5 Tips to Save Money as a Vaper

When it comes to vape, it’s important that you get the best value for money possible from your vaping experience. After all, don’t we all want to save money on our shopping bills these days? Well, don’t panic, because we’ve come up with a list of some top tips to help you save money as a vaper.

Top Tips to Save Money as a Vaper You Should Try!

If you’ve recently started vaping and want to start out as affordably as possible, or if you’re an old hand at vaping but want to try and cut the costs, our top tips are designed to give you the inspiration you need to get great value for money from your vaping experience! So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top tips to save money as a vaper that you might want to try!

#1 Make Sure you Keep an Eye Out For Offers and Discounts!

One of the easiest ways to save money as a vaper is to look out for some of the many different offers and discounts that vaping brands offer for their customers. This could be a discount on your next hardware investment or your next e-liquid refills and coils, or potentially you might be able to save money on regular purchases through a subscription scheme.

Always be on the lookout for these sorts of offers, as they can absolutely offer substantial savings – depending on the brand you choose and the savings available at the time, the savings could be as much as 50% (or even more). You might even be able to get free samples of some e-liquids, so it’s worth having a look out for these if you might be able to find any.

#2 Choose Refills Instead of Pre-filled Pods

If you want to save money on your vape liquids, choosing refills instead of a prefilled pod can save a decent amount of money. You may need to spend a little time filling the pod yourself, but the cost savings could be worthwhile. This also gives you the option to merge different flavors, so why should you be limited to just brand-approved flavors – why not get a little creative with your e-liquids!

#3 Get your Vaping Technique Right

One of the biggest mistakes that people can make when it comes to vaping is using a similar vaping method to how you used to smoke. Smoking requires small, short puffs, however, this sort of approach to vaping will rapidly burn through your vape juice. If you can, slow down a little with your vaping to cut back on the amount of e-liquid you’re using, which in turn will save on costs quite considerably.

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#4 Cut Back the Amount of e-Liquid You’re Using

One of the best ways to save money as a vaper is to cut back on the amount of e-liquid you’re using for your vaping. There are a few different ways in which you can save on these bills. The most obvious way to cut back on your e-liquid use is to invest in a higher ohm coil for your vaping device, as these will use less e-liquid during vaping. Alternatively, you could choose a mouth to lungs vaping device to cut back on your vape juice consumption.

Another way to cut back on the amount of vape juice that you’re using while vaping is to cut back on the wattage. Lower wattage may produce smaller clouds of vapour, but they will use substantially less vape juice than a high wattage will do. So, if you’re certain that you want to cut back on the costs for your e-liquid, it’s vital that you consider turning down the power a little. This is also a lot stealthier, too, so some people may actually prefer vaping this way.

Finally, investing in higher quality e-liquids may help your e-Liquid to last longer as well. For those individuals who need to use a lot of vape juice to satisfy their cravings, choosing a vape juice with a higher nicotine content may also help you cut back on the amount of e-juice you use, potentially saving you some money in the long run.

#5 Choose the Right Hardware

Choosing the right vaping equipment and hardware is absolutely imperative if you want to get great value for money on your vaping experience. However, when we say this, we don’t just mean that you should choose the cheapest vaping models on the market – these may not actually offer great value if they need replacing regularly. Instead, you want to be sure that you’re investing in hardware that will offer you with great value.

MTL kits can be a good option for getting great value from your vaping experience. MTL kits, which stands for “mouth to lungs”, usually come with a more affordable price tag than the larger sub ohm vaping kits that you might have considered buying. Furthermore, MTL kits also produce a slightly lesser amount of vapor compared to other types of vaping hardware. As a result of this, you’ll also be able to save money on the amount of e-liquid you use too!

Final Thoughts

Vaping can be a little expensive at times, but there are plenty of different ways in which you can save money on your vaping experience. Our top tips for saving money could be just what you needed to keep your vaping affordable!

What does your favourite vape flavour say about you?

Vape liquids are available in a vast range of flavours, from blueberry to tobacco to bubblegum, but what does your choice in vape flavour say about your character?

You have probably noticed the character tests that aim to match taste flavours with character. Still, there is no direct, scientific relationship connecting what flavours we prefer and who we are, but it’s still fun to consider.

Leading vape store, Vape Town, talked to an authority on the psychology of taste and behavior. Here, very popular Dr Kathrin Ohla ensures that past events and our background that tell us who we are as people often decide our some taste choices.

