Friday, April 19, 2024

Korean Tobacco Giant KTG has Released the Latest LIL MINI Version Vape


Korean tobacco giant KTG has released the latest LIL MINI version heated not burn e-cigarette. A short and powerful vape. 

LIL e-cigarette is a kind of heated non-combustion e-cigarette produced and developed by KT&G, which is a local tobacco giant in South Korea. It has a compact and simple appearance design, an all-in-one machine structure, a single charge, and smoke a box of smoke bombs, without repeated charging, simple and convenient one-button operation features. Since the release in the overseas market, market feedback is excellent, and it is very popular among smokers.

It is reported that on October 3, KT&G released the latest version of the LIL MINI heating non-burning e-cigarette in Korea, which is much shorter in length and feels better.

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