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RLEX Infinity at US $29.90 is widely launched in July 2020, and they’re giving away free gifts like mini fan, small charging case, etc for promotion.

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E-liquid is the soul of e-cigarettes, but only top 4 brands have patents

Since 2019, the e-cigarette industry has become the focus of capital’s favor and the center of public opinion topics. More and more entrepreneurs are going to the e-cigarette field to catch up with the new trend under the cold winter of capital. At the same time, various brands also start with e-liquid to develop brand-new electronic cigarette products more suitable for Chinese people to conquer the domestic consumer market. At present, only Boulder, Relx, Myst labs and SnowPlus make a lot of “voices” in e-liquid. It can be seen that with the entry of capital and the increasingly strict regulatory trend, a “dark war” of E-liquid technology is coming.

For e-cigarettes, E-liquid is the soul of a product. The quality of E-liquid determines the user’s product experience. At the same time, E-liquid products are the focus of consumer repurchase and the key to brand profitability. This also means that whoever can hold the initiative of E-liquid in his hand will be able to gain a leading edge in the fierce domestic brand competition.




Boulder is an electronic cigarette brand owned by Boulder international, which was jointly founded in Pennsylvania by Robert Hebe, Ron dephil and Wang Ze at the end of 2013.

Boulder international, as an integrated group of e-cigarette R & D, production and sales, has strong strength in the field of E-liquid R & D and production. Its E-liquid is sold in 7000 stores across the United States, with a deep user base. At the same time, the E-liquid used in the pod system products under Boulder is all produced by Boulder’s own E-liquid factory, which realizes the seamless connection between device and E-liquid.

Recently, Boulder has unveiled E-liquid R & D architecture for the first time. Its U.S. laboratory is responsible for the R & D and production of nicotine salt and E-liquid substrate, while the domestic team will deploy E-liquid products suitable for Chinese people according to users’ taste preferences and use experience. From May this year, Boulder has applied for a number of E-liquid related patents, or will layout the low nicotine market. However, Boulder started late in the pod vape market, and it will take time to test whether it can replicate its E-liquid advantages in the pod field.




Relx was founded by Wang Ying, a former Uber China executive, in early 2018. In less than a year, it has obtained 38 million yuan of financing from source capital leading investment and IDG capital following investment. It has become one of the brands in the field of electronic cigarette in China.

Recently, Relx with capital also accelerated the layout of e-cigarette technology research and development, and built its own E-liquid testing laboratory. Jiang Xingtao, director of E-liquid R & D, introduced that the laboratory will focus on the research of e-cigarette stability, atomizing liquid safety, smoke safety, core raw materials, etc., and test the methanol value in the process of E-liquid evaporation. After the storage of carts for more than two years, whether the materials and components have changed, and under absolute temperature, such as high or low temperature, whether the e-liquid has safety risks or not.

From the public information of Relx, the author finds that up to now, Relx has focused its strategy on the quality inspection of E-liquid, and there is not much public information on the R & D and production of E-liquid. However, in the domestic market where the OEM mode is popular, the lack of R & D and production capacity of E-liquid will undoubtedly affect its future strategic development layout.


Myst Labs

myst labs

Compared with Boulder and Relx, Myst labs was founded later. In March 2019, it was founded by Xing Chenyue, the former first scientist of Juul. It is reported that Xing Chenyue is a doctor of chemical engineering of the University of California, a former researcher of biotechnology gene Tech in the United States, and participated in the research and development of nicotine salt in Juul.

Xing Chenyue once said publicly that Myst labs has the scientific research team and research ability to develop nicotine salt, which is a technical advantage that domestic e-cigarette start-up companies do not have. Its new product is Myst P1.

Can Myst labs, with the “trump card” of Juul chief scientist, win in E-liquid research and development? Industry insiders said that the current technology of Juul is limited to the state of high nicotine concentration, in order to maintain a good taste, in the domestic market environment of increasingly strict supervision of electronic cigarettes, “high concentration” will encounter higher policy risk. It is not known whether the lack of local Jull’s technical experience can achieve results in the domestic market.

There is also good breaking news that 2nd generation nicotine salt tech by nicotine salt X by Myst Labs is coming in the near future.


snowplus introduction

As a leading enterprise in the electronic cigarette industry, SnowPlus was invited by the organizer of the conference and the initiator of the laboratory, Guangdong Tianjian Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. to attend the launching ceremony of the laboratory, and to discuss with practitioners for the healthy and lasting development path of the electronic cigarette industry. They invented their own e-liquid with great taste and patent.


