4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games

The best aspect of vaping is that it doesn’t tie you down to a particular activity. Besides being a holistic lifestyle change, vaping can be ideally clubbed with any activity. The one thing that you can enjoy more with vaping is video games.

Do you have a passion for video games and vaporizers and wonder how you can enjoy them together? Keep reading to learn everything about combining vaping and video games and the best vaporizers to invest in.

What Exactly is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer, also commonly known as a vape, is a tiny and compact device that allows you to inhale the vapor. It comprises a tank, heating coil, mouthpiece, and battery. The vaporizer heats the substance in the tank to produce vapor that you can inhale for medical and recreational reasons. When you power the device, the coil heats the substance in the tank to produce vapor for you to inhale through the mouthpiece. The rechargeable battery will help you enjoy extended vaping sessions any time you want.

Today, the markets offer all kinds of vaporizers, allowing you to vape everything from dry cannabis herb to vape juice and even CBD oil. If you are new to the expansive world of vaping, you can get the best vape brands and start vaping.

Four Best Vaporizers for Gaming?

1. Firefly 2+

While the vaping industry has been continually evolving in the past few years, only a few devices are compatible with both concentrates and flowers. Firefly 2+ not only performs the job but does it well too. It is an improved version of the Firefly 2 vaporizer and improves on the portable convection vaporizer. The vaporizer stands out in terms of flavor by using convective heat. You can reach the vaping temperature within a few seconds, ensuring you don’t have to waste precious moments to vape.

It has a touch sensor that can activate the vaporizer, a glass chamber with glow LED designs that mimics a smoking bowl. The on-demand heating system makes it a hit among vaping enthusiasts, especially gamers.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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2. Davinci IQ2

If you want a portable and dual-use vaporizer, Davinci IQ2 should be your go-to choice. While it is primarily a dry herb vaporizer, you can also use it with concentrates. The device comes with an exterior made of brushed aluminum, giving it an ultra-smooth and sleek look. The IQ2 also features the original IQ vaporizer’s LED display, which shows temperature and other settings.

It is powerful enough to produce clean, dense, and flavorful vapor with hints of terpenes. You can customize your vaping experience with precise temperature and airflow control. Davinci IQ2 enables you to track and report the dose per draw and session.

3. VapCap OmniVap

The VapCap vaporizers are some of the best available in the market today, and OmniVap occupies the top spot. It is a dry herb and resin vaporizer, made entirely from food-safe materials, essentially titanium. OmniVap is perfect for vaping enthusiasts looking for a sturdy, manually heated, and adjustable vaporizer.

You won’t have to charge the device, making you vape anytime and anywhere by plugging it in. A simple candle can help you manually heat the vaporizer within 5-10 seconds, making it ideal for vaping in between your video games. You don’t have to waste time or stop the game for vaping with this unique vaporizer. Even with a simple design, it can produce flavorful vapor. It doesn’t heat the vapor in between hits, which makes it highly efficient.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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4. Apollo 2

The vaporizer brand DynaCap entered the induction heater arena with the new Apollo 2 and has since made vaping sessions highly comfortable and simplified. The Apollo 2 has a very different functioning, and it can work either with a titanium or stainless steel tip. This vaporizer can easily arrive at the required temperature within 5-8 seconds and makes it efficient to use.

You need to plug it in, press the vapcap in the heating chamber until you see the red light turn on, and then wait for a click. The automatic shutoff timer present in it limits the heating time to a maximum of 15 seconds. You can easily balance between vaping and gaming with this vaporizer. Apollo 2 is consistent, affordable, and never runs out of juice. Since it operates on the cooler side, it is ideal for you to want better and stronger flavors from your vaping session.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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Final Verdict

Gaming is majorly about knowledge, creativity, and quick reflexes. You must make the right move at the right time, or all your efforts and time invested in the game will be for nothing. A vaporizer can help you inhale while also staying focused on the game without the need to pause. Vaping and gaming often go hand-in-hand, enabling you to enjoy both your passions at once. So, get a quality vaporizer and make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

China CDC says non-smokers account for less than 4% of e-cigarette users in China

On December 1, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out in the latest paper published in the internationally authoritative medical journal “The Lancet Public Health” that Chinese adult e-cigarette users are mainly traditional smokers and non-smokers. Non-smokers rarely use electronic cigarettes.

The study found that Chinese smokers account for about 96.2% of e-cigarette users.

E-cigarettes are not non-smokers first puff.

This study by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed nearly 400,000 adults. It is the first time to report on the current status and changing trends of e-cigarette use in China from a national level. The reporter noticed that Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Zhou Maigeng, deputy director of the Center for Chronic Diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, are among the authors of the paper.

