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South Korea’s Vape Exhibition in September 2018 is a Huge Success


South Korea’s e-cigarette exhibition in September, a successful ending – the topic of heating and non-burning

The Korea E-cigarette Exhibition was held in Hall 3 (KINTEX) from September 7th to 9th, and was jointly organized by Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center (KINTEX), The Fairs and Korea E-Cig Industry Association. Vape Korea Expo 2018 (2018 Korea E-cigarette Show) was successfully concluded in Korea on the 9th.

This e-cigarette exhibition is the first e-cigarette exhibition held in South Korea, attracting exhibitors from all over the world and today, we will introduce you to exhibitors who are heating and non-burning products.

These are two companies from South Korea’s low temperature non-combustible products, they are the first to appear in the Korean market.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful debut of China’s low temperature products.

Low-temperature products in the Korean market are very popular. Low-temperature cigarettes and products are available in supermarkets in South Korea and are available in convenience stores.

Vape Korea Expo2018 not only shows the amazing research and development results of e-cigarette brands from all over the world, but also shows the concept of people’s increasingly fashionable and healthy lifestyle. The event also promoted mutual learning and exchange between heat not burn products and other international e-cigarette brands. It is helpful to discuss the future development of e-cigarette industry together. I believe that in the era of looking forward to a healthy new environment, a healthy way of replacing cigarettes will surely usher in a booming development.


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