Shenzhen: launching anti-drug investigation in the field of electronic cigarettes

To prevent drug-related risks in the logistics and delivery industry and electronic cigarette companies, on August 9, the Anti-drug Office of Xixiang Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen organized a mobilization and deployment meeting for anti-drug blocking and source interception inspections in the logistics and delivery industry of Xixiang streets and a mobilization and deployment meeting for the investigation and rectification of electronic cigarette companies.

Comrade Yao Wenqun, a member of the Sub-district Party Working Committee, attended the meeting. At the deployment meeting, Xixiang organized a leading group for the investigation and remediation work, and determined the investigation methods and specifications.

First of all, with the leadership of the community, organize the staff of the Narcotics Office, the community police, and the grid staff to carry out a one-week pull-net investigation on the logistics and delivery companies and e-cigarette companies in the jurisdiction, and have a thorough grasp of the logistics and delivery companies in the jurisdiction. The base number of its branches and terminal outlets, grasp the enterprise scale of e-cigarette companies, the source of e-liquid, etc.

Then set up the basic accounts one by one, focusing on the comprehensive analysis of basic information such as company name, registered address, legal representative, main contact person and method, business type, and company size.

At the same time, extensive publicity is carried out on the relevant laws and regulations of the company’s operations, the types of new drugs, and the hazards, so that logistics companies can sign a letter of commitment and send a letter to e-cigarette companies to strengthen the company’s awareness of law-abiding operations from multiple angles.

It is reported that in actual operations, Xixiang Sub-district investigated a total of 498 e-cigarette companies and 385 logistics delivery companies.

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