The paper “E-cigarette use among adults in China: Results of multiple horizontal surveys in 2015-2016 and 2018-2019” published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The paper pointed out that in recent years, Chinese e-cigarette users are mainly men and smokers. People who are addicted to cigarettes, want to quit smoking, and understand the dangers of smoking are more likely to choose e-cigarettes. Some insiders pointed out that this not only shows that the effect of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation and harm reduction has been generally recognized by Chinese smokers, but also a powerful counterattack to rumors such as e-cigarettes being the first cigarette for non-smokers.

“China’s regulation of e-cigarettes will affect the health of 16.9 million people. Tailoring policies and public education strategies to specific populations is the top priority of the public health community and decision makers.” The author emphasized in the paper.

This study used the survey data of China’s Chronic Diseases and Nutrition Surveillance in 2015-2016 (189306 people) and 2018-2019 (184475 people), which included nearly 400,000 adults, with a large sample size and national representativeness. The results of the study show that from 2015 to 2019, the adult e-cigarette usage rate in China rose from 1.3% to 1.6%, and male users accounted for about 97%.

Smokers account for an extremely high proportion of e-cigarette users, and the proportion of smokers among new e-cigarette users is also increasing. From 2015 to 2016, smokers accounted for about 93% of Chinese e-cigarette users; from 2018 to 2019, smokers accounted for about 96.2%, that is, non-smokers accounted for less than 4%. The author used the weighted prevalence value to estimate that there were about 16.9 million adult e-cigarette users in China from 2018 to 2019, of which 16.2 million were smokers.

“Non-smokers rarely use electronic cigarettes.” The author of the paper emphasized. This conclusion is also sufficient to prove that e-cigarettes are not “non-smokers’ first puff” as some experts call.

It is reported that in order to cross-validate this conclusion, the research team also conducted a sample survey of 373,781 respondents across the country. The results showed that among the more than 370,000 respondents, only non-smokers converted to e-cigarette users There are 83.

The reporter found that in addition to analyzing the basic characteristics of Chinese e-cigarette users, this study also conducted a detailed evaluation of the use patterns of Chinese e-cigarette users in the dimensions of gender, age, region (urban or rural), and income.

Pre-Wash Your New Vape Coils for Better Flavor: Step-by-Step Guide

From a flavor standpoint, the best experience you can possibly have as a vaper is the experience that you get with a new coil. Before e-liquid residue begins to build up, a fresh coil gives you the biggest possible clouds and allows you to taste your vape juice as it really is – without the exaggerated sweetness and caramel notes that begin to creep in after you’ve been using a coil for a while.

If you’re an experienced vaper, though, you know that a new coil doesn’t necessarily produce the ideal flavor from the very first time you use it. It’s usually necessary to go through one or two tanks before you get the best possible flavor. You may have heard other vapers talk about breaking in their new coils before, and that’s exactly what you’re experiencing when you use a new coil. Effectively, you’re washing the manufacturing residue off of the coil.

So, why is it that a new coil doesn’t give you the ideal flavor right from the start – and more importantly, what can you to break in your coils before you use them? Those are the things you’re going to learn by reading this article.

What Is the New Coil Break-In Period?

As you’ve just learned, breaking in a new coil essentially means that you’re using your e-liquid to wash it. What you may not have ever stopped to think about, though, is the fact that you’re ridding your new coils of undesirable compounds by inhaling them.

Is that really what you want to do? As a vaper, you’re probably fairly conscious about what you put into your body. What could you be inhaling when you pop a new coil out of the package and start using it right away? Vape manufacturers don’t really like to talk about this, but it’s common to use substances like mineral oil as machine lubricants. Even something that you’d normally think of as being quite pure – like the organic cotton used in a coil’s wick – could have residue from the manufacturing process.

It’s highly unlikely that the vape manufacturers are washing and drying the various steel, kanthal, cotton and silicone components before using them to build coils because that would add exponentially to the time and manpower used in the production process. It’s much more likely that the manufacturers simply use the raw materials as they arrive from their suppliers. That keeps their costs down – thus keeping your costs down as well – but it could also mean that you’re inhaling substances you would prefer not to inhale.

So, how do you eliminate the coil break-in period and ensure that your coils are ready to use right from the start? The answer is surprisingly simple: You should wash your coils before using them.

Pre-Washing a New Vape Coil Takes Time: How to Do It Faster

If you’ve spent any time reading about how to clean vape coils, you’ve probably noticed that some people dismiss coil cleaning as taking too much time or not really being worth the effort. That’s because cleaning a vape coil is actually a fairly time-consuming task. In fact, you really need to begin the coil cleaning process about a day before you actually want to use the coil, and some people just don’t want to spend that much time maintaining their vaping equipment.

