DotMod – DotStick Revo Review

For this review, I’m taking a look at the DotStick Revo kit from DotMod…which is supposedly the ‘first vape device without a battery’. 


DotStick Revo Supercapacitor Technology

In place of the typical lithium ion number, this piece of hardware instead makes use of powerful ‘supercapacitor’ technology.

Not only does the brand say this is the equivalent 700mAh battery, but that it can be charged in just five minutes using a 30W charger and offers a low internal resistance.

With all this in mind, I knew I was looking at something unique for this review and was excited to get stuck in.

Kicking off with the overall design, the aesthetic of this kit sat firmly between traditional and modern.

The DotStick Revo is available in a wide variety of colours and features a funky design on the main body of the device. 

On top of the would-be ‘battery’ unit was a 2ml clear plastic tank. I’m glad DotMod decided to keep this clear as it allows you to see exactly how much juice is left.

The tank pod clicked in and out of the device easily and displayed no looseness at all when attached.

The fill port was located on the bottom of the pod, meaning it has to be removed before you can top up the e-liquid.


What Coils Are Available For a DotStick Revo?

The coils – of which there are three different varieties, including 0.3Ω (25-40 watts) 0.7Ω (14-20 watts) and 0.9Ω (12-16 watts) – are also fitted into the base of the pod.

In terms of performance, I found this to be a satisfying and overwhelmingly enjoyable device to use.

The airflow was great and ranged from a very restricted MTL to a slightly more open DTL feel.

I tended to keep the power on medium – which was colour-coded as blue – but the low and high options are good if you prefer a different kind of vaping experience.

As this is a pod system, I do recommend sticking to 50/50 juices, whether freebase or nic salt, as I think you can get the most out of the coils this way.


Battery Life and Charging

The ‘battery’ life didn’t last hours upon hours, however, the superfast charging was definitely a winner.

You can absolutely expect the kit to charge from 0-100 percent in five minutes.

It’s not an exaggeration, it really is that fast….so under the right circumstances you should never get caught with a flat battery.

To sum up, I was seriously impressed with the DotStick Revo. DotMod have done an excellent job keeping it small and lightweight, while maintaining all the features you’d expect from a pod system.

I’ve never been disappointed with a DotMod device before and I’m thrilled to say this streak continues!

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