JT launches two new flavors of cartridges for Ploom S

New tobacco stick products will be launched nationwide from January 20, 2020.

JT launches two new flavors of cartridges for Ploom S

JT announced that from January 20, 2020, it will launch two new flavors, Camel Regular and Camel Menthol for its heat not burn product, Ploom S. The new product will gradually be sold nationwide, with a price of 460 yen, including six cigarettes sticks.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our first Camel brand cartridge product. Since the Camel brand was first launched in the United States in 1913, it has been highly praised by more than 100 global markets of consumers. It has developed continuously over time, but it has always maintained a high brand value. ” Toru Takahashi, vice president of product and brand Department of the marketing group, said, “Camel Regular provides a balanced and rich tobacco flavor, while Camel Mint allows consumers to enjoy a strong menthol flavor, which lasts until the last sip.”

Ploom S is a heated tobacco product. Through JT’s unique “authentic tobacco flavoring method” and the most appropriate heating temperature, consumers can enjoy a better taste while reducing the peculiar smell. Compared with the traditional cigarette, it produces less than 5% odor, and the potentially harmful components detected are reduced by more than 90%.

Korean Tobacco Giant KTG has Released the Latest LIL MINI Version Vape

Korean tobacco giant KTG has released the latest LIL MINI version heated not burn e-cigarette. A short and powerful vape. 

LIL e-cigarette is a kind of heated non-combustion e-cigarette produced and developed by KT&G, which is a local tobacco giant in South Korea. It has a compact and simple appearance design, an all-in-one machine structure, a single charge, and smoke a box of smoke bombs, without repeated charging, simple and convenient one-button operation features. Since the release in the overseas market, market feedback is excellent, and it is very popular among smokers.

It is reported that on October 3, KT&G released the latest version of the LIL MINI heating non-burning e-cigarette in Korea, which is much shorter in length and feels better.

China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

China Tobacco of Anhui launched the world’s first magnetic particle soaking technology heat not burn product!

Following China Tobacco of Sichuang, China Tobacco of Yunnan, and China Tobacco of Guangdong, China Tobacco of Anhui also ushered in the launching ceremony of heating not burn products!China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

On October 18th, China Tobacco of Anhui held a world premiere ceremony for heating and non-combustion products of magnetic particle soaking technology at Crowne Plaza Hefei!China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

It is understood that the magnetic induction heating can achieve uniform and stable delivery of non-contact energy, and the heat energy of the heated body is evenly distributed to ensure steady-state heating in the temperature range……China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

China Tobacco of Anhui creatively applied the principle of magnetic induction AC frequency conversion to solve the problem of uneven heating of tobacco products, and created a new category of soaked tobacco products.China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product China Tobacco of Anhui Launched the World First Magnetic Particle Soaking Heat-not-burn Product

Aibang said that China Tobacco of Anhui has become the only industrial company in the country covering four categories of flue-cured tobacco, mixed-type cigarettes, cigars and heat not burn products, laying a solid foundation for the future development and take-off of China Tobacco of Anhui.

IQOS Mini E-cigarette is Launched

Is IQOS just the name of the heating non-burn product? No, IQOS mini e-cigarette has also come out! Cylindrical appearance with buttons.iqos

This is not a small factory imitation product, deliberately labeled “IQOS”, it belongs to the same company as IQOS heating non-combustion products, both of which are produced by Philip Morris International.iqos

According to what is currently known, IQOS smoke has three colors: black, light green, and gold. There are 7 flavors: mint, alcohol cigarette grass, traditional tobacco, pear fruit, red raspberry, passion fruit and tea.

Each cartridge is packaged in a separate package with two cartridges inside. There are 10 inside a smoke bomb. I saw a lot of people posting advertisements saying that they can be sold in regular channels, and they can be sold on Taobao!iqos

Philip Morris International is an international tobacco giant, and it doesn’t look at the small market at all! For a product, without a comprehensive experimental study, if there is a great harm to the human body, it is afraid to do it! Those who doubt the e-cigarette because of the recent negative news should wake up!