If that’s how you feel after reading our vape coil cleaning instructions, you might be interested in an alternative that’s much quicker. That alternative is the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner, which requires only plain water and can clean and dry a vape coil in about 30 minutes. Not only can ROBO2020 clean a new coil and prepare it for use in about the amount of time that it takes to make your morning breakfast, but it can also remove gunk and residue from your used coils, restoring those coils to like-new condition. After you’ve cleaned and reused a few boxes of coils, ROBO2020 essentially pays for itself.

If you’d prefer to pre-wash your new vape coils the manual way, though, you’ll find that it isn’t difficult to do – it just takes a lot of time. Here’s how.

How to Pre-Wash a New Vape Coil

To maximize the result for the time spent, it’s a good idea to pre-wash several vape coils at once. That way, you won’t have to think about it again for a while. Get a heat-resistant bowl and place your coils in it. Meanwhile, heat some water in a saucepan or microwave until it begins to simmer.

When the water is hot, pour it over your coils and give the coils a vigorous stir. Continue stirring the coils periodically for about a half hour. When you’re trying to remove the gunk from used coils, you usually want to let them soak overnight because removing coil gunk takes a long time when you’re doing it the manual way. When you’re pre-cleaning a new coil, though, a half hour or so is fine.

After you’ve been soaking your coils in the hot water for a while, you may see some clear, viscous bubbles floating on the surface of the water. That’s the machining residue that you’ve removed from your coils. By taking the time to pre-clean your coils, you’ve avoided inhaling that residue. Good job!

If the soaking water is especially dirty, you may want to remove your coils from the bowl and give them a final rinse in fresh water. Otherwise, you’re all set. All that you need to do is dry your coils, and then they’ll be ready to use.

Drying is the part of the coil cleaning process that really takes time. You don’t want to use a coil if the wick has water in it because water is much thinner than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and vaporizes at a lower temperature. You’ll end up getting a very unpleasant dry hit after the water boils out of the wick. To dry your coils, leave them out in the open for about 24 hours. You may find it helpful to put the coils in front of a fan.

Which vape juice ingredients you need to avoid?

The growing popularity of vaping has encouraged a surge of vape products in the market. As more people are interested in experiencing vaping, companies are coming up with many innovative vape products and diverse flavors of e-liquids to grow their user base.

Vaping has evolved from being an alternative to smoking into a trend of its own. But as the dindustry expands, the challenges regarding quality are also on the rise.

Vaping is a relatively new method of consuming nicotine, herbs, and flavors. Hence the long term effects of using these products are uncertain. Some recent studies show that certain ingredients in CBD vape juices for pain can threaten users’ health and wellness after regular use. So what are these chemicals that you need to avoid in your vape juice? Well, here is a list of a few flavorings and chemicals to eliminate from your vaping habit.

What makes some chemicals dangerous?
While most of the past studies have focused on understanding how vaping is safer than smoking, recent studies have been centered around observing the long-term effects of vaporizing and consuming ingredients of e-juices.

Typically e-juices constitute Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which provides vapor density and Propylene Glycol(PG) that contributes to the throat hit. These two components in the right ratio are very critical to enjoying a safe and comfortable vaping experience. Apart from these, there are food grade flavoring agents and nicotine in some e-liquids.

While most good quality-liquids contain such high-grade ingredients, many liquids introduce harmful chemicals into the mixture. Not just low quality, but certain certified and approved food grade ingredients also tend to initiate harmful effects when vaporized.

Research suggests that some chemicals of e-juices tend to interfere with the characteristics and functionality of white blood cells in the body. When converting to vapors, the oxidation process gives rise to new compounds that could cause permanent damage to the body. They can reduce the ability of cells to produce oxygen and also increase the risk of cellular toxicity. They can interfere with the respiratory system’s overall functioning and impair the tissues and cells, causing chronic respiratory disorders.

Hence as a precaution, it is best to avoid e-liquids containing these chemicals to prevent exposure to toxic substances.


Mixed flavors
The excitement of buying new and innovative flavors with mixed offerings such as Kiwi, Apple, and Strawberry is quite enticing. The thrill of trying mixed flavors for vaping is almost unique. But compared to single flavors, mixed flavors contain more chemicals used to create the blend.

It means that cell damage is also high as the chemical concentrations are more in this case. Another important point to remember about mixing flavors is that certain mixtures could give birth to new compounds that may have uncertain risks to the overall health.

The refreshing flavors of menthol are one of the most preferred flavors in e-juices. The cooling after-effects of these e-liquids can be quite comforting during a long vaping session. But the chemicals used to create the flavors can damage the epithelial cells and increase the risk of cell death.

Studies also suggest that prolonged usage of the flavors could initiate bronchial cell damage.