And sometimes we are born with these inclinations, although they can be ‘unlearned’.

It isn’t rare for us to be attracted to specific flavours that we connect with positive thoughts from our childhood and affect our taste inclinations when we become adults. Everyone has a memory such as a food smell or taste that reminds them of times past.

Dr Alan Hirsch, a renowned doctor manage a character test. In one study, he looked at the behaviors of 19,400 people within the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation. Hirsch is generally known for his research on the possible connections between taste and personality. Hirsch found many similarities in their behaviour and food selections. It is great connection between the urge to snack on tortilla chips with perfectionism.

What does your favourite vape flavour say about you?


You’re sophisticated, sometimes sceptical, and like to spice things up from time to time, but you might also have a tendency to stir the pot and cause conflict. You love adventure and know exactly what you want from life.


You’re loyal, dedicated, and enjoy your own company. As well as being introspective, when it comes to others you’re observant and always able to see the best in people, but your tolerance might result in people taking your patience for granted.


You’re usually logical, a good communicator, and even assertive when you need to be, but you also know how to have a ‘good time’ and have the ability to inject spontaneity into any situation.


You’re perceived as eccentric and energetic with a childlike nature and are happiest when outdoors, but you might not always say the right thing when faced with confrontation.


You’re open-minded and a thrill-seeker with a preference for more acquired tastes. You might lack sensitivity at times.


You’re a dreamer, ambitious and optimistic, with an infectiously positive outlook on life. A social butterfly who is adaptable to new environments but can be overly analytical.

Finding the flavour for you

Flavours give vapers an individual vaping experience. There is, of course, no right or wrong flavour option, but your choice of vape flavour can significantly improve your enjoyment if you find the right one.

But with so many options available, anyone can be overwhelmed when finding their best vape juice. The best way to find the flavour for you is to follow your personal preferences. Determine whether you want a taste that is sweet, minty or fruity. With these basic filters, you can narrow your selection down to the specific flavour of your choice. Remember, it may require a few taste tests before finding the perfect solution, so try and enjoy the selection process.

Vaping Marijuana Associated with More Symptoms of Lung Damage than Vaping or Smoking Nicotine

Adolescents who vape cannabis are at greater risk for respiratory symptoms indicative of lung injury than teens who smoke cigarettes or marijuana, or vape nicotine, a new University of Michigan study suggests.

The result challenges conventional wisdom about vaping nicotine, says the study’s principal investigator, Carol Boyd, Ph.D., the Deborah J. Oakley Collegiate Professor Emerita at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

“I thought that e-cigarettes (vaping nicotine) would be the nicotine product most strongly associated with worrisome respiratory symptoms,” she says. “Our data challenges the assumption that smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine is the most harmful to the lungs. If we control for vaping cannabis in our analyses, we find there is a weaker relationship between e-cigarette or cigarette use and respiratory symptoms when compared to vaping cannabis.”

Boyd, who also co-directs U-M’s Center for Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health, stressed that the findings do not mean that vaping nicotine or smoking cigarettes or marijuana are not bad for you. These products also produce symptoms of lung injury, but not to the same degree as vaping marijuana, she explains.

“In short, it is all bad, but if you also vape cannabis you have a greater number of unhealthy respiratory symptoms than if you just smoke cigarettes or marijuana, or vape e-cigarettes,” Boyd says. “Without a doubt, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are unhealthy and not good for lungs. However, vaping marijuana appears even worse.”

Boyd and colleague Philip Veliz, Ph.D., U-M research assistant professor of nursing, wanted to explore the association of unhealthy respiratory symptoms among U.S. adolescents currently using cigarettes, e-cigarettes or cannabis and who had vaped cannabis within their lifetime.

Adolescents who reported vaping marijuana were roughly twice as likely to report “wheezing and whistling” in the chest than those who did not. Current use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and cannabis were associated with some respiratory symptoms, such as dry cough, but most associations were not significant after controlling for vaping cannabis.

The researchers also found that an asthma diagnosis was most strongly associated with symptoms of future lung injury than cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cannabis use and vaping cannabis.

One study limitation is that the researchers did not look at co-use of vaping cannabis and the use of cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

“Future studies need to assess if it is the combination of vaping both nicotine and cannabis that is creating so many respiratory issues,” Veliz says. “It may be the combination of vaping cannabis along with smoking cigarettes is what leads to the high rates of respiratory symptoms among youthful marijuana vapers.”

