RELX vs Juul, which is better?

We compare RELX and Juul in several aspects including price, flavors, pods, vaping puffs, battery life, product quality, customer reviews, charging, availability, look, weight, portability, manufacturer, company background to find out which one is better. With real experience and hands-on and careful research, we drew a conclusion that RELX is better than Juul.

The models we are going to compare in the following article are the best selling ones of each brand, RELX JUUL STARTER KIT and JUUL STARTER KIT, which includes pods

Price – RELX vs Juul

RELX: $39.99

relx starter kit price

Juul: $49.99

juul starter kit price

Observing from this, Juul starter kit is more expensive than RELX, its price is 1/4 higher than RELX. Considering RELX is from China, and its shipping fee is not included when buying it in the USA or UK, RELX would only be 5 USD cheaper than Juul.

Flavors – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 8 flavors

relx pods flavors

Juul: 8 flavors

juul pods flavors

As you can see, though they have the same quantity of flavors, RELX has richer flavors than Juul. Because Mint and Mentol, Virginia tobacco and classic tobacco of Juul have a very similar taste while all of RELX’s flavors are totally different. Besides, RELX’s Ludou flavor that Juul does not include is hot-selling worldwide.

JUUL hits hard, almost unpleasant, while the RELX produces good amount of vapor, without that irritating kick to the throat. I definitely enjoy session-vaping it if I’m sketching or working out something and concentrating

Pods – RELX vs Juul

RELX: $16.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod,5%/3% nicotine

Juul: $15.99/1 pack (4 pods), 0.7mL/pod, 5%/3% nicotine

It’s kind of strange when you see RELX pods are even more expensive than Juul. However, when you take a close look at it, RELX is still cheaper than Juul, because RELX pods capacity is about 3 times larger than Juul. That’s to say, 3 Juul pods equal only 1 RELX pod. How dare Juul sell it so expensive?

You might say Juul takes the use of nicotine salt in e-liquids. Please stop it, RELX is also using the absolutely same e-liquid formula.

RELX pods are sturdier, more solid design of the device and the pods. The pods are quite solid, so they don’t tend to leak or make a mess, but they’re also disposable only, so I tend to get a pack of pods every few weeks.

Moreover, RELX’s FEELM inside atomizing core is an award-winning technology in Germany (Golden Leaf Award) while Juul has nothing new in atomizing technology.


Puffs – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 650 puffs

Juul: 200 puffs

RELX wins too easily in this match. As a Juul user or an old smoker, 200 puffs can merely satisfy the daily needs of vaping. Forgetting the pods at home would be a disaster that occurs often to Juul users. As to RELX, its pod would be able to support an old smoker’s 3 or 4 days vaping needs.

Battery life – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 350mAh

Juul: 200 mAh

RELX pods have a large capacity than Juul, so they need a larger battery to support a longer vaping time. RELX battery life is longer than Juul according to the specification

Product quality – RELX vs Juul


RELX is said to have serious e-liquids leakage and burnt odor in some pods.


juul pod leakage

Juul is said to have some device not working and e-liquids leaking problems as well.

Both products are innovative brand new products. Therefore, some defects in the new products are inevitable. This round the 2 brands tie.

Customer reviews – RELX vs Juul


Positive overall, fewer reviews than Juul since its a newer brand than Juul. According to our own user experience, it’s tobacco flavor and product experience is great.

RELX starter pod vape kit review- Stronger nicotine strength than the traditional cigarette


Positive overall, lots of reviews online.

juul review


Charging convenience – RELX vs Juul


Use an ordinary Android phone USB cable to charge. This cable is able to to be found anywhere. You can even share the USB cable of your phone if the cable with start kit is lost.


Use a charging dock to charge. You cannot charge any more if your dock is lost.

Look/Appearance – RELX vs Juul


relx vape appearance


juul vape appearance

The form-factor of RELX is more attractive, and it feels less flimsy than a JUUL.

Everyone has his or her own preferences. It’s hard to tell which one is better. Round and rectangle shape design both have their own merits.