Looking back to China, the national standard of e-cigarettes will be implemented in this year, or a new round of reshuffle will be carried out for the e-cigarette market. The strict regulation of E-liquid content and emission composition will also bring new challenges to the R & D and production of E-liquid. Who can be the last unicorn in the electronic cigarette industry? The market will give us a satisfactory answer.

RELX enters the Philippines and cooperates with local chain retailers

RELX Tech launched its e-cigarette brand in the Philippines on Friday, hoping to attract at least 1.5 million adult smokers to switch to safer alternatives in the next five years, although the Dutter government will take further action to strengthen the control of the growing industry, the Philippine World Daily reported.

According to ABS-CBN News, Yang Di, Director of RELX Southeast Asia Business, said that an agreement would be reached with BPO headquartered in the Philippines and plans were under way to establish an office in the country. “It’s still in its early stages, and we want better market insight. ” Yang Di said at a press conference last Friday.

However, Yang declined to say how much RELX would invest in the Philippines.

Once launched and operational, RELX expects its Philippine business to be managed by about 70% to 80% of Filipino employees. RELX’s recent investments include $1.5 million in a research and development laboratory in China. In addition, Yang told reporters at the break of the conference that the Beijing-based company hopes to eventually attract 10 to 20 percent of the 15 million smokers in the Philippines.

Since its establishment in January last year, the company has achieved tremendous success so far. In less than two years, the company’s products have been sold to more than 50 countries, with 8 million users worldwide.

In addition to introducing products, the company also cooperates with the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing Company to provide customer support for its English market.

The company has established partnerships with retailers Lighters Galore and Fuma in the Philippines, which have more than 100 outlets. It is also negotiating with 7-11 and Family Mart to expand its influence by adding more than 2,000 outlets. In the Philippines, the retail price of its standard e-cigarette package is 1,599 pesos (218 RMB).

Asked whether the Philippines was also a candidate for its manufacturing base, he said that it depended on regulations, which determined the growth rate. “A comprehensive advertising ban prevents us from convincing smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. We believe it’s a better solution,” Yang said. We should cooperate with the government in this regard.”

RELX CEO Kate Wang: Talents, resources, information are the 3 major factors of the innovation of private enterprises

“Innovation is a by-product of solving problems. For private science and technology enterprises, they should not only know who their users are, but also know where their problems and pains are. The process of trying to solve these problems is innovation.” Kate Wang.

The first award ceremony of Innovation China 2018 was held in Beijing recently. Wang Ying (Kate Wang), CEO of RELX, was selected as the “Innovation China 2018 New Entrepreneur” Award winner. The selection is based on four dimensions: innovation, innovation quality, influence and globalization.

After the award ceremony, Wang Ying, in a joint interview with reporters from our website and, said that innovation has a long way to go. RELX(Fog-core science and technology) should make valuable creations in the future and continue along the path of scientific and technological innovation.

The Growth Trajectory of Emerging Entrepreneurs

How to define excellent and new entrepreneurs?

It can be described in one sentence: “they are learning activists with new ideas, eager to learn the wisdom from different fields. They have an unyielding pioneering idea and define the era with the entrepreneurial decision with a bold move.”

And this sentence can not be more appropriate for Wang Ying.

Long before RELX (Fog Core Technology) was founded, Wang Ying was labeled as a new entrepreneur. Not only she has graduated from Columbia University MBA, but also in P&G, Bain Consulting and other international front-line companies experience, and later to the Chinese head of Uber, Didi, sharing car directors.

“I feel very encouraged to receive this award today! Starting a business for one and a half years, although the time is not long, but we put a lot of effort in R&D investment, these are the basis of our business. Wang Ying told reporters that in 2018, she and her team began to set up Shenzhen RELX Technology Co., Ltd. and act as CEO. In less than two years, the R&D team has developed from several people to more than 30 experts.

In addition, due to the outstanding achievements made by the enterprise, they have made outstanding achievements in caring for the healthy growth of adolescents and poverty alleviation. In 2018, Ms. Wang Ying was also rated as “the most concerned professional elite of platform users” by Linkedin China and “the most prominent society enterpreneur” at the 6th Annual Conference on the Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs.

Talents, resources and information are the 3 major factors of innovation

As a private technology entrepreneur, Wang Ying has her own understanding of innovation.

“Our users are all over the world, they will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using products and obtaining services. The process of finding and trying to solve these problems is the process of innovation.” In an interview with reporters, Wang Ying said that enterprises should make clear who they are serving. Integrating talents, resources and information naturally becomes the three main elements of innovation of private science and technology enterprises. Only by solving these three elements can we achieve real innovation.

