Vapes are Not Cigarettes, and Vaper is Not an Addict

E-cigarettes are not cigarettes, and vaper is not an addict

It is hard to find a smoking area, take out the beloved e-cigarette from the bag and take a few mouthfuls to remove smoking addiction. Huh… The smoke rushes out of the mouth, and in a short time, it is easy to melt into the atmosphere and dissipate into the sky.

When you’re comfortable, the light in his eyes seemed to have seen a few pairs of disgusted eyes. Several aunts looked across the street and kept talking.

“Well, smoking e-cigarettes, everyone does not understand, and colleagues also feel that it affects the air.”

“The family thought that I was taking drugs, and it didn’t matter how I explained it. I was so annoying.”

“The way people look at me on the street is like watching a rat in a ditch. I really can’t stand it, hey.”

In this case, many vapers have encountered and it even happens every day.

At the moment, most of us can only reply with a smile, dodging the glaring eyes.

In fact, many people have been criticized and misunderstood during the process of e-cigarette evangelization.

Even when many people were in the family, their relatives thought they became addicts and became bad young people.

Try to popularize the benefits of e-cigarettes, and use a lot of scientific data to tell you that it’s harmless. There have been results, but the road ahead is long, we need to work together.

We love life and cherish health, so we chose e-cigarettes.

Vapor Talk – Premium American Liquids

As Vaper, we have been promoting a healthy artifact.

Maybe we have suffered a lot of uncomfortable eyes, even vicious language. However, we have not done anything wrong, and our attitude is also very firm.

Vapes are not cigarettes, and vaper is not an addict.

[Vapor Talk] Escape from the Summer with “the Smell of Smoke”

This day is too hot to say anything without Fxxx!

When it comes to summer, I instantly think of sea water, swimming pools, bikinis, and I am lying on the edge of the pool, eating watermelon, vaping the e-cigarettes of cool taste, watching the bikini girls swimming around and walking around me. How beautiful the days are. But when I wake up, although it is not a vampire lying in the coffin, I also have the same attributes as them – so-called death-upon-light.

Thinking of this, I have to bow down to three people, one is Hou Yi in the ancient Chinese tale, because without him to kill another nine sun, I will become a dried meat in minutes; The other is Willis Carrier, because he designed the air conditioner, which gives me second life; The last person is naturally Mr. Han Li, if the air conditioner gives me a comfortable body, the e-cigarette is naturally the soul filled in the body.

There are many ways for everyone to escape from the summer. Some of them take their families to famous summer resorts around the world to cool off the heat. Some invite about three or five friends when night falls, bare arms, going to the nearby barbecue restaurant, sipping, drinking sone ice beer, joking and bragging; others must be in the air conditioner, nowhere to go. Of course, I am also very afraid of heat and like to blow air conditioning, but also I can go for a barbecue supper with friends on the street. But what really makes me feel cool is that my mind is empty, blowing the wind, whether natural or artificial, closing my eyes and drinking two cups of wine. Ah, maybe the body is resisting the feeling of discomfort, but the heart is extremely comfortable.

10 Summer Vaping Tips

Each vaper has its own summer exclusive, some people like the cool taste, some people like the fruit series, and some people still love the original taste. For me, the most original mint flavor is my favorite choice. No matter what brand, whether it is a bottle of e-liquid for large cigarette or bottles of vape juice for small vape, the appearance is enough to make my body soft and refreshing.

The color of the vape juice is mostly green or blue. It stimulates the brain signal and once again spread throughout my body to tell me that I am about to embrace the extraordinary relief. Then, at the moment of the entrance, it immediately stimulates to the depths of the cerebral cortex and gives me a little bit of pleasure. In the end, the refreshing and playful, slightly sweet aftertaste is even more like a reverberant sound that can’t be dispersed for a long time. And every time the product is finished, my heart will always say something old-fashioned about this taste–the real love is in the bones, it is this taste.

Are you hot in your place this summer? How do you cool off in the summer? Have you chased the summer with your favorite vape? Tell me to share your experience and leave a message below the article. Sharing fans also have the opportunity to get a frozen lab of mini set.

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