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E-cigarettes Developed by Three China Tobacco Local Industrial CO.,LTD


Heating non-burning tobacco products, also called low-temperature cigarettes, is the new type of tobacco that is closest to cigarettes in the smoking experience. The main feature is that the special heating device is used to heat the supporting cigarettes, and the flue gas is “baked” through the low temperature. Because the tobacco does not burn, the harmful substances generated by the high temperature combustion in the use of the traditional cigarettes are greatly reduced, which is a kind of Safer, less harmful tobacco product.

Heating non-burning tobacco products, belongs to the large category of new tobacco products in the international scope. The same category also includes electronic atomized smoke, oral smoke and so on.

At present, the three major local tobacco companies in China – Sichuan China Tobacco, Yunnan China Tobacco, and Guangdong China Tobacco follow this consumption trend, through efficient industrial chain integration capabilities and innovations accumulated in new materials for tobacco and basic technology reserves. As a result, they have successfully developed their own Heating non-burning tobacco products, but they are mainly in basically test sale stage, and there are only a small range of exports currently.


Heavy! Counting which vape companies with the background of the state-owned enterprises, how many cows there are! There are 10 Chinese cigarette companies in the layout of the electronic cigarette industry!

Sichuan China Tobacco   Wide&Narrow HNB

On October 13, 2017, Sichuan China Tobacco’s heating non-combustion products “Wide&Narrow (bullet)” and supporting smoking “Kung Fu” landed in South Korea, and launched a series of publicity and market testing activities in the park of Daejeon City.

Wide&Narrow·Kung fu is designed with blade center heating, and the device is integrated with charging and heating, which is different from iQOS charging device and heater split design. The integrated heating design solves the problem that iQOS must be charged after each drawing. It can provide the endurance of 10 cigarettes when the device is fully charged. Each time the heating is started, the equipment works for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and it can be pumped for about 15 mouths, which is equivalent to the number of a normal smoke suction ports.


Yunnan China Tobacco MC

On April 16, 2018, Yunnan Tobacco International Co., Ltd. and Korea IF Tobacco Co., Ltd. signed the “MC” (My Cigarette My Choice) brand low-temperature heating non-burning cigarette distribution agreement in Kunming, marking the first batch of low-temperature heating non-burning cigarette test products of Yunnan China Tobacco officially entered the Korean market.

MC new tobacco products are independently researched and developed by Yunnan China Tobacco Technology Center. The cigarettes are produced by Hongta Group, and the smoking articles are produced by Shenzhen Huayu Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yunyan International. MC’s new tobacco products use low-temperature heating non-combustion technology, which is different from the new smoking experience of traditional cigarettes.


Guangdong China Tobacco

In 2018, Guangdong Tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd. Golden Leaf Cigarette Factory (Macau) Co., Ltd. firstly sold heating non-burning tobacco products MU+ and ING in Laos, marking the official appearance of Guangdong China Tobacco’s new tobacco products in the overseas market. Guangdong China Tobacco is also an industry that the third company launched heating non-burning tobacco products.

The new tobacco products MU+ and ING are the first products successfully launched after nearly five years of technical reserve and continuous research and development by Guangdong China Tobacco. Using the disordered formula tobacco technology, flavoring technology and processing technology, the cigarettes are used independent research and development design materials, structures, and formula tobacco. And it solves the problem of the single source of raw materials for the current smoke, breaks through the bottleneck of equipment in industrial production and improves the stability of product sense quality.

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“E-cigarette” secretly developed by Guangdong Zhongyan debuted abroad, and the three major strengths are pressing the pack!

Of course, in addition to Sichuan China Tobacco, Yunnan China Tobacco, Guangdong China Tobacco, Guizhou China Tobacco, Hunan China Tobacco, Hubei China Tobacco, Guangxi China Tobacco, Shandong China Tobacco and other Chinese tobacco systems are also actively involved in the research and development ranks of heating non-burning tobacco products.

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Emmanuel Chisangano
Emmanuel Chisangano
5 years ago

I run an Agro Company with 7,000 tobacco farmer currently with the crop looking for markets. Kindly confirm if we can partner with your company and buy the crop

5 years ago

Of course.

5 years ago

Hi, we would be happy to write for you, to promote your company online for free if send us some exclusive information about your tobacco company.

5 years ago

Hi, we would be happy to write for you, to promote your company online for free if send us some exclusive information about your tobacco company.

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