Weight/Portability – RELX vs Juul

RELX: 21 grams, 10 cm * 2 cm

relx size

How big is RELX

Juul: 14 grams, 9.48 cm*1.51 cm (net weight & size)

how big is juul size

How big is Juul

Juul is smaller in size, more portable. However, according to user pictures, their sizes are almost the same.

Manufacturer – RELX vs Juul

RELX: Smoore

Juul: Asteelflash

Their manufacturers are both based in China and they are both famous manufacturers in the vape industry. However, RELX is closer to the supply chain and able to control the supply chain and product quality more closely at a lower cost. The communication cost of RELX is lower than Juul since it’s a China-based company itself. Just like Apple and Huawei in the mobile phone industry, Apple was the best selling one at first but now its number one position is replaced by Huawei while they’re both mainly produced in China.



We’ve searched through the whole internet but found little information about RELX vs Juul. Therefore, this article is elaborated and written carefully based on actual product performance and user experience of the 2 most famous vape brands. Hopefully, this article would be of help when you have difficulty in choosing between the 2 brands that both look good.

Some Chinese people despise vapers who use the domestic brand. However, when people found the domestic products also perform well or even better than the overseas ones, people who admire foreign brands blindly would be regarded as the authentic dumb ones finally.

The downside of RELX is, if you’re located out of China, the e-liquid is less available. You have to order pods online. We haven’t really seen them around in convenience stores, whereas you can see JUUL pods everywhere in the USA. However, Vapehk believes that with more and more overseas agents starting selling RELX, it will be much more available out of China. It’s reported by an insider that a RELX dealer has established a warehouse in the USA and is able to ship RELX starter kits and pods by FedEx or UPS to every corner of the USA in 1 day at a very humble price compared to Juul.


Where to Buy/ Vote time

Click here if you like RELX;

Click here if you like JUUL.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI, which is the best?

What’s the user experience of the five mainstream pod systems? bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI, which one is the best?

With the world’s cigarette production decreasing, electronic cigarettes as the sub-areas are ushering in high growth. The new electronic cigarette in the market is divided into heat not burn, e-liquid vapes and vape pens. HNB belongs to tobacco products, which are controlled by the state. Vape pens that do not contain nicotine are not addictive and can not bring pleasure. The main electronic cigarette product in China are e-liquid-type. Its basic structure includes battery parts, atomizer and pods. And the e-liquid in the pod is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and essence. Unlike cigarettes, it has no open flame and no tar. The atomizer is powered by a battery pack and can turn e liquid nicotine into vapor in the pod, providing users a similar smoking feeling.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

We have selected five major brands of products in the mainstream vape market for review and comparison.

bink —— Chongmei Tobacco Group new fashion brand

RELX —— Ex Uber Manager Kate Wang’s new brand (Alpha is not included)

YOOZ ——Ex sentiment blogger Tongdao uncle Cai Yuedong’s new brand

vvild —— Ex Hammer Tech founder Luo Yonghao’s new brand

MOTI —— American MAGMA subsidiary

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

The reason for choosing these brands is very simple, because their heating medium is ceramic, which is really different from ordinary cotton core heating. Unlike traditional tobacco which need one fire to smoke, every puff of these electronic cigarette is made by heating medium to complete the atomization process of the e-liquids. The starting line of these products is basically the same.


Packing design

Not surprisingly, the first thing we look at is packaging design. Although electronic cigarettes are not as common as mobile phones, some unboxing experience and product design are still important.


Initial pods: tobacco 4%, mint 3%, banana 3%, blueberry 3%

bink’s packaging is the largest in the cross-review products, and it is also more attentive in packaging and instructions. The most important thing is four pods with banana chieftain, blueberry popcorn, fresh mint, Chinese flue-cured tobacco four flavors, the cost-effective ratio is higher than other brands. bink pod replacement process is smooth. And it comes with aluminum shell and the whole device weight is 22g, light and portable. It is worth mentioning that the device has a e-liquid observation gap in the middle, through which we can clearly judge the residual amount of e-liquids, which improves the user experience.



Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% MINT

(% data is for nicotine content in pods)


Although electronic cigarette products are not very expensive, it was a bit surprising to see that RELX starter kit only has two initial pods inside. After all, 299 yuan is a higher price among peers. Fortunately, the package design is delicate. The dialog instructions shorten the distance between the user, and the pod is translucent, so it is easy to observe the e-liquid amount. It comes with an integrated metal shell, the whole body is non-planar design, the middle is a water droplet shape indicator lamp, and the bottom is the traditional plastic injection interface design, using Mirco-usb charging interface, attached with a charging line.



Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% mint


YOOZ pod number is also two, sad. Its packaging design should be familiar to users who have unpacked the iPhone package. They’re really from the same mold. It is still a metal integrated body, with arc front and rear design, LOGO light in the middle, and an air intake hole in the left and right upper frames. At the bottom is Mirco-usb charging interface, with a braided thread attached to the package. Pod replacement process is the most difficult among the five.



Initial pods: tobacco 5%, mint 3%, mango 3%


Nova Vvild electronic cigarette from Virgo Luo Yonghao is undoubtedly the best in design and compatibility. It is difficult to notice the area of the indicator before the light is on (the visual angle is not high). The three regular pods are satisfactory, and the Type-C blind interpolation interface is at the bottom.


Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% pineapple and 5% watermelon.


The product design of MOTI is almost the same as that of RELX. In addition to LOGO and indicator lamp styles, even charging lines are the same. It is speculated that they came out of the same OEM factories. The MOTI makes the pod near the edge of the mouth transparent and easy to observe the e-liquids. This starter kit contains three pods.


As mentioned earlier, in order to ensure the same starting line, we have chosen several brands which use “ceramics” as heating medium. The heating medium is responsible for the full atomization of e-liquids, which affects the atomizing efficiency and the atomization taste of pod system. It is the core component of vapes.

Interestingly, the heating technology of the five brands of electronic cigarettes we selected originated from a company called Smoore, which was founded in Shenzhen in 2004 and developed mature heating schemes such as cotton core and ceramics.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

Among them, RELX, YOOZ, bink and MOTI all adopt Smoore’s latest FEELM inside heating technology, while brother brands vvild and FLOW adopt the previous generation of CCELL heating technology. Although both are ceramics, the surface of the ceramics used by FEELM is covered with adsorbing micro-holes, which are soaked in e-liquid and heated by the resistance coil at the bottom. The micro-holes and the hollow ceramics inside increase the atomization area, which makes the atomization effect better. However, some news site and medias indicate that this has not greatly improved the user experience, and the CCELL coil also has a good atomization experience.

There are also many other electronic cigarettes on the market still using cotton core coil atomization heating method, whose disadvantage is also obvious, the amount of atomization is small, easy to leak e-liquids, and the uneven heating causes the clicking sound. I’ve been frightened at first use of this kind of products.


E-liquids are the core and essence of the product, especially the nicotine quality in the e-liquid. The nicotine used in the early e-liquid was diluted by the original nicotine solution, which was very basic and could not eliminate the odor of the original nicotine solution in the e-liquid. Now it has been replaced by nicotine salt, which stimulates the human body less, but has a smooth flavor and weakened throat hit.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

In this review of these 5 electronic cigarette products, RELX, YOOZ, MOTI, vvild all use nicotine salt technology, representing that they have a better flavor than traditional electronic cigarettes.

Surprisingly, though bink is also a nicotine salt, it uses a more advanced “HINs natural compound nicotine technology” to miraculously realize the react between tobacco natural edible endogenous acid and pure and safe nicotine to provide you with a real sense of throat feel and a persistent aroma. Besides, HINs technology has a higher sense of physiological satisfaction (on the premise of the same intake) and a more supple taste than ordinary nicotine salt.



After all of this, we finally have a chance to talk about flavor. Overall speaking, electronic cigarettes with ceramic heating and nicotine salt technology are among the best in the industry in terms of taste fidelity and smooth degree. In order to avoid content bias, I summarized the experience of these electronic cigarette products from old smokers (Over 10 years of smoking experience), moderate smokers (5 years of smoking) and new smokers (1 year of smoking).

RELX tastes smooth and pure on the palate. Its flavor of tobacco is really high, and it does not cause strong stimulation to the human body. But there is a strong flavoring essence on the fragrance. It has a high degree of addiction relief. Two to three mouths of vaping can give old smokers enough pleasure.

