Friday, July 19, 2024

Global Top 10 E-Cigarette Brands in 2024: A Comprehensive Overview


In the vibrant panorama of the global e-cigarette market, a recent report from Yingrun International Exhibition highlights a robust growth trajectory from 2024 to 2030. With an anticipated steady annual growth rate of 8.7%, the market is expected to soar to a staggering $44.87 billion by 2030, showcasing the flourishing potential and endless business opportunities within the e-cigarette industry.

The report unveils the competitive landscape of the global e-cigarette market in 2023, revealing that the top ten e-cigarette manufacturers collectively held a 43.0% market share. These leading brands include British American Tobacco, ELFBAR, Altria (Juul Labs), SKE Crystal, Imperial Tobacco, RELX, Japan Tobacco, MOTI, Boulder, and Smoore International. Here’s a closer look at the innovations and offerings from these major players:

1. British American Tobacco

  • Vuse Pro: The next-generation ePod device, compatible with all your favorite ePod cartridges. Offers quick charging and waterproof design for convenience and durability.
  • Vuse Go: Features a 2ml pod for an intense flavor experience and a long-lasting battery with LED indicators for battery life.


  • EW9000: A disposable pod that can provide up to 9000 puffs when paired with its charger. Offers interchangeable pods and advanced mesh coil technology for a rich flavor profile.
  • ELFX: A dual mesh system that enhances the heating efficiency, doubling the lifespan of ordinary pods and providing a smoother taste even at high power outputs.

3. Altria (Juul Labs)

  • JUUL Pods: Available in 3% or 5% nicotine strength, each pod offers up to 200 puffs with flavors like Classic Menthol and Virginia Tobacco.
  • JUUL Basic Kit: An easy-to-use e-cigarette with a rechargeable battery and multiple flavor options.

4. SKE Crystal

  • Crystal Bar: Wrapped in a metallic gradient, these bars offer a stunning visual appeal and come in 30 astonishing flavors.
  • Crystal-4in1: Allows seamless switching between four flavors, providing a custom vaping experience with a high-capacity 950mAh battery.

5. Imperial Tobacco

  • Renowned for its robust market presence and innovative products that cater to a diverse consumer base.


  • Continues to impress with its stylish designs and effective delivery systems tailored for the modern vaper.

7. Japan Tobacco

  • Ploom X: Combines HeatFlow technology with ActivBlend sticks, ensuring a rich, advanced tobacco experience with customizable aesthetic designs.


  • MOTI ULTRA MAX: Features a dual-layer mouthpiece and smart display for battery and e-juice capacity.
  • MOTI TRIPLUS: Offers triple power control and the ability to switch between RDL and MTL vaping styles effortlessly.

9. Boulder

  • Boulder Bottle 9000: Shaped like a regular e-liquid bottle, it provides 9000 puffs with adjustable airflow and a mesh coil for enhanced flavor.

10. Smoore International

  • Hellooo Disposable 2.0: Features a cotton-free design for a clean vaping experience, utilizing every drop of the 2ml e-liquid efficiently.
  • XROS 4: Upgraded with COREX technology, it enhances flavor delivery and pod lifespan, suitable for various vaping preferences.

This insightful overview not only highlights the leading brands shaping the global e-cigarette market but also underscores the technological innovations driving consumer preferences in this dynamic industry. As the market continues to expand, these brands are set to play pivotal roles in defining the vaping experience on a global scale.

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