The bold flavors like cinnamon from vape juices can induce nostalgia about cinnamon brimming breakfast recipes. But the enchanting aroma and taste of cinnamon, which is created using a chemical known as cinnamaldehyde in e-juices, can have toxic effects. Although the FDA’s flavoring agent is approved to be food grade, vaping of the substance can be harmful to the body.

The compound could start damaging the white blood cells and reduce the ability of lungs to remove mucus. It could also affect oxygen production in cells and increase cellular toxicity.

The fruity flavors of strawberry e-juices can be lethal for the heart, states a study. Research shows that the flavor elevated the percentage of cell death significantly, even when present in low concentrations. The presence of dimethyl pyrazine is responsible for this effect. Similar effects are also visible from the banana flavor used to isoamyl acetate, and hence these two flavors are not the right choice for your e-juices.

Vanillin is the flavoring compound used in e-juices to imitate vanilla flavor. The substance is among the top compounds in the list of toxic e-juice chemicals.

Studies indicate that exposure to the flavor influenced the highest inflammatory market interleukin-6 and degraded nitric oxide levels. Regular use of vanillin can damage the heart and impair blood vessels. It can also regrade oxygen production in cells significantly.

Other chemicals

Titanium Dioxide
Another problematic chemical in e-juices is Titanium Dioxide. The nanoparticles of the chemical could potentially enter your brain and lungs and affect cells and neurons. They can cause inflammation, mutation, and cell damage by elevating oxidative stress. They might also affect the health of the immune system and possess carcinogenic properties.

The creamy, buttery texture of e-liquids is mostly due to acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, and acetoin, collectively referred to as the diketones. These compounds are strictly prohibited for use in food products, although there are no laws around their inhalation products.

High concentrations of these diketones are known to initiate severe lung damage. Reports show that popcorn factory workers from the 1990s suffered from severe bronchiolitis, referred to as popcorn lung, due to chronic exposure to these chemicals. Although the exposure levels are significantly low in vaping juices, the effects of long term usage are uncertain. Hence most healthy conscious users avoid using e-juices with any of these diketones.

Vaping can be a fun and enjoyable experience with high-quality products. Read the e-juice label thoroughly to understand if any of the above- mentioned ingredients are present. If so, look for alternatives in the market as a precaution for your health. Avoid brands that do not reveal the ingredients clearly to eliminate uncertainty.

Is e-cigarette suitable for girls to vape?

Now smoking is no longer the privilege of boys. Many girls also smoke. Although the word “smoking” seems to be a symbol of unbehaved, in real life, how can there be without “smoking” in the adult world? Since smoking is becoming not distinguished between men and women, the proportion of smoking girls is rising, so is vaping.

This is actually quite normal. Smoking is often a way of emotional resolution, such as unsatisfactory work and unsatisfactory life. When you have no one to talk to, maybe smoking is your way of speaking. Self-resolve, self digest, hope that the nicotine in the cigarette can temporarily paralyze ourselves.

After e-cigarettes became popular, a big part of smokers began to switch to e-cigarettes. Of course, there were also men and women. Okay, now let’s say “is e-cigarette suitable for girls?”

Here comes the answer:

1. Girls who do not smoke are not suitable to vape.

2. Minor girls are not suitable to vape.

3. Pregnant girls are not suitable to vape.


Compare the hazards of e-cigarettes and cigarettes: cigarettes>e-cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes will cause:

1. Teeth turn yellow

2. Loose dark yellow skin

3. Bad breath

4. There is a pungent smell of smoke on the body

5. Smoke stains will remain on fingers

6. Second-hand smoke smells too much and affects people around you

7, More soot

Of course, it is better to be able to quit smoking. If you can’t quit, in comparison, we would recommend e-cigarettes to girls who smoke. Girls are naturally beautiful. E-cigarettes do not have “tar”, which reduces the damage to the body a lot. And it does not have the above bad effects in smoking cigarettes. The appearance of vape is stylish and beautiful, with many flavors, and there is basically no smoke smell. It is more convenient and simple to vape than smoking.

E-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes

Recently, three researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States pointed out in their research papers that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes, and “E-Cigarette Availability” (ECA) should be used as a tobacco harm reduction strategy.

The Ethics of Tobacco Harm Reduction: An Analysis of E-Cigarette Availability From the Perspectives of Utilitarianism, Bioethics, and Public Health Ethics
The Ethics of Tobacco Harm Reduction: An Analysis of E-Cigarette Availability From the Perspectives of Utilitarianism, Bioethics, and Public Health Ethics

“E-cigarette availability” is a group intervention to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. It has two meanings: to make it clear to smokers that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, and to ensure that they can easily obtain e-cigarettes.

The author of the paper pointed out that “e-cigarette availability” is supported by two ethical frameworks, public health ethics and biomedical ethics. “E-cigarette availability” can help smokers reduce health risks and hazards, and allow smokers to make health decisions on their own, in line with the principle of respect for individual rights and autonomy, and promote social fairness and justice. At the same time, the use of “e-cigarette availability” to achieve public health goals is less restrictive than traditional tobacco control practices.

