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Innokin MVP Pod Kit review: a pod vape for beginners – DirtyCheck No.176

Do you still remember the brand Innokin?
The well-known ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES COOLFIRETC 75W and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES COOL FIRE IV TC100 are both starter machines for beginners a long time ago.
Today Innokin introduces the new MVP Pod Kit.
Let’s see how it works.

MVP Pod Kit at a glance

MVP Pod Kit is a compact, intuitive and elegant pod system kit, and is perfect for new vapers. Made from premium-grade zinc alloy paired with a reflective coating, it comes with an outstanding look. MVP Pod Kit is built with 500mAh battery, equipped with a 0.65ohm pod of 2.7ml (standard version). There are two types of power wattage for you to select: 11W/12.5W. And two ways are designed for you to vape: auto-draw, press to fire. The pod features simple side filling, and the large filling port has been designed to avoid overflow and airlock issues. Innokin MVP Pod Kit will provide you amazing vaping experience, just get it!

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

MVP Pod Kit parameters

Device Dimensions: Without Pod: 82.20*22.66*13.38mm

With Pod: 107.88*22.66*13.38mm

Pod Size: 4.5*10.5*22.70mm

Wattage: 11W/12.5W

Voltage Range: 2.65V-3.40V

Battery Capacity: 500mAh/1.85Wh/3.7V

E-juice Capacity: 2.7ml (standard version)

Resistance and Wattage Range: 0.65ohm (11/12.5W)

Coil Materia: KAL

Activation: Auto-draw, press to fire

Color: Pink Fade, Blue Fade, Liquid Amber, Ocean Waves, Space Grey, Stealth Black

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

MVP Pod Kit highlights

1. Intuitive, compact and elegant

2. Made by premium-grade zinc alloy paired with a reflective coating

3. Smooth, ultra-quiet airflow system

4. Dual power selection: 11W, 12.5W

5. Dual activation: auto-draw, press to fire

6. Simple side filling

7. USB Type-C charging

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review user friendly reliable vaping device

User experience with MVP Pod Kit

1. What deserves praise is definitely the 2.7ml e-juice tank. Its endurance is very outstanding in the same level products.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

2. In terms of taste, I feel that the MVP Pod Kit is relatively soft, the amount of vapor and cloud is relatively large, and the taste is relatively clean and refreshing, but not very mellow.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

3. The vaping performance is average, and the performance on compound flavors is weak; while on the fruit and other single flavors, it works well.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

4. The obvious shortcomings are the material and workmanship of the panel. And it feels cheap obviously, and the panel has not been protected by a film, which is a pity.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review


Innokin MVP Pod Kit is a device that is very friendly to novices and beginners.
Advanced vapers may not like it, because its e-liquid vaping level is relatively low, and it is a pity that it cannot reach a very full and rich state.
The workmanship still needs to be strengthened. In terms of design, material selection and assembly also need to be strengthened. The author is very dissatisfied.
But overall, it’s a decent device.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Innokin MVP Pod Kit @$14.69

Coupon Code: IMPK

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Maskking High GTS disposable vape review: a 2500 puff direct-to-lung vaping device

Maskking High GTS is a disposable vape stick featuring a large 8.5ml juice capacity, 1500mAh battery, 1.2ohm resistance, and it supports up to 2500 puffs. According to our real experience, its vapor or cloud is relatively big and rich, which is a device suitable for direct-to-lung vaping.
Maskking High GTS disposable vape review: 2500 puff direct-to-lung vaping device

Specifications of Maskking High GTS disposable vape

Size: 22.6×115.9mm
Capacity: 8.5ml
Battery: 1500mAh
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Voltage: 4.2V
Weight: 70g
Approx. 2500 Puffs
2% or 20mg / 5% or 50mg PG Based Nicotine

How to use Maskking High GTS disposable vape

Just open the package and start vaping with it, it’s quite easy and convenient.
High GTS is a device without the hassle and worries of refilling and recharging. Featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism.

