Friday, June 14, 2024

Vapes are Not Cigarettes, and Vaper is Not an Addict


E-cigarettes are not cigarettes, and vaper is not an addict

It is hard to find a smoking area, take out the beloved e-cigarette from the bag and take a few mouthfuls to remove smoking addiction. Huh… The smoke rushes out of the mouth, and in a short time, it is easy to melt into the atmosphere and dissipate into the sky.

When you’re comfortable, the light in his eyes seemed to have seen a few pairs of disgusted eyes. Several aunts looked across the street and kept talking.

“Well, smoking e-cigarettes, everyone does not understand, and colleagues also feel that it affects the air.”

“The family thought that I was taking drugs, and it didn’t matter how I explained it. I was so annoying.”

“The way people look at me on the street is like watching a rat in a ditch. I really can’t stand it, hey.”

In this case, many vapers have encountered and it even happens every day.

At the moment, most of us can only reply with a smile, dodging the glaring eyes.

In fact, many people have been criticized and misunderstood during the process of e-cigarette evangelization.

Even when many people were in the family, their relatives thought they became addicts and became bad young people.

Try to popularize the benefits of e-cigarettes, and use a lot of scientific data to tell you that it’s harmless. There have been results, but the road ahead is long, we need to work together.

We love life and cherish health, so we chose e-cigarettes.

Vapor Talk – Premium American Liquids

As Vaper, we have been promoting a healthy artifact.

Maybe we have suffered a lot of uncomfortable eyes, even vicious language. However, we have not done anything wrong, and our attitude is also very firm.

Vapes are not cigarettes, and vaper is not an addict.

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