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Heat not burn Products Creates a New Growth in the Vape Field


Heat not burn tobacco products like iQOS becomes the new profit growth points for the ecigarette industry!

Over the years, with the continuous advancement of global tobacco control operations, traditional tobacco has been declining, and new tobacco products have gradually become a research and development hotspot to lead the industry change.

Compared with traditional cigarette products, new tobacco products have many types and the types are increasing with the development of technological innovation. From a global perspective, there are currently three main categories: e-cigarettes, Heat not burn tobacco products, and smokeless tobacco products. The emergence of new tobacco products has the same opportunities and challenges for the traditional tobacco industry, especially heating and not burning tobacco products. Heat not burn tobacco products (HNB), which are popular among smokers around the world because of its near-real taste, the experience of smoking real cigarettes, cool appearance and light operation. HNB are considered as a hot new tobacco product (NTP)

iqos heat not burn

Principle of Heat not burn

Heat not burn tobacco products, in brief, which uses a special electronic product to heat a special tobacco cartridge to produce smoke, so that the user can have a smoking experience that is almost real.

The principle of this method is to control the temperature of the smoke e-liquid to about 300℃ by the Heat not burn smoke device. At this temperature, the e-liquid can produce smoke close to the taste of real smoke, but it is also due to only about 300℃, many harmful substances are not produced (when traditional smoke is lit, the temperature is more than 700 degrees and more than 2,000 harmful components can be produced). The features are no burning, no flame, no soot, no tar, low nicotine content, no secondhand smoke hazards.

iqos heat not burn

Market condition

In recent years, Heat not burn tobacco products have become more and more popular, and the global consumer market has developed rapidly, which is a new profit growth point for the traditional tobacco industry and the e-cigarette industry. It is known that the sales of Heat not burn tobacco products is about US$5 billion in 2017. And it is expected to exceed US$15 billion by 2021, which is close to the sales of e-cigarettes, accounting for about 45% of the total sales of new tobacco products. Japan is considered the largest market for Heat not burn tobacco products. In 2017, the sales of heating e-cigarettes in the Japanese market was approximately US$4.7 billion, accounting for more than 90% of the total sales of heating tobacco products.

Up to now, the traditional tobacco companies at home and abroad have already made different investments and layouts on Heat not burn new tobacco products. At the same time, many private e-cigarette companies are not willing to drop behind. Relying on years of technical reserve and understanding of customer needs, they have launched highly competitive Heat not burn equipment. Shenzhen Aiwei Badi Technology Co., Ltd. is the best example. Shenzhen Aiwei Badi Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of Heat not burn products. It has set up modern professional factories, R&D centers and marketing centers. The products are sold well in Europe, America, Japan and Korea. The company has been recognized and cooperated by many domestic and foreign brand enterprises and distributors. Besides, they have been praised by consumers.

iqos heat not burn

±3°+PLUS, AXIS, AVBAD-BOX-II, AVBAD-TT, AVBAD-X, AVBAD-Ferrari and other AVBAD brands are the best-selling heating and non-combustion equipment in overseas markets. These devices are recognized as the treasures of the town shop and they are cool artifacts that are different from others.


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Darin Worthen
Darin Worthen
5 years ago

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