Best Websites to Buy Vapes in 2022

Smoking vapes has become a whole culture now. There are many different types of vapes, and many different ways to smoke them. Some people think that vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes, and it’s certainly cheaper.

With the rise of vaping, more and more people are looking to buy vapes. However, not all of them know where to buy vape. In this article, we will list some of the best online vape stores where you can buy vapes in 2022.

While online shopping is convenient, sometimes it can be dangerous as hackers can attack and hack your personal information. To avoid such a case, it is crucial to have a VPN web browser. We’ll briefly discuss Google VPN extension more later, along with answering the following questions:

  • Can I order disposable vapes online?
  • What are the cheapest but best vapes?
  • What is the most popular vape right now?
  • Which is the best VPN extension on Chrome for safe shopping?
  • What are the best vape sites?

So, stay tuned!

10 Best Vape Sites:


EightVape is one of the best vape websites on the internet. They sell a wide variety of vaping products, including e-cigarettes, mods, tanks, and coils. They also carry a wide selection of e-juice, including many premium brands. 

EightVape has a huge inventory and ships orders quickly. They also offer great customer service, and their prices are very competitive.

Central Vapors:

Central Vapors is a leading e-liquid and vape hardware retailer. The company has been in business for over seven years and offers a wide variety of products, including mods, tanks, coils, starter kits, and more. Central Vapors also sells e-juice in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels.


If you’re looking for a great selection of vape gear, MyVPro is the website for you! They have everything from mods and tanks to coils and e-juice. You can be sure to find the best deals on the latest vape gear at MyVPro.

Direct Vapor:

Direct Vapor is a top vape retailer, offering an unparalleled selection of hardware and e-liquid. With a huge range of devices from the biggest names in the industry, Direct Vapor has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best vape websites, look no further than They offer a wide selection of vaping products, resources, and accessories, from mods and kits to e-liquids and coils. Plus, they have a team of experts who can help you find the perfect setup for your needs.

While this is one of the best sites, it may not be available in some regions due to regional restrictions. To get access to this and any other site or content, it is crucial to use a VPN extension on Chrome. A VPN can also be helpful for online protection against cyberattackers. 

We recommend every internet user to use the VeePN extension as it is the best for online shoppers. There is also a VeePN’s free trial available for new users.


In the market for a new vape? Check out VaporDNA, one of the best vape websites around. This online store has everything you need to get started vaping, from beginner’s kits to advanced mods, disposable vapes, tanks, and much more.

Ejuice Deals:

Ejuice Deals is one of the best websites for finding deals on ejuice. They offer discounts on all kinds of different brands of ejuice, including popular brands like Aspire and Smok. People can find so many deals here, including under $1 deals on vapes.

Vape Juice Depot:

This online store offers an unbeatable selection of vape juices and hardware, making it the perfect one-stop shop for vapers of all levels of experience. People can shop by brands and can also get daily and weekly discounts.


ECBlend is another great site and has everything you need, from mods and tanks to e-liquid, flavors, and accessories. Plus, they offer great prices, deals, and awesome customer service. You won’t be disappointed! has an incredibly large selection of e-juices, with over 10,000 flavors available. Whether you’re a tobacco smoker looking for an analog replacement or a vaper who loves trying new flavors, you’re sure to find something you love.

In conclusion, there are many great websites to buy vapes in 2022. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase to ensure you get the best product for your needs.

5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America

Are you looking forward to the next product launch of vaping brands in North America?
After surveying the vapers’ community, we have concluded that the below 5 brands are the most anticipated vape brands in 2022. Let’s take a quick look at who they are and recap what they have accomplished last year.


VOOPOO, evolved from an atomization technology company in 2017, is today’s fastest-growing vape brand in the world. Equipped with the most well-known and influential GENE chip in the global vape industry, VOOPOO has the capacity to design products that meet vapers’ wildest imagination.5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America
Drag Nano 2, released globally at the end of October of 2021, garnered wide attention from the vapers’ community in North America. It is a double upgrade from the previous drag series and features the adjustable airflow system that is previously only applicable to mod products and its exterior trendsetting design.
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America
They have also recently released their Vinci Pod Royal edition which is featured by new industrial relief design, inspired from ancient relief artworks. Vinci Q pod system is also introduced to meet the need of the budget tight vapers. Cutting-edge technology, along with exquisite attention to design details make them the NO.1 most anticipated brand in 2022.


UWELL is founded in 2015 with a vision in mind to create a better lifestyle for customers, communities, and partners.
Caliburn A2, an upgraded version of their Caliburn series, has been released on August 11th of 2021. The product team of UWELL has taken close consideration of users’ feedback and suggestions of the Caliburn series and designed Caliburn A2 product. This new version has introduced more user-friendly designs such as easier-to-open lid, recessed ignition switch and etc. These design details have shown UWELL’s dedication to utmost customer satisfaction and that makes UWELL one of the most anticipated brands in 2022!
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America


Dating back to 2010, SMOK is among the earliest vape brands founded. They are known for making sub-ohm vaping style popular around the world by releasing AL85 and Alien 220.
They offer a wide range of products including pod, pod mod, advanced pod, tank, coil and etc. They have just won Vapouround Best Pod Award in 2021. We are excited to see what they have to offer in 2022.
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America


Established in 2011, INNOKIN is one of earliest vape companies founded. They are known for producing the most robust starter kit and have helped people switch from smoking to vaping.
T22 Pro, a new product release in 2021 and an upgrade of T22 E, is power adjustable from 9.5 to 13.5W. Besides that, it has made the lid easier to open than T22 E.
If you are looking to start vaping experience and don’t know what to choose from, be sure to give T22 Pro a try. We look forward to see if they have more actions in 2022 to benefit our vape starters.
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America


In 2015, VAPRESSO is created with a vision to establish a smoke-free world. VAPRESSO is a subsidiary of SMOORE, the world’s leading vaping device manufacturer. VAPRESSO not only inherited SMOORE’s 11 years’ experience in vaping industry, but also inherited its expertise in heating element technologies and safe standards.
In 2021, VAPRESSO has updated their popular ZERO series by releasing ZERO 2. ZERO 2 is featured by 3ml pod capacity and futuristic design.
As the subsidiary of SMOORE, VAPRESSO is definitely on our list to watch in 2022!
5 Most Anticipated Vape Brands of 2022 in North America

Vote for Your Well-Loved Brands, Stores & Influencers in Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021

It goes without saying that we’ve all seen some changes in the vaping landscape this year. Although traditional mod vapes have a constant appeal for experienced vapers, disposable vapes, which seem to fall on the other end of the spectrum, are rapidly rising to vie for newcomers’ attentions. Moreover, the restless Covid-19 is shaping the vaping world into somewhere we prefer to shop for and learn about vapes online.
To find a way to summarize and celebrate this year like no other, perhaps nothing’s better than holding an event to call on global vapers to voice their opinions out loud. Actually the good idea has turned real. A big vaper-centered event is hailing us right here and now—Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021!

About Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021

Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021, organized by My Vape Review (hereinafter referred to as MVR), is an event that brings together vapers across the world to name their favorites. It began on November 12th and will run through December 26th. The nominee list of Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 covers every single role closely associated with our vaping, from notable brands and online stores right through to viral influencers on social media.
Spanning across three categories (brand, online store and influencer), 27 winners will finally be announced by Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021. They include:

  • Vapers’ Favorite Vape Brand
  • Vapers’ Favorite Vape Mod Brand
  • Vapers’ Favorite Pod System Brand (Closed System)
  • Vapers’ Favorite Disposable Vape Brand
  • Vapers’ Favorite E-Liquid Brand


  • Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (UK/EU)
  • Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (US)
  • Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (Int.)


  • Vapers’ Favorite Vape Influencer on YouTube

Whether it was browsing through Reddit to turn to others for vaping advice, or skimming over dozens of expert vape reviews to weigh up pros and cons of a product, we’ve been all in this together. However, things could be different this time. Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 will leave it up to us vapers to define the “best” about vaping, and name the champions with our ballots. It’s beyond happy to have the opportunity to vote for those vape brands, stores and influencers who worked so hard in 2021 to provide amazing products, services and insights across the global vaping community.

Who Will Enter the Lists?

MVR selects out nominees in the three categories based on multiple indicators, such as appeal, impressions, innovation, ratings and fan/follower base. The relevant facts and figures used are all collected from reliable third-party sources such as news portals, social media platforms, forums and Google Trends results. Specific criterion would vary by the category.
By now, MVR has nominated over 40 brands including WOTOFO and Nevoks, Vapmod, YOOZ and 20+ stores including Sourcemore and NewVaping for Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021.

How to Get Involved?

Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 is going on up till December 26th. At this moment, we still have the chance to vote for our best-liked ones at the event page. We can cast one vote per day per award, that is 9 votes in total. If you’re particular fond of a brand, store or influencer, don’t waste the ballots you hold every day till the event ends. Then the last thing to do would be just holding our breath when the champions are announced.
Actually our votes not only mean a lot to contenders, but will win ourselves big rewards. Every day after voting, we can spin a lucky wheel to win gifts such as store coupons or vape kits from big brands. Never miss this out—we heard the chance of winning a prize is 100%! MVR will also run a giveaway at the end of the event (Dec. 26) to offer 200 even more alluring prizes, including an iPad for the first-place winner and Airpods for the runner-ups. Cast a vote, and each and every of us could be one of the two hundred winners.
While 2021 is a year like no other, we wouldn’t give up our enthusiasm about vaping, and we believe so do you. Don’t hesitate to name the best of best in your mind. Subscribe to My Vape Review and you might be among the first to learn who will be in the class!

5 Best Vapes For Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are becoming increasingly popular among vapers today. Most people consider nic salts an efficient way of consuming nicotine and kicking the smoking habit for good. However, you must select the best device that will help you transition smoothly to vaping. A quality vape pod will help you enjoy nicotine salts vape juice.
There are plenty of nicotine salt vapes on the market with outstanding features. Today, the nicotine salt brands like the hyde disposable 50mg kit are the hottest vaping trend. However, you cannot use every vape device to take nic salts. This article examines the best nic salt vapes on the market based on their quality, features, and performance.

1. SMOK Nord Vape Pod System

The vape device from SMOK comes with a larger battery and better coils for maximum experience. The 1500mAh battery will get you through an entire day of heavy vaping. It is an excellent option for nicotine salts with a sleek and stylish design. The pod is leak-resistant and easy to fill.
SMOK has been producing quality vape devices over the years with amazing flavors and throat hits. The brand doesn’t go wrong with the style and design of the vapes. The Nord Vape is everything you could get from a nic salt vape. It is compact and feels comfortable to hold in hand and use anywhere.
It has an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that can produce maximum wattage output of up to 25w for all-day use. Another impressive feature is the LED display that allows the user to monitor the vape settings. This portable pod system comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece with a 2ml pod capacity. The 0.8-ohm coil is perfect for nicotine salts. Choose from an impressive variety of color shades.

2. Aspire Breeze 2 All-in-One Vape

Aspire vape mods are some of the best nic salt vapes on the market if you desire an amazing vape experience. The modern design of Aspire Breeze vape pod provides an excellent factor for buying this device. It has a 1.0-ohm coil designed to make the most of salt-based vape juice. These coils are expertly engineered to maximize the flavor and treat your taste buds to a new taste level.

You will love this vape’s features that make it perfect for nic salts. The compact and lightweight design allows you to use it anywhere. For a small size, this device has a large battery that functions with draw-activated firing.
Choose between a button-operated or draw-activated device. Its airflow is customized and accessible through a removable mouthpiece. The ability to adjust the airflow to a preferred level is an impressive feature of this device. You can adjust the airflow ring to get a tighter MTL draw. Another unique feature of this device is its multi-use top cap that provides convenient access to the coil.

3. Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System

The Renova Zero vape pod from Vaporesso ticks every box in terms of features. The device has the most desirable aspects of any nic salt vape. It has a 0.8-ohm coil that is the perfect resistance for vaping nicotine salts.
Vaporesso makes great vaping devices, including the nicotine salt vapes. Their Renova Zero pod system is a compact device with replaceable coils. It comes with ceramic heating elements that deliver pure flavor during vaping.

Vaporesso Renova is a durable nic salt vape pod that can withstand regular use. It is a simple device with an ergonomic design to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They intentionally crafted its shape with ergonomics in mind to make it portable. Get a starter kit that includes an e-juice refilling bottle for a relaxed vaping experience.
It has a big battery that will get you a full day of vaping, depending on the coil and wattage. Its 650-mAh battery sets the stage for a satisfying vaping experience. The versatility of its airflow is another outstanding feature.

4. SnowWolf Wocket Vape Pod System

If you want to add nicotine salts to your vaping repertoire, using a SnowWolf Wocket device will give you the ultimate joy. This top-rated nic salt vape will suit your style and budget. The whole design of this vape device considers the user’s comfort and overall vaping experience.