The biomedical ethics framework has proposed four principles, namely respect for autonomy, benevolence (increasing the welfare of patients), non-maliciousness (avoid harming patients), and justice. E-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes, and allowing smokers to switch to e-cigarettes can help smokers avoid the harm caused by traditional tobacco, thus conforming to the principles of benevolence and non-maliciousness.

More importantly, this program also fully meets the ethical needs of respecting the principle of autonomy.

Respect for autonomy means to respect the right of individuals to make informed decisions according to their own wishes. Providing smokers with e-cigarette products and e-cigarette harm reduction information can ensure that smokers make voluntary choices based on their own values ​​and preferences without any coercion and deception. This is a manifestation of respect for the rights of smokers.

The public health ethics framework always emphasizes that the realization of public health goals should minimize violations of individual rights and freedoms. Even smokers who start to quit smoking in their old age have the right and freedom to pursue harm reduction. Their rights and interests also need to be protected.

“Everyone has the right to pursue their own definition of happiness. Regardless of whether a smoker decides to quit smoking or switch to e-cigarettes, we should show respect.” said Rebecca Thomas of the University of Pittsburgh, who is also one of the authors of this paper.

Since the personal rights of smokers should be respected, it is particularly important to provide accurate e-cigarette information to ensure that smokers make wise decisions.

Take the American lung disease reported by the media last year as an example. At that time, research confirmed that the cause of this incident was the use of black market smoke that was illegally added with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a high-concentration chemical extracted from industrial hemp). Oil has nothing to do with regular electronic cigarettes. The CDC US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention once ignored the research conclusions and attributed the cause of the disease to ordinary e-cigarettes, and did not correct the relevant information until March this year.

The author believes that this approach seems to protect consumers, but in fact it does more harm than good: “Not only does it allow smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes to re-smoker, it also does not allow everyone to avoid the real culprit-black market THC products.”

The public health ethics framework states that to achieve public health goals, the least restrictive interventions should be used. As far as the goal of tobacco harm reduction is concerned, the restrictions on the provision of e-cigarettes for smokers are less than the ban on the sale of e-cigarettes and all tobacco products, so it meets their ethical needs.

In addition, providing smokers with e-cigarette products and e-cigarette harm reduction information can also provide cheaper harm reduction programs for disadvantaged groups, reduce social health gaps, and promote social justice.

According to data from the World Health Organization, tobacco causes more than 8 million deaths each year, and tobacco harm reduction is imperative. “A large amount of evidence shows that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes. Both the public health ethics framework and the biomedical ethics framework prove that the availability of e-cigarettes is ethical and is a beneficial measure. Therefore, smokers should be encouraged to switch to e-cigarettes.” The paper pointed out.

Pod vape less harmful than regular cigarettes

Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States, according to federal government data — and some smokers find it nearly impossible to quit. Many of these smokers use regular, or combustible, cigarettes.

Physicians and scientists have for many years explored the health benefits and drawbacks of nicotine-based alternatives to cigarettes, and new research offers significant evidence that “pod” e-cigarettes are less damaging to health than traditional cigarettes.

“Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth, both in animal models as well as to humans,” said Dr. Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, a professor of behavioral and social sciences and medicine at Brown University. “So how can we help these people who can’t quit smoking combustible cigarettes? They need other options, and e-cigarettes may be one such option. Our research shows that in the short-term, e-cigarettes are considerably safer than combustible cigarettes.”

Ahluwalia is senior author of a new JAMA Network Open study, published on Wednesday, Nov. 18, on the world’s first randomized clinical trial of fourth-generation pod e-cigarettes.

The trial included 186 African American and Latinx smokers, as racial and ethnic minority groups tend to experience higher rates of tobacco-related morbidity and mortality even when they smoke at the same rates as other groups. Two-thirds of the participants were provided e-cigarettes for six weeks, while the remaining participants were instructed to continue smoking combustible cigarettes as usual.

By the end of the study, participants who switched to e-cigarettes exhibited significantly lower levels of the potent pulmonary carcinogen NNAL compared to those who continued to smoke combustible cigarettes exclusively. The e-cigarette users also had significantly reduced carbon monoxide (CO) levels and reported fewer respiratory symptoms. These benefits — reduced NNAL, reduced CO and respiratory symptom improvements — were especially pronounced among participants who switched completely to e-cigarettes.

The researchers also measured participants’ levels of cotinine, a breakdown product of nicotine, and determined that there were no significant differences between groups, an indication that e-cigarettes provided adequate replacement of nicotine.