Boyd and Feliz looked at self-reported symptoms from a sample of adolescents ages 12-17 years, from the 2016-2018 Wave of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study. Symptoms were: wheezing and whistling in the chest; sleep disturbed or speech limited due to wheezing; sounded wheezy during or after exercise; and dry cough at night not associated with chest illness or infection.

Paper cited: “Cannabis, Vaping, and Respiratory Symptoms in a Probability Sample of U.S. Youth,” Journal of Adolescent HealthDOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2021.01.019

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Vaping

One of the things that people love about vaping is the fact that there is so much choice when it comes to devices and products. You can look forward to a great choice of vape devices both for beginners and those with experience, such as the Eleaf IStick. In addition, you can choose from a huge range of e-liquids with options to suit every device, budget, and palate.


When it comes to choosing the right e-liquid, the process is made far easier because of the sheer choice available. However, it is important that you know what to consider when making your choice, as this will help to ensure you find the right products for your specific needs. In this article, we will look at some of the main considerations when you are choosing e-liquids for vaping.


Some of the Top Considerations


There are a few key things you need to look at when it comes to choosing the right e-liquid for vaping. Some of the main ones are:


Your Device

One thing you need to consider is the device you are using for vaping, as this will have an impact on the liquid you choose. Some e-liquids are designed for starter devices while others are not, so it is important to look at your device to find out which e-liquids are suitable.


PG/VG Ratio

You should make sure you look at the PG/VG ratio to help you make the right choice. Again, your device manual should advise which ratio is right for you, so you can then ensure you select the right ones. For many starter devices, choosing 50/50 ratios is fine, but always check to determine the right ratio for your needs.


Nicotine Strength

Another thing to look at is the nicotine strength of the e-liquid, and there are a few options available. For instance, you can choose from options such as 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and even 0mg nicotine. Many people who have given up smoking tend to start on a higher nicotine level and work their way downward toward zero over time.



Naturally, you want liquids that will appeal to your personal tastes and preferences, so make sure you look at the flavors available before you make your choices. You will find a huge array of flavor categories and options available. So, whether you love fruity tastes or refreshing menthol or whether you want bakery flavors or candies, you can find the perfect ones for your needs.



One additional thing to do is to look at online reviews of the e-liquids before you make your purchase. This is a great way to make a more informed decision about the brand and flavor you purchase. You can learn more about taste, smoothness, and overall experience by looking at reviews from other people who have already tried and tested that same e-liquid.


By looking at these factors, you can more easily determine which e-liquids are the right ones for your needs.

Acute exposure of lung tissue to vape aerosol has lesser impact on gene expression than cigarette smoke

A new peer-reviewed study published in the journal Toxicological Research & Application shows acute exposure of a 3D human bronchial tissue model to e-cigarette aerosol has minimal impact on gene expression compared to smoke from combustible cigarettes.

The research involved sub-cytotoxic exposure to cells in a 3D human bronchial model (MucilAirTM) to nicotine-containing vape aerosol, combustible cigarette smoke and fresh air control under strict laboratory conditions.

The highly sensitive Toxicity Testing in the Twenty-First Century (TT21C)-based technique allows researchers to gain a mechanistic understanding of the potential effects of exposure to vape aerosol and 3R4F (reference cigarette) smoke, without experiencing other processes that may be triggered by significantly higher exposures – including cell death – that could potentially make interpretation of results difficult.

After cell ‘recovery’ periods of 4 and 48 hours, scientists assessed the expression of a variety of genes to determine if any were increased or decreased by the single exposure.

Within this model, exposure to combustible cigarette smoke triggered significant changes in gene expression, indicating – amongst other effects – changes in oxidative stress and inflammation markers. Conversely, the vape aerosol generated only a minimal response, similar to that observed in the air control.”

Matt Stevenson, Pre-Clinical Toxicology Manager, Imperial Brands

Principal Toxicologist at Imperial Dr Liam Simms added: “Gene set enrichment analysis examining those genes most over/under expressed were compared across five key pathways – cell cycle, apoptosis, p53 signaling, cell death and NF-KappaB signaling [a protein complex that controls transcription of DNA, cytokine production and cell survival].