This vape device is lightweight, compact, and aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for an amazing vaping experience. It has become popular among many nic salt portable pod devices. The pod system combines the usability and innovative features for users who love the value and rapid response rate.
It is one of the Standard devices on the market, combining innovative features and exceptional usability. You will love the fast power delivery, powerful battery, and adjustable airflow. The built-in screen on the device makes it easy to monitor all the vape settings and adjust for an ideal web experience.

5. Suorin Air Plus Vape Pod System

Suorin nic salt vape differs from all the other pods on the market. Its distinctive shape is attractively unique from any other vape device on the market. The manufacturer specifically designed this vaping device to make nicotine salt vaping easier. You will appreciate the convenience of less-frequent fill-ups

This is one of the popular nic salt vapes that lives up to every user’s expectations. It has a draw-activated firing that allows you to jump directly into an excellent vape session. Also, this vape device comes with a magnetic replaceable e-liquid pod comprising a 2ml juice capacity. It also comes with a 930-mAh battery that provides plenty of power for a standout performance.
Suorin vape pod system makes nicotine salt vaping easier with an array of elements. For example, you can pick from a variety of color shades. The best feature of this device is a leak-proof design to make it durable. A handy bottom-fill system and battery life indicator light to let you know when to recharge.

The Bottom Line

Salt nic vape has become more common in the vaping world, thanks to the success of the JUUL. Today, you are likely to find open pod systems for taking nicotine salt. This article has described some of the best nicotine salt vapes to help you stop smoking. Find a vape device that creates excellent flavors and a vape experience while remaining simple. If you want to enjoy nicotine salt, you can find an extensive selection of the best Nic vapes providing an enjoyable experience. The best vapes for nicotine salts are open, compact, and lightweight, focusing on simplicity and flexibility.

Best Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens In 2021

Have you ever heard of delta-8 THC? This newly developed cannabinoid comes with none of the paranoia, couch locks, and anxiety that often accompanies THC. And with delta-8 disposable vape pens, you can now take your vaping game to the next level.

These vape pens, usually pre-charged and pre-filled with delta-8, are ready to hit as soon as you get your package. They are the perfect means of trying disposable delta-8 if you want to test the waters without the hassle of refilling thick vape oil that often leaves a mess.

However, the law is still on the sidelines, and the product isn’t as regulated as you might think. As a result, it’s easy to pocket a low-quality disposable filled with nothing close to the real deal. That’s why we are here to get into the grit of the best disposable vape pens that you can find on the market.

List Of The Top 3 Delta-8 THC Disposables Brands Of 2021

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 THC Vape
  2. Delta ExtraX– Best Delta-8 Cartridges For Beginners
  3. TribeTokes – Most Reputable Hemp Company

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 THC Vape


#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 THC Vape

Exhale Wellness is best known for promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing people with healthy products. The brand has a team of experts who’ve been in the organic food industry for decades.

This company is now focused on using the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant to restore symmetry in the body and mind. It offers potent delta-8 THC products that provide a smooth buzz. Their products’ quality and effectiveness have raised their rank to one of the highest in the market.

Product Highlights


Exhale Wellness offers high-quality, pure, and safe delta-8 THC vape pens. These carts are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for the finest ingredients and most delicious flavors. The carts contain 900mg of delta-8 THC and natural terpenes. The terps give the carts an unmatched aroma and taste you won’t find anywhere else. Some even believe it outclasses Delta ExtraX when it comes to flavor.

There are a total of ten vape cart flavors from this brand. The top-selling options include Mango, Gorilla Glue, BlackBerry, Pineapple Express, and Blackberry Kush. With all these flavors on Exhale Wellness’ shelves, it’s safe to say that you have a lot to look forward to.

Now, while Exhale Wellness offers delta-8 THC carts, the brand does not offer disposable vape pens. As such, you will need a battery and a cartridge to enjoy 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, free of artificial flavors and colors. But, it doesn’t mean you’re getting low-quality products because the carts are also formulated without chemical preservatives, PEG oil, MCT, VG, PG, Vitamin E, gluten, and GMOs.

Also, did we mention that an independent lab tests every product? You don’t even need to take our word for it. You can head to their website and view the test results which are printed on this site.

Beyond these, another exciting thing about the product is that Exhale Wellness uses broad-spectrum hemp oil derived from the supercritical CO2 extraction process. This keeps out any traces of the illegal delta-9 THC and makes the carts nothing short of quick-acting and long-lasting.

Finally, Exhale Wellness offers its vape carts in stainless steel, food-grade silicone, and a custom ceramic heater. What’s more, the 450mAh battery is compatible with 510-threaded carts. All things considered, while the brand is new, it sure gives others in the market a run for their money.


  • Smooth vapes & mouth-watering flavors
  • 100% organic with no additives
  • Most orders are delivered within 24 hours
  • Free economy shipping for all users
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 15-day grace period for asking for a refund


  • Limited shipping to specific states within the US
  • Not for those looking for full-spectrum hemp oil

Customer Experience


Exhale Wellness has many testimonials from people who seem to constantly rave about how the products have helped them deal with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. In addition, most people report that their energy levels have peaked and are experiencing a clear head and reduced depression, especially after recovering from Covid-19.

A vast majority of users are happy with Exhale’s uncompromised potency, unmatched customer service, and reasonable policies and customers have majorly given the site high star ratings.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Delta ExtraX – Best Delta-8 Cartridges For Beginners


#2. Delta ExtraX – Best Delta-8 Cartridges For Beginners

Are you looking for the highest-quality and safest delta-8 product in a stylish device? You can’t do better than Delta ExtraX’s delta-8 THC disposables. This company boasts a team of professionals who are on top of researching and developing the purest and safest delta-8 products. The brand continues to launch great products thanks to its skilled workforce that has been in the CBD industry for several years.

Delta ExtraX disposables are produced using 100% natural ingredients. In addition, every component and extract undergoes third-party lab testing. Moreover, the company posts the results of each lab test on its website for anyone and everyone to verify.

Product Highlights


These vape pens contain Indica and hybrid strains in three flavors. The Watermelon Candy Kush and the Guava Purp are Indica strains, while the Insane Punch is a hybrid strain. All the pens are a buttery smooth blend of pure delta-8 THC distillate and pure terpenes.

The terpenes give the disposables unique flavors and fragrances for a sensational experience. All vape pens are focused on total body relaxation, a quiet, clear mind, and an energized euphoria that will get you through daily tasks or peaceful sleep when used at the end of your day. Considering its unique qualities, the chances are that you’ll like the Insane Punch better if you’re looking for something to take off the stress.

