Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA review- DirtyCheck No.82

Although the global market is currently being hit by pod vapes,

There are always mod brands that have been targeting professional players with good products.

WOTOFO is such a brand created for vaping enthusiasts.

Today’s product is based on its previously produced Profile RDA,
The new product is RDTA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA introduction

Box content

This Profile RDA is more than just an RDTA,

In fact, it is also an RDA,

Because its accessories can be reconstituted into an RDA

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Suitable for current WOTOFO’s best heating mesh,

The original packaging comes with three different heating meshes,

NexMESH Clapton,

NexMESH Extreme,

NexMESH Turbo.

As a more functional RDTA,

The original packaging also comes with 2 Framed Staple Clapton traditional atomizing core.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

It is definitely worth mentioning that the RDTA e-liquid guide part.

It uses a steel coil to guide e-liquid,

The strange place is that the steel coil has a large e-liquid control space.

The steel coil is not well fixed,

So later tilt will definitely cause e-liquid leakage.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Taste feedback

In terms of heating mesh:

The overall feeling is very strong and excellent,

The sweetness of e-liquid is unique,

This is difficult to achieve with other conventional atomizers.

The vaping taste is just right.

The disadvantage is that sometimes there will be insufficient or too slow e-liquid conduction.

So it’s not suggested to use heating mesh with RDTA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA reviewWotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

In terms of regular heating coil:

You can use your favorite setting to feel this,

It’s recommended to use Clapton heating coil,

It will give the vaper good feedback.

Everything is normal in terms of e-liquid/oil/e-juice conduction.

The combination of heating wire and e-liquid according to your own ideas

Will create a brilliant vaping experience.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Friendly reminder:

Due to the structural limitations of this atomizer,

Stuff as much cotton as possible,  fill up the entire tank,

Otherwise, it will leak e-liquid/oil anytime and anywhere

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review


WOTOFO gives me a surprise this time,

This RDTA is not only cost-effective,

But also can be used as a classic RDA.

There are more possibilities in matching for richer flavor experience in this Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

But in terms of sealing,

WOTOFO needs to do better,

Captain also noticed that the mesh core had welding spots.

I hope WOTOFO to explain it,

Making it clear that the solder joint is healthy and normal.

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

Accessories should also need to be equipped with a spring,

Because the ceramic support plate in the middle of the atomizer has only one spring,

Over time it will lose flexibility.

Friends who like mod vaping is recommended to take a try on this Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Wotofo PROFILE RDTA/RDA

Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA reviewWotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review Wotofo PROLILE RDTA/RDA review

SMPO Kii review – The most cost-effective DL pod system

SMPO Kii is the newest launching by SMPO, still being the same DL vape style as SMPO Ki in such a little design to deliver the powerful vape yet at a more affordable price, which is really good news to those who are a big fan of powerful and convenient vaping.

Thanks to SMPO for sending me their product to me for review again, I would love to share with you how this lovely SMPO Kii works start now.

Box Contents

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

1 x SMPO Kii Kit

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card




Battery Capacity:650mAh

Pod Capacity:1.8ml

Power output: 10-15W

Pod Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.8ohm


Design & Built-in Quality

SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

It has total of four colors are optional and they come in Midnight blue, Forest Green, Mosky Rose and Dark Knight(black). Its Oval-shape design is not much different from SMPO previous pod kit but with a smaller size in 83.5×32.2×13.8mm, to makes it stealthier and lighter weight. Paired with the texture of external material, any fingerprint and scratch could be avoided efficiently. I think this is one of the improvements compare with SMPO Ki which is in the Mirror-like surface.

There is no button found in this little device, all is the LED in the front side of the panel to show battery status, and draw activation to get the vape started. On the other side of the panel have the SMPO logo engraved. I would definitely say the special texture really makes so comfortable sense of holding. SMPO Kii is driven by built-in 650mAh battery to provide enough power as a pod vape device. And there is the Micro-USB charging port located under the bottom of the device, to make this pod device further neat and simple, everything in SMPO Kii is just beyond the minimalism.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system
Photo is from SMPO OFFICIAL

The SMPO Kii has the same pod with SMPO Ki to work for the DL vape. The strong magnetic drops the pod into the Kii battery efficiently and firmly, even do a better job than many of pod kits with magnet connection. Each of Kii pod comes with 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and fill on the top by uncovering the mouthpiece cap. There are two filling holes on the top, the coil in the middle inside separates the two sides, so you need to fill into both holes to ensure they are sufficiently filled.

