VOOPOO VMATE E pod vape kit review: a perfect pod for daily vaping

Few days ago we learned from the news that VOOPOO has just launched a new pod vape named VMATE E pod in SVH, Indonesia. And lucky that we got it in hand in the earliest time. It would be a pity not to share the experience with our readers early, so let’s start.


First things first, the VMATE E tastes excellent. Vape juice on it tastes rich and mellow, and the cloud particles are fine and consistent. Pretty strong vaping performance with more than sufficient power.

Instant heat up and easy installation & operation make vaping not a technical job anymore. Unlike Drag Q with a more complex settings, VMATE E has been tuned to the best state for optimal vaping experience.

360-degree fully-fit design of the pod mouthpiece as a result of 128 engineering tests brings a 360-degree full range of fitting lip comfort. You’ll feel your flavor, not a pod. The mouthpiece is very comfortable when vaping.

Condensate-free design for the 3ml VMATE E Pod with an independent and one-way condensate space is 75% more leak-proof than other pods. No condensate problem was found when the author was vaping.

Meanwhile, the pod is easy to insert tight while easily to be pulled out. Magnetic suction and buckle double reinforcement, with the super-easy groove clasp design, makes every insertion and removal of the pod handier.

Small size with large power makes the pod a brilliant pod. 900mAh large capacity built-in battery, with Type-C 5V/1A fast charging, one charge, enjoy two days of vaping.

Moreover, the cover on the pod is almost a unique design in the vaping industry that few brands have. It makes your pod free from dust and dirt, cleaner in your pocket, and more sanitary when vaping.

Lether and metal surface of the device body make it comfortable in hand, anti-slip, and more expensive and delicate. VMATE E’s streamlined curve is made possible with elegant metal. The body is polished in 14 processes over 150 minutes to form the smoothness and gloss. The leather offers the optimal touch feeling and luxury style. The LED indicator lights on and off with each puff, showing the real-time battery capacity.

VOOPOO VMATE E at a glance

VOOPOO VMATE E specifications

900mAh Battery
Weight: 45g
Height: 9.5cm (3.7″)
Width: 2.9cm (1.1″)
Depth: 1.5cm (0.6″)
2ml Refillable Pods
Built-In Coils

Device material: Aluminum alloy
Pod material: PCTG
Capacity: 3ml
Resistance: 0.7/ 1.2 Ohm
Output power: 17 W
Battery capacity: 900 mAh
Built-in battery

VOOPOO VMATE E package content

VooPoo VMate Device
V.THRU 3ml Refillable 0.7/ 1.2 ohm Pod
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual

VOOPOO VMATE E user manual


Overall speaking, VMATE works perfectly, and the design is user-friendly, ergonomic and beautiful. Worth having a try.

Where to buy VOOPOO VMATE E pod vape

VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition review: a pure taste pod kit

Let’s review another VMATE pod kit. VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition is a more essential model compared to VMATE E edition.

VOOPOO VMATE Infinity try out

VMATE Infinity vaping performance is almost the same as the premium VMATEE edition, both are excellent. The device appearance and pod shape are almost the same, and the pods are compatible with each other, they all are very good.

VMATE Infinity Edition features a brand new design with brilliant colors and imaginary meanings. The upgraded ITO technology brings you an original sweet flavor. The silver ion mouthpiece offers you a reassured vaping experience. The unique dual-hole structure isolates the condensate and proofs no leakage.

Upgraded cartridge and dual-hole leakage-proof make the vaping great. And the antibacterial mouthpiece make it safer on lips. However, it doesn’t come with a mouthpiece cover like VMATE E edtion.

The airflow is set by 2 air holes on both sides of the device, and the airflow amount and speed are just perfect.

VOOPOO VMATE E Infinity at a glance

VOOPOO VMATE E specifications

Cartridge Parameters

Capacity: 3.0ml
Material: PCTG, Silver Ion
Resistance: 0.7Ω
Recommended E-liquid: Nicotine≤50mg

Device Parameters

Name: VMATE Infinity Edition
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Output Power: ≤17W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.7-3Ω
Battery Capacity: 900mAh

VOOPOO VMATE E package content

VooPoo VMate Device
1 3ml Refillable 0.7ohm Pod
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual


VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Edition works great. And the gradient color device surface makes it look beautiful outside. The only downside is that the mouthpiece doesn’t come with a cover like VMATE E.