Flavors of Maskking High GTS disposable vape

Almost all the flavors for other classic vapes are included in Maskking High GTS.  There are Apple Cantaloupe, Cigar Cream, Tobacco, Energy Juice, Fantasy Cherry, Kiwi Watermelon, Mango Pineapple, Peach Grape, Raspberry Coke, StrawLychee Watermelon, Black Currant, etc. The flavors choices are pretty rich.
Among them, the author likes Energy Juice best. The mellow and rich flavor of some energy drinks like Red Bull.

User experience on Maskking High GTS disposable vape

The flavors are pure, rich and pleasant. Strong while appropriate throat hit. 20% nicotine strength is more than enough for its large vapor amount. It stops craving cigarettes immediately.


Maskking is one of the largest disposable brands in Europe and the USA and now we know why…the taste is SUPERB! Be sure to try out the Maskking High GTS pre-filled disposable today! Available in BOTH 2% and 5% nicotine options. 
Learn more about Maskking High GTS disposable vape from Maskking official site here;
Wholesale Maskking High GTS disposable vape here.

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review – DirtyCheck No.175

Many friends ask me if there is some new interesting MTL,
So today we bring you an MTL RTA with high DIY potential for fun.
Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA from Steam Crave.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA brief view

Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA of 23mm diameter features 3.5ml e-juice capacity and easy top filling system. With the adjustable side airflow and various air pins (φ0.8 mm, φ1.0 mm, φ1.5 mm, and φ2.0 mm and a blind air pin), it can provide you amazing MTL or RDL vaping. The single coil deck makes it simple and easy to build on. In addition, Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA is perfectly match with Steam Crave Mini Robot Tube, Hadron Lite Mod and Hadron Mini Mod.

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA features

1. 23mm diameter, 3.5ml e-juice capacity
2. Adjustable side airflow, MTL or DL vaping
3. Single coil deck, easy to build
4. Top filling system, easy and convenient
5. Φ0.8mm, Φ1.0mm, Φ1.5mm, Φ2.0mm and a blind air pin for your option
6. Match with Steam Crave Mini Robot Tube, Hadron Lite Mod and Hadron Mini Mod
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA highlights

Φ23mm, 3.5ml e-juice capacity, easy top filling system;
Single coil deck, adjustable side airflow, MTL or DL vaping;
Φ0.8/1.0/1.5/2.0mm/a blind air pin.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA specifications/ parameters

Diameter: 23mm
E-juice Capacity: 3.5ml
Filling: Type Top filling
Airflow: Adjustable side airflow
Coil Building: Single coil deck
Air Pin: Φ0.8mm, Φ1.0mm, Φ1.5mm, Φ2.0mm and a blind air pin
Fit For: Steam Crave Mini Robot Tube, Hadron Lite Mod, Hadron Mini Mod
Color: SS, Black
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA hands-on

1. It is not difficult to see that this device has learned a lot from other excellent devices in many places, and the overall user experience is very harmonious, and it fits mouth-to-lung vaping very much.
2. The point I want to complain about is the card slot of the accessory rubber ring, which is very limited, and the rubber ring often falls off.
3. The overall shape is my favorite place, very attractive.
4. In terms of workmanship, the craftsmanship is not very delicate, it is relatively rough, while it’s loved by tough vapers.
5. Focusing on the taste. The overall vaping performance is strong and the sweetness is more obvious. Therefore, it’s a test of the DIY skills of vapers and the combination of air pins.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review
Well, that’s all about the vaping device,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Where to buy Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA @$25.29

Coupon Code: SCACR
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Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA review

Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge disposable vape tryout

Hyde disposable vape is currently one of the most popular closed pod systems in the United States after Puff bar. Previously, we reviewed many good disposable vapes, such as Vozol Mesh Stick MaxLIO Max Mesh, these all are mesh coil structures. And now we are going to review the Hyde Edge RAVE recharge disposable vape with cotton atomizing core, let’s go.