But, generally, what you’ll like most about Delta ExtraX’s disposables is that the vape pens are rechargeable. They come in a clear, glass cartridge that shows how much delta-8 oil is left. An LED also shows you when the battery needs recharging, when it’s fully charged, and when it’s working correctly. Regarding the size, each vape pen is small and light enough to store in your pocket.

Delta ExtraX makes sure everything is plant-based, and they source all their hemp plants from local US farms. The disposable vapes are completely safe since they contain no more than 0.3% THC, the legal amount of THC.

Now, keep in mind that you’re getting pure compounds. As such, one or two puffs would likely get you the signature effects of delta-8 THC disposable vape. Considering all these excellent qualities, it’s evident that the quality of Delta ExtraX’s disposables is remarkable. So much so that you’d hardly be able to forget it, more so if you’ve tried other disposables.


  • Modern & stylish vape pens
  • Blends pure distillate and terpenes
  • Potent delta-8
  • Chassis is clear glass
  • Quick delivery process
  • Robust construction
  • Disposables are rechargeable


  • No money-back guarantee or full refunds
  • Relatively small 14-day window for returns

Customer Experience


Delta ExtraX has received a ton of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Users are happy with the potency, effectiveness, and flavor. Many appreciate the quality as it makes the vape smooth to inhale.

Most customers state they’ve been using Delta ExtraX products to reduce stress and anxiety. Several have received relief from pain and muscle aches, while others have improved their energy levels to deal with work that needs focus and creativity.

From what we’ve gathered, Delta ExtraX is making a great impact on its users’ lives. Their products are top-rated because they deliver quality, style, availability, and a range of products.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta ExtraX

#3. TribeTokes – Most Reputable Hemp Company


#3. TribeTokes – Most Reputable Hemp Company

TribeTokes is a CBD and thc delta-8 brand that was brought to users in 2017. This brand has become a fan-favorite by consistently offering high-quality products that are free of contaminants and pesticides.

In 2019, it was the top-performing CBD products company in the US. While other companies have caught up, TribeTokes is still on top of its hemp game.

This isn’t surprising considering that the company has a team of founders whose aim is to connect with customers to create a close-knit tribe of cannabis enthusiasts. Even more satisfying to know is that its scientists and chemists work closely with farmers and extractors to ensure that the brand develops an all-natural, strain-specific line of vape oils.

Product Highlights


TribeTokes delta-8 disposables come in a sleek device that’s smaller than most cigarette lighters. As a result, it can fit easily in your palm. These disposables are ideal for anyone who wants something to use right out of the box with no need for assembly.

Another factor that aids their convenience is that they’re draw-activated. So you don’t even need to press a firing button.

The vapes come filled with one of three strain flavors – Northern Lights (an Indica strain), NYC Diesel (a Sativa), and Birthday Cake (a hybrid strain). With TribeTokes, you have two options. The first is a delta-8 and CBD blend in a 1:1 ratio for therapeutic and psychotropic benefits. The second is a full-spectrum delta-8 oil that contains CBD, CBG, CBN, and flavor-enhancing terpenes. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be left with feelings of euphoria, clear-headedness, relaxation, and energy.

The most remarkable feature of these disposables is that they contain all-natural ingredients. Moreover, its delta-8 distillate comes from the CO2 extraction method.

One notable fact is that TribeTokes disposables are in high demand. They have the potency that beginners love, so finding them out of stock is not a wonder. However, if you can’t find the strain you want, Exhale Wellness has a vast lineup of flavors in their delta-8 vape carts that you can source quickly and easily.


  • Devoid of synthetics, chemicals, GMOs, and additives
  • Seasonal and occasional discounts
  • 30-day return and refund policy
  • Easy to see lab reports on packaging
  • Easy to use, draw-activated vape pens
  • Informative website


  • Not rechargeable
  • No loyalty programs
  • TribeTokes does not cover return shipping costs

Customer Experience


Users are quite happy and satisfied with TribeTokes disposables. They like that they do not clog, although the vape oil is quite thick. Vape disposables have been praised for being compact and well-built. Buyers also rave about the smooth and light hits for first-time users. Customers have said that vape pens are convenient. However, some report that the battery died before they had used all the vape oil.

Aside from that, users have shown their satisfaction with the company’s transparency, informative blog, and reasonable prices. From what we’ve seen, TribeTokes is a company after its customers’ hearts. It listens, encourages feedback, and this has improved its reputation tremendously.

=> Click here to visit the official website of TribeTokes

How We Chose The Best Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens


With so many brands selling similar products, it can be challenging to know which brands to choose. It takes lots of research, a great deal of industry understanding, and a voice from the experts and customers.

  • Product Evaluation & Research


In our search for the safest, highest-quality delta-8 disposable vape pens, we started by evaluating disposables from different brands to understand how they function. We also looked at their style, performance, and durability.

We conducted extensive research on the best-selling products and went a step further to check the ingredients, overall composition, effects, and side effects. Of course, we wouldn’t want you to purchase a product that does not deliver on its promise.

  • Safety Inspection


We analyzed if the vape pens were completely safe and legal. Our team checked lab reports and also called upon experts to help with the interpretation of some ingredients. We ensured that none of the vape pens contained more than 0.3% THC.

  • Customer Reviews & Surveys


We went ahead and worked through customer reviews and testimonials on third-party websites, along with sifting through product reviews and posts across social networks. To determine genuinely high-quality products, we learned more about the first-hand experience of customers, which helped us see the advantages and disadvantages of the various vape pens.

Our team also conducted surveys to understand the effects of disposables. It helped us to verify whether the claims were as the brand attested.

  • Pricing & Customer Service


Finally, we looked at pricing and customer service. We know that products cannot stand alone. That’s why we considered only brands that have priced their products reasonably. We also identified brands with the best customer service to help us narrow down to the three delta-8 disposable vape brands represented in this review.

Buying Guide for Beginners


Now, you should recall that the delta-8 industry is not yet mature. There are few reputable brands as many are taking customers for a ride. If you are new to vaping delta-8, you may fall for a dupe. That’s why it helps to do due diligence before making a choice. Here’s our advice on how to choose delta-8 disposables.

  • Product Quality


The first thing you’ll want to establish is whether you are buying a quality product. Many brands want you to believe that they are offering the best, but you want to ensure that a company is sourcing its delta-8 which is hemp derived and not marijuana.

Second, a company should allow its extracts to undergo third-party tests with results displayed on the website. If a company does not have certificates of analysis, it’s best not to buy from that brand.