Where to buy VMATE Infinity

DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape review

DRAGBAR F8000 is disposable vape from Zovoo. It might sound very familiar somehow because it’s a sister brand of the famous Voopoo. So will Dragbar taste as good as Voopoo products? Let’s go and find it out.

DRAGBAR F8000 features

The Max Puff disposable vapes from DRAG family shine on the stage, bringing you value-added vaping experience.

DRAGBAR F8000 combines the advantages of fashion and portability of disposable vapes, both inside and outside, to achieve the max puff and redefine the industry benchmark.

One is worth about 800 cigarettes. The new DRAGBAR F8000 brings vapers an excellent experience of unstoppable vaping. It’s very amazing and will allow you to use it for over one month without replacing a new one.

Homage to the classic DRAG series, DRAGBAR F8000 creates a perfect leather texture, with super design appearance, comfortable handling and the ultimate experience of fingertip touch.

Adopted with the powerful mesh coil, DRAGBAR F8000 comes with a smooth and fulfilling taste. The air adjustment function at the bottom allows vapers to customize taste, which brings a more interesting and advanced vaping experience.

DRAGBAR F8000 at a glance

DRAGBAR F8000 Parameters/ Specifications

Name: DRAGBAR F8000
Material: PC, PCTG
Capacity: 16ml
Resistance:  1.1Ω
Battery Capacity: 630mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


The air adjustment function is a shining point for this disposable because with a max airflow it produces a very large cloud, which is overwhelming for me. Therefore, setting the airflow button in the middle position will be perfect.

DRAGBAR F8000 pineapple flavor taste is on the middle level, or maybe upper-middle level. It’s kind of too sweet for me while it may be great for sweet enthusiasts because it’s a ripe pineapple.  However, the pineapple flavor and fruit aroma are genuine and you’ll figure out what flavor it is at once. It’s not bad.

Where to buy DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape

DRAGBAR R6000 disposable vape review

DRAGBAR R6000 is another disposable vape from Zovoo. It is launched 5 days ago according to the news from the official. It features its large airflow for direct-to-lung vaping, good taste, and long endurance. Let’s learn more about it by real hands-on.

DRAGBAR R6000 features

As the first disposable Pod Mod in DRAGBAR family, the new DRAGBAR R6000 perfectly integrates the professional vaping experience with the convenience of disposable products.

Larger capacity, one-time RDL inhalation, vapers can easily enjoy the infinite fun of RDL inhalation of large cloud!

Inspired by DRAG series, the new DRAGBAR R6000 has a high-level sense of visual impact. It creates a perfect texture, allowing us to feel the ultimate touch on the fingertips.

Superimposed with the new air adjustment function, comfort experience can be adjusted at will. Advanced and simple look, excellent tactile materials and extreme vaping experience.

Every detail is full of surprises from appearance to interior. The king of “disposable Pod Mod” — DRAGBAR R6000 is the perfect alternative to traditional RDL vaping devices for cloud chasers.

DRAGBAR F8000 at a glance

DRAGBAR R6000 parameters/ specifications

Name: DRAGBAR R6000
Material: PC, PCTG
Capacity: 18ml
Resistance:  0.6Ω
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


Though the author got the rainbow bear gum candy flavor, its taste is not as sweet as Drag R8000 pineapple, it’s not greasy or irritating. This flavor is much more natural, smooth and pure. It’s top-notched, I like it much.

18ml e-liquid inside is more than enough for a month’s vaping need for a regular vaper.

DRAGBAR R6000 comes with a much larger air hole in the mouthpiece compared to R8000, and the vaping resistance is almost zero, no vaping resistance. Only suitable for direct-to-lung vaping, or advanced vapers with bigger mouth. Vapers who just altered from smoking may not be used to it.

However, after you take a few hundreds of puffs on it, you’ll fall in love with its unique charisma of RDL inhalation without a doubt. I believe this disposable vape will go popular sooner or later.

Where to buy DRAGBAR R6000 disposable vape 

Voopoo Drag Q review: a more advanced pod vape for stronger performance

Look what we got, we got Voopoo Drag Q, the latest product from Voopoo! It’s much more high-end than any other vapes the author has used, and the performance is better. The downside, its complex settings make me dizzy for a while.