Hyde Edge RAVE Flavors

Hyde rolls out new flavors more frequently compared to many other disposable vape brands out there. From those American feedbacks about Hyde flavors, we found that these Hyde flavors are the most popular ones, they are Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz Ice, Banana Ice, and those mixed flavors like Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Ice Cream, Aloe Grape, Strawberry Kiwi.
Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge is a rechargeable disposable vape with a 600mAh battery inside, it supports Micro USB charging, while it is not included in the retail package. The prefilled 10ml e-liquid capacity makes it up to 4000 puffs. There is no doubt that Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge comes with the largest capacity among all its products, and it is also the latest one after the Hyde N-BAR.
Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge

Hyde Edge RAVE Specifications

E-liquid capacity: 10ml
Nic strength: 50mg
Battery capacity: 600mAh (Micro USB)
Puffs: 4000 puffs
Buy Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge from ziipstock.com
Flavors: Peach Mango Watermelon, Banana Ice, Blue Razz Ice, Sour Apple Ice, Raspberry Watermelon, Bananas & Cream, Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical, Minty O’s, Summer LUV, Cherry Peach Lemonade, OJ, Peach, Mango Peaches & Cream, Energize, Caribbean Colada, Blue Razz Lemonade, Brazmallows, Dewberry, Strawberry Ice Cream, Loops, Philippine Mango.

Hyde Edge RAVE Build Quality & Design

Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge disposable vape comes with a beautiful packaging box, which is transparent so that you can clearly see the product inside clearly. From the package outside, the information includes the flavor name, product name, and warning words.
The product itself has a similar size to Hyde Edge, cubic shape. Yet the difference between them is Hyde Edge RAVE mouthpiece is colorful. The mouthpiece color differs from each flavor, in addition, it is transparent enough to monitor the e-liquid inside. When you put it into your mouth, then it perfectly fits your mouth due to its flat drip tip design, actually I myself prefer the flat drip tip rather than the round one.
As for the main body, it is mixed with two colors like Hyde Edge, but the Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge looks high-end. On the front side of the main body, it is printed the logo Hyde, another side is with flavor name and CE symbol. Another feature for the main body is composed of two levels, the outer level is a transparent part, and the inside level is likely to be a plastic material. At the end of the body, it is wrapped with a colored ring, and on the ring part, it comes with a Micro USB charging port. When it comes to the bottom of the product, it is designed with an adjustable airflow system, but before vaping it, the silicon sticker of the bottom should be ripped off.

Hyde Edge RAVE Performance

About the performance, we are going to tell from two aspects, one is from the flavor taste and airflow, the other one is from the leakage and battery life. The flavor I bought is banana ice because this is the flavor I always try with other different disposable vape brands and I’m very familiar with it.

Hyde Edge RAVE Flavor and Airflow

The taste and smell of banana ice are just like the natural banana, a little bit sweet, but due to 50mg nic salt, it could be sweeter. Airflow is completely mouth-to-lung style with small vapor, and when I try to adjust the airflow, the vapor amount changes with the airflow adjustment. That is to say, when being half airflow, the vapor is less and the flavor is a little shrinking; when full open airflow, the draw is so smooth, and you can feel the strong throat hit by the 50mg nic salt if you are a heavy smoker, then this should bring you greater satisfaction. The product body part will blink with several lights when you are vaping, if you do not want lights on when vaping, just click the button from the bottom, this will save battery life.
Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge
The interesting thing is after I vaped for one day, it blinks light from the bottom and this reminds me to recharge the device, otherwise, you will obviously experience less vapor amount and less flavor. When it is charged for about one hour by a Micro USB charger, the flavor and vapor amount recover to the level that I vape for the first puff, this kind of situation usually does not happen on a precharged disposable vape. In addition, from the first puff to running out of the last e-juice, it lasts about two weeks. However, puffs are not 4000 puffs like it announced,  it is around 3500-3600 puffs. I also clearly remembered that it was recharged 3 times in total.
Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge

Hyde Edge RAVE Battery Life and Leakage

Hyde Edge RAVE is a built-in 600mAh battery capacity when I got the product, I do not charge it firstly, I just take it and vape it, Fortunately, it lasted about one 1.5 days before my first time of charging. When it comes to charging, the charging speed is not as quick as I expected. It needs about one and half hours for full charging, this is just because it is designed with a Micro USB port if Hyde wants to update for this product, I wish they have to change it into a Type-C port to make it to be perfect. What surprised me is that from the first puff to the last puff, I did not experience any burnt taste and e-juice leaking, I guess it is because the cotton coil and internal structure are of high quality.