Focusing on the 3R4F reference cigarette, no pathways were activated after four hours exposure, but at 48 hours the cells had both genes associated with cell cycle and cell death pathways activated. Conversely, those cells exposed to vape aerosol demonstrated slightly elevated NF-KappaB signaling pathways after four hours exposure. However, at 48 hours no pathways were activated.”

The results from this study show, that under the conditions of test, acute exposure to vape aerosol had less impact on gene expression in human lung cells in vitro than the equivalent dose of cigarette smoke.

“This latest research adds to the growing body of research gathered by both Imperial Brands and others, demonstrating the considerable harm reduction potential of Next Generation Products (NGPs) like vapes compared to continued combustible cigarette smoking,” said Dr Grant O’Connell, Head of Tobacco Harm Reduction Science at Imperial.

“We encourage regulators and policy makers to consider the weight of evidence that shows the clear scientific differences between combustible cigarettes, which burn tobacco, and potentially harm-reduced NGPs that do not,” he concluded.

The Magic Of Vitamin B12 In Your Vape

The trend of “Juul” seems to have taken on a wellness spin, and this time it’s Vitamin B12 that’s making it happen. 

But hey wait! 

For starters, who are new to vaping, “Juul” would come across as an alien word. 

Fret not! 

It’s one such colloquial phrase that is quite popular among high school kids and refers to flavored e-cigarettes that satisfy one’s nicotine cravings.

Nevertheless, vaping vitamins is a whole new concept that is being looked at as a come-of-age and trendy way of stepping into wellness. 

These vitamin-infused vapes are scientifically-backed to enhance the absorption of Vitamin B12 in our body. 

So, one might ask, should we be smoking Vitamin B12 at all? What good will it do to our health? Or more importantly, do we even need it in the first place? 

This post is geared towards answering all your questions and everything in between.

Read on. 


What is it with Vitamin B12 anyway?

Vitamin B12, which is also referred to as cobalamin, happens to be a water-soluble vitamin, It is also one out of eight vital B vitamins that play an important role as a cofactor for DNA synthesis and effectively regulates metabolism, amino and fatty acids. 


In other words, Vitamin B12 is essential for producing red blood cells which in turn is responsible for carrying fresh oxygen to the heart and keeping our bodily functions kicking. 

It is also responsible for imparting energy levels, contributes towards maintaining one’s fertility, and also offers protection to nerves from damage (owing to the presence of myelin)

Reportedly, a good number of individuals seems to suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency and can experience a range of issues from time to time that includes: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Tingling sensation in hands and feet 
  • Nausea 
  • Pale skin, and more.


In a few serious instances, marked deficiency of Vitamin B12 has resulted in both physical as well as psychiatric disorders for many people. 

To remedy the deficiency, many choose to include Vitamin B12 supplements in their diet. The most preferred way is popping Vitamin B12 pills, although, in some cases, one can be administered injections or patches. 

Although both are good options, Vitamin B12 injections can be a tad bit expensive, especially when your doctor prescribes one for a long time. Also, on the other end, wearing patches can be uncomfortable for many, and we already know how much people hate popping pills every day. 

Thus, vaping offers a good solution to the problem and rests the case as a hot, trendy way to consume Vitamin B12.


Breathe B12 – A smart alternative to smoking that is here to stay 


Undeniably, smoking vitamin B12 is a fresh rage that is meant to delight both smokers as well as non-smokers. 

All it takes is a little handheld device that functions to draw steam out of a flavored liquid. It is this steam that a user ingests, in the very same manner as smoking a cigarette.


With a vape inhaler gaining ground as a means to alternative smoking, B12 vape can help people snatch a chance to quit smoking cigarettes or other forms of tobacco consumption. 

Nicotine Salts – The Definitive Guide To Alternate Smoking

In the past few years, the vaping industry has ushered a newfound hope as potent smoking alternatives.

Together with vaping juice and e-cigarettes, nicotine salts present a delightful option to consider. 

Especially for all those, who are looking to cut down on their excessive smoking habit. And it only makes sense to be aware of the different vaping choices that you have. 

This guide is intended to do the same, and keep you abreast of nicotine salts as one of the major vaping products gaining an edge.


Traditional Smoking And Its Unavoidable Health Impact 

Whether you smoke casually or heavily, there is simply no denying the significant and detrimental aftermath on your health. 

In the majority of cases, it is the presence of chemicals and additives like formaldehyde and arsenic that is responsible for the damage. 