  • Ingredient List


Can you see what’s included in the disposable? Is the ingredient list detailed? You’re specifically looking out for additives and cutting agents that could affect the quality of the product and be potentially dangerous.

The most credible companies always have a detailed list of ingredients. This is especially important for vaping products since some components can be dangerous when heated to the high temperature required to turn delta-8 oil into vapor. Such ingredients include MCT, PEG, PG, Vitamin E, and VG.

  • Company Practices


You should look for companies that indicate that their products are all-natural, non-GMO, organic, chemical-free, locally sourced, and contaminant-free. You should also look at the delta-8 extraction methods. Established brands have invested capital in sophisticated equipment for the safe extraction of delta-8. The best of them are the ethanol-extraction method and the CO2 extraction method.

Also, don’t forget to check out a company’s policies regarding shipping, returns, refunds, and customer care. You’ll want to buy from a company that encourages feedback, allows returns and refunds, and has a friendly customer service team.

  • Pure Vs. Balanced


What kind of delta-8 oil do you want? If the answer is something to replace delta-9 THC, you’ll enjoy the purest distillates that have not been watered down by other cannabinoids. These distillates have the most potent high since they do not contain other cannabinoids.

However, if you are a novice, you may want to consider a balanced delta-8 oil. That doesn’t mean it’s lower in quality, but rather, the effects are not as intense because the oil contains other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Full-spectrum delta-8 oil has all the compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. That includes other cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. On the other hand, broad-spectrum delta-8 contains delta-8 isolate and full-spectrum hemp oil. However, THC is completely removed from broad-spectrum delta-8.

  • Effects


When it comes to disposables, most companies sell delta-8 isolate and terpenes, delta-8 and CBD oil blend, broad-spectrum delta-8, or full-spectrum delta-8. For those who want to feel the euphoric high of delta-8, you can consider vapes containing only delta-8 isolate and terpenes. And if you are going for therapeutic benefits, you will like any of the other options.

Moreover, if you don’t want to risk the psychoactive side effects of THC, you may want to choose vapes that use broad-spectrum delta-8.

  • Customers Reviews & Testimonials


Finally, it’s best to know what others are saying about the brand. This is arguably one of the best ways to know for sure if a company is reputable or not. In addition, it helps you understand the effects, benefits, and experiences of people using its various products.

Keep in mind that you should source your reviews from third-party websites and social media before buying. It’s easy for a brand to hide behind fake positive reviews on its website, but it can’t do the same on social media and authority review websites.

Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens – Dosing Guide


Delta-8 comes in different potencies, measured by the number of delta-8 milligrams in a particular product. The higher the milligrams, the higher the strength.

When it comes to delta-8 disposable vape pens, the number of milligrams in a particular device can vary from 700mg to 900mg. Therefore, you can get approximately 100 puffs from a 1ml vape pen. One puff is about 4mg from our calculations, and you need 1-5 puffs to establish a tolerance.

You can start with 1-2 puffs every 30 minutes to 2 hours for first-time users, while experienced users can take up to ten hits for the strongest results.

FAQs about Delta-8 Vape Pens

  1. Will Delta-8 Disposable Vape Cartridges Get You High?


Yes, vaping delta-8 disposables will get you high. However, the substance is half as potent as its infamous cousin, delta-9 THC. The important thing to know is that delta-8 has psychoactive and therapeutic benefits. It gives you a mellow and mild high that leaves you relaxed, stress-free, and clear-headed. It will not suck your energy or give you the feeling of heavy sedation.

Because it will not make you as high as marijuana, it is very popular among newbies and THC enthusiasts. Delta-8 compounds bind to the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors to give you euphoric effects. It relaxes your body and mind, and the results can last for a few hours.

The best thing about delta-8’s high is that it does not have the adverse side effects associated with delta-9 THC, paranoia, and anxiety.

  1. Are There any Important Safety Considerations for Delta-8 Disposables?


Delta-8 vapes are generally safe unless you buy a low-quality product or a knockoff. That’s why it’s best to buy only from brands that do third-party testing and share the results.

Disposables are not designed to be refillable unless you tinker with the cartridge to remove it. However, if you choose to use refillable delta-8 vape carts, always ensure that you’re using delta-8 distillate designed for vaping and not tinctures.

This is because tinctures contain additives to make the product safe for consumption when not heated. But when the additives are heated, they can quickly become a health risk.

If it’s your first time using delta-8 vapes, it’s best to take small puffs and take it slow. Large puffs tend to cause coughs and can be harsh on the throat. Hot vapor can also be rough on the lungs. At the same time, taking many hits can give you strong effects that you may not enjoy. Remember, vaping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

  1. How Long Do the Effects of Vaping Delta-8 Last in Your Body?


The effects of vaping delta-8 are felt quickly within 5-6 minutes, peak around 30-90 minutes, and last for 4-5 hours. The length of time you feel high depends on a few factors, like your body type, current health, gender, weight, and age.

Your metabolic rate also affects how long you stay high. If your body has a fast metabolism, you will process delta-8 faster than someone with a slow metabolism. The best results show up when you take short puffs over a considerable amount of time.

  1. Will You Fail a Drug Test After Vaping Delta-8?


Drug tests look for THC, so yes, you will fail a drug test. Even if delta-8 is legal, modern test kits are not advanced enough to identify the kind of product you vaped.

You may also fail a drug test if you vape occasionally. Delta-8 metabolites tend to stay in the body for around two weeks. You may want to abstain from vaping for two weeks before a test while increasing the release of metabolites by hydrating frequently.

  1. What’s The Best Temperature for Refillable Vape Pens?


This is a common question because refillable delta-8 vape carts usually have a temperature adjustment feature.

Many consider low heating temperatures better than high temperatures. As such, it’s best to keep your device set between 290-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below 290 degrees, the delta-8 oil will not vaporize fast enough, and a very high temperature will only lead to burnt delta-8 vape oil. The result is an acrid, burning taste that is quite unpleasant. A very high temperature will also cause the coil to burn out faster than it should, leading to more frequent replacements.

  1. Are Delta-8 Disposables Legal?


Delta-8 disposables are legal and safe for use in most states. This is because delta-8 comes from legal hemp, which is legal in many states. Nevertheless, some states, like Kentucky and Montana, have banned delta-8. Before buying or using it, it’s a good idea to check delta-8’s legal status in your state.



Makers of delta-8 disposable vape pens designed them to be convenient devices that you wouldn’t need to assemble, refill, or charge before using them. You will like their effectiveness if you’re looking to de-stress and relax after a long day.