Hyde Edge RAVE Pros and Cons

-Easy to use
-Large E-juice capacity
Adjustable airflow
-Micro USB charging


Hyde Edge RAVE is Hyde’s latest disposable vape with a built-in 600mAh battery capacity and supports Micro USB charging. Prefilled with 10ml vape juice capacity, it lasts about two weeks of daily vaping. The colorful transparent pod allows you to monitor the e-liquid level at any time. Combined with the adjustable airflow function and RGB light, it is absolutely an interesting disposable vape on the market. If you are switching from smoking to vaping, we recommend you to take a try on the Hyde Edge RAVE.

Where to buy Hyde Edge RAVE Recharge

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review – DirtyCheck No.173

With another AIO kit going viral on the market,
Various manufacturers and brands are rushing to invest in similar product research and development.
Among them, Pulse from VANDY VAPE caught my attention.
This is a voltage adjustable AIO kit
Let’s see how this device makes me feel.

Pulse AIO Kit at a glance

Pulse AIO Kit comes with a great of compatibility. The tank can work in most boro style mods. Most importantly, there is a DIY RBA Tank of 3.5ml capacity and a pre-built tank of 5ml capacity, which will satisfy your different vaping needs. The DIY RBA Tank is designed with curved airflow for large or small coils. The height of the positive table is adjustable. USB type-c charging will provide reliable power and smooth charging. Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit supports 21700, 20700 and 18650 (a 18650 adapter included) cell. You can customize button and plates easily for DIY fun. Pulse AIO Kit is compatible with VVC coils.

Pulse AIO Kit specifications

Product Name: Pulse AIO Kit
Size: 55.6*97.5*28.2mm
Operating Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
Charging Input Voltage: 5±0.25V
Power Range: 5-80W
Max Output Current:32A
RBA Pod Capacity:3.7ml
Charging Current:1000mAh
Pre-built Pod Capacity:5ml
Black, Frosted White, Frosted Green, Frosted Black, Frosted Red, Frosted
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Starter Kit Details:

  1. 80W max power
  2. Compatible with VVC Coils
  3. 5ml e-juice capacity
  4. USB Type-C charging
  5. Tank can work in most boro style mods
  6. DIY RBA tank with curved airflow
  7. Compatible with 21700/20700/18650
  8. Adjustable height of the positive table
  9. Easy to customize button and plates
  10. Upgraded Vandy chip with safety protections:

OpenCircuit/Over-current/10SCut-off/Short Circuit/Over-temperature/Low Battery Warning Protection
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review

The package of Pulse AIO Vape Kit Comes With:

1* Pluse AIO Device
1* Pluse Vessel RBA Tank
1* Pluse Vessel Pre-built Tank
1* Wrench
2* VVC Coil
2* 24ga Ni80 Coil 0.4ohm
1* Accessory Bag
1* Coil Lead Guide
1* QC Type-C USB Cable
1* Instruction Manua
1* 18650 Battery Adaptor
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review

Pulse AIO Vape Kit experience

1. The power of 80w is definitely enough for such a box, and with 3 types of batteries compatible with it, the compatibility and battery life are more than enough.
2. The compatibility of the tank is also very good, not only can it be matched with the built-in RBA, but also compatible with the BBBOX cover film.
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review
3. Fun for DIY. The basic whole machine is detachable and optional, and the DIY possibilities are also very rich.
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review
4. The only pity is that this AIO continues VANDYVAPE’s own design language, the overall size is too large, and the grip in the hand is not very comfortable.
5. VANDYVAPE’s own atomizing core has also given me enough surprises this time. Not only is it durable, but the overall taste is also quite good.
Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit review


The Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit is an imaginative device.
It not only continues its own DIY style,
But also achieved the ultimate in all configurations and is compatible with more batteries.
An adjustable pressure control system realizes excellent value for money, these are the places that attract me very much.
Such a product is personally recommended by Captain.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit @$56.99

Coupon Code: PAIOK
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CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.172

CKS can be described as a constant topic in 2021 and 2022.
Various products from them have been launched one after another to announce a strong return
After Aeolus, it has launched another popular e-liquid
Follow us to see how it is.
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid specifcations

Product Name: CKS e-liquid
Product capacity: 30mL
Product flavor: coconut onigiri
Product ratio: VG:PG (50:50)
Nicotine content: 30mg nicotine salt
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid overview

This coconut rice ball flavor catches up with some of the current trends in the vaping circle.
Previously some conventional brand has produced a similar flavor e-liquid, which goes popular with a high repurchase rate.
CKS follows suit and launches this nicotine salt e-liquid at this time.
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

Reference device with the e-liquid

Bubble, CKS Aeolus, digiflavor MTL
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review
I’m using the delices including CKS Aeolus 1.2ohm, Bubble 1.0ohm, MTLdiy 28ga 1.34ohm
The overall taste is fragrant, sweet and delicious.
Nicotine salt inside it brings you enough satisfaction.
It is worth mentioning that on the CKS Aeolus and bubble Pod, you can directly feel the sour taste of coconut.
The sour flavor neutralizes the sweetness in some degree,
And this is my favorite point.
You won’t be tired or bored of vaping it for a long time.
It is indeed a good e-liquid for daily use.
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review


CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI flavor e-liquid taste is top notched.
The e-liquid quality and proportions are great.
The device adaptability of the e-liquid is very nice as well, which won my heart.
The only shortcoming is the lack of milk flavor inside the e-liquid.
Overall speaking, the CKS e-liquid can be the best e-liquid I have used from 2021 to 2022.
OK, I’m Captain Dirty.
See you next time.

Where to buy CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid:

contact the author below
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review
CKS COCONUT ONIGIRI e-liquid review

FEELM AIR starter kit review – World’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution

FEELM AIR starter kit has just been released yesterday,  and we’re lucky enough to be the first one to get it in the world. The new FEELM AIR closed pod system features its new generation ultra-slim bionic film ceramic coil and 7.8mm ultra-thin body, then does it work with such a small size for vaping? Let’s go and find it out.

Unboxing FEELM AIR starter kit

Take off the cover of the box and it shows everything for the pod system.  2 cartridges with flavors of Polar Mint and Just Mango. 2 vaping devices in black and gradient blue.
FEELM AIR starter kit review

FEELM AIR starter kit specifications

Atomizing core film thickness: 2um
Ceramic coil thickness: 3.5mm
Power: 6W
Pod capacity: 1ml
Weight: 2g
Charging port: Type C 10 minutes fast charging

FEELM AIR starter kit review
The FEELM AIR in hand. See the size

Experience with FEELM AIR starter kit

Lightweight and mini, it’s the first impression we got. This small size makes it convenient to be put in the pocket and be stealthy. And this size is similar to Juul.
The vapor from it is clean and smooth. It tastes not bad.
No leakage was found. Good e-liquid locking technology was applied to the pod.
Small vapor amount. Compare to most disposables on market, like Cube Boom, and other larger closed pod systems, like RELX Phantom, Kardinal Stick, or Yooz Classic, the vapor amount from FEELM AIR is quite small, it’s a mouth-to-lung device.
For more info, please see the performance star ratings at the bottom of the article.

