The European Union Bans Flavoured Heated Tobacco Products

EU member states have until the 23rd of July 2023 to incorporate the ban into their national legislations, and the ban itself will be applicable from the 23rd of October 2023.

The ban was proposed in response to a reported 10% rise in the sales volumes of heated tobacco products in several EU countries. It covers all flavours other than tobacco and removes member states’ rights to exempt heated tobacco products from having to carry health warnings.

While the directive officially came into force on the 23rd of November, EU member states have until 23rd July 2023 to incorporate it into their national legislations, and the ban itself will be applicable from the 23rd of October 2023. 

Given the studies indicating the effectivity of the products as smoking cessation aids, tobacco harm reduction (THR) advocates across the EU disagree with the ban. “By removing flavoured heated tobacco from the market we are taking yet another step towards realising our vision under Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to create a ‘Tobacco Free Generation’ with less than 5% of the population using tobacco by 2040,” said EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides, who is known for her anti-THR stance.

Another unreasonable EU ban

Earlier in 2022, Swedish MEP Sara Skyttedal, had formally submitted parliamentary questions concerning snus to the European Commissioner (EC) for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides. The questions came ahead of the February 2022 release of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan, which many experts have argued leaves out very crucial harm reduction strategies, such as the incorporation of safer tobacco alternatives.

“The fact that the Commission nevertheless persists in the view that snus causes cancer is both surprising and, to be honest, quite remarkable,” said Skyttedal as quoted by Snusforumet, at the time. Snus is a moist powder tobacco product that is placed under the upper lip for extended periods. It is mostly popular in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, where it is considered an effective harm reduction product.

In fact, as the MEP rightly highlighted, snus has not only led to Sweden boasting the lowest smoking rates in Europe, but also to reducing Sweden’s tobacco-related deaths by half the EU average, despite leaving the overall tobacco usage on par with the EU average. “If the Tobacco Products Directive is to be revised to take account of the fight against cancer, does the Commission share the view that the EU needs to change its regulation of snus?” Skyttedal asked Commissioner Kyriakides.

Another misguided stance

In response to the MEP’s arguments, sadly the Commissioner Kyriakides said that the EC’s stance remains unchanged as snus and other oral tobacco products have been linked to cancer and other adverse health effects. “It is undisputed that tobacco for oral use is addictive and has adverse health effects, including cancers.” Kyriakides went on to cite a 2008 report from the EU’s Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risk which she says “confirmed the negative health effects of snus”.

The Commissioner’s response prompted a strong reaction from Skyttedal, who pointed out that actually most studies related to snus found little or no links to cancer, and went on to cite the Lancet’s Global Burden of Diseases as well as a 2020 study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, both of which conclude there is no evidence to suggest a link between snus and cancer.

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The EU Commission Spreads Misinformation About Vaping Once Again

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VOOPOO DORIC 20 SE pod kit review • VAPE HK

DORIC 20 SE pod kit ease of use

DORIC 20 SE pod kit vaping performance

DORIC 20 SE pod kit vapor amount

DORIC 20 SE pod kit endurance

DORIC 20 SE pod kit design

VOOPOO DORIC 20 SE is a delicate, elegant, and durable pod kit for all beginners. 1200ml battery and professional mouth-to-lung vaping experience are the reason to buy it.

User Rating:

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VOOPOO DORIC 20 SE pod kit looks mini compared to Argus GT II and XT. And it’s much easier to use without any button for turning on the power, or any switch for adjusting the airflow. It’s definitely another beginner-friendly vaping device as good as disposable vapes.

DORIC 20 SE pod kit hands on

First and foremost, DORIC 20 SE’s vaping performance is great for nic salt e-juice. Though it will never match the performance of the incredible Voopoo Drag 4, it’s working excellently at  12W low power for nic salt vape juice. The vapor amount is at the middle level, a mouth-to-lung device. The vapor is smooth and silky, while the vapor temperature is lower than most mod vapes. Lower temperature makes vaping more healthy, while less exciting.

The vapor output is stable and consistent from beginning to end thanks to its 1200ml large battery. This large battery is not commonly seen on pod kits. Take the Caliburn A2 as an example, its battery is merely 520mAh, half of the DORIC 20.

DORIC 20 SE comes in 2 parts, the tank and the device. The tank might be more appropriate to be called the cartridge or pod. The pod capacity is 2ml,  and can likely be re-used 4 or 5 times. Usually frequent vaping will consume 1 pod of e-liquid in 2 days. Therefore, this pod will last about 10 days without any problem, it’s durable.

