapouround Hall of Fame’.

To mark the seventh annual Vapouround Awards’ ceremony, the team has added a brand-new category to its roster of prestigious awards – ‘Best Sustainable Initiative’.

This award aims to shine a light on the brands that are making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment through sustainable products, conscious innovation or green initiatives.

Patrick Griffin highlighted that harm reduction has always been at the core of Vapouround, whether for smokers or for the planet.

He said: “With this award, we want to inspire harm reduction of a different kind. We want to encourage brands to consider their impact on the environment and make changes that will better serve smokers and the world around us”.

This year, the Vapouround Awards welcomes a new panel of independent judges who will be blind testing all the e-liquid and hardware entries. All vape brands, regardless of size, are invited to submit their products for the awards before the deadline on April 8, 2022.

The Readers’ Awards are open for nominations in the following categories, ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Best Branding and Marketing’, ‘Best Vape Shop’, ‘Best Online Vape Retailer’, ‘Best Reviewer’ and ‘Advocate of the Year’ (formally known as ‘Vaper of the Year’).

The winners of the Readers’ Awards are decided by the vaping community through an online public vote, which closes on May 6, 2022. Everyone in the community is invited to have their say by casting their vote for the business or individual they think deserves to win.

All winners and runners-up of the Vapouround Awards 2022 will be announced at the live awards ceremony at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham and results will be published on the Vapouround Awards website in the days following.

The Vapouround Awards 2022 is sponsored by leading global vape brand and e-liquid manufacturer, Vampire Vape.

To find out more about this exclusive industry event including how to enter your products, as well as general ticket enquiries, please visit vapouroundawards.co.uk.