In terms of the leaking issue, SMPO Kii pod prevent any spilling effectively, the pods keep dry and clean after I has used it 3 pods e-liquid, and condensation rarely could be seen there. It handle well with the high VG and makes no dry hit, very smooth vaping experience.


SMPO Kii review - The most cost-effective DL pod system

The SMPO Kii is a DL pod system, and different from full direct to lung box mod devices that with button fire, you need to vape it longer to get there. We usually make MTL works on vaping 2 to 3 seconds, but with SMPO Kii, my experience in 8-9 seconds is recommended. But it is not laborious at all, because the draw activation here is very sensitive. So here is another thing I would like to tell is MTL could be available on this device too, even though it is a DTL pod kit.

SMPO Kii will deliver the nice restricted lung hit, not as powerful as the box kit or a pod mod, but I would say that it stands out from the majority pod kits. It is not in MTL, and not in DL, it is just between of them, very nice throat hit.

And its flavor punch is good and impressive. The pod uses dual coil heating to make the e-liquid vaporization more evenly and sufficiently, so that the taste is good and no performance lost on so affordable price. Large amount of vapor production is the most highlight from SMPO Kii, really good and descent clouds delivery. So it is strongly recommended to those who love vaping tricks, SMPO Kii would not let you down. But if you vape it in MTL, the vapor and flavor both are not as strong performance as DL, the flavor would be mute and vapor didn’t get the DL production, but still good.

Flavor is about e-liquid, previous I got some vape devices and they are so nitpicking to e-liquid fill, especially for a pod kit, high VG usually is out of match. But what’s a surprise, the SMPO Kii just could handle well with diverse e-liquid. I try nic salt 50/50, and high VG 70vg /30pg, and both are satisfied. The coils keep normal working and no dry hit, it is changeable due to the normal use frequency, not due to the e-liquid unfit.

Battery life and charging

It takes 2 hours to get the SMPO Kii fully charged, it is really long time but pass-through is available, it could help to resolve the issue that you don’t need to start vaping after it fully charged. Built-in 650mAh battery, it is regular as a pod kit, but due to DL vape consumes more power in shorter time, so it doesn’t last a long time.

Charging is paired with the Micro USB, I originally think that is out of style for now, and the Type-C would be better, but it is reasonable too because the SMPO makes it cost-effective.


SMPO Kii is worthy of being strongly recommended. Good price, good flavor, large vapor production. It has its shortages like long charging time and not long lasting battery life, but actually it is normal in a pod kit and not an engineering issue. If you are an MTL vaper and would like to start to try DL, SMPO KII would be your solid initiatory teaching material, or if you’re a cloud chaser but preferred in a more convenient way, SMPO Kii is still there for your chosen. Generally speaking, pick it up, it deserves the reputation.


Texture body makes quality in hand

Good anti-leaking

Good flavor delivery

Large amount of vapor production

High VG handle well

Nic-salt/freebase are fit in

Sensitive draw activation

Nice restricted lung hit


Battery doesn’t last long vape duration

2 hours got fully charged

Buy SMPO Kii from https://www.vanguardsmoke.com/products/smpo-kii

Flash Heart disposable vape review – Maximum 1500 puffs one-off pod – DirtyCheck No.81

How could Flash Heart’s new product be missed since Captain’s an old friend of Flash Heart?
Flash Heart’s products are loved by many consumers and it received unanimous praise from the industry,
And today let’s take a look at the magic of the new disposable vape from Flash Heart launched at the vape show.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Flash Heart disposable vape introduction

Real 1500 puffs,
Compared to the traditional disposable vape battery life, this one is longer.
In turn, it is more environmentally friendly and more scientific.
It not only meets vapers’ daily needs, but also very convenient for travelers.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

A reasonable diameter of 19mm,
It’s OK even if you have a mobile phone in your hand when vaping,
Disposable sanitary packaging,
With reusable dust cover.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Adjustable air intake,
Suitable for MTL and DTL vaping methods
Metal air intake ring adjustment at the bottom.
Large and small smoke as you like,
Nicotine salt content of 19MG/ML,
Scientific ratio, intuitive taste

Flash Heart disposable vape review

6 flavors in total,
Lychee blackcurrant, ice spring, watermelon, sweet and sour kiwi, white peach oolong, iced cola.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Flash Heart disposable vape taste

This is a ordinary taste ,
The combination of lychee and blackcurrant is a bit strange
Reasonable coolness,
Relatively sweet.