Speaking of design and fashion, VOOPOO is always in a leading position. The classic and elegant design brings a smooth grip feeling and chic style. Meanwhile, the aluminium alloy material is anti-wear and anti-corrosion. This vape reminds me of the Argus Z.

No leakage was found when vaping. An innovative airflow controls the airflow precisely and solves the leakage problem. And the condensation always stays in the mouthpiece.

Type C fast charging port, charge the empty battery device for few minutes to start vaping very soon.

DORIC 20 SE specifications/ parameters

Size: 118x19mm
Output: 8-18W
Battery: 1200mAh (internal)
Display: LED indicator
Resistance range: 0.5-1.2ohm
USB Type C port – 1A charge rate
Pods: Refillable, fixed coil pods – compatible with Doric Q
Capacity: 2ml
Side fill port
Auto draw activation
GENE.AI chipset


Adopting VOOPOO ITO technology, DORIC 20 SE brings you a professional mouth-to-lung vaping experience. One DORIC 20 SE’ s cartridge will last 10 day’s vaping with a rather economical consumption. With the built-in 1200mAh battery, Doric 20 SE supports 3 days’ vaping after one-time charging.  With its portable size and great vaping performance, it will be a perfect choice for daily vaping.

Where to buy DORIC 20 SE pod kit

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Is Smoking Worse than Vaping JUES?? • VAPE HK

Traditional cigarettes, which are harmful for a number of reasons, have long been replaced by vaping. Nowadays, a tonne of research has demonstrated that vaping is generally the preferable choice. But specifically, how better? Consider vaping JUES vs. traditional cigarettes to see how vaping outperforms conventional tobacco.

What distinguishes JUES vaping from cigarette smoking?

Smoking cigarettes delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can result in illnesses related to smoking. JUES can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a way that is much less harmful.

However, the use of a smoke-free product that produces a vapour when a user inhales it is referred to as vaping. JUES discovered several ways to create a flavourful nicotine-containing vapour that a consumer can inhale in place of burning tobacco, but that has a lot fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes.

Is vaping JUES better than cigarettes?

As we all know, smoking can lead to serious illnesses like lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and other conditions, but these usually don’t manifest themselves until after years of smoking.

Many solid, gaseous, and liquid particulates from combustion can be found in smoke. Any substance that reaches the auto-ignition temperature undergoes combustion and burns. Combustion produces a large number of toxic by-products because it is a series of quick-fire and turbulent chemical reactions.

Why smoking is injuries to health?

In actuality, there are an astounding 4000 chemicals present in smoke, with cigarette smoke containing no less than 7000 different chemicals. There are 250 chemicals known to be harmful, including carcinogens, among these unpleasant toxins. Nearly 70 substances found in cigarette smoke have been linked to cancer.

So, a large portion of the health risks associated with smoking are due to combustion. Whatever you light will give off toxic smoke. And it’s not good news to start contaminating your lungs with the result when what you’re lighting is as poisonous as a cigarette. In the end, it has an impact not only on smokers; indirectly the effects also have an impact on many children, pregnant women and even non-smokers.

Is Smoking Worse than Vaping JUES??

Cigarette tobacco is not used in its unprocessed form. Instead, it is treated with chemicals to hasten the burning of the tobacco and speed up nicotine absorption. From a sales perspective, people will smoke more cigarettes if they burn and release nicotine more quickly. This is the main rationale behind the use of ammonia in cigarettes. Ammonia speeds up the brain’s absorption of nicotine despite being obviously unhealthy to consume.

The main distinction between JUES and cigarettes is that vape juice doesn’t contain any tobacco. This is undoubtedly a benefit, but tobacco is not the only questionable ingredient in cigarettes. The tens of thousands of chemicals that are also produced during combustion are listed above.

The Royal College of Physicians claims that e-cigarettes are much safer than conventional cigarettes. This is because the burning of the tobacco inside cigarettes produces no smoke, ash, or tar. Studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of smoke and tar on the human body, including conditions related to the lungs, circulation, and oral health.

Is JUES safe to use?

JUES is not risk-free, but it is far less dangerous than a regular cigarette. JUES is the ideal substitution for cigarette smoking if you want to break a bad smoking habit. If you currently smoke, quitting is a wise move. But you’d be better off staying away from vaping if you never smoked.


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WhatsApp: +60173638469



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The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide • VAPE HK

Millions of consumers prefer cannabis delivered to their doorstep instead of going to a dispensary. As a result of the pandemic, many pot dealers were forced to start cannabis delivery services to meet the needs of cannabis consumers. Cannabis retailers who have successfully transitioned to a digital business model are earning huge profits now.