Now Philip Morris International has inserted a foot in the small cigarette market, showing how optimistic about the prospects of this market!iqos

As soon as the picture of this product appeared, on the morning of last Saturday, the sales advertisement went viral in the circle of friends. However, if you want to order, you will be told that there is no stock and you need to make a reservation. There is only one thing that has not yet been clearly understood, which channels these goods will enter the country by then. I hope that it will not be like IQOS heat not burn product, so that I will be traced by the Customs on suspicion of smuggling!

South Korea’s Vape Exhibition in September 2018 is a Huge Success

South Korea’s e-cigarette exhibition in September, a successful ending – the topic of heating and non-burning

The Korea E-cigarette Exhibition was held in Hall 3 (KINTEX) from September 7th to 9th, and was jointly organized by Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center (KINTEX), The Fairs and Korea E-Cig Industry Association. Vape Korea Expo 2018 (2018 Korea E-cigarette Show) was successfully concluded in Korea on the 9th.

This e-cigarette exhibition is the first e-cigarette exhibition held in South Korea, attracting exhibitors from all over the world and today, we will introduce you to exhibitors who are heating and non-burning products.

These are two companies from South Korea’s low temperature non-combustible products, they are the first to appear in the Korean market.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful debut of China’s low temperature products.

Low-temperature products in the Korean market are very popular. Low-temperature cigarettes and products are available in supermarkets in South Korea and are available in convenience stores.

Vape Korea Expo2018 not only shows the amazing research and development results of e-cigarette brands from all over the world, but also shows the concept of people’s increasingly fashionable and healthy lifestyle. The event also promoted mutual learning and exchange between heat not burn products and other international e-cigarette brands. It is helpful to discuss the future development of e-cigarette industry together. I believe that in the era of looking forward to a healthy new environment, a healthy way of replacing cigarettes will surely usher in a booming development.


HNB Term is Registered as Brand

The term “Heat doesnt burn” industry term is squatted as a trademark by the IQOS company

Recently, some people inside the industry reported that IQOS Philip Morris International has registered the heat doesn’t burn industry term as a trademark!heat doesn't burn

Hearing this news, it is not only a surprise, but a shock! Heat doesn’t burn, is an industry term, not a product noun, is it really registered as a trademark?

HEAT DOESN’T BURN, when translated into Chinese, the mean is heating without burning; HNB, is the English abbreviation for heating without burning. It is understood that these industry terms are not only squatted as trademarks, but also squatted as international trademarks.heat doesn't burn

In addition, the HEATSTICKS keyword has also been successfully registered as a trademark in the country. HEAT NOT BURN TECHNOLOGY is currently a trademark in the application.

On August 7, the e-cigarette public reported that Philip Morris International sued British American Tobacco for its product IQOS, and Philip Morris International said that certain features of British American Tobacco’s product Glo infringe on the technology involved in Philip Morris International’s two patents in Japan. To this end, Philip Morris International seeks compensation of 100 million yen (US$896,160) and a permanent ban. At that time, some people thought it was a single incident.heat doesn't burn

It is currently found that it is not a single event. Recently, many domestic companies involved in heating and non-burning business have reported that they have also received complaints from international tobacco giant Philip Morris International.

Philip Morris International’s agency issued a warning letter to major companies, alleging that it violated Philip Morris International’s intellectual property rights (copyright and trademark rights) and constituted unfair competition!heat doesn't burn

At present, all the companies that do heating and non-burning products are mainly exported. These industry nouns have been squatted as trademarks, and how do they be promoted on major international e-commerce platforms and social platforms?

In response to such serious problems, industry practitioners have issued appeals:

  1. Philip Morris International registered as a trademark for heating non-burning industry words. Is it reasonable?
  2. The equipment for roasting cannabis is earlier than 2012. The related technology products are earlier than the application time of Philip Morris International. How do you see the patents of Philip Morris International?
  3. How to solve this problem?

It is hoped that companies that do heat not burn products will gather ideas and find solutions. Otherwise, it will be fatally affected to be promoted on major international e-commerce platforms and social platforms.

