To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

2019 is a different year. ALD has launched a revolutionary vaping solution Silmo 3.0 which ushers a new atomization era. All new advanced time is coming and ALD always creates the latest things for you.

As we know that getting to know about products through internet is not enough always. To attend Vaper Expo UK will be a great opportunity to get close to ALD.

The Vaper Expo UK 2019 to be held on May 3rd-5th is around the corner. This exhibition will attract over 20,000 visitors around all corners of the globe and display more than 500 brands, including vape companies, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and more. In the Europe’s largest vaping convention, you will definitely see ALD team. ALD, as a leading high-tech enterprise in vaping industry, will be present at the EXPO together with the latest and most innovative products as always.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

What Can You Expect from ALD During the Show?

—–New Vaping Solution Silmo 3.0

ALD is proud to announce that Silmo 3.0 is the world’s next generation ceramic heating element for its advanced material, unique structure and innovative process. Being released on Mar 2019, it has been widely lauded as an excellently designed and revolutionary heating coil.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

Silmo 3.0 adopts cellular ceramic material, unique structure design to increase the total coil surface area and heating area for more intense and purer flavors. Besides, it heat-up and cool-down faster than traditional cotton & fiber coil, extending coil life and maximizing vape satisfaction.

Silmo 3.0 becomes the first to achieve fully automated production of the heating coil with mature modular design, which innovatively combines the A-class user experience, process control consistency and manufacturing automation.

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

Ready to meet SILMOTM? Go to the Vaper EXPO UK and find us at D340 booth!

You will check our latest product with built-in Silmo 3.0, such as 2312-V2, 2403, 2412, etc.

Here is not only business deals but also the most exciting and high-tech items. We cannot wait to have a great time with you!

To Reveal the Secret Reason Behind ALD at the Upcoming Vaper Expo UK 2019

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ALD is taking part in the Vaper Expo UK – Pod vape GIVEAWAY in UK

Silmo, a famous subsidiary brand from the invisible vape king company ALD group, is taking part in the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham during May 3rd – 5th, 2019.

Silmo booth number: D340

Address: Unit 7, Two Woods Trading Est, Quarry Bank, West Midlands, DY5 2YX, UK

silmotech the Vaper Expo UK invitation

About The Vaper Expo (Official introduction)
The Vaper Expo UK is now recognised as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe and is considered to be the must-attend expo for UK and International manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. We are proud to introduce and unite leading key players in the industry, to act as the platform for launching new products and services, and serve as the central European hub for the vaping industry.

About Ald Limited Group
The largest vape factory and manufacturer in the world with a capacity of 2 million vapes per month. Tired of doing OEM for over 10 years, and now decide to brand its own pod vape, Silmo.

Recent Ald Limited Group activity:

Instagram Giveaway. Click this link of Ald Limited Group Instagram to claim your free pod vape Silmo before the end of the activity.

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Vape smoking cessation rate is twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy

A new study by NEJM shows that in large randomized controlled trials, vaping is nearly twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.

Research Brief:

The study was carried out by a scientific team at Queen Mary College in London, UK. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive three months of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or to use electronic cigarettes for a one-year smoking cessation attempt. Subjects using NRT were free to choose or combine nicotine patches, chewing gum, lozenges and other substitutes. Subjects using electronic cigarettes could also choose the strength and taste of electronic cigarettes according to their own wishes.

The results showed that the success rate of smoking cessation in the electronic smoking group was 18% after one year, while that in the NRT group was only 10%. During the experiment, the quitting rate of electronic smoking group was always higher than that of NRT group. A year later, the symptoms of phlegm and cough in subjects who used electronic cigarettes were also significantly reduced. Among those who did not stop smoking altogether, subjects in the e-cigarette group were more likely to smoke less in one year than those in the nicotine replacement group.

At the same time, the researchers found that participants generally believed that e-cigarette products were more satisfactory than NRT drugs, but still not as satisfying as cigarettes. Given the strength limits of nicotine in the European Union, it is likely that vapers will not inhale enough nicotine each time. This has been a pain point for European consumers.