Voopoo Drag Q hands-on

Since the power of the Drag Q device is adjustable and there are many coil choices in different resistance, the same e-liquid and flavor will have different tastes on the same device in different settings.

Voopoo Drag Q

After reading the user manual for a minute, I found my 30mg Donkey e-liquid works best with a 0.5 Ohm coil. So, insert the coil, fill in the e-juice and wait 5 minutes to have a try.

There is an episode where I filled the e-juice into the wrong hole of the tank, then the e-juice keeps leaking out and running everywhere. It’s a stupid mistake that no veteran vaper will make. I hope beginners avoid the trouble that I experienced by following the picture from Nical, a responsible employee from Voopoo.

Voopoo Drag Q review
The correct place for filling in e-juice, insert the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle to refill.

Oh, it doesn’t produce vapor at all, or just a very small and thin cloud there! What’s wrong? Got it, I forgot to adjust the power. There is a rotatable ring on the neck of the device for rotating to alter the working power of the device. The ticking and clicking sound like opening a coffer in the bank, cool.  Set it to max power now and take a drag.

Awesome, the taste is great.

The cloud is much warmer than the small size devices like disposable and pod systems.  No wonder, bigger sizes with bigger batteries will heat the e-liquid more efficiently. I can feel the heat on the surface of the mod.

The vapor is fine and smooth. My same e-juice brings more throat hits and a nicotine buzz. It’s led by a higher power without a doubt.

Another successful design is the nozzle of the tank, it can be dissembled for cleaning. No residues or condensation will exist there. Nice.

The Drag Q device supports vaping while charging. You needn’t wait for a full charge until the next puff, a good design for anxious and urgent vapers.

Voopoo Drag Q specifcations/ parameters

Drag Q Device

Materials: Leather, Zinc Alloy, Silicone
Size: 92.5x24x14.14mm
Output Power: 8-25W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.3-3Ω
Battery Capacity: 1250mAh internal battery


Capacity: 3.5ml (Standard) 2ml (TPD)
Material: Stainless Steel + PCTG
Size: 51.45*21.5*21.5mm
Resistance: 0.5Ω / 1.2Ω

Final words

Voopoo Drag Q works great on my hand and its performance is almost peerless among so many vapes.

However,  the author as a hillbilly who used to only have access to disposables and pod systems, it’s too good for him, he doesn’t deserve this splendid machine for its advanced working mode, which is kind of complex at first.  The Argus pod is already perfect.

Anyway, experienced and smart vapers needn’t worry about the device installation, it’s not a problem at all.

If you care about taste very much, and you are a fan of vaping DIY, a pure vaping culture enthusiast, Voopoo Drag Q will be a perfect match for you.

Where to buy DRAG Q from Voopoo

Skey Mega Glow disposable vape review: a good looking 4500 puff rechargable device

Skey Mega Glow disposable is another product from Skey company after the 3000 puff Gem Box. I don’t know much about Skey company, but the products from them are good.

Skey Mega Glow disposable vape try out

First, it feels good on hand. Ergonomic design.

Meanwhile, the color is also cool and the surface is smooth. So it’s good-looking overall.

At the same time, the taste is not bad.  It tastes sweet. No doubt it’s a candy flavor. Though I don’t like sweet things, it works, while a bit too sweet for me.

In addition, the airflow adjustment function is added to the vape. Rotate the ring at the bottom to change the vapor amount and taste richness.

There are also other flavors including Aloe Grape, Rainbow Candy, Watermelon Ice, etc. You’ll find your favorite one through the rich choices.

4500 puff will last for at least 2 weeks for regular vapers. And $20 for a piece at retail price is not expensive.

Skey Mega Glow disposable vape specifications/ parameters

Battery Capacity: 600mAh

Liquid: 12.5ml

Puff: 4500 puffs

Resistance: 0.9Ωohm Mesh Coil

Size: 40*18*73mm

Salt nicotine: 2% / 5%

Type-C Rechargeable

Airflow Adjustable

Where to buy Skey Mega Glow

ALD Cube Box disposable vape solution review

Cube Box is another disposable vape model from ALD. A small body in a rectangle shape makes it portable and convenient for daily vaping. 2500 puff endurance meets most daily vaping needs. And the taste is not bad.