Our top recommendations are the safest and highest-quality hemp products on the market. These are the brands you want to consider for a fun and enjoyable experience.

5 Best Vaping Brands You Can Try Out

If you are just starting with vapes and vaping essentials, finding the right brand and the right platform for purchase is important. While we can assure you that is one of the best online platforms for purchasing all your vaping needs, we can’t choose just one brand that works the best for you.

In that case, we should focus on finding which are some of the top vaping brands with the best products available in the market.


If there’s one brand that deserves to sit right on top of the list of the best affordable vaping brand, it is Vaporesso. It is an industry favorite and all because of the quality of products they provide their customers with. They include a lot of advanced features in their products including the advanced chipset and OLED display for easier tracking. It is also quite a good option for the individuals who are just starting with vaping and need a good idea of things before they dive right in.


Another amazing and popular vaping brand that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on is Innokin. The brand is quite underrated but experienced quite a lot of popularity when it was initially launched. But, their products are made with top-notch quality products and thoughtful designs that make them premium quality options. The products are also pretty affordable, making them accessible to everyone.

Vandy Vape

If you are particular about a brand that more or less has every last vaping essentials, it is Vandy Vape. It is a brand created and developed in China and has grown a lot in popularity with time. It is quite a recent brand but has become a household name quite quickly. Aside from the minimalistic brand design, they are also known for their quality of items and the lingering aesthetics. The products are of high-quality, making it a suitable purchase for you.


Even though this brand doesn’t have any Vape-related word in its brand name doesn’t mean they lag in any perspective. This brand is for the advanced and tech-savvy vapers. They have different options to choose from, especially when talking about the pod-style options or even the generally vaping devices that keep your needs secured. The majority of them are also designed with all the latest features and are pretty affordable too.


Last on the list is Aspire which hosts some of the poshest and upscale options. They are not necessarily the cheapest brand in the market but their quality of products makes up for the price you pay. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have budget-friendly options, because they do. From the premium coils to the pods, they host a plethora of products that you can choose from.

With so many amazing brands out there, choosing one from the list is never a hassle. Check out the products and the kind of price range they come for and you are all sorted. Just ensure that you find the best quality products above anything else.

Best 10 All-in-one Vape List in 2020

We summarised the best and most popular All-in-one vapes in the European and American markets in 2020. Hope it would of some help when you choose among a sea of all-in-one (AIO)vapes on market.

1. Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Drag X is a closed, pod system vape with a single 18650 battery. It has a rated power of 80W and uses 0.15 and 0.3 ohm atomizing cores to cover the range of 40-80 watts. Drag X is powered by the reliable GENE.TT chipset and comes in seven different colors.

2. Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus is the bigger (better) one of the best-selling AIOs of 2020. Plus is updated on the basis of Boost, with 18650 compatibility, larger screen and 5.5 mL capacity. It is rated at 40 watts, has six different stunning appearances, and has all the qualities you would expect from the “Aegis” series.

3. Aspire Nautilus Prim

 Aspire Nautilus Prim

Previously, the Nautilus BVC atomizer core has been implemented in compact electronic cigarettes, but Aspire Nautilus Prime surpassed the competition. Prime is a sexy and elegant AIO with a built-in 2000mAh battery. It has a rated power of 60 watts, and is equipped with a 0.69-inch screen and a Type-C charging device. There are six colors to choose from.

4. Vaporesso Target PM80 SE

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE is a fully adjustable AIO with a maximum power of 80 watts. Most of the specifications of the original PM80 remained unchanged, but the SE replaced the built-in battery with 18650. The PM80 SE cartridge can hold 4mL of e-liquid, and adopts a variety of atomization core options (including an RBA layer), which is compatible with PM80. A sexy and elegant AIO with built-in 2000mAh battery. It has a rated power of 60 watts, and is equipped with a 0.69-inch screen and a Type-C charging device. There are six colors to choose from.

5. Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO

Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO

If you are looking for a truly reinstallable AIO, no more searching! Vandy Vape Kylin M is a square AIO, which can accommodate mesh atomizating core and conventional atomization core. If you are not good at building, you can use Kylin M with a 0.3 ohm spare coil atomizing core. M has a rated power of 70 watts, an 18650 battery, and is available in four colors.

6. SMOK Mag 40W

SMOK Mag 40W

The Mag 40W combines a gun grip to make the Mag series popular and has the compact shape of an AIO electronic cigarette. It has a 1300mAh battery, can hold a 3mL e-liquid atomizer, and is fully compatible with the RPM atomizing core production line-including RBA option. The Mag has a rated power of 40 watts and is available in five matte colors.

7. OXVA Origin X

OXVA Origin X

The latest version of Origin brings a new upgrade to the already good equipment. X introduces a lower resistance atomizing core, which can reach 60W power. The three-in-one version comes with the new RBA, which can be used with one or two atomizing cores, and the 510 adapter, which can convert the device into a fully functional box mod.

Above are the best AIO vapes in 2020. Some readers may ask what is AIO? Here is the answer:

AIO is a simple electronic cigarette with a simple one-piece or two-piece design. It includes everything you need right out of the box – all you need to do is add e-liquid to start using! AIO electronic cigarettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the most common are pen type and refill type AIO.

The pen-type AIO consists of two parts, the bottom is equipped with a built-in battery, and the top is the atomizer part. These devices are very similar to standard pen electronic cigarettes. The main difference is that the atomizer part of AIO cannot be taken out of the battery.

The reloading AIO is almost the same as the standard pod system. The main difference is that they use atomizing cores instead of replaceable cartridges, combining the practicality of the cartridge system with the better performance of independent atomizing cores. With the successful launch of the LostVape Orion series in 2018, interchangeable cartridge cigarettes that look like walkie-talkies have swept the market and become the latest trend in vaping.

AIOs and Pods: Which one is best for you?

AIOs replace the cartridges with replaceable atomizing cores. This means that users only need to replace the atomizing core when the performance of the atomizer core declines, instead of buying a new cartridge. This makes AIO more cost-effective, because atomizing cores are generally cheaper than cartridges – although there are exceptions.

In terms of performance, AIOs are slightly better than Pods. A separate atomizing core is usually better than a miniature atomizing core installed in a cartridge. Therefore, pods usually require higher nicotine strength e-liquid (usually in the form of nicotine salt), and many AIOs are equipped with sub-ohm atomizing cores, allowing you to use them at lower nicotine concentrations.

In terms of ease of use, Pods are more popular than AIOs. Although AIO is one of the easiest electronic cigarettes to operate, it cannot surpass the convenience of the cartridge. There is no need to take things apart and make a mess. You only need to put the cartridge in, use it, and replace it with a new one when it is empty.

