New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Summit Moved to February 2022

New Zealand’s first medicinal cannabis conference was held in November 2020 and less than a year later, registrations were open for MedCan 2021. “Academics, researchers, government officials, doctors, business people, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, growers, and patients cannot afford to miss October’s MedCan Summit 2021. It marks the sunrise industry’s true starting line, as local producers are taking positive steps towards being in market,” read a release announcing the 2021 Summit, earlier this year.

Executive Director of BioTechNZ and MedCan Summit 2021 organiser, Dr Zahra Champion, had explained that with over $100 million invested in the local medicinal cannabis industry “2021 is our year to shine.” “MedCan 2021 will help local companies accelerate their path to market through valuable insights to exporting, innovation and education. We’ll present the latest medical and scientific findings and breakthrough technologies, and we’ll explore the current challenges and opportunities around the likes of investment, agritech, pharma manufacturing, and clinical trials,” she said.

The new date has been set for the 10th and 11th of February

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19-related restrictions, the event has had to be postponed, and has now been set for the 10th and 11th of February next year at Auckland’s Cordis hotel.

The event aims to connect medicine, industry, science and technology, and will feature leading international and national thought leaders. The areas covered in the discussions will include seed to sale, clinical trials, prescribing, patient case studies, as well as the social, cultural and economic benefits of the products to New Zealand.

“This has been a long journey. It’s nearly three years since the enabling legislation was passed in Parliament and over 18 months since New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme took effect. The local industry is starting to roll-out high quality and affordable products for Kiwi patients, but there’s still so much more to come,” said Champion.

She highlighted that despite being moved, the summit has still gathered momentum with additional sponsors, exhibitors and speakers joining, and an updated two-day programme is now available on MedCan’s website The program outlines details pertaining to Industry and Science streams, as well as the Healthcare Professionals Forum.

The Cannabis Law Reforms Taking Place in Europe

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Stop Smoking Start Vaping Is a Guide for Potential Vapers – and Much More

Colin Mendelsohn’s new book about vaping is out just in time to buy as a holiday gift for smokers, new vapers, nervous family members of smokers and vapers, and open-minded smoking cessation counselors. It would also benefit the elected officials in your city or state that are planning to make vaping a lot harder for you in the near future—if they had enough curiosity to make the gift worthwhile.

Stop Smoking Start Vaping is available online in the U.S. from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s available from multiple sites in Australia and the UK, all linked on Dr. Mendelsohn’s website.

Mendelsohn is an Australian doctor who has worked directly with people who smoke for more than three decades. A few years ago, he was introduced to the idea of vaping as an alternative to smoking. He grasped the potential immediately, and jumped headlong into the world’s least necessary controversy.

His motivation was to help save people who smoke from disease and death (both his father and father-in-law died of cancer from smoking). However, in Australia, where the position of tobacco control activists and medical organizations is a nearly universal belief in nicotine abstinence and vaping prohibition, it’s been a struggle.

The reader gets some of that in Stop Smoking Start Vaping, but the book isn’t a memoir. It’s really a how-to guide for potential vapers, and an explanation of the science and controversy of vaping. While it’s geared somewhat to Australian readers, Mendelsohn has siloed the Australia-specific political discussion in one chapter, and kept the bulk of the book largely universal. When his advice is meant for Australia only, it’s clearly explained.

Aimed at people who would benefit from vaping, Stop Smoking Start Vaping provides information and advice to help them get started—along with inspiration in the form of short bios of former smokers who’ve switched to vaping. The book offers an excellent roundup of the science on vaping, with citations to the original research, and debunks a lot of the “news at 11” stories potential vapers have probably seen, like popcorn lung and “EVALI.” If you’re someone who smokes and has been scared off from vaping, the book is reassuring, but it’s not one-sided.

Mendelsohn’s writing is clear and understandable. He doesn’t come across like a scientist trying to impress with his acumen (and he’s not writing for scientists either), but he doesn’t aim low either. Almost anyone interested or involved in the debate over vaping—politicians and medical professionals, for example—could understand and benefit from reading this book.

That said, Stop Smoking Start Vaping is really intended for people who smoke or have just quit smoking. It’s put together in discrete pieces, so a potential vaper can read it in chunks—the how-to section first, for example, and then come back for the science and explanations of the news controversies. Mendelsohn has even created a glossary of vaping terms.