QOQ is Sued by Philip Morris for Intellectual Property Infringement

The domestic rising heat not-burn e-cigarette enterprise QOQ is sued by the tobacco giant Philip Morris International. What is wrong?

Recently, Shenzhen QOQ Technology, a well-known domestic Xinrui enterprise that heating and non-burning e-cigarettes, received a letter unexpectedly from Philip Morris International, which mentioned matters concerning intellectual property infringement and unfair competition. What is going on now?

It is understood that Philip Morris International (Orchia Group) is the world’s largest tobacco giant and its heat not burn tobacco products IQOS has become a successful model in the field of new tobacco products. Shenzhen QOQ Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of new heating and non-burning e-cigarette equipment. According to insiders of the company, the new product QOQ is being actively promoted, but the related finished products are still in the sample. So, how can the two companies get involved?

The following is the content of the lawyer’s letter from Philip Morris International. Let’s see what the matter this can be.

After reading the original letter of the lawyer, you will find that QOQ Technology actually does not have any infringement on IQOS in terms of products, but in terms of product promotion, it does leave an impression of climbing the branches, rubbing hot spots and finding a sugar daddy. Unfortunately, this incident was smothered by Philip Morris International, and a special lawyer’s letter was issued to warn. So it seems that the big company really can’t afford it!

For this matter, Manager Song of QOQ Technology said in the circle of friends that QOQ has not officially listed, and we unexpectedly received a gift from international tobacco giant Philip Morris International – a lawyer’s letter, do they blame our products and marketing campaign for being so good? He further stated that they will change the reform and intellectual property rights should still be respected. But should not this hummingbird be used legally?

Of course, no matter what, this incident once again warns vape companies that they must respect the intellectual property rights and do not play side-by-side in the propaganda to avoid a lawsuit.

Two Types of Consumers of Heat Not Burn Products

Do you really know well about the two types of consumer groups of heat not burn tobacco products?

Heat not burn tobacco products will be the fastest growing product in the next five years. And its sales will reach $15.4 billion in 2021, which will be higher than the $2 billion in 2016 and will reach an amazing increase of 691%.

What growth path can we expect for heat-not-burn in new markets?

Japan is currently the world’s largest market for heat not burn tobacco products, accounting for 96% of global sales of such products; Germany is the second largest market, the United States will surpass Germany in 2021; In addition, the third and fourth largest markets for such products are Switzerland and Portugal, which are also the fastest growing markets.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, “low temperature cigarettes” designed with the idea of “heating without burning” can make the tobacco leaves just enough to exude a taste without igniting the tobacco leaves. Normally, ordinary cigarettes produce a lot of harmful substances at a high temperature of 350 ° C to 600 ° C when smoking, while low temperature cigarettes are below 300 ° C and harmful substances are reduced.

Observing from the function of heat not burn and the highly technical smoking, below two types of people are most likely to purchase such heat not burn new products at this stage.

Philip Morris Seeks Injunction Over BAT’s Heat-Not-Burn Device

First, smokers who have the need to quit smoking generally have a long smoke age. If they want to quit smoking, they can’t stop it. They can only reduce the amount of smoking by means of less pumping or changing the amounts of cigarettes. For example, I used to smoke a large amount of cigarette. Now I am going to change the cigarettes for my body and control the amounts of cigarettes strictly I smoke every day. Therefore, if there is a cigarette that can be safely smoked, I really want to try it out.

Second, it may be that young consumers are pursuing individuality, they like to be different and they are very willing to try new things. Besides, they don’t smoke for a long time and they are not dependent on cigarettes. It is easy to accept such new tobacco products for them.

Note: According to the early nine-point decision reference, e-liquid professor and other online media, edited by the China E-cigarette Information Media Team, for reference only.

Heat not burn Products Creates a New Growth in the Vape Field

Heat not burn tobacco products like iQOS becomes the new profit growth points for the ecigarette industry!

Over the years, with the continuous advancement of global tobacco control operations, traditional tobacco has been declining, and new tobacco products have gradually become a research and development hotspot to lead the industry change.