In comparison, when you are vaping a product like nicotine salts, you are not inhaling any harmful chemicals. Also, nicotine salts are known for their fast and long-lasting effect which in turn shall help you keep a leash on your cravings, nice and easy. 

While you vape to cut down or quit cigarettes, you invariably develop a much easier breathing process, enhance your immunity, and in the process boost your life expectancy.


Strength And Absorption 

Nicotine salts, compared to freebase e-liquids guarantee a much stronger hit and are readily available in high strengths. 

In other words, it means one doesn’t have to vape now and then and might need a shot or two to push an equal volume of nicotine that satisfies your cravings. 

If you are a vaper who prefers more stealth experience over cloud chasing, nicotine salts might just be the stuff you need. 


Choice Of Device Matters 


The choice of the device while vaping with nicotine salts is a necessary consideration. 

Nicotine slats are never recommended to be used on powerful vaping devices. This is chiefly because when the nicotine salts in higher concentration combine with the power of the device, it can make way for a rather powerful hit which can be irritating or overwhelming for many. 


Thus, if you are using a device that’s seemingly one of the best models in the market, you might as well stick to using e-liquids. However, if you are using a vape pen or similar devices, nicotine salts can be the right fit. 


Additionally, the other USP of nicotine salts over other vaping products is its supreme ability to be used across both open and closed systems. Among the two systems, the latter is a more convenient choice as it does not require one to refill systems with e liquids. In other words, no mess guaranteed. 

Also, the closed system devices are uniquely designed to be portable, and thus can be carried anywhere tucked smartly in your pocket. 

Undeniably, nicotine salts are increasingly getting popular in the vaping world. Nevertheless, you always make a point to buy products from a reputed brand selling the best nicotine vape juice NZ


Any trusted seller not only offers the best quality nicotine vape juice, but also offers a wide gamut of choices to choose from that include exciting flavors like fruits, cola, menthol, and much more.


Even though vaping has gained quite a bit of reputation for itself, there are still some public places where vaping smoke clouds are an object of criticism. In such scenarios, nicotine salts used in devices with low watt can come in real handy to satisfy your cravings, now and then, and help keep a low profile.


So, if you haven’t tried nicotine salts yet, it’s time to get some right away!

How To Promote Vape Shop Online To Double Sales

Vape products are chosen over other smoking alternatives because of their unprecedented benefits and therefore many vape companies are choosing to set up online vape stores to sell their products.  Every popular vape shop Australia is designing stunning and responsive websites to sell different kinds of vape juices. Well, selling online has some drawbacks and one has to meet important aspects of online marketing to overshadow the competitors and make a strong position online.


Trouble in the vaping industry:

The complete vape juice and vaping hardware industry are going through a lot of challenges when it comes to competing with the top sellers because there are many restrictions laid by Google. They have a prohibition policy of not promoting and supporting vape products or smoking products including e-cigs. This is quite difficult to improve the revenue for vape shop owners.


Keyword search:

People are looking for e liquid and many vaping supplies online so the related keyword search volume is increasing like anything. The vaping industry cannot focus on the benefits of vaping as well. So, is it not possible to promote vape equipment and e juice. Well, there is some hope and vape business owners can depend on the efforts of the SEO industry which is an efficient methodology for promoting your online vape store.


SEO Benefits:

SEO is a powerful method to make an online business successful. Online marketers understand the limitations of the vaping industry and still make things work. They have SEO tools, techniques, and design some incredible SEO strategies that are compelling to bring the vape store in limelight. So what do SEO experts do?


Even if pay-per-click campaigns cannot be helpful the SEO experts know how to execute strong SEO tactics to achieve vape business targets. They use long and short-tail keywords for optimizing the content that attracts people to online vape stores. Along with this, they make use of proper link-building strategies.


If you have an online website on vaping supplies then investing time in SEO can be quite beneficial. SEO experts will design a well-planned strategy and execute it with efficacy. SEO has the potential to improve the online visibility of a website, rankings on Google, and improving the conversion rate which is effective for the electronic cigarette industry.


Optimize website:

Optimize your website to gain success. It is clear that Google advertising policies cannot help the industry and people are searching for vape products online consistently, so optimizing vaping products and website pages is an important factor. You need to optimize the URL and images for better gains.