Considering the nicotine content and purity in the e-liquid, the performance of all the electronic cigarette products in this cross-review is quite good.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

The first good impression of YOOZ is that it produces vapor a lot (the tobacco pod has a nutty flavor). Although we make multi-reviews on 5 pods, YOOZ is really surprising. Its mint flavor is as addictive as the refreshing feeling brought by RELX. The refreshing feeling of mint left on tongue in the later period is more lasting. However, people have their own preferences, you need to test it yourself.


bink data shows that its nicotine content is lower than other brands, but the acquisition of pleasure is no less than other products. It is speculated that this may be related to the use of HINs natural compound nicotine technology, the same content of nicotine, the degree of addiction relief effect will be higher. The degree of tobacco flavor imitation is also very good. The entrance of its four flavors is also very soft and smooth, the mint is moderately cool, and the banana has a high sweetness.


vvild and MOTI have many tendencies in tobacco flavor. vvild has strong stimulation, the pursuit of throat hit, and a thirsty feeling after vaping. MOTI has a low degree of fidelity in tobacco, although very soft, it really can’t feel a tobacco-like flavor. Maybe it is to make it more acceptable to new smokers? It is not ideal in the taste of mint and fruit, and the degree of tobacco fidelity is not high. If you prefer a cool mint flavor, vvild Mint is a good choice.

vvild or MOTI

In terms of safety care, RELX and bink have over-inhalation protection reminders to avoid excessive user inhalation. If the reminder effect is more obvious, it will be better.

There is also the problem of e-liquid leakage. When we received the delivery, only two MOTI pods were in the state of leakage. Because I didn’t make a large-scale purchase, I speculate it is likely to be the problem in part of its product. Vape e-liquid leakage is related to the interests of consumers, manufacturers should continue to make efforts in this regard.



To sum up, bink is the most conscientious one, and the pod is cheap on average. It is also the exclusive HINs nicotine extraction technology in China. Its soft taste is maintained at the upper and middle level. Next, the overall tobacco fidelity of MOTI is not high, its taste is easy to confuse, and the average price of its pods is the most expensive, which is not recommended. Then, vvild is the best in portability and shape. Its menthol flavor is recommended. However, it should be noted that its heating coil is a product of the previous generation. RELX and YOOZ have high tobacco-like flavor and belong to the brand that can not be mischosen. In most cases, people choose electronic cigarettes for the purpose of replacing cigarettes, taking into account the flavor and wallet, as well as the long-term disadvantages of use, we still recommend a brand like bink.

FEELM or SILMO, which is better?

The electronic cigarette is a new industry with broad prospects. With continuous technological innovation and change, this industry has been developing rapidly. At present, the technical barriers in the electronic smoke industry are mainly concentrated in the fields of air intake and outlet system, ceramic technology, atomization structure (no e juice reverse and e-liquid leakage), heating technology, ID design, component scheme and so on. Many related enterprises in the whole industry chain have made long-term efforts to develop and seek breakthroughs.

Among these technologies, atomization technology is the most core element of atomizer, which directly affects the user experience of products, and even determines the success or failure of products. The atomizer compared to the vape, just like the Intel chip to the computer.

Since the birth of vape in 2004, the atomization core technology of its atomizer has been constantly evolving and renewing iteratively. It has undergone six generations of technological changes, such as e juice storage cotton, e liquid guide rope, e-liquid guide cotton, ceramic core, metal mesh, ultra-thin stainless steel blade and so on.

1 skill to keep you away from e liquid leaking – did you stuff up your cotton ?

Ceramic core is the most widely used atomization technology for small and medium-sized vape products in this industry. Its greatest advantages are pure taste, clear layers, high reduction, durability and non-burning, which bring unprecedented VAPE experience to consumers.

Among so many brands, there are 2 major ceramic atomization technology brands in the global vape industry. They are FEELM & SILMO.


FEELM is a brand of vape technology based on ceramically coated atomization core issued by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co., Ltd.(深圳市麦克韦尔科技有限公司) in 2016.