If you are after the most user-friendly experience, pod is your best choice. However, if you want better performance and less overhead in the long run, then AIO is what you need.

The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pen You Need To Get By 2020

U.S. by 2020 Disposable return is in the news again due to the flavored tobacco ban. People now prefer disposable vapes instead of e-cigarettes and vape mods as they have become more convenient and affordable. After the 2020 ban, disposable vapes have become a gray area and the hottest trend in the vaping industry.

If you want to try the tastiest premium flavors in disposable vapor right now, check out the SWIFT bar.

The question is, should you switch to disposable vape? And why are they suddenly so popular? Read more to know more!

Disposable Vape Experience

People did not like the older version of portable waps because they did not work that way. Most people preferred pod-based vapor or tank-based e-cigs over disposable vapes because older versions of the technology had a lot of problems.

The most common issues with earlier disposable vapes were related to battery leakage, inconsistent nicotine delivery, and by not adequately storing the e-liquid, you should keep it running non-stop for a long time.

Today, thanks to the much better technology and advanced designs of these disposable vapes, they are taking over the market, free of all the issues of the early generation

The cool thing is that these vapes are still small, but they are designed for the last several days, which is also sufficient for heavy vapor. They are the best option for those looking for a convenient vaping experience who need nothing more than to buy one of these portable vapes and get one with vaping.

The biggest change comes from the nicotine delivery format that new disposals are using. Using the nicotine salt e-liquid (nick salt), this concentric form makes the fountains much more consistent, and has a longer-lasting feel. You can expect to get a large cloud similar to older tank mods or even the Joule pod device, but in all the Nick Salt flavors you can imagine.

Flavored tobacco ban of 2020

The 2020 flavored tobacco ban does not include single-use disposable vapes. This affects rechargeable e-cigs with removable cartridges, like most popular Juul brand devices. Therefore, all U.S. Disposable options are legal in the state, unless federal authorities specifically decide against them, which is currently in the pipeline.

Don’t worry if your local smoking shop isn’t open or doesn’t carry them – you can find premium disposable vapes like SWFT bars online in fruits, minty, menthol, and other popular flavors if you don’t see them in your local Huh. Rape Shop.

Disposable Vapes are more affordable and convenient than before

Disposable vapes are desirable for any type of smoker, heavy or part-time, because once you get a premium disposable wafer, everything else is the same as the old-school method of mod-based vaping. The SWIFT bar can provide you with all the delicious flavors and last longer than any other disposable vape on the market.

Everyone knows that cigarettes are poisonous and only around because large tobacco has a powerful lobby and a lot of money to buy the ability to exist in today’s world.

So we try to find you disposable vapes and all the new flavors, to find out whether they satisfy your nicotine taste buds or provide you with the experience you need.

Please keep in mind that nothing in this article is meant to provide medical or health advice. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and you should always consult your health professionals when it comes to these matters. All the information in this article is our opinion and should be taken as such. Enjoy Wapping!

Top E-Cigarettes Brands in 2020


By mimicking the look and feel of smoking, E-cigarette has helped many cigarette users find an enjoyable alternative to tobacco. E-cigarette technology has advanced rapidly, and there are now more products than ever to choose from that cater to any user’s preferences.

You may have a number of options available when it comes to different E-cigarette brands, and we always want to avoid the bad ones (for obvious reasons). Even for the seasoned vaper, identifying the best E-cigarette brand can be a challenge, so we will show you the E-cigarette brands we use and trust the most.

Vape Mod Brands

  1. GeekVape


True to its name, Geek Vape is a reputable electronic cigarette manufacturer, delivers top-notch engineering and innovation with its products. Geek Vape provides some of the best mods & kits such as Aegis, Athena and high-performance tanks, such as Zeus, Ammit, Griffin RTA. Geekvape’s influence has been both strong and noticeable.


  1. SMOK


SMOK products are among the most popular and widely used vape gear brands worldwide, it has secured themselves a well-known name in the community. With several innovative devices in its catalog, the company has a long and well-earned reputation as one of the vaping industry’s trailblazers. If you want to be unique without sacrificing on build options or quality, SMOK is the way to go.


  1. Vaporesso


VAPORESSO was created in 2015 by parent company SMOORE which was founded in 2006. Designing a range of products that are both easy and satisfying to use, Vaporesso has made a name for themselves throughout the vaping industry as a major source of advanced box mods and compact devices ready to generate incredible vapor right out of the box.


  1. VooPoo


VooPoo is an electronic cigarette manufacturer known for its commitment to high-quality products that are both durable and versatile. This brand crafts vape devices that pack an incredible range of high-tech features and innovative design into aesthetically gorgeous creations like the VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit and the VOOPOO Drag 2 177W Vape Starter Kit.


  1. Uwell


UWELL is an electronic cigarette manufacturer of high-quality vape pens, pod systems, tanks, starter kits, and accessories, such as the Crown series and the Valyrian series. The sub ohm tank product from Uwell, as known as the Uwell Crown, is widely recognized as one of the best on the market.

Vape Pod Brands

  1. JUUL


Adam Bowen and James Monsees founded the brand, JUUL Labs Inc., in May 2015. In just two years on the market, JUUL has become so popular among young people that it has already amassed nearly half of the e-cigarette market share. JUUL‘s device looks like a USB drive and is promoted as an alternative to combustible cigarettes and existing e-cigarettes or vaping devices.


  1. MOTI


Established in November 2018, MOTI has a thriving team of nearly one thousand professional engineers, designers, supply chain experts, customer service and business experts. MOTI has been active in the US e-cigarette industry for nearly 10 years, founding or co-founding many well-known brands including Vaporesso, Geekvape and Phix. Recently, MOTI dropped a brand new product named MOTI PIIN with a wide range of flavors. MOTI PIIN becomes famous for its excellent vaping experience that some vapers called it as “best disposable E-Cigarette in the market”.


  1. Blu


Blu is an electronic cigarette brand owned by tobacco giant Imperial Brands. The brand sells its products in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Russian Federation.Blu offers both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes such as blu PLUS+ and blu DISPOSABLE. The myblu product line was launched in 2018 and uses prefilled pods. The pods use nicotine salt and are available in different flavors.


  1. Puff Bar

Puff Bar

Puff Bar is a veteran vape company, with roots stretching back as far as 2011.It’s famous for its disposable vape pens. Puff Bar comes with a variety of sensational flavors, the Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device is a portable, compact and lightweight vape system, which requires no maintenance, charging, or refilling.