ALD Cube Box official introduction

ALD Cube Box disposable vape hands-on

CUBE BOX 2500 Puffs E-cig specifications/ parameters

Model No: AH4801
Oil injection: Prefilled
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Output wattage: 10.2W
E-liquid Capacity: 7.5mL
Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω
Vape coil: mesh coil
Product size: 48 x 18 x 70 mm
Mouthpiece material: PCTG
Control Method: sensor

Final thoughts

Not like other vapes, why do we call the ALD Cube Box disposable vape a solution? Because the ALD factory makes the vapes for brands, the product is not for mainly for sale but mainly for customization and rebranding. they realize the idea of customers and provide them with the best designs and manufacturing services.

Where to OEM ALD Cube Box

ALD Polus new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review

ALD has just invented (not officially launched) a new disposable vape solution for CBD oil named ALD Polus. It features its cigarette-like shape, which is sleek, lightweight and portable.

Let’s take a look at the looks of ALD Polus first:

ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review
ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review ALD Polus AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil review

ALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oilALD POLUS AH1604 new disposable vape pen for CBD oil

ALD Polus disposable vape pen specifications

Height: 104mm
Width: 14mm
Thickness: 14mm
Capacity: 2.0ml
Material: stainless steel
Battery capacity: 200mAh
Resistance: 1.25ohm
Output wattage: 10w
Net weight” 22g
Charging port: Type C

ALD Polus apperance

ALD Polus hands on

Generally speaking, ALD Polus is a disposable vape with a rechargeable design. Its small size comes with a big advantage being portable and stealthy. However, due to its small size with a small 200mAh battery, the vapor size is also small. A mouth-to-lung device. So it will work best with high nicotine content e-juice or CBD oil.

CBD oil is usually thick and not easy to flow through the heating core inside the heating element. ALD Polus has taken this issue into consideration and set it up with a large diameter ceramic heating core. Therefore, the common CBD oil clogging problem is avoided by this device in advance.

There is an LED indicator light at the bottom of the device, making the device look better.

Type C fast charging port has compensated for the small battery of the vape pen very well. 10 minutes charging for at least 2 hours of frequent vaping.

Meanwhile, there are 2 oil windows on the 2 symmetrical sides of the vape pen, helping you monitor the rest amount of your e-juice.

ALD is a factory allowing customers to fill up the device themselves, adding some DIY fun to the simple device. However, remember to fill in enough e-liquid before closing the cover, or you won’t be able to take out the cover the second time. It’s too tight for the sake of being leakage-proof.


ALD Polus is a great vape for vapers who have just begun vaping with high concentrate e-liquid or CBD oil. It’s a starter kit level product that’s very easy and convenient to use. The portable and sleek shape makes it a good device for taking anywhere. Though I don’t know exactly how much it is,  I believe its price would be the lowest in the industry since it’s from the factory or manufacturer directly.

Heads up that ALD Polus is not a finished product sold on market, it’s a solution for brands for customizing and OEM. That’s why large clients prefer to fill up their own favorite e-liquid. ALD is a large factory that majors in OEM. You may not find its finished products on market so easily because its products are usually made under other brands’ names. However, please rest assured to use it because they’re the manufacturer of many world-famous top vaping brands. If you’re looking to make your own brand in vaping field, working with ALD would be one of your best choices.

I didn’t find any information about ALD Polus on ALD official site, so

To learn more about ALD Polus, please contact ALD official:


ALD CANNABAR review: a ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposable for pleasant vaping

ALD CANNABAR is another disposable solution for Delta 8 vaping. The 3ml capacity, large ceramic heating element and dual air passage design ensure an unclogged, smooth and pleasant experience. Previously we have taken a glance at it in this article. Today let’s take a closer look into it.

ALD CANNABAR apperance


Compared to ALD Polus we introduced yesterday, ALD CANNABAR is a lot better in the aspect of vaping performance.

Moreover, the unobstructed, innovative ceramic heating elements come with a stronger vaping performance for a bigger cloud. Though the battery is still 280mAh, the cloud is much better and warmer for decent vaping. And after 5 puffs with the device, you can even feel a bit hot on the device’s surface.