The official introduction to FEELM AIR

World’s Thinnest Ceramic Coil Vape Pod Solution
Equipped with UltraSlim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil
3 Technological Innovations

  • Innovationon Bionic MaterialThe Industry’s First 7-layer Composite Heating Film, with Better Harm Reduction Performance and Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Innovation on Nano Technique:Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique, with more Authentic Flavor Reproduction
  • Innovation on Microporous Structure: Better Ventilation and Leakage-proof Performance

FEELM AIR starter kit review - Unltra-thin closed pod system solution
7 Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Vaping Experience brought by FEELM Air

  • Breakthrough 1: Harm Reduction Performance Increased by 80%
  • Breakthrough 2: Flavor Reproduction Improved by 33%

Two Intellectual Properties: FlavorLockTechnology and FEELM Taste Evaluation Model 2.0

  • Breakthrough 3: Leakage-proof performance increased by 237%

Powered by 2nd Generation of “Puzzle Leakage-proof” Technology

  • Breakthrough 4: The world’s Highest Energy Efficiency of 1.3mg/W

Energy Efficiency increase by 13%

  • Breakthrough 5: Brand-new “Shock-wave Mode”

Equipped with the orld’s Smallest Linear Motor

  • Breakthrough 6: Industry’s 1st Super Power Management System TOPOWER™

Doubled Charging Efficiency
10-minute Charge for 8-hour Vaping

  • Breakthrough 7:First to Adopt an Integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical System)

Highly Reliable & Sensitive without Mis-Activation

MINIONE from Smok – First Look, Over & What to Expect

The Minione from Smok is one of their latest product offerings to consumers looking for a better alternative. What’s interesting about the Minione is the level of power it produces, most disposable counterparts don’t have this much power for the price and the sustained flavors that are rich from start to finish make this a very enticing product for anyone who uses vape devices.
For business inquiries and collaborations feel free to send an email to the following: [email protected]

GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review – DirtyCheck No.169

This is a product launched by the Chinese group GDMods
One product with two appearances, “嶙&峋”(“Lin & Xun”)
What magic power does it have?
Check it out with us, Let’s Gooooooo!

GDMods K-Pro specifications

Name: K pro series 嶙/峋 Link/Xun
Chip: DNA60s+original usb
Size: 27*47*85mm
Depth: 50mm, +20mm booster pad
Weight: about 130g (without booster pad)
Material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel
Market price: 1866 yuan
Battery: 18650
PS: The battery tube that is not exposed is “Lin”, and the battery tube that is exposed is “Xun”
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review

GDMods K-Pro brief view

The mod body is made of aluminum alloy cut into one piece,
Although it is metal cutting, there is no hand-cutting place in the device.
The craftsmanship is perfect.
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
The surface is polished very finely with anodized sandblasting process.
The weight and size are also lighter and smaller than the same level.
Very suitable for minimalist friends.
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
There are many optional accessories,
Including battery tubes, atomizer gaskets, etc. that can be modified by yourself.
The official launch of the battery lighting system is available for modification.
Modification potential is very nice.
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
The chip adopts a stable DNA60s chip,
Whether it’s ignition or use,
The most intuitive and comfortable experience is given
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
In terms of matching, the original one must be V4.5s+Rta produced by Flash-e-Vapor,
The design is also biased towards Flash-e-Vapor.
In order to better adapt to more, it also provides electrode heightening configuration,
Convenient for vapers to match more devices.
Handing over the DIY match to the vaper is what vape looks like in the first place
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review


This K PRO produced by GDMODS brings me more surprises than disappointment.
The complaint is nothing more than the need to improve and strengthen the accessories
But there is no problem with the device itself.
Weight and size are the ultimate weight control in the same level.
It isn’t too heavy while there is a sense of weight in hand.
For matching, I recommend Brainless Flash or Clip of Bishop 2.
Of course, you can also match RDA if you like.
Later addition of configuration and appearance modification projects are optional according to your needs.
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
In short, you can vape it for fun according to your own needs.
You can also ask the person in charge to help you out.
There are lots of ways for DIY, isn’t this what the vaper should have?
In terms of price, I think it is worth the price at least,
The benevolent see benevolence and do what he can,
But what is certain is that KPro at least will not let you down.
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review

Where to buy: GDMods official contact

GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review
GDMods K-Pro box mod DNA60s review