Most people find it more convenient to order online than to visit the dispensary and have an awkward encounter with the staff. Online stores are offering the best deals and incentives that cannabis retail stores fail to. Currently, having a delivery service is imperative to the success of the business.

The Ultimate Cannabis Delivery Guide

In the post-pandemic reality, dispensaries and weed retailers have either started an independent delivery service or partnered with a delivery platform to deliver mail orders to far-off locations. Besides all, starting a cannabis delivery is not easy as you have to keep into account certain factors.

Know the Local Laws

Even if cannabis consumption is lawful at the state level, it may not be legal to deliver cannabis in your area. Since it is federally illegal, it is not permissible for the package to travel through anti-pot borders and towns. Some regions allow the delivery of cannabis for medical use but not for recreational purposes. Do the research and contact relevant authorities to familiarize yourself with local laws about cannabis delivery.

Obtain a Legal License

Running a cannabis delivery service would be a rookie blunder. A retailer is not allowed to deliver cannabis without a retail license and delivery permit. In some regions, it is required for the business owner to have a retail license before applying for a delivery license. Contrarily, other regions may require delivery-only licenses.

Confirm the restrictions and permissions in your area before making an application for the appropriate license. After obtaining the delivery license, give a copy of it to each delivery driver.

Delivery Vehicles

Investing in delivery vehicles is a must as delivering orders in a personal car could result in penalties. Get a sturdy, enclosed, and unmarked delivery vehicle with GPS units to deliver cannabis. Drivers must deliver orders through the predetermined route without making any stops.

Ensure to follow all the state regulations including having an integrated alarm system in the vehicle and safe storage for all cannabis products.

Delivery Compliance

An owner must follow all the rules while making cannabis deliveries to not revoke the license. While these regulations vary from state to state, generally, it is important to consider the following one

Delivery vehicles with an active alarm and GPS tracking systemRecording the details of every delivery transactionDelivery drivers, over the age of 21, must have a valid driving licenseEach authorized driver must have a copy of DL, employee ID, and business licenseDrivers must follow the safety protocolsUse Tools

Last but not least, use specialized technology for smooth operations and great customer experience. Invest in a delivery POS system capable of handling customer identity verification, complaint receipts, stock tracking, and loyalty program integration. These POS have the best functions to allow you to run a successful business.

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How to Start Marijuana Delivery Service? • VAPE HK

People who don’t know the marijuana industry think that starting a delivery service is no uphill task. However, it is different from the regular delivery service. Even though, marijuana is legalized there are still some rules and regulations you have to follow and a few things to consider. Otherwise, you would not be able to achieve your goals and might even get into long legal trouble. Therefore, it’s high time to get guidance. Here is a brief guide that would help you start a marijuana delivery service the right way.

Double-check whether your state permits it or notHave a planApply for licenseGet vehicleFind a good softwareAdvertiseDouble-check whether your state permits it or not

Marijuana is being legalized, but so far it is only legal in a few states. You can only start the weed delivery service in the states where it is legal like legal weed delivery in Winnipeg. Keep in mind even if marijuana is legal, there are still some rules and regulations that you must have to follow. Double-check whether your state permits this idea, and if it does, what rules and regulations you have to follow. The few states where marijuana is legalized are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, and Vermont.

Have a plan

Think of starting a marijuana delivery service as a new business idea. Therefore, you need to have a solid detailed plan otherwise there would only be a mess. Decide

How would you get orders?How long would it take to deliver the order?How many orders would you deliver every day?What software would you use to streamline the business?How would you make the payment method secure?What kind of vehicle would you use?How would you arrange the capital?

And everything else that needs to be known in advance. Take professional help in developing a detailed business plan if you want things to go smoothly.

Apply for license

 If you have ever got a chance to purchase marijuana, chances are you already know people prefer licensed dealers. Therefore, you have to get the license as well. It would make you more reliable in the eyes of the customers and seller and save you from a lot of legal trouble. Apply for the license, and go with a detailed business, delivery, tracking, and security plan.

Get vehicle

 Once you are done applying for the license, shift your focus to getting a vehicle. You can not use your car for this purpose, get one or two company vehicles to kick-start the operations. Civics and Malibus are two very good options.

Find a good software

 The world has gotten pretty advanced, you have to move with the same speed. Finding and using good software is super important to streamline operations. Make sure the software you say yes to handles orders, tracks deliveries, and other important matters.

Advertise and get started

Lastly, advertise to get the world out. Reach the targeted people the best way possible and kick-start the operations.


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