Ice spring flavor is one of the best,
The coolness is proper,
The sweetness of the spring water is very good,
Sweetness is at a middle level, very good degree.
Simple and uncomplicated

Watermelon with ice, a common flavor among pod vapes,
But the treatment of this vape seems to be more hydrated,
It makes the unique water sweetness of watermelon be in place,
The cool feeling gives you the satisfaction of relieving heat in summer.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

This is the best taste of the whole series,
The fruit acidity and fruit sweetness taste brilliant.
Flash Heart should make a brand a new e-liquid for this flavor itself.
The unique scent of kiwi fruit is shown very well,
I feel a bite of fresh fruit in my mouth,
Everyday essential flavors.

White Peach Oolong
White peach with oolong tea,
It is a classic match.
Not supurised, just good.
Suitable for daily taste change
It would be good if the tea flavor is heavier

This iced Coke is different from other pod vape flavors of “syrups”,
The unique formula will make people feel carbonated,
It’s just what the cola needs, but also the soul of cola,
With proper cooling,
It’s really the top restore of real cola drink,
It makes you urge to drink unlimited.

Flash Heart disposable vape review


Regardless of whether you have a habit of smoking disposable e-cigarettes,
You should try this Flash Heart disposable vape,
It gives me a very good feeling in terms of flavor restoration and taste.
No burnt smell until using it up.
It’s one of the most noteworthy products of the vape show a few days ago.
The dirty team also consulted its manager and asked some small questions
There will be new flavor updates in the later period, and 3 models are currently planned.
Later new flavors will continue to impress vapers.
Are you looking forward to it?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy FLASH HEART disposable vape

Flash Heart disposable vape review Flash Heart disposable vape review Flash Heart disposable vape review

UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit review- DirtyCheck No.80

UWELL, after accumulating a good reputation, introduced Caliburn 7, which is Valyrian Pod.
Let’s take a look at how such a device is.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

UWELL Valyrian Pod kit content:

Valyrian Pod*1
1.0ohm MTL coil*1
0.6ohm DTL coil*1
Tank *1

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


The capacity of the tank is very good,
Very good enough to meet daily needs,
The 3mL capacity is the most scientific,
Adjustable air intake is a good point,
Which can satisfy a picky friend’s adjustment of air intake

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Refilling is also very simple and convenient,
Oil can be filled by sliding the top cover,
The disadvantage is that the drip nozzle on the top cannot be replaced,
A whole design with drip nozzle,
There is no way to upgrade it.
Because the atomizer core and this drip nozzle are linked,
It’s also difficult to upgrade and adjust.
In other words, it is not possible to achieve the top-level customized vaping experience.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Atomizing core

Originally equipped with two atomizing cores
Positioning is the setting of mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping.
But in terms of actual feeling,
1.0 core will be much better than 0.6.
The reason is that the processing details of 1.0 are better than 0.6,
Of course, friends who are looking for a lot of smoke can use 0.6,
In pursuit of taste, it is recommended to smoke 1.0 6mg.
I saw some friends said to smoke nic salt,
In fact, this device is so suitable for nicotine salt e-juice.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

The structure of the first atomizer core itself, didn’t make a good airway.
In many cases, nicotine salt will reach an overwhelming level.
Of course friends who can’t stand it will definitely not be able to stand the impact of that amount,
So it is recommended to vape about 6mg of high-quality e-liquid.
This experience will be very good.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review

Personal recommendation on heating core replacement rate is 3 times of vaping.
Because Captain found that the taste will gradually be lost after the second tank.
Fortunately, it has done a good job in carbon deposition of the atomizer core.
It is difficult to accumulate carbon or there is little carbon deposit,
Relatively satisfactory.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


The power of the device is 1250mAh,
It’s enough for use.
It’s hard core in terms of the hand feel,
Much smaller than the picture.
So whether there is ergonomic design, it does not have much impact.
Really small and delicate,
Very pleasing.

The design of the device,
Used very exquisite craftsmanship.
The carving is very beautiful.
Also Valyrian’s text design is full of art.