“Anyone under 21 should not take up cigarettes, e-cigarettes or any nicotine product — hands down, the best thing to do is to never start — but if people use tobacco products, they should quit,” Ahluwalia cautioned. “But if they cannot quit smoking combustible cigarettes, they should consider using novel nicotine products to either quit smoking altogether or to reduce their harm by transitioning fully to these products.”

Going forward, work needs to be done to better understand the non-cancer risks associated with e-cigarettes, such as respiratory and cardiovascular disease. The researchers also plan to carry out year-long studies to further explore the harm-reduction potential of e-cigarettes.

“Most smokers who switched exclusively from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes during the study maintained this behavior at six months, but we need longer-term follow-up,” said Kim Pulvers, a professor of psychology at California State University San Marcos who was the principal investigator of the study. “We also need continued study of dual users to determine whether they maintain harm reduction over time.”

Ahluwalia said that because many individuals who use both e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes will switch back to exclusively combustible cigarettes over time, there is a critical need for interventions that support those who try to switch to e-cigarettes but fail. He also emphasized the importance of alternatives to quitting outright, given the challenge that quitting poses for so many cigarette smokers.

“It’s possible that nicotine e-cigarettes and other harm-reduction products will be game-changers for our field,” Ahluwalia added. “I hope this study stimulates more people to do this research and to have an open mind about this. I also hope it inspires them to let science inform policy rather than emotion.”

In addition to Ahluwalia and Pulvers, additional contributors include Christopher H. Schmid and Kexin Qu from Brown; Nicole L. Nollen from the University of Kansas School of Medicine; Dr. Neal Benowitz from the University of California, San Francisco; and Myra Rice from California State University San Marcos.

Schmid served as a consultant for legal firms representing Eli Lilly, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Gilead outside the study. Benowitz received personal fees from Pfizer and Achieve Life Sciences and served as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies that market smoking cessation medications and as an expert witness in litigation against tobacco companies outside the study. Dr. Ahluwalia received personal fees from Lucy Goods outside the study. These points were fully disclosed in the study.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (5SC3GM122628) and was also supported by the NIH-funded Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (P20GM130414) and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the NIH (U54GM115677).

This news story was authored by contributing science writer Kerry Benson.

E-cigarette agents’ anti-scam guide

While e-cigarettes have become an investment boom, attracting capital to enter the game, many people are also optimistic about the development prospects of e-cigarettes and have entered the game. This article will write about the e-cigarette agent. When entering the game as an e-cigarette agent, what should you pay attention to prevent yourself from being scammed?

1. What qualities should an e-cigarette agent possess?

After China online e-commerce channels were banned, e-cigarettes have now moved offline. Currently, most e-cigarette brands on the market use the form of agency. From country to county, the purchase price of each layer is from high to low. It is solid. Generally, when you go to the county-level agent, the purchase price you get is too high, and the profit you get from selling is small. If you have few sales channels on your own, you basically have no profit.

However, e-cigarettes do have a broad market prospect. If you want to become an e-cigarette agent, there are no special requirements. You need understand e-cigarettes, have sales channels and sales capabilities, then you can basically make money.


2. Do I have to stock up when I become an e-cigarette agent?

The biggest headache of being an e-cigarette agent is stockpiling. The brand side binds agents with stockpiling. According to the level of agency you get, and then they give you corresponding support. After becoming an agent, sell at the price set by the brand.

It seems to be harmonious, lying down to make money at ease. But in fact, few brands can achieve uniform prices. When the electronic cigarette brand occupied the market in the early stage, as long as it can be shipped and distributed, it is king. There are few brands that can protect the exclusiveness of agents. When you were quasi-obeying the price agreement, a Wechat merchant start selling electronic cigarettes of the same brand at bottom prices. When some ecommerce sites are there, the price could be lower than the price given by the manufacturer. Being an agent is sometimes too frustrated!

Therefore, be wary of e-cigarette brands that need to stock up in large quantities. It will not last long. It just transfer pressure to the agents. A truly good brand knows how to formulate a strategy that suits the requirements of the agent at this stage, and gives the agent enough profit and development space. It’s not just letting the agent buy the goods, or letting the agent stock up and just leave it alone. It should also help agents sell goods and train them so that they can truly grow and become more professional.


3. How to ensure your own sales channels?

When entering the e-cigarette field, first ask yourself, are you ready to sell? Is there any potential for sales? Can the previous resources be used for e-cigarettes? Are there many people smoking around? Are there many people using e-cigarettes?

The necessary e-cigarette knowledge needs to be mastered, especially when you have identified a certain brand. It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of e-cigarette products in order to better promote the products. Only by shaping yourself as an e-cigarette expert can more people trust you, if you plan to engage in e-cigarettes for a long time.