The only real argument I can think of against the book is the price. I don’t mean that it’s especially expensive ($26.95 in the United States), just that a major hurdle for smokers considering vaping is often the startup cost—and the fear the investment will be money wasted if vaping doesn’t work to replace cigarettes. Now we’re asking them to buy a vaping setup and a book. But that’s not a major objection really.

Colin Mendelsohn has impressive credentials—as any doctor wishing to push back against his field’s dominant philosophy on vaping must. Mendelsohn is a medical doctor, and worked as a general practitioner for almost 30 years. He is a smoking cessation specialist, and previously served as vice president of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals, the country’s leading organization for smoking cessation experts.

As the founding chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA), Mendelsohn has probably been the leading light in the struggle to reverse destructive Australian policies that have criminalized vapers and vaping businesses. Mendelsohn has been repaid for his desire to bring low-risk nicotine choices to Australian smokers with despicable attacks on his character and reputation, including unfounded claims that he is bankrolled by the tobacco industry.

The UK National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) has endorsed Stop Smoking Start Vaping in a message to its mailing list of stop-smoking professionals, and the book has received praise from experts on smoking and nicotine like Riccardo Polosa, John Britton, Peter Hajek and Neal Benowitz.

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GEEKVAPE Launch 4 Products With Aston Martin Racecar

Press Release

On November 21, 2021, as the 68th Macau Grand Prix approached its final day, GEEKVAPE teamed up with Aston Martin RACING and participated in the race.

GEEKVAPE held a very imaginative pop-up launch live at the Macau Grand Prix, with the launch of 4 new products. They are Aegis ONE | Aegis 1FC from GEEKVAPE and the XP 77W Kit | EA 40W Pod Kit from DIGIFLAVOR. geekvape aston martin

What new inspirations will be generated when the racing car meet vapes?

Aston Martin sent out the Vantage GT3 painted in BAPE+GEEKVAPE livery. The sharp and dynamic GEEKVAPE and DIGIFLAVOR logo’s featured across the body, emphasising the car’s lightning speed and tremendous momentum, infusing this race car with surging sports passion and exhilarating performance. The participating race car models are always the centre of attention for the media and fans.

Aston Martin, as a traditional supercar brand which emanates an aristocratic elegance.

Yet, in recent years, they have increased their influence among young groups, partnering with young and fashionable brands to incorporate youthful and dynamic characteristics into its own identity.

The collaborative endeavour with GEEKVAPE and DIGIFLAVOR this time represents the brand’s another attempt at rejuvenation.branding

Extreme Fast: GEEKVAPE launched Aegis 1 FC and Aegis One

“fast” is one of Aegis 1FC’s strengths. When it comes to being “sharp,” “endless,” and “rapid,” the Aegis 1FC has it all with 15 minutes of safe, fast charging technology. Aegis 1 FC is World’s First Fast Charging Vape Pen,in addition, Aegis 1 FC is The First Vape Pen with Aegis Design.

It inherits the Aegis gene of durability and uses a special ‘S-shaped’ Optimised Airway to make airflow smoother and throat-hit stronger.geekvape pods

DIGIFLAVOR surprised fans by becoming street fashion brand and announcing two new products – XP77W kit & EA40W Pod

The race car’s body features stylish Bathing Ape camouflage motifs, as the top Japanese street fashion brand BAPE has many fans all over the world, it is famous for its trendy camouflage. The entire colour palette of the race car is vibrant and modern, emphasising the race car’s individuality.

DIGIFLAVOR has long been known for being “cool.” And this time, both EA 40W Pod Kit and XP 77W Kit have gotten a lot of attention. The cool prints on the appearance of EA40W Pod products show fashion personality, and the UI colour matching brings out vitality and futurism.

Especially, the bright blue and orange combination UI is well received; The dashing customisable LED breathing light of the XP77W kit has become a highlight of the product. In addition, the rotating and pressing integrated operation button has created a precedent in the E-cigarette industry.digiflavor XP77W

EA40W Pod

digiflavor ea40w pod

XP77W kit

Car racing and vaping—an intriguing coupling that fits seamlessly with GEEKVAPE, DIGIFLAVOR and Aston Martin’s joint efforts- can be considered a successful endeavour.