A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement Therapy

Electronic cigarettes can help quit smoking with the latest evidence

Early studies on e-cigarettes were mainly based on several single or even obsolete e-cigarette models, which were inefficient in nicotine release. But even so, previous studies have shown a corresponding effect, about the same as patches and other nicotine replacement therapies.

However, due to the lack of obvious advantages of early evidence, medical professionals have long questioned whether e-cigarette products are necessary compared with existing drug treatments.

Since the initial research, electronic cigarette technology has been greatly developed, today’s consumers can access a variety of products. Therefore, the research team broke through the traditional single designated equipment research method, allowing participants to try different products, and find a suitable one for them.

Unfortunately for this study, the EU’s vape products are limited by the size of the atomizer and the strength of nicotine. Consumers can only choose products with nicotine content less than 20 mg/ml, but in fact, they are likely to inhale less than enough nicotine each time. This has been a pain point for European consumers.

These restrictions are implemented to prevent toxicity or overuse, but they are based on inaccurate assessment of nicotine toxicity. In countries without these restrictions, such as the United States, there is no so-called problem of electronic cigarettes.

EU policymakers will face new challenges

The European Union’s TPD regulations, which were drafted in 2014 and later criticized by smokers, have never ceased to raise doubts and objections since they were formally implemented in 2016, especially when the nicotine content in q-liquid does not exceed 20mg/ml.

According to the study, EU policymakers may face new challenges to assess the potential of e-cigarettes to help smokers quit if these restrictions are loosened.

Why do half of British smokers give up traditional cigarettes in the past 10 years?

According to the latest report, the smoking rate in Britain has dropped from 33% in 2006 to 16% today.And half of British smokers have abandoned traditional cigarettes in the past 10 years.

Before the advent of e-cigarettes in 2006, Britain had a high smoking rate in Western European countries, reaching up to 33%, which was higher than the average in Europe, and even worse than the current smoking situation in China.

Electronic cigarette has become a new weapon for tobacco control

Britain is an early country to develop e-cigarettes. Before the advent of e-cigarettes, there were various smoking cessation drugs, nicotine replacement therapy, smoking cessation counseling centers and various smoking cessation clinics. However, the number of smokers has not decreased significantly.

Electronic cigarettes have also been questioned in Britain since their advent. British scientists have studied e-cigarettes for many years, and finally confirmed that e-cigarettes can reduce the harm by 95% compared with traditional cigarettes, and can help smokers quit smoking. The UK Public Health Agency released this conclusion to smokers on its website and encouraged smokers to use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Dozens of health institutions have expressed strong support for e-cigarettes after carefully evaluating the scientific findings.

Facts have proved that the British approach is extremely correct. In the past decade, Britain has been far ahead of other EU countries in public health.

According to a study from the British Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) in 2017, the UK smoking rate has dropped to 17% in 2017, while in other EU countries with stricter controls on e-smoking (in the UK, e-smoking equipment is sold as a smoking cessation tool and is more free compared with other EU countries), the average smoking rate is still 26%, compared with the level 10 years ago. The average data is 32%.

Undoubtedly, the British government’s achievements in helping smokers quit smoking are encouraging.

From the perspective of public health, electronic cigarette is the most effective way to quit smoking so far.

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2017 analyzed smoking cessation among American smokers from 2013 to 2014.

Data shows that 2.2 million smokers quit smoking in the United States use electronic cigarettes, 1.47 million smokers use traditional nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), 418,000 smokers use prescription drugs, and 124,000 smokeless tobacco.

According to the research results, electronic smoking is not only the most popular way to quit smoking, but also the most effective way to quit smoking. 540,000 smokers successfully quit smoking using vapes. Together with prescription drugs, nicotine replacement therapy has only succeeded in helping 354,000 smokers quit smoking successfully.

Under the big data, it has become an indisputable fact that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking instead of smoking, and are making important contributions to the WHO’s smoking control goals.

As we all know, the UK government shoulders the health care fee of its people and this fee is beyond the ability of the UK government now, which causes great stress to the government. To make people more healthy and reduce the health care fee, the government promote the vape to reduce the harm of cigarette. And this action is effective obviously.

This action is persuasive enough to crash down the rumors that vape is more harmful than cigarettes. It’s time for other governments who profit from cigarette to learn from the UK and make people vape up instead of smoking.



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