Tuesday, March 5, 2024

South Korean government suggests people stop using vapes


Recently, the safety of electronic cigarette has attracted wide attention in many countries. At present, there are many kinds of electronic cigarettes, among which liquid electronic cigarettes are the most important kind, with a longer history of development and more users, especially in Europe and America.

Following recent cases of lung disease or even death in the United States caused by the use of liquid electronic cigarettes by consumers, there have been cases of suspected lung disease caused by vapes in South Korea. The South Korean government said Tuesday it would speed up research to decide whether to ban the sale of liquid e-cigarettes in an all-round way, and suggested that people stop using related products immediately.

Park Ling Hok, South Korea’s health and wellbeing minister, said the product posed a serious threat to public health as a result of recent outbreaks of lung disease in the United States caused by the use of electronic cigarettes.

Park also said that relevant departments will complete a study on harmful substances in liquid electronic cigarettes in November, investigate the health risks caused by the use of the product, and decide whether to ban the sale of liquid electronic cigarettes in the first half of next year.

On the 14th of this month, South Korea’s disease management department received the first case of lung symptoms such as cough and dyspnea caused by suspected use of vapes. The patient has continued to use liquid electronic cigarettes for the past six months. At present, the patient’s condition has improved after treatment.

Since this year, the Korean government has proposed a number of measures to ban smoking. On the one hand, it has restricted the advertising of tobacco companies. On the other hand, it has stipulated that warning pictures and words of smoking hazards must be printed on electronic cigarette packages. At the same time, it has banned retailers from selling electronic cigarettes to minors. These measures are expected to be formally implemented from next year.


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4 years ago

Good attitude, smart . Study first and then come with bans, regulations, taxation and other things which governments like ? Hope that they wouldn’t forget to publish their study and make it accessible to everyone

4 years ago
Reply to  Igor

I believe the result would freak them out and make them regret saying so.

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