About Smoore

Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes. After more than five years of hard work, this company has more than 8,000 square meters of modern factory buildings, a professional R&D team, more than 3,000 managers and employees (currently there are three factories in Shenzhen Xixiang Dongfeng Finance Corporation, Songgang Branch and Dongguan Changan Branch). This company has always adhered to the enterprise concept of “honest management, healthy development”, and jointly operated electronic cigarette products with a number of large foreign enterprises. At present, its subsidiary brands FEELM , Vaporesso & Smoore products are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions achieving a sales amount of 1 billion dollars per year.)

This company not only owns its own brand Smoore & Feelm, but also provides OEM service for customers. They are always guided by customers’needs and serve customers wholeheartedly. Therefore, in the industry it has a good product brand reputation and corporate imagefeelm

(Chinese:深圳市麦克韦尔科技有限公司 创建于2006年,是一家专业从事电子烟开发、生产和销售的民营高科技企业。我司历经五年多时间的努力打拼一年一个新台阶,目前公司拥有8000多平米现代化厂房,拥有一支专业的研发队伍,现有管理人员和员工三千多人(现有深圳西乡东财总公司、松岗分公司、东莞长安分公司三处工厂)。我公司始终秉承“诚信经营,健康发展”的企业理念,联合了多家国外大型企业共同经营电子烟产品。目前,Smoore产品主要销往欧洲、美国、日本、韩国等发达国家和地区。


FEELM metal coating technology takes ceramics as a carrier and uses ceramics forged at high temperature, forming a large number of honeycomb-like capillary holes inside, which is more conducive to the uniform penetration and heating atomization of fume. At the same time, it retains and improves the original characteristics of the ceramic core such as “pure taste” and “rich layers”.

The core technology of FEELM is to get rid of the bondage of traditional heating wires, cover metal film on the bottom of ceramics by special technology, and distribute it in “S” shape, which greatly improves the overall heating performance.

As a brand of atomization technology, FEELM is a paradise of atomization technology flow. It brings together more than 270 experts in atomization research all over the world and has established several basic research institutes. It has applied for more than 800 patents related to atomization globally, and won the only “Golden Leaf Award” of China’s technology brand in the global tobacco industry in 2018.


SILMO is a new brand released by Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd. on March 22, 2019, based on microporous ceramics electronic atomization technology.


SILMO is an electronic atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights. It uses microporous ceramics as the matrix, uses thick film printing technology of metal slurry, and manufactures a new type of heater by coating ceramic surface. It innovatively solves the technical bottleneck of heater which has troubled the industry for many years.

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

SILMO™ was first born in the ALD Institute of Basic Sciences in 2017. It originated from its original concept heater Silmo 1.0. This year, ALD first attempted to make a new heater by thick film printing technology on ceramic substrates to solve the problem of weak fog and thin taste in low power atomization equipment. After two years of exploration, after two generations of renewal and polishing, Silmo 3.0, the third generation of heater under SILMO brand, has matured, and the technology level has been far ahead of the whole industry. With Silmo 3.0 officially launched in March 2019.

SILMO™ is committed to improving the user experience of inhalation atomization equipment and contributing to the development of electronic atomization industry. As its Slogan conveys, SILMO is not only an atomization technology, but also a mission to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry with the power of technology. SILMO™ makes atomization cleaner, healthier, safer and longer — “More Than Pure” is its slogon.


Both brands have a peerless & strong background company, and take the use of ceramic metal coating technology. But there still some differences between the 2 brands. 


Company total sales amount: FEELM- 1 Billion; SILMO- 1 Billion

Ceramic heating technology stage: FEELM- 1 year; SILMO- Just launched

Brand history: FEELM- 4 Years; SILMO- 2 Years (Mother company ALD is 10 Years)

Employee number: FEELM- 3000; SILMO- 2000

Factory size (squares): FEELM- 8 thousand; SILMO- 20 thousand

Brand awareness: FEELM- Famous; SILMO- Plain

Awards: FEELM- Golden Lead Award; SILMO- None


Both FEELM  and SILMO has their own merits. Which is better will be decided by you after viewing above data.

PS: SILMO has an amazing large ALD factory with a capacity of 3 million vapes per month that no vape company can compete with.



FEELM official site

ALD official site