Compared with traditional cigarette products, new tobacco products have many types and the types are increasing with the development of technological innovation. From a global perspective, there are currently three main categories: e-cigarettes, Heat not burn tobacco products, and smokeless tobacco products. The emergence of new tobacco products has the same opportunities and challenges for the traditional tobacco industry, especially heating and not burning tobacco products. Heat not burn tobacco products (HNB), which are popular among smokers around the world because of its near-real taste, the experience of smoking real cigarettes, cool appearance and light operation. HNB are considered as a hot new tobacco product (NTP)

iqos heat not burn

Principle of Heat not burn

Heat not burn tobacco products, in brief, which uses a special electronic product to heat a special tobacco cartridge to produce smoke, so that the user can have a smoking experience that is almost real.

The principle of this method is to control the temperature of the smoke e-liquid to about 300℃ by the Heat not burn smoke device. At this temperature, the e-liquid can produce smoke close to the taste of real smoke, but it is also due to only about 300℃, many harmful substances are not produced (when traditional smoke is lit, the temperature is more than 700 degrees and more than 2,000 harmful components can be produced). The features are no burning, no flame, no soot, no tar, low nicotine content, no secondhand smoke hazards.

iqos heat not burn

Market condition

In recent years, Heat not burn tobacco products have become more and more popular, and the global consumer market has developed rapidly, which is a new profit growth point for the traditional tobacco industry and the e-cigarette industry. It is known that the sales of Heat not burn tobacco products is about US$5 billion in 2017. And it is expected to exceed US$15 billion by 2021, which is close to the sales of e-cigarettes, accounting for about 45% of the total sales of new tobacco products. Japan is considered the largest market for Heat not burn tobacco products. In 2017, the sales of heating e-cigarettes in the Japanese market was approximately US$4.7 billion, accounting for more than 90% of the total sales of heating tobacco products.

Up to now, the traditional tobacco companies at home and abroad have already made different investments and layouts on Heat not burn new tobacco products. At the same time, many private e-cigarette companies are not willing to drop behind. Relying on years of technical reserve and understanding of customer needs, they have launched highly competitive Heat not burn equipment. Shenzhen Aiwei Badi Technology Co., Ltd. is the best example. Shenzhen Aiwei Badi Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of Heat not burn products. It has set up modern professional factories, R&D centers and marketing centers. The products are sold well in Europe, America, Japan and Korea. The company has been recognized and cooperated by many domestic and foreign brand enterprises and distributors. Besides, they have been praised by consumers.

iqos heat not burn

±3°+PLUS, AXIS, AVBAD-BOX-II, AVBAD-TT, AVBAD-X, AVBAD-Ferrari and other AVBAD brands are the best-selling heating and non-combustion equipment in overseas markets. These devices are recognized as the treasures of the town shop and they are cool artifacts that are different from others.

Heat Not Burn Products are Rising Price Overall in Japan

In Japan, heating non-burning products are rising the price across the country.

According to “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on August 15, Japan Tobacco Industry Corporation (JT) announced on August 14 that it has applied to the Ministry of Finance to raise the price of a total of 150 types of cigarettes, including paper cigarettes and “heat-not-burn products”.

Heat-not-burn tobacco product use in Japan

The price increase will be between 10 and 90 yen, and the price of the main products will be raised by 20-40 yen. The background is that the Japanese government will raise tobacco taxes, which will be implemented on October 1 if the decision is approved by the finance ministry.

The price of all seven special cartridges for the heating non-burning product “Ploom TECH” will be raised from 460 yen (about RMB 28.5) per box to 490 yen (about RMB 30.4).

How Japanese deal with IQOS

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International also applied for an increase in the price of heated cigarettes in July. British American Tobacco Group is believed to be following the pace of price increases for the near term.

Japan Tobacco to launch new smokeless product this year

In the Japanese cigarette industry, whenever tobacco taxes are raised, tobacco companies will raise the price of cigarettes. With the price increase, the market size will inevitably shrink. At present, the share of paper cigarettes accounts for 80% of Japan’s domestic tobacco market, but heating and non-burning products are becoming more and more popular.