Develop powerful content and write informative posts:

Use content marketing as a strong weapon and develop irresistible content for the users. Quality content explaining the product and other material of promotion should be good enough to attract the visitors.


Informative blog posts will engage more customers and improve the ROI. Writing useful blog posts on vape products and educating the readers about vape juices in Australia can be beneficial. You can use infographics, statistics, and facts, and figures to make rich content.

If you are selling the best vape juice in Australia but are not able to create content that engages the user’s attention then it will do no good. The content should be relevant and descriptive. Think out of the box ideas that make your products look unique and appeal to the audience.


Ask yourself what your audience wants and why? You can do some research to get a bigger picture to find ways that help you create effective content and you can allure the audience. You have a widely distributed audience so creating compelling content to win their interest is crucial.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a very effective method to generate and nurture leads. It will help in exhibiting product features in a very interactive manner. You can add a personal touch to the emails and give complete information on the premium E liquid Australia flavors, nicotine strengths, refills, etc. You can announce new products, discount schemes, some important information on enhancing the vaping experience, and other interesting things on vaping to increase conversion.



So, these are a few ways to double your sales and promote your vape shop online. There are some other effective ways to promote your vape shop and the best E Liquid Australia to the people as well. For example, you can design quality opt-in forms and give discounts to your customers that will keep them happy. You can use video marketing strategy and social media strategy to improve your business presence online. Using these ways will help in building a successful online store and give good ROI. 


5 major findings in Vaping in England: 2021 evidence update summary

We reviewed the Vaping in England: 2021 evidence update summary, and find out some interesting facts. Hope it would help you understand e-cigarettes better.

Finding 1

Based on the socioeconomic status of 11 to 18 year olds, the estimates for smoking and vaping prevalence were higher among more advantaged groups in social grades A, B and C1 (7.1% for smoking, 5.3% for vaping) than for more disadvantaged groups in social grades C2, D and E (5.7% for smoking, 3.5% for vaping).

Finding 2

There was some variation in vaping prevalence by socio-demographic groups and smoking status. Using STS data, 7.2% of men, 7.7% of people in the north of England and 7.6% of people from social grades C2, D and E vaped. Vaping prevalence was between 17.5% and 20.1% among current smokers, around 11% among former smokers and between 0.3% and 0.6% among never smokers. Around 10% of long-term former smokers (quit for longer than 1 year) vaped, compared with 24% of short-term former smokers (quit for less than 1 year).

Finding 3

Strengths above those allowed by regulations (more than 20mg/mL of nicotine) were used by less than 5% of vapers. Use of non-nicotine liquids may be more common among vapers from social grades C2, D and E.

Finding 4

Perceptions of the harm caused by vaping compared with smoking are increasingly out of line with the evidence. The STS survey found that:

  • 29% of current smokers believed vaping was less harmful than smoking
  • 38% believed vaping was as harmful as smoking
  • 18% did not know whether vaping or smoking was more harmful
  • 15% of smokers believed vaping was more harmful than smoking

Misperceptions were more pronounced among smokers from social grades C2, D and E.

Finding 5

Use of heated tobacco products by adults in England was estimated at 0.3% and use of nicotine pouches at 0.5% in 2020.

For more info about the official update, please check this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vaping-in-england-evidence-update-february-2021/vaping-in-england-2021-evidence-update-summary

How to Buy E-Liquid for the First Time: A Primer

If you’ve made the decision to trade your pre-filled e-cigarette for a new vaping device that you can fill yourself, you’re going to look back on that choice one day as one of the best decisions you ever made during your time as a vaper. If you live in the United States, you’re well aware that a pre-filled vaping device gives you a severely limited vaping experience due to federal flavor restrictions that restrict all pre-filled vaping devices to just tobacco and menthol flavors.

Even without that flavor restriction, though, no vaping device with pre-filled pods or cartridges has more than just a few different flavors available. It’s simply not possible to produce pre-filled vaping devices in the same variety of flavors available in the wide world of bottled vape liquid. Another major benefit of using a refillable vaping device is the fact that bottled e-liquid costs dramatically less on a price-per-milliliter basis than pre-filled vape pods and cartridges.

Switching to a refillable vaping device, in short, is a huge win from both the flavor and cost standpoints. It’s going to make your vaping experience better in every way.

