Saturday, June 22, 2024

QOQ is Sued by Philip Morris for Intellectual Property Infringement


The domestic rising heat not-burn e-cigarette enterprise QOQ is sued by the tobacco giant Philip Morris International. What is wrong?

Recently, Shenzhen QOQ Technology, a well-known domestic Xinrui enterprise that heating and non-burning e-cigarettes, received a letter unexpectedly from Philip Morris International, which mentioned matters concerning intellectual property infringement and unfair competition. What is going on now?

It is understood that Philip Morris International (Orchia Group) is the world’s largest tobacco giant and its heat not burn tobacco products IQOS has become a successful model in the field of new tobacco products. Shenzhen QOQ Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of new heating and non-burning e-cigarette equipment. According to insiders of the company, the new product QOQ is being actively promoted, but the related finished products are still in the sample. So, how can the two companies get involved?

The following is the content of the lawyer’s letter from Philip Morris International. Let’s see what the matter this can be.

After reading the original letter of the lawyer, you will find that QOQ Technology actually does not have any infringement on IQOS in terms of products, but in terms of product promotion, it does leave an impression of climbing the branches, rubbing hot spots and finding a sugar daddy. Unfortunately, this incident was smothered by Philip Morris International, and a special lawyer’s letter was issued to warn. So it seems that the big company really can’t afford it!

For this matter, Manager Song of QOQ Technology said in the circle of friends that QOQ has not officially listed, and we unexpectedly received a gift from international tobacco giant Philip Morris International – a lawyer’s letter, do they blame our products and marketing campaign for being so good? He further stated that they will change the reform and intellectual property rights should still be respected. But should not this hummingbird be used legally?

Of course, no matter what, this incident once again warns vape companies that they must respect the intellectual property rights and do not play side-by-side in the propaganda to avoid a lawsuit.

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