UWELL Valyrian Pod review


In terms of taste, UWELL is full of sincerity this time,
Reached a height that other device did not reach before.
The vaping is full and the taste is very strong.
Overall, this is a very mature device.
Small details can be improved,
For example, the replaceable setting of the drip nozzle,
The button pressing feel, etc.
But overall,
This device realizes the ultimate enjoyment of flavor and vaping, highly recommended!
I am Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy UWELL Valyrian Pod Kit

UWELL Valyrian Pod reviewUWELL Valyrian Pod review UWELL Valyrian Pod review UWELL Valyrian Pod review

ARTERY MT4 review – DirtyCheck No.77

There will indeed be many new product releases near the vape exhibition in Shenzhen, China,
This is why Captain delayed the release of reviews,
But recently this MT4 produced by Artery caught my attention,
Because it has a linked easter egg with a Cafe Racer vape,
So how is this product, we continue now.

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY brand introduction

Shenzhen Artery Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech manufacturer integrating the production, development, research and sales of electronic cigarettes, providing high-quality, innovative and competitive products for domestic and foreign customers.

Artery’s mission is to promote a healthier and more casual lifestyle through its most advanced and easy-to-use vaping products all over the world. All the personal evaporators of Artery Technology are made of environmentally friendly materials and self-packaging. They insist on using high technology to create a smart, green and harmonious life. That will be their relentless pursuit in life.

In fact, Artery is not unfamiliar to everyone, and there have been devices like PAL 2 AIO before, which are well received in market.

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 starter kit content

MT4 Kit *1
Refillable cartridge *1
USB charging cable *1
Warranty card *1
E-liquid experience kit *1

It is worth mentioning that the cigarette butt experience device is a small linkage with the Cafe Racer,
It can be seen that such brands pay great attention to experience quality

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 parameters/ specifications

Size: 23mm*14mm*92mm
Material: PCTG/PC+ABS
Battery capacity: 480mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2mL
Pod resistance: 1.3ohm

ARTERY MT4 colors

Black, orange, red, blue, gray, pine blue green

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 user experience

First come a friendly reminder,
In fact, when it is not linked with Cafe Racer e-liquid,
It’s also been produced, you will know it by looking at the packaging,
The packaging with e-liquid will be larger, or it would be smaller.

ARTERY MT4 review

1.3ohm resistance cartridge with nicotine salt is a great experience,
Especially in conjunction with Cafer Racer e-liquid,
The vaping is relatively detailed and gentle,
1.3ohm is not a regular cartridge setting,
Relatively reduce the impact of nicotine salt,
It makes the taste more comfortable and soft.
But when experiencing 6mg and 12mg of e-liquid,
It’s just a very ordinary vaping.
The vaping of the cartridge is not comprehensive,
In other words, this is just a pod vape device suitable for smoking nicotine salt vape juice.

ARTERY MT4 review

Under the actual experience,
480mAh of power is not very good for one day of battery life,
People who have a large demand for e-cigarettes like Captain,
You would run out of power in the morning,
The 2mL capacity is slightly weak,
I tried it subjectively, but I can only add it to 1.6-1.7mL.
The utilization rate of pod is not high

ARTERY MT4 review

The choice of material is very good,
But the design seems a little less interesting,
Compared with Smoore’s devices,
There is obvious technological weakness.
And the price is not as cheap as the latter.
It’s not cost-effective.

ARTERY MT4 review


Although there is the blessing of Cafe Racer e-liquid,
It’s difficult to get good reviews on the device.
Excellent use of materials,
Although the excellent double coating process is used,
Still did not cover up the design deficiencies,
Fortunately, the experience is good.
Seaweed fiber cotton is used to make handling more comfortable,
To make up for an overall defect.
It feels light in your hand.
Whether it’s the battery life or the pod capacity,
It’s suitable for friends with low demand for nicotine salt.
Is the price of 138 yuan a bit high?
This has to be verified by market feedback.
So would you like such a device?
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ARTERY MT4

Where to buy ARTERY MT4

ARTERY MT4 reviewARTERY MT4 review ARTERY MT4 review ARTERY MT4 review

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review – DirtyCheck No.76

In fact, when it comes to heat not burn products, many vapers resist it more or less.
But what Captain wants to say is there is some reason the HNB exists.
What we’re resisting is actually affected by devices like IQOS, which have a bad user experience.
I believe in China’s technology on the improvement of such devices.
Okay, let’s not talk nonsense, enter our topic today,
ECIGOO heat-not-burn device produced by SLS.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