Meanwhile, there is a sophisticated CNC machining process with it. The systems make process aluminum housing perfect in appearance.

In addition. a dual air passage design is utilized, when the main airflow passage is blocked, the independent sensor-driving airflow passage is able to activate. Then the ceramic heating elements heats up and burns the concentrated residue down, which helps avoid clogging effectively. It’s a unique patent design that few manufacturers have used.

This product also needs your hands to fill the vape juice into it. Or you can ask the ALD factory to fill it up in advance. It’s up to your choice. The factory enables customers to make their own favorite vape upon every order, which is very customizable.

ALD CANNABAR specifications

Model No: AH2801
Feature: dual air passage design
Mouthpiece material: PCTG
Body material: aluminum alloy anodizing
Control Method: sensor
Oil injection: local filling
LED Light Color: OEM
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Charging: type-c
Charging time: 50mins
CBD oil injection method: Top
CBD oil Capacity: 3mL
Coil: ceramic
Coil Resistance: 1.25Ω
Output: 10W
Product size: 92x28x11.5mm

ALD CANNABAR more details:

ALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vapingALD CANNABAR disposalble for delta 8 vaping


ALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review ALD CANNABAR ceramic coil 3mL Delta 8 disposableALD Cannabar AH2801 reviewALD Cannabar AH2801 review

Final words

ALD CANNABAR is a great device for vaping with Delta 8. It works perfectly like a pro. However, ALD accepts bulk orders only, please contact ALD official for more details if you’re interested in more details and OEM :


VOOPOO ARGUS POD review: a 5-20W power-adjustable Gene.AI chip pod mod

Previously we have reviewed the latest product from Voopoo, the Argus GT II kit, which works excellent outdoor. And today let’s continue to research and try out another classic product from Voopoo, the Voopoo Argus pod, which is much smaller in size compared to the Argus GT II kit. What I got is a sample edition not for sale, the product on market will be much better than the one we got.


VOOPOO ARGUS POD is easy to use just like Suorin product series. Add the e-juice into the cartridge, press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, then start vaping.

And it’s highly recommended to wait at least 5 minutes after the e-liquid is filled into the cartridge before vaping. Or you’ll experience dry hits which are awful and disgusting. The author may have burnt the core of the 0.7-ohm cartridge for vaping too early. So the taste is not good. The 0.7ohm low resistance cartridge produces hotter vapor and the max power is 18W. My vape juice only works with 5W, or a higher power will bring bad taste. I think other e-juice may work well with it. while the author doesn’t have that.

As to the 1.2 Ohm cartridge, the device works with it perfectly from a minimum power of 5W to max power of 12W according to what the power display shows. There is a smooth, intense and rich taste with the high ohm cartridge. And the higher resistance will save your power and longer your battery life for each charge.  Meanwhile, we also heard that lower power will make vaping more healthy. So I highly recommend the 1.2 Ohm cartridge.

And the vapor produced comes with consistent temperature, and uniform and fine vapor particles.  Nice user experience.

Moreover, there is also a screen on the side of the device to show puff count. In merely  2 hours, the author made over 200 puffs, which is quite frequent and amazing. No problem found while vaping.

In addition, there is an airflow adjustment button on the device. I suggest keeping it open up widely while vaping at high high power to avoid dry hits. When you like taking light draws, use a small power and small airflow to realize it. To be honest, vaping without a direct-to-lung deep draw is a waste of time and joy. Just vape wild for fun.

It’s said there is a GENE.AI chip inside the device. It’s true. The new GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges, which makes them very convenient to use.

What’s more. the solid zinc alloy device with leather covered on both sides is another attractive selling point. This design is anti-slip. it brings a better hand feel and makes the device more delicate and expensive.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD specifications/ parameters

Material: Zinc Alloy+Leather/PC
Output Power: 5-20W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.5-3.0Ω
Battery Capacity: 800mAh Built-in Battery


With VOOPOO’s ingenious ITO atomization technology, ARGUS POD brings you a delightful MTL experience. GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges. The 4-hole air inlet enlarges the airflow and airflow buffer room ensures the smooth taste. ARGUS POD supports airflow adjustment and power adjustment. It also records and manages your daily vaping intelligently. You can take it a try when you’re interested.