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Two Types of Consumers of Heat Not Burn Products


Do you really know well about the two types of consumer groups of heat not burn tobacco products?

Heat not burn tobacco products will be the fastest growing product in the next five years. And its sales will reach $15.4 billion in 2021, which will be higher than the $2 billion in 2016 and will reach an amazing increase of 691%.

What growth path can we expect for heat-not-burn in new markets?

Japan is currently the world’s largest market for heat not burn tobacco products, accounting for 96% of global sales of such products; Germany is the second largest market, the United States will surpass Germany in 2021; In addition, the third and fourth largest markets for such products are Switzerland and Portugal, which are also the fastest growing markets.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, “low temperature cigarettes” designed with the idea of “heating without burning” can make the tobacco leaves just enough to exude a taste without igniting the tobacco leaves. Normally, ordinary cigarettes produce a lot of harmful substances at a high temperature of 350 ° C to 600 ° C when smoking, while low temperature cigarettes are below 300 ° C and harmful substances are reduced.

Observing from the function of heat not burn and the highly technical smoking, below two types of people are most likely to purchase such heat not burn new products at this stage.

Philip Morris Seeks Injunction Over BAT’s Heat-Not-Burn Device

First, smokers who have the need to quit smoking generally have a long smoke age. If they want to quit smoking, they can’t stop it. They can only reduce the amount of smoking by means of less pumping or changing the amounts of cigarettes. For example, I used to smoke a large amount of cigarette. Now I am going to change the cigarettes for my body and control the amounts of cigarettes strictly I smoke every day. Therefore, if there is a cigarette that can be safely smoked, I really want to try it out.

Second, it may be that young consumers are pursuing individuality, they like to be different and they are very willing to try new things. Besides, they don’t smoke for a long time and they are not dependent on cigarettes. It is easy to accept such new tobacco products for them.

Note: According to the early nine-point decision reference, e-liquid professor and other online media, edited by the China E-cigarette Information Media Team, for reference only.

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