Through the cooperation with Aston Martin, the world can see the “fast” of GEEKVAPE, DIGIFLAVOR also enters the field of street fashion brands and explore more possibilities.

The old competitive arena is replenished new vitality via the participation of new forces.

Aston Martin’s insatiable thirst for victory will also motivate GEEKVAPE to go onward, break new ground, and mould new legends along the way.

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NZ Vape Retailers Are Urged to Adhere to Age Restrictions

Among the restrictions set in place by the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act which took effect in 2020, is a ban on the sales of vaping products to anyone under 18.

AVCA co-director Nancy Loucas said that while most retailers are responsible, the few that are not just reflect negatively on the industry at large. “The overwhelming majority of vape retailers are responsible, requesting age identification, and only selling to those who can prove they’re 18 years or older. It’s disappointing then when media stings reveal a few retailers continue to break the law,” she said.

Among the restrictions set in place by the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act which took effect in 2020, is a ban on the sales of vaping products to anyone under 18, whether these contain nicotine or not. However highlighted Loucas, prior to this regulation being put on paper, there was already an industry code/agreement in place, which saw conscientious vape manufacturers and retailers refraining from selling the products to anyone under 18.

“Retailers have had long enough to know right from wrong. I respect the Government’s initial focus is on educating retailers about the new law, but it’s now time to move onto enforcement. There are some tough legislative sanctions for those retailers who continue to let everyone down, and it’s time they faced the consequences,” said Loucas.

Vape shops can play a key role in tobacco harm reduction

A 2019 study had indicated that vape shops play a key role in supporting smokers who switch to safer alternatives. The study titled, “‘I Felt Welcomed in Like They’re a Little Family in There, I Felt Like I Was Joining a Team or Something’: Vape Shop Customers’ Experiences of E-Cigarette Use, Vape Shops and the Vaping Community,” aimed to understand customers’ experiences of vaping and vape shops, and the extent to which smoking cessation advice is and should be provided in these shops.

The researchers conducted telephone interviews with 22 customers recruited in vape shops in the East Midlands region of England, exploring the participants’ smoking histories, reasons for using e-cigarettes, the role of vape shops in their e-cigarette use, and whether smoking cessation was discussed in vape shops.

The compiled responses indicated that respondents regarded e-cigarettes as a quitting tool and reported very positive experiences of vaping. The participants found vape shops critical to their positive experiences, in that they provided access to a wide variety of high-quality products and reliable product information and advice.

New Zealand’s Youth19 Survey Fails to Consider Recent Vape Regulations

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Press Release: Innokin’s “Why Smoke?” vaping campaign hits the streets of London

London, UK – Innokin presents its “Why Smoke?” campaign in London, featuring branded buses, vans, and projection displays on buildings throughout the city.

Innokin is proud to create a vaping awareness campaign in the UK for the first time in two years. The “Why Smoke?” campaign is meant to make us think about our habits, even just for a moment. The campaign aims to inform smokers that there is an accessible, less harmful option to traditional cigarettes.

Advertising vaping products is a challenging task. There are many regulatory considerations, and this can make it very difficult to deliver a compelling message. Innokin is investing in vaping advocacy through a combination of traditional and innovation-led channels, intending to start an honest conversation about tobacco harm reduction.

Innokin’s “Why Smoke?” campaign begins November 26th. Mobile billboards will travel throughout north and central London for four days, stopping in prominent areas to reach thousands of people each day. The mobile billboards introduce Innokin’s message to people all over the city.

On November 28th, large mobile projections will display impactful messages on iconic London buildings over two days. The projection locations were selected based on high foot traffic in densely populated areas. The projections are a mix of vaping awareness messages and promotional displays for the MVP Pod, Innokin’s newest vaping device.

On November 29th, Innokin’s traditional media campaign begins. The “Why Smoke?” message, along with promotional displays for the brand new MVP Pod, will appear on five-hundred buses throughout the British capital for two weeks. Garnering the general public’s attention is crucial to helping smokers transition to vaping.