Develop sales terms. It is good for the brand to have training. If there is no training, it is recommended to draw up sales terms by yourself. Make a good classification, such as those who have never used e-cigarettes, those who have used e-cigarettes, and the comparison with cigarettes. The purpose is to accurately convert users. After all, the customer source is too precious now, and it is safe to increase the conversion rate.

How to sell e-cigarettes, it involves too many aspects. We’ll write about hard-core e-cigarette sales methods, so I won’t go into details here.


4. There are many e-cigarette brands, which one to choose?

There are many e-cigarette brands, but not many well-known brands. In fact, e-cigarette brands have not formed a giant form, and each brand has potential.

Choose a brand and look at it three times: first look at products, second look at brand, and third look at company strength.

Electronic cigarette technology is not complicated, but there are too few brands that can make products. After some online sales platform is banned, it is not conducive for everyone to check reviews. Even if the reviews are a lot of things, there is still a lot of information worth referring to. Product strength is very important. It can be judged from packaging and quality whether the brand is really making products with heart. Without a product-centric brand, development will not last long.

Brand strength includes too many judgment conditions. E-cigarette brands are currently in the exploratory stage, and most of the famous brands have their own traffic, the products are not doing well, and the agent maintenance system is also poor. Every brand has advantages and disadvantages, so we’ll write more article that specifically introduces the current e-cigarette brands on market.

There are not many brands that can get financing for e-cigarettes. After checking the Internet, you can see which brands have financial strength. Sufficient financial strength can ensure that the selected brand can survive for a long time. In the case of a bad economic environment, the brand that can survive for a longer time in the future.

As to other questions on e-cigarette brand agents, products, etc., please leave a comment below to exchange with others and consult.

5 Things You Need To Know About Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are in trend nowadays due to their benefits over traditional cigarette smoking and even weed smoking. If you are also a cannabis enthusiast thinking about trying new things and kind of skeptical about dry herb vaporizing then we are here for you all. Keep on reading to find out 5 things that everyone must know before they try dry herb vaporizing. 


  1. What Are The Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Traditional smoking involves the process of combustion. Even those who consume marijuana often smoke it. Vaporizing, on the other hand, just heats the dry herb enough to vaporize the herbs. The cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis are vaporized by it which is then inhaled by the vaper. They don’t inhale the smoke. 

Hence, the combustion process can be considered as one of the key processes between vaporizing and smoking.

The second-hand components and chemical toxins are released during the combustion process. These components include over half a dozen known PAHs that are also present in tobacco consumption and also other non-cannabinoids.

  1. Regular Vaporizers Vs. Dry Herb Vaporizers

Now, let’s talk about the difference that exists between the regular vaporizer and the dry herb vaporizers. As the name itself suggests, the dry herb vaporizer uses the full and unprocessed flower buds for vaping whereas the regular Vapes mostly use the concentrated forms of weed like wax, crumble, CO2 extracts, etc that are generally found in the disposable vape pens. 


  1. How Do These Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

The dry herb vaporizers generally work in two basic manners. One of them involves the process called conduction whereas the other involves the process called convection. Both of these processes engage in the heating of the flower buds. This turns the terpenes and cannabinoids into vapors. 

Though some dry herb vapes use one of these methods, there are those also that use a combination of these two. There is no huge difference between these two. One can try the products like yocan vaporizer and choose the one that suits them the best. It simply depends on the preferences of an individual. 


  1. How to Use Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

It’s very easy to use your dry herb vaporizer. Even though they often vary a little bit, the majority of them are pretty similar to each other. 

You can follow the following steps to use it:


Step 1: Read The Instructions Manual

People generally don’t like to read the instructions manual but it’s advisable to read it so that you understand the basic things about the vaporizer. You’ll likely find the optimal temperature suggestions and other details that will help you a great deal. 

Step 2: Charging Your Dry Herb Vaporizers

After reading the instructions manual, you will need to ensure that your vape is fully charged before trying it out. Most of these vapes come with USB chargers. 

Step 3: The Burn-Off

Even though it’s not generally listed in the instructions manual, it’s one of the important steps that are to be done before you start using your vape. 

After charging your vape fully, ensure that its chamber is empty and clear from any visible particles. Now, turn on the cape and bring it to heat up to its highest setting. You should repeat this 3-4 times more.

The burn-off ensures that there are no residues of any kind.

Step 4: Grinding The Dry Herb

It’s advisable to grind your dry herb before you start to use the vaporizer. Make sure that it’s evenly done and the texture is good.  Grinding the weed to a fine consistency then it will result in better hits to flow from the mouthpiece of the vape. As a result, you will have a better experience.

Step 5: Packing The Chamber

The next step is to pack the chamber. The instructions manual can help you with this step as it might differ from model to model. You might want to know how much should be packed into the chamber. 