Wang Ying told reporters that in terms of talent reserve, RELX technology has developed to a team of more than 200 people, relying on a step-by-step innovation and development. At present, the average age of the team is less than 30 years old, and most of them graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad or from well-known international enterprises.

Wang Ying told reporters that, adhering to the original intention of serving users and contributing to society, RELX Technology has applied for more than 20 patents and 8 patents in the past year and a half. The specialty division of R&D team covers biotechnology, organic synthesis, chemical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, flavor evaluation, structural design and other aspects. Each expert has his own strengths and is a leader in related fields.

Stick to the First Heart and Devote to Public Welfare

In addition to being a successful new entrepreneur, Wang Ying is also a public welfare enthusiast.

“We believe that the healthy growth of an enterprise should be proportional to its contribution to society.” Wang Ying thinks that when you are a small enterprise, you should do what you can. With the increasing scale of the enterprise and the increasing number of employees, the enterprise should undertake social responsibility within its own capabilities, or even more. Only in this way can the balanced development be a benign state of development.

During the interview, Wang Ying told reporters a story. In the first half year of RELX Technology’s start-up, they did a small-scale youth poverty alleviation work, and mobilized users to work with enterprises to provide large warm packs for left-behind children in remote areas for winter. In the public welfare action, she saw that the left-behind children are not an abstract group name, but composed of a vivid individual, with a unique age structure, personality characteristics and diverse needs.

With the development of our employees from more than a dozen to more than 200 people, we hope to mobilize all our colleagues to participate in more influential public welfare activities together. Wang Ying also said that with the continuous growth of enterprises, they also hope to be able to do more public welfare activities in more areas such as environmental protection and make more contributions to society.

It is reported that the selection is sponsored by Science and Technology Daily and sponsored by China Science and Technology Network. It aims to carry out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, finding innovative models and carrying forward the spirit of innovation. At the ceremony, the organizers, together with the participants, presented cups and certificates to 287 units and individuals in six award categories including cutting-edge technology enterprises and cutting-edge technology products.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI, which is the best?

What’s the user experience of the five mainstream pod systems? bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI, which one is the best?

With the world’s cigarette production decreasing, electronic cigarettes as the sub-areas are ushering in high growth. The new electronic cigarette in the market is divided into heat not burn, e-liquid vapes and vape pens. HNB belongs to tobacco products, which are controlled by the state. Vape pens that do not contain nicotine are not addictive and can not bring pleasure. The main electronic cigarette product in China are e-liquid-type. Its basic structure includes battery parts, atomizer and pods. And the e-liquid in the pod is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and essence. Unlike cigarettes, it has no open flame and no tar. The atomizer is powered by a battery pack and can turn e liquid nicotine into vapor in the pod, providing users a similar smoking feeling.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

We have selected five major brands of products in the mainstream vape market for review and comparison.

bink —— Chongmei Tobacco Group new fashion brand

RELX —— Ex Uber Manager Kate Wang’s new brand (Alpha is not included)

YOOZ ——Ex sentiment blogger Tongdao uncle Cai Yuedong’s new brand

vvild —— Ex Hammer Tech founder Luo Yonghao’s new brand

MOTI —— American MAGMA subsidiary

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

The reason for choosing these brands is very simple, because their heating medium is ceramic, which is really different from ordinary cotton core heating. Unlike traditional tobacco which need one fire to smoke, every puff of these electronic cigarette is made by heating medium to complete the atomization process of the e-liquids. The starting line of these products is basically the same.


Packing design

Not surprisingly, the first thing we look at is packaging design. Although electronic cigarettes are not as common as mobile phones, some unboxing experience and product design are still important.


Initial pods: tobacco 4%, mint 3%, banana 3%, blueberry 3%

bink’s packaging is the largest in the cross-review products, and it is also more attentive in packaging and instructions. The most important thing is four pods with banana chieftain, blueberry popcorn, fresh mint, Chinese flue-cured tobacco four flavors, the cost-effective ratio is higher than other brands. bink pod replacement process is smooth. And it comes with aluminum shell and the whole device weight is 22g, light and portable. It is worth mentioning that the device has a e-liquid observation gap in the middle, through which we can clearly judge the residual amount of e-liquids, which improves the user experience.



Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% MINT

(% data is for nicotine content in pods)


Although electronic cigarette products are not very expensive, it was a bit surprising to see that RELX starter kit only has two initial pods inside. After all, 299 yuan is a higher price among peers. Fortunately, the package design is delicate. The dialog instructions shorten the distance between the user, and the pod is translucent, so it is easy to observe the e-liquid amount. It comes with an integrated metal shell, the whole body is non-planar design, the middle is a water droplet shape indicator lamp, and the bottom is the traditional plastic injection interface design, using Mirco-usb charging interface, attached with a charging line.



Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% mint


YOOZ pod number is also two, sad. Its packaging design should be familiar to users who have unpacked the iPhone package. They’re really from the same mold. It is still a metal integrated body, with arc front and rear design, LOGO light in the middle, and an air intake hole in the left and right upper frames. At the bottom is Mirco-usb charging interface, with a braided thread attached to the package. Pod replacement process is the most difficult among the five.



Initial pods: tobacco 5%, mint 3%, mango 3%


Nova Vvild electronic cigarette from Virgo Luo Yonghao is undoubtedly the best in design and compatibility. It is difficult to notice the area of the indicator before the light is on (the visual angle is not high). The three regular pods are satisfactory, and the Type-C blind interpolation interface is at the bottom.


Initial pods: 5% tobacco, 5% pineapple and 5% watermelon.


The product design of MOTI is almost the same as that of RELX. In addition to LOGO and indicator lamp styles, even charging lines are the same. It is speculated that they came out of the same OEM factories. The MOTI makes the pod near the edge of the mouth transparent and easy to observe the e-liquids. This starter kit contains three pods.


As mentioned earlier, in order to ensure the same starting line, we have chosen several brands which use “ceramics” as heating medium. The heating medium is responsible for the full atomization of e-liquids, which affects the atomizing efficiency and the atomization taste of pod system. It is the core component of vapes.

Interestingly, the heating technology of the five brands of electronic cigarettes we selected originated from a company called Smoore, which was founded in Shenzhen in 2004 and developed mature heating schemes such as cotton core and ceramics.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

Among them, RELX, YOOZ, bink and MOTI all adopt Smoore’s latest FEELM inside heating technology, while brother brands vvild and FLOW adopt the previous generation of CCELL heating technology. Although both are ceramics, the surface of the ceramics used by FEELM is covered with adsorbing micro-holes, which are soaked in e-liquid and heated by the resistance coil at the bottom. The micro-holes and the hollow ceramics inside increase the atomization area, which makes the atomization effect better. However, some news site and medias indicate that this has not greatly improved the user experience, and the CCELL coil also has a good atomization experience.

There are also many other electronic cigarettes on the market still using cotton core coil atomization heating method, whose disadvantage is also obvious, the amount of atomization is small, easy to leak e-liquids, and the uneven heating causes the clicking sound. I’ve been frightened at first use of this kind of products.


E-liquids are the core and essence of the product, especially the nicotine quality in the e-liquid. The nicotine used in the early e-liquid was diluted by the original nicotine solution, which was very basic and could not eliminate the odor of the original nicotine solution in the e-liquid. Now it has been replaced by nicotine salt, which stimulates the human body less, but has a smooth flavor and weakened throat hit.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

In this review of these 5 electronic cigarette products, RELX, YOOZ, MOTI, vvild all use nicotine salt technology, representing that they have a better flavor than traditional electronic cigarettes.

Surprisingly, though bink is also a nicotine salt, it uses a more advanced “HINs natural compound nicotine technology” to miraculously realize the react between tobacco natural edible endogenous acid and pure and safe nicotine to provide you with a real sense of throat feel and a persistent aroma. Besides, HINs technology has a higher sense of physiological satisfaction (on the premise of the same intake) and a more supple taste than ordinary nicotine salt.



After all of this, we finally have a chance to talk about flavor. Overall speaking, electronic cigarettes with ceramic heating and nicotine salt technology are among the best in the industry in terms of taste fidelity and smooth degree. In order to avoid content bias, I summarized the experience of these electronic cigarette products from old smokers (Over 10 years of smoking experience), moderate smokers (5 years of smoking) and new smokers (1 year of smoking).

RELX tastes smooth and pure on the palate. Its flavor of tobacco is really high, and it does not cause strong stimulation to the human body. But there is a strong flavoring essence on the fragrance. It has a high degree of addiction relief. Two to three mouths of vaping can give old smokers enough pleasure.

Considering the nicotine content and purity in the e-liquid, the performance of all the electronic cigarette products in this cross-review is quite good.

bink, RELX,YOOZ, vvild or MOTI

The first good impression of YOOZ is that it produces vapor a lot (the tobacco pod has a nutty flavor). Although we make multi-reviews on 5 pods, YOOZ is really surprising. Its mint flavor is as addictive as the refreshing