Innokin has run promotional campaigns in the UK before. Previously, the vaping giant has partnered with the EFL to promote displays in football stadiums throughout the country and created two successful bus campaigns. Innokin is determined to help millions of smokers, not just in the UK but worldwide. Making cigarettes a thing of the past continues to be the firm’s priority. “Why Smoke?” is just the beginning of Innokin’s mission to create a smoke-free future.

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Webinar Discusses Youth Access to E-Cigarettes in Canada

Moderated by Rob Schwartz, the executive director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit and a Professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, the webinar discussed theory, evidence, and options for policies that prevent youth access to vaping products. The possible regulations discussed included: age limits, retail licensing, enforcement, outlet density, and also social sources specific to Canada.

The webinar also analyzed the results of an internet test shop study. The aim of the study, as well as the discussions, was to provide an understanding of the existing context of youth access to e-cigarettes in Canada, examine the evidence available for a range of policy options, and discussing the feasibility and effectivity of implementing such policies across Canada.

Canada’s positive numbers

Meanwhile, in a recent press release, the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) highlighted that given that local youth vaping rates are already on the decline, a flavour ban recently proposed by the Canadian Government would be unnecessary, and counterproductive.

Based on evidence from previous studies, tobacco harm reduction and public health experts have long been pointing out that in response to flavour bans, and other harsh restrictions, most vapers tend to switch back to smoking. In fact, multiple studies have indicated that it is thanks to such products that smoking rates are decreasing in most countries.

The Canadian Tobacco and Vaping Survey, 2020, found that youth vaping has already declined since 2019, and youth daily vaping is at 4.7%, therefore the proposed flavour ban is unnecessary.

Moreover, a recent Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey has indicated that between 2019 and 2020, there was a 40% drop in smoking rates in this specific age group, from 13.3% to 8%. This figure is encouraging for Health Canada’s no smoking target (5% by 2035) and this 5% target rate has already been achieved among those aged 15-19.

Canada: N.B. Health Minister Says Teen Vaping Regulations Are Imminent

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Government officials warn vaping IS NOT smoking ahead of TCP review

Government officials warn vaping IS NOT smoking ahead of TCP review

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Anti-Vape Groups Ask Judge Grimm to Monitor FDA’s PMTA Progress

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit that changed the submission deadline for Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) have asked the federal judge in that case to demand the FDA regularly report on its PMTA review process.

A letter sent Nov. 15 to U.S. District Court Judge Paul Grimm from an attorney representing the plaintiffs requests Grimm reopen the case so the plaintiffs can file a motion to amend the judge’s order. They want Judge Grimm to force the FDA to explain its progress on PMTAs submitted by mass-market vaping brands.

“Specifically,” writes attorney Jeffrey Dubner, “Plaintiffs will seek a modification that would require FDA to provide regular status reports to the Court giving FDA’s estimate of the date(s) by which it expects to complete its review of the Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTAs) for all products for which PMTAs were filed by Juul, Vuse, NJOY, Blu, SMOK, Suorin, and any other brands that rank among the top 10 brands in market share, according to FDA.”

“Modification would be in the public interest because regular reporting by FDA would allow the Court to assess, on a continuing basis, the extent to which FDA is prolonging the unlawful regulatory holiday that contributed to the ongoing epidemic of youth e-cigarette use.”

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the FDA are the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and its Maryland chapter, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and Truth Initiative.

On July 28, 2017, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the agency would push back the PMTA deadline from 2018 to 2022. The following year, AAP and the other plaintiffs listed above sued the agency, claiming that Gottlieb had changed the deadline without going through the usual agency process mandated by the Administrative Procedure Act.

In 2019, Judge Grimm ruled for the plaintiffs and gave manufacturers 10 months to submit PMTAs (the deadline was later postponed to Sept. 8, 2020). The FDA was expected to make decisions on most (or at least some) applications within a year, and manufacturers who submitted PMTAs on time were given a year to remain on the market without being subject to enforcement.

Five months after the submission deadline, the FDA announced it would prioritize its resources to complete assessments of the most popular products first. But when the agency’s self-imposed one-year review deadline rolled around, the FDA had made no decisions on the products with the greatest market share. Today, almost three months into its second year of reviews, the only PMTA from a mass-market vaping product the FDA has ruled on—to either authorize or deny—is the decidedly unpopular Vuse Solo.