  1. HQD


Founded in 2015, HQD is one of the leading manufacturers of disposable devices in the world. The company was located in China, and their main products are vaping starter kits, pod systems, and disposable vape devices (Comma, Filit, and Kim), their disposable devices are designed with master craft precision that has a large e-juice capacity as well as high-quality salt nicotine combined with delectable flavors.


Why should you know about them

Like we mentioned earlier, the vaping market can be a seriously daunting place if you’re new. There are a plethora of different factors to consider when you’re in the market for a new vape setup.…

After years of vaping, these are the vape brands that I know and trust. Search these brands for more information, so you can more easily determine which brand is best suited for you.

Top 10 vape brand shops in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, a city beside Hong Kong, now becomes a great place for Hong Kong citizens to try and buy vapes, because the vape shops in Hong Kong are quite hard to find while Shenzhen produces most vapes in the world and it’s a legal and free place to buy and sells vapes. More and more Hong Kong residents are asking about how to buy vapes in Shenzhen, and where to find the best offline vape store in Shenzhen.

The author who lives in Shenzhen, vapes a lot and even sells some vapes himself, is totally qualified to answer above questions from Hong Kong friends.

Tips: In China, you need to use Baidu map, Google is not working here at all. Even though you use a VPN to get access to Google map, the information on it is extremely obsolete, partial and incomplete.

Top 1 SNOWPLUS Vape Brand Shop

SNOWPLUS brand shop

Address: 39, floor 1, Bada shopping mall, Yongxin street, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese:广东省深圳市罗湖区永新街八达商城负一楼39号)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • SNOWPLUS starter kit provides the best user experience.
  • The handsome guys in the shop are very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.
  • Next to Luohu subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen


Top 2 MOTI Vape Brand Shop

MOTI Vape Brand Shop

Address: Building 38, Yintian Industrial Zone, Yantian community, Xixiang street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province(Chinese: 广东省深圳市宝安区西乡街道盐田社区银田工业区38栋魔笛电子烟店)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • The shopkeeper has a rich knowledge of vapes.
  • MOTI vape has a good throat hit and provides vapers good buzz.
  • MOTI vape has a good brand image worldwide with millions of fans.


Top 3 RELX Vape Brand Shop

Relx Vape Brand Shop

Address: First floor, Futian Port Commercial Plaza, Yuheng Road, Futian street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区福田街道裕亨路福田口岸商业广场一楼7天酒店旁边)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Next to Futian subway station, the gateway of Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  • RELX vape doesn’t leak e-liquid
  • RELX vape has a unique design


Top 4 Keke Xiangla Factory Direct Store

Keke Xiangla factory Store

Address: 108 Minle Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙华区民乐路108)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Factory direct sale, low price
  • Near Shenzhen North Station, convenient
  • Special store, professional

Top 5 Aidun Vape Store


Address: No. 3008-1, shennanzhong, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区深南中3008-1号潮流前线地铁商场负一1A068)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • In Huangqiang Bei, world famous electronics sales center
  • Has MOTTO vape in stock
  • Good flavor experience


Top 6 ammo Vape Brand Shop

Vape Brand Shop ammo

Address: Floor 2, sunshine Bay, No. 82, Wuhe South Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区五和南路82号阳光湾畔二楼)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Ammo is a popular vape brand in China
  • Ammo disposable vape is good
  • A chance to visit inner Shenzhen

Top 7 Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Maxfel Vape Brand Shop

Address: Hua Qiang Bei, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng
China (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区振华路78-3)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Fashionable store decoration
  • Great flavor experience
  • Friendly shopkeeper


Top 8 vvild Vape Brand Store

vvild Vape Brand Store

Address: Mei Li Lu,Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng (Chinese: 广东省深圳市福田区梅丽路220号)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Famous star Edition Chen is the brand’s representative
  • Similar to other pod vapes, not bad
  • Famous Luo Yonghao is its founder


Top 9 IJOY Vape Factory

IJOY Vape Factory

Address: 3 / F, building 8, hengmingzhu Industrial Park, Xiangxing Road, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen (Chinese: 深圳市宝安区沙井镇向兴路恒明珠工业园8栋3楼)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • A good place to know more about China vape industry
  • The pioneer of mod vapes
  • A place to view more natural and beautiful sceneries of Shenzhen

Top 10 Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Yooz Vape Brand Shop

Address: Floor 2, jiazhaoye Plaza, Buji Mumian Bay, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Chinese: 广东省深圳市龙岗区深圳龙岗布吉木棉湾佳兆业广场二楼扶梯旁yooz电子烟)

Find on Baidu Map / Find on Google Map


  • Yooz vape has Feelm inside ceramic heating core, which’s adopted by major vape brands
  • Yooz vape is an influencer brand. Its founder is famous in China.
  • Yooz vape has stable performance .


The emergence of vapes in thousands of offline convenience stores

In November 2019, about 1 month ago, it’s hard to find vapes in offline convenience stores, maybe 1 in 10 shops. Now 1 month later in December, even the 80-year-old grandma shopkeeper who knows nothing about vapes and doesn‘t welcome new things, starts selling them in Shenzhen now. The vape brand offline expansion speed is fast and furious. How hard-working these China vape brands are!

e-cigarette brand has experienced a round of reshuffle and transferred to offline channels.

After thorough observation and investigation, we found most vapes in small or chain convenience stores like 7 Seven, Meiyijia and Chongye Aimin, etc, are disposable, one-off and pod type. Their prices are between 39 yuan to 49 yuan, which are affordable to most traditional smokers. Meanwhile, according to our real test, no matter throat hit, nicotine strength or flavor, those disposable’ vaping experience is not inferior to any pod system or mod vape. Those disposable vapes are foolproof, convenient and instant, which is user-friendly and of high quality. What’s more, most stores have over 10 flavors in stock, great for choosing the one you like. Highly recommended to Hong Kong friends.

How to find convenience stores that sell vapes?

Convenience shops in Shenzhen are almost everywhere. Choose a few randomly and you’ll see.


Where to buy a cheaper but decent vape in Shenzhen

The offline shop experience is essential to many novel vapers, and they only buy after they try. That’s reasonable and rational.

However, it won’t be a wise move if you keep buying from the offline stores because offline vape brand official shops often have a 10% higher price compared to buying from the brand agents and dealers, because brands have to pay the extremely high shopping mall entrance fee, the rent and staff wage.

When you want a better price experience with the same vape, contact VAPE.HK, please. We have lots of agents providing the authentic products you need at a lower price.