Before you can actually have that much-improved vaping experience, though, you’ve got to choose the right e-liquid – and if you’ve ever looked at the selection of vape juice at an online or brick-and-mortar vape shop, you know that buying e-liquid can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t already know what you want – and if you don’t buy the right vape juice, you’re not going to have a good experience.

We don’t want that to happen.

If you’re about to buy bottled e-liquid for the first time, this is the guide for you. Reading it, you’re going to learn a bit about the different flavor profiles that might appeal to you. More importantly, you’re also going to learn how to select the correct nicotine strength for your vaping device and how to know if the nicotine strength you’re using isn’t quite right for your needs. Let’s begin!

Flavor Is Everything in Vaping – How to Choose the Right One

The first factor that’ll determine the type of experience you have with an e-liquid is the e-liquid’s flavor. There are literally hundreds of different e-liquid flavor profiles in the world today, which means that there’s definitely something out there for everyone. In fact, that’s exactly what you should keep in mind if you don’t love the flavor of the first vape juice you buy – you will definitely find something with a flavor you love as long as you never stop experimenting.

So, how do you choose an e-liquid flavor if you’ve never bought bottled vape juice before? One of the first things you’ll notice when you start shopping for e-liquid is that the flavor profiles in bottled e-liquid have almost nothing in common with the flavor profiles in pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges and pods. That’s especially true in the United States, where pre-filled vaping products aren’t available in flavors other than plain tobacco and plain menthol. Most of the companies that produce bottled e-liquids don’t even offer plain tobacco and menthol flavors – that’s how different the two sides of the vaping industry are.

So, how do you choose an e-liquid flavor that’s likely to appeal to you? A good way to start is by sampling some of the flavor profiles that other vapers enjoy. These are just a few of the flavor profiles that vapers are really enjoying these days.

  • Fruity flavors like mango, blueberry, strawberry, apple and blue raspberry
  • Cereal flavors like fruit cereal, cinnamon toast cereal and chocolate cereal
  • Dessert flavors like tiramisu, cake, pie and custard

Since you can’t know what your favorite flavor will be if you haven’t tried any of them yet, it’s a good idea to try a few different flavor categories when you buy e-liquid for the first time.

Choose Your Nicotine Strength Based on Your Vaping Equipment

The greater the vapor production of your hardware, the lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid should be. That’s because using a higher-output device means that you’ll inhale more e-liquid with each puff. There are three general types of refillable vaping devices. Listed in ascending order of vapor production, the three types of vaping devices are:

  • Pod systems store their e-liquid in removable plastic pods. They’re generally the smallest vaping devices and are optimized for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style that smokers – and new vapers – generally prefer.
  • Vape pens are cylindrical vaping devices that are usually similar in length to ballpoint pens but are generally a bit wider. Vape pens are typically more powerful than pod systems but less powerful than mods.
  • Vape mods are usually shaped like small boxes and are the largest and most powerful of all vaping devices.

With that information in mind, here is some general guidance that can help you choose the right nicotine strength for your vaping device.

  • If you use a pod system, you will probably have the best experience with nicotine salt e-liquid, which is usually available in a lower strength of about 20-25 mg/ml and a higher strength around 40-50 mg/ml. If you already vape, choose the nicotine strength closest to what you’re currently using. If you’re new to vaping, start with the higher nicotine strength if you smoke around a pack of cigarettes per day. If you smoke significantly less than a pack per day, start with the lower nicotine strength.
  • If you use a vape pen, a nicotine strength around 6 mg/ml is usually a good starting point.
  • If you use a mod, you should start with a nicotine strength of 3 mg/ml.

The above advice is intended to serve as a starting point. You may need to adjust your nicotine strength from there depending on your needs and the performance level of the device you’re using. How can you tell whether the nicotine strength that you’re using might not be right for you? We’ll answer that question next.

Adjust Your Nicotine Strength if Necessary

When you try your first bottle of e-liquid, you may find that you don’t feel quite normal if the nicotine strength that you’re using isn’t right for you. Do you need to increase or lower your nicotine strength? Here’s how to tell.

  • If the e-liquid that you’re using is too high in nicotine, you’ll find the vapor difficult to inhale because it’ll bother your throat and lungs. You may also feel a more powerful nicotine rush than what you’re accustomed to.
  • If the e-liquid that you’re using is too low in nicotine, you won’t enjoy your vaping experience because you won’t derive any satisfaction from it. Even if you vape constantly, you’ll still crave cigarettes.