CIGOO brand introduction

Yunnan CIGOO Technology Co., Ltd. was established by Yunnan Henggang Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lvxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. that reached a strategic cooperation agreement. CIGOO will, under this in-depth joint venture and cooperation between the two parties, create a precedent for the successful marriage of technology and market, original achievements and capital platform in the HNB field, which is different from the simple investment operation of the traditional e-cigarette industry. It will help to systematically improve the core competitiveness of new domestic tobacco products; it will help accelerate the entry of Chinese HNB products into the international market; it will also be more conducive to the overall transformation and upgrading of China HNB industry, making strides to a new level of industrial development, and letting Chinese manufacturing go to the world!

CIGOO focuses on new tobacco products, intensifies innovation, leads new trends in the market, and strives to create new industrial support and profit growth points. The two companies will build a relatively independent professional platform, and are committed to becoming the industry pioneer in the future. They will move forward and drive together; gather resources and go hand in hand to create a better future together.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO parameters

Product size: 15mm*23mm*88mm*
Maximum power: 24W
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Charging port: Micro USB
Charging time: 90Min
Number of puffs: 12±1 puffs
Package weight: 33g
Heating element: ceramic heater
Cigarette battery life: 9-12 cigarette cartridges(full power)

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO kit content

1*Micro USB data cable
1*Product Manual
1*Warranty card
1*Box of CIGOO cartridges

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Diamond silver, deep forest green, ruby, classic black

SLS ECIGOO features

Heater half-open port
Effectively prevent burns from misoperation
Tobacco ash cleaning is more convenient

Food grade material
High temperature resistant, safer suction experience

Perfectly adapted to HEETS, CIGOO
Special φ7.2mm cartridge
No burning, no odor, no soot
With CIGOO pure natural non-tobacco cartridges
Create customized tobacco taste and experience harm reduction smoking

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Based on ceramic chip components,
More efficient central heating,
Quick preheat to baking temperature,
The cigarette is heated more fully and evenly,
Feel the rich taste at close range.

Intelligent temperature control system,
Keep the taste stable,
The smoke is warm but not hot.

Accurate counting algorithm,
Accurate counting 12±1 puffs,
Each cigarette cartridge is delivered just right,
No dry burning, zero tar,
Provide the best smoking experience.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

SLS ECIGOO user experience

The operation is very simple, 5 presses on the power button to turn on,
It is also a child lock design of this device,
Insert the cartridge and press the power button for 2 seconds,
Wait for the body to vibrate by itself, then you can smoke on it.
Captain made about 13 puffs.
If you can’t smoke so much at a time, you can press and hold the ignition button for 2 seconds to turn off the heating,
Continue next time,
If you take a draw long enough every time, one cartridge can last 4 minutes.
But it is not recommended to run it for 4 minutes continuously.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

The machine outside temperature is a bit high,
Although it is safe, the experience is not good enough,
In this later stage, I also hope that the brand pay attention to it.
The heating temperature experience feels very good,
The right temperature is neither too high nor too low,
It’s just right.
The setting of this smoking resistance also restores the resistance of real cigarettes.
There are four flavors of the cartridge,
They are tobacco, cold melon, mint, and strong mocha.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

The taste is very good,
Those familiar with this kind of low-temperature HNB know,
When the cartridge is heated, the smell is a bit like Chinese medicine,
Is not a harmful gas,
You can rest assured.
Just from the analysis of taste,
All aspects of flavor restoration are very good.
Especially Mocha,
Is my favorite taste.
The coffee fragrance is very strong.
There is no doubt about the throat hit and buzz,
They have reached the feeling of real smoking,
Captain Dirty is even in deep buzz and feels kind of dizzy.