In addition to asking Judge Grimm to monitor the FDA’s PMTA review progress on popular vape brands, AAP and the other plaintiffs complain that the agency has not taken any enforcement actions against companies still waiting for a PMTA decision. The companies haven’t been given formal extensions to remain on the market, and they haven’t been ordered off the market.

“FDA has issued marketing orders or marketing denial orders only for products with minimal market share, withholding decisions on any of the e-cigarette products sold in significant quantities, including the products most responsible for the youth vaping epidemic,” the plaintiffs’ attorney writes. “Second, FDA appears not to have enforced premarket review requirements against any companies awaiting PMTA decisions, suggesting they may have renewed their blanket extrastatutory exemption for such companies.”

The FDA is mired in legal actions challenging its cookie-cutter PMTA review process that has led to the vast majority of small, independent vape manufacturers receiving Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs). It has been forced to rescind some MDOs, and others have been stayed by federal courts while the courts review the denials.

It is unclear what Judge Grimm can or will do, but it’s certain that whatever action he takes (or doesn’t take) will make someone very unhappy.

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Review: Nightmare Mini RDA – Suicide Mods

The latest offering from Suicide Mods is the Nightmare Mini RDA. It’s the smaller version of the Nightmare RDA and a gem of a dripper. With two coils it’s airy and loaded with flavour – fans of direct inhalation will love it.

A mini version that has everything the big ones do

Suicide Mods is known for making high quality, well-designed products. The Nightmare Mini RDA is no exception – this dripper has everything going for it: its design, flavour rendering and practicality.

Technical specs


Diameter 25 mm
Height 29
Weight g
BF option BF pin included
Assembly type Simple and complex
Mounting plate Double coil
Range of use according to assembly
Air intake From underneath
Drip tip 810
Materials Steel and ultem

What’s in the box?

  • Spare parts
  • BF pin
  • Drip tip
  • Tool

A gorgeous dripper

The first plus point of the Nightmare Mini RDA is its design. The dome is decorated with a stunning, sharp-edged skull design deeply engraved into the side. Suicide Mods have clearly put a lot of thought into this to please vapers who love this style.

The dome also has two sets of air inlets – sixteen in all – so you can adjust the settings precisely. It’s topped with a fairly short 810 drip tip that’s attached securely by the seals.

Under the dome is the mounting plate. Its two large posts make it easy to insert any size of wire and create some unusual assemblies. Two large screws mean you can fit the coils from above, while the air inlets are directed directly under the coils to boost flavour.

This air flow system ends under the coil so the air can flow from the holes in the dome into small side channels and come out just under the coil. That cools the coil and really adds interest to the flavours.

The underside of the plate is marked with the serial number and it’s also where you unscrew the classic 510 pin to fit the bottom feeder pin that comes in the box.

This Nightmare Mini RDA is a little gem – it looks great and has been carefully designed to deliver powerful flavours and let you make huge clouds. Suicide Mods has succeeded in making a fantastic, high-quality dripper.

Old-fashioned assembly

The mounting plate in the Nightmare Mini RDA is quite old school, maybe even a bit technical for beginners. The most complicated bit is mounting two coils simultaneously – which means you need two shafts. Other than this slight hurdle, which gets easier with practice, the Nightmare is extremely easy to use. The coils mounted here in the photos are aliens made by Turtle coils of Ni80 3×28/38g for a stabilized value of 0.16 ohm.

The space on the plate will easily let you mount coils of up to 4 mm. And that means a lot of big clouds. Even so, this dripper performs well with more ordinary sized coils.

Perfect air delivery

One of the best things about the Nightmare is its air inlets. The redirection system under the coil effortlessly brings out all the flavours, and the size of the sixteen holes in the dome makes chasing clouds a breeze. Suicide Mods has put a lot of thought into designing this dripper, and these air inlets prove it.

Being able to adjust these air inlets means everyone can find their perfect vape. Just turn the dome slightly to the right to start closing off the air intake holes two by two (one on each side). This lends a certain finesse to this set-up – perfect for direct vaping fans.


What we like

  • Exquisite design
  • True, delicious flavours
  • Impressive amount of vapour
  • Perfectly designed air inlets
  • Flawless technical production

What we don’t like

  • Beginners might struggle the first time they put it together

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Zeus Juice founder crowned Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Zeus Juice founder crowned Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year

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