Step 6: Preheating The Vape

The dry herb vapes generally come with the preheating feature so it’s easy. 

Step 7: Setting Up The Right Temperature

When you have preheated the vape, the next thing on the list is selecting the temperature.

Many vapes come with the temp preset features and some allow custom temperature setting. In any case, it’s a hit and try method to find out what suits you the best. For beginners, it’s advisable to start vaping at temperatures between 170° C to 220° C. 

Step 8: Vape Away 

Now the next step is to inhale and enjoy. You can vape away all you want. Just make sure to start with slow consistent draws and you’re good to go.

  1. Go slowly

 It’s advisable to keep in mind that a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes are released when one vape. So it’s advisable to start slow and gradually increase as you like it. Otherwise, you can get stoned.

Dry herb vapes are a fun and cool way of consuming weed and should be tried. 


Four Benefits of Weed You Should Know

In recent years, weed has been reevaluated as a culture. After years of it being considered as an illegal substance for years, finally, legal changes are being made regarding it.

So far, a number of countries have legalized the medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational use of weed. Many states have allowed the consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Still, there are certain doubts in the minds of lawmakers and researchers nowadays that are still waiting for scientific support in favor of marijuana.

If you are also curious about the benefits of this substance then keep reading to find out some interesting things about it.

Side Effects of Marijuana

There can be high effects of THC in traditional weed. It is because of the fact that it may have certain stimulating or depressant effects on some people. As a result, they may lead to other side effects.

This is due to the fact that it can have stimulating or depressant effects in some people, which may lead to other side effects.

Consequently, when one thinks about consuming marijuana for its medicinal benefits, the doctor will more often than not consider whether the anti-inflammatory benefits are any better than any other possible risk.


What are the risks of consuming weed?

Consuming weed can have some time of opioid-like effects on the central nervous system of our body. But it should also be noted that the possible risks of weed are much fewer than any synthetic opioids. Also, it’s not as addictive as other substances people use.

As a result, many people are trying to make the consumption of weed legal throughout the country. Due to this, patients with different diseases will have safer alternatives. As a matter of fact, there are many people who consume weed so as to break other addictions.

Yet, these potential risks of weed should be considered before consumption. It’s highly advisable to consult your doctor before trying it.

Some side-effects of consuming Weed

  1. Minor Hallucinogenic Effects: Consumption of weed can have minor hallucinogenic effects. It can cause mild hallucinations, poor motor skills, and even altered perception of reality. It depends a great on the dosage also. Yet, we recommend that you refrain from driving or operate any heavy machinery. It isn’t just dangerous but even illegal to do so in certain states. It’s considered driving under influence.
  2. Certain Depressant-like effects: Using this substance can lead to certain depressant-like effects. In such conditions, one feels calm and relaxed but at the same time faces some issues with coordination and concentration. In fact, some people have also reported feeling depressive symptoms as a side effect of this substance.
  3. Stimulating effects: Weed can greatly help in improving the mood. But at the same time, it can also lead to hyperactivity, fast breathing, and even anincrease in blood pressure as well as heart rate. But in comparison to other depressant effects, it isn’t much common.

The other side effects may be bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, etc.


What are the benefits of weed?

We have compiled a list of benefits of weed that are most commonly talked about regarding its medicinal and recreational uses.

  1. Treating and managing the pain

The cannabinoids found in the weed can be very effective in changing the pain perception pathways in the human brain. As a result, it helps in treating uncomfortable pain. Nowadays, it’s being consumed largely to treat conditions that cause chronic pain like arthritis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, migraine, etc. It can also be helpful in minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment like loss of appetite, pain, etc.

In fact, there have certain incidents where it has been reported to be helpful in effectively replacing the long-term use of NSAIDs such as ibuprofen.


2  Reducing Inflammation

CBD in weed is effective in reducing inflammation. It can be helpful in treating inflammatory conditions like Crohn’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, with the reduction of the inflammation in the body, the overall health is also consequently improved. You can try the vape supply by true for getting the best experience and high-quality results.


  1. Helpful in treating neurological and mental disorders

As weed has great effects on the limbic system of the human body, it is greatly effective om treating different neurological and mental health conditions. Such conditions include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, epilepsy, PTSD, sleep management, and Tourette syndrome.

Weed has very relaxing properties that may be beneficial in improving sleep disorders like insomnia as well. Also, the sleep with also greatly improved when the pain is reduced from using weed.


  1. Help in protecting the brain after a stroke

Some researches have shown that weed can be helpful in protecting the brain from damage caused by a stroke. It can significantly reduce the size of the area affected by the stroke.

Some other researches show that the plant can help protect the brain from different traumatic effects such as PTSD, concussions, etc.


It’s true that it has several benefits but at the same time, it is highly recommended that a person consults the health experts or doctors than trying them out.