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review


With the continuous expansion and innovation of the HNB market,
HNB product is becoming more and more popular and scientific.
They’re not only reasonable in price,
There are also technological innovations.
This ECIGOO device is suitable for heavy smokers.
Friends who want to quit smoking instead of smoking for the sake of health,
Regardless of the taste control of the cartridge,
Or the processing details on the device,
This ECIGOO is doing very well.
The cleaning of ceramic heater is very convenient,
It can be cleaned well with a cotton swab,
However, inserting and fixing the cartridge is actually user friendly,
It is recommended to use some small designs to fix the cartridges tighter.
Although this device needs to be upgraded on the disadvantages of heating,
But at least Captain thinks,
This is indeed a good smoking cessation product.
I hope that their later flavors can also be updated soon.
To meet more demanding consumers,
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Where to buy SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette

SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette reviewSLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review SLS ECIGOO heat-not-burn e-cigarette review

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape – DirtyCheck No.72

“Almost, at the end of this month, and definitely next week.”
Such words always appear in Bruce’s fan group.
So, this time Bruce’s Ice Fresh Sour Grape is here.
As a Bruce fan, I know, in fact, it had produced “Fragrant Grape Ice” flavor before,
It seems that Bruce does like grapes.
Okay, no more nonsense, start our review.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Product packaging

The e-liquid is 3mg and 6mg,
This time Captain got 6mg of chilled sour grapes.
The design on the packaging are much more scientific than the previous ones,
More atmospheric,
The Bruce Choice label has also begun to stand out.
The overall style is more like an American e-liquid.
The ingredients are also very detailed.
It is worth noting that VG/PG is 30:70.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

There is also “Best for DL” below,
That is more suitable for Direct to Lung vaping.
Unpack it, I think the bottle is beautifully done.
Only the printing superscript glue is vague.
Some signs and warnings are all available.
The bottom of the bottle is also marked with the gorilla on surface.
As far as the packaging is concerned, it is very solid

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

User experience

Reference device and data (for reference only, the device setting is to take care of friends with various machines)

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Vaporesso xros 0.8ohm

This is a new device, it should have not be on sale yet.
The overall performance is very good,
It didn’t make me feel that this is a bottle of China vape juice.
Fuller in the cool,
But not very strong.
The slight sourness brings the unique sweetness of grapes,
The taste is more comprehensive,
Feel a bit juicy.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Pioneer rta single-shot A1 26ga 2.5mm 7 round of coils, around 0.9ohm

The overall feeling will be clearer,
It feels a little sweet and fragrant.
A slight increase in coolness.
It brings summer refreshment to the overall feeling,
The main flavor of grapes is still very obvious,
It smells like Minute Maid grapes that Bruce said.

Pioneer rta Bruce ni80 0.88ohm fancy coil

The decrease in coolness is diluted a bit,
The feeling of grapes is still strong,
Feel better than the first two.
Personally I like this setting very much,
It is also the setting that I’ve always been using.
The last feeling is that I didn’t get the crystal grape flavor that some friends say,
Personally I think this setting will make it richer than crystal grapes,
The feeling of grapes has basically reached the most extreme feeling.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape


Okay, after various experience by Captain,
Do you have an idea in your heart?
No matter what kind of device setting is used,
Let’s put aside the settings,
Bruce as a China e-liquid,
It’s able to reach such a level,
It’s already very good.
Later through some exchanges,
Some friends say that 3mg of chilled sour grapes is better than 6mg,
Captain doesn’t know it, everyone has his own point of view.
The 3mg juice e-liquid indeed achieves a good experience in some aspects.
No matter what, 3mg or 6mg,
Captain believes that this is after everyone’s trial.
They are all very good single fruit flavored e-liquids.
Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape e-liquid: Add the Wechat number below

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD review – A fingerprint unlocking pod – DirtyCheck No.71

Most pod mods on the market are similar.
In a market that is increasingly pursuing difference and seeking innovation,
What kinds of devices are unique?
Today, Captain will bring you the review of VAPEFLY’s TGO PDO MOD.

VAPEFLY brand introduction

Many friends may don’t know this brand,
In fact, this brand has also produced many impressive devices,
For example, the Jester POD that was pretty good.


In China, VAPEFLY has an excellent R&D team,
Composed of experienced engineers who have worked for the top brands in the vape industry for more than 5 years.
Outstanding marketing and sales team,
Their strategy is to make the best vape gadgets by getting close to the local vapers in each country,
So that each product is unique and can meet the needs of local vapers.
In Germany, there is the German 103 group,
Composed of Vapefly and Martin, they are called Damfwolke7,
This is one of the most famous YouTubers in Germany,
The members are all passionate German vaper.
They continue to contribute their creativity and preferences in the development of new products designed specifically for the German market.
Their factory was established in 2014,
Providing more than 5 years of OEM/ODM experience for most top brands in the e-cigarette industry.
The Vapefly brand was launched in 2017,
Its refillable atomizer is the earliest product in all three product lines it currently offers.
Taking customer demand as the growth engine,
VAPEFLY is always committed to providing the most suitable products for different markets around the world.


VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD introduction


VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD parameters/ specifications

Power: 5w-70w
Power: 2300mAh
Body size: 50mm*23mm*102mm
Support type-c interface charging



Yellow black, pure black, silver black, gray black, black red, red black, Tiffany blue black



Advanced dual mode settings,
Fingerprint mode and regular mode,
Yes, fingerprint mode, you heard that right.
TGO POD MOD has two administrator fingerprint settings and 4 ordinary user fingerprint settings.
After starting the machein, tap the button to enter the fingerprint mode and enter the fingerprint,
Just like using the iphone to enter the fingerprint.


Then quickly tap the power button 3 times to switch between fingerprint mode and normal mode.
Normal mode can be used at any time,
In fingerprint mode, it can only be used when the fingerprint enter to the power button to turn on.
In other words, this device supports user identification.
Other users can’t use it, or it will appear “Please Touch” when using,
But after the actual experience, except the high-tech feeling,
I didn’t get more surprises.


TGO atomizing core

TGO POD MOD can automatically identify the original two atomizing cores,
TGO0.3ohm and TGO0.6ohm,
The best power specified by the official side and the recommended suitable nicotine range are respectively:
30w-40w power, nicotine content is less than or equal to 10mg;
20w-28w power, nicotine content is less than or equal to 20mg.
From the objective data,
This POD MOD is not suitable for nicotine salt e-liquid,
But the friendly thing is that TGO launched the RBA kit.
This must be purchased additionally.
Theoretically, salt vape juice can be smoked on it. Those who like to smoke salt don’t have to worry about it.


Atomizing tank

The structure of the atomization chamber and the mouthpiece shows that
The overall trend of this device is still oriented to the taste type.
No big drip nozzle used,
But the drip nozzle has no replaceable settings,
This is a pity,
It can’t follow the vaper’s personal collocation of drip nozzles


Press the triangle button to push to add vape juice,
It’s a pity that the tank body is not transparent enough.
It’s hard to fill up without enough effort.
The visualization of the tank body needs to be further upgraded.
In this way, you can keep track of the juice usage.


VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD user experience

The TGO atomization core gives me the feeling that it has a strong & good taste.
Whether it’s the vaporization of 0.2ohm or 0.6ohm,
The vaping details are not completed shown.
Captain uses JAGO Juice and KC Juice,
In the end, it was found that the overall vaping was full, sweet, and smokey.
However, the details and outstanding features of this type of vape juice are not well experienced.
Not so suitable for desserts flavors,
Later I used the grape Juice from BRUCE,
Feeling it a bit right.
I feel it very straightforward,
Finally, I personally think that Juice with fruit flavor or single flavor is more suitable for VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD.



Supported by high technology,
VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD has made the limelight in this type of device.
The concept of one person, one machine is not outdated in this era.
The overall design style and materials are considered to be very textured and beautiful.

However, there is a need for greater improvement in accessory support.
The taste of a device is crucial,
Captain Dirty also looks forward to an effective and scientific adjustment to TGO in the later period,
Making the use of this device the most ideal.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Buy VAPEFLY TGO POD MOD on VAPEFLY official site


Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review – DirtyCheck No.68

Vaporesso, an evergreen tree in the industry,
Continuously delivers new vaping machines in the industry.
Whether it’s mod vape or pod vape,
Its machines are constantly updated and strengthened.
Today, I bring you its new series.
Gen S and Gen nano

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

Product introduction

Gen S

GEN S 220W kit is a high-power device,
Equipped with NRG-S atomizer, using GT mesh atomizing core (GT 4 mesh coil is optional).
With the support of AXON chip,
The device will pass the pulse mode with a consistent taste and dense vapor throughout the process.
A well-developed chipset also breaks the boundaries of user-friendly operating systems.


• Upgraded mesh coil
• Pulse mode
• Powerful chip
• Top oil filling
• Easy to replace the atomizing core

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

Gen nano

Magical power in your pocket, compact,
Enjoy the best taste and dense vapor released by the GTX coil in the latest GTX tank 22.
The 2000mAh built-in battery in this compact body guarantees power supply.
Making the all-day use and portability of GEN NANO better.


• Powerful chip
• GTX atomizer core and GTX atomizer 22mm
• Portable size
• Ergonomic design
• 2000 mAh built-in battery

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review


Gen S

Up to 12 colors

Gradient lime green, cherry powder, frosted gray, midnight blue, rose gold, silver, black, gold, gradient black and red, gradient black and blue, gradient black and green, gradient black and purple

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review



Gen nano

6 colors

Silver, black, gradient black and blue, gradient black and red, gradient black and green, gradient black and purple

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review


Gen S supports GT series atomizer core,
Originally equipped with GT4 atomizing core and GT meshed atomizing core;
Gen nano supports GTX series atomizing core,
Originally equipped with GTX0.2 MESH atomizing core, namely GTX0.6 MESH atomizing core.
Everyone must distinguish this clearly.
Although it is the same series, the atomizer size is different.
Both have fat glass tank and normal glass tank configuration,
Gen S capacity is 8mL/2mL;
Gen nano capacity is 3.5mL/2mL.
Both devices support an external 510 universal atomizer.

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review


Gen S machine parameters

Size: 145.5mm*53mm*30mm
External 18650 battery

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

Gen nano machine parameters

Size: 115mm*40.3mm*24.2mm,
Built-in 2200mAh lithium battery,
The first two devices are equipped with Vaporesso core chip,
Support various power selection,
ECO mode, intelligent temperature control mode,
And the VW mode, CCW mode, VV mode, VT mode, BP mode, SP mode in DIY mode.
Vapers can set the mode according to their preferences.

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

User experience

Gen S

Gen S is a device for mod vapers.
In terms of taste, it has a rich taste and quite excellent vapour amount.
With GT series atomizing core, and you can try more options.
The smoke oils used by Captain are 3mg mango juice and 0mg vape monster.
Gen S performance is not very good in terms of details,
But the rich smoke makes up for the lack of taste,
The overall feeling is powerful, very suitable for vapers who like mod.

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

Gen nano

Compared to the powerful performance of Gen S,
The setting of Nano is a device with partial vaping and taste experience.
With the GTX series atomizing core, the taste brings you the best experience.
Here also use 6mg of KC Pecan e-liquid and KC Three Milk Marshmallow e juice,
In terms of vaping, there is really no doubt that it will have a bad effect on your taste.
It is a bonus for vapers who don’t like DIY.
The vaping function feels very good,
A taste no less than DIY.
This taste is the best choice for vapers.

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review


Two devices in this GEN series have their own advantages.
If you like mod vape, you can choose GEN S,
Vapers who like taste can choose GEN NANO,
Regardless of workmanship and function, NANO can be regarded as a very good entry-level device.
So many choices of the atomizer core for vapers.
You can choose your own suitable atomizing core according to your own requirements.
This GEN series device didn’t bring me many surprises,
But at least it brings me no disappointment.
The size of GEN S looks kind of bulky,
While nano will be smaller and lighter.
The slush molding feel is very good.
I believe nano will be your first choice for entry-level devices in the near future
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Vaporesso Gen Nano

Where to buy Vaporesso Gen S

Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano reviewVaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review Vaporesso Gen S and Gen nano review

MOTI new taste review – Apple & Lemon flavor – DirtyCheck No.67

MOTI’s new taste has arrived,
The update of MOTI new flavors is getting faster and faster.
What kind of taste is this in the hot summer?
Is it worth vaping?
Here we go.

MOTI apple flavor user experience

The two flavors this time are,
Green apple and ice lemon,
Is there such a taste of summer?
Green apple (2% nicotine salt content, three pods in a pack),
It feels very sweet, and the taste of clear apple feels right,
With a hint of coolness, the whole taste is in line with summer,
But the overall sweetness and sourness dropped slightly,
Increasing acidity will make the whole taste more three-dimensional and intuitive

MOTI new taste review

MOTI lemon flavor user experience

Ice lemon (2% nicotine salt content, three pods),
The lemon taste is handled well,
It reduced the excessive acidity of lemon,
Increased a little sweetness,
The overall ratio feels better than green apples



These 2 new flavors are more suitable for summer,
The 2% nicotine salt ratio is not excessive nor empty in the summer
As to taste,
The experience of lemon is better than that of apple,
Of course, folks who like apple flavor can also try.
Different vapers have different preferences,
Looking forward to the follow-up MOTI delicious flavors
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy MOTI apple & Lemon flavor

MOTI new taste review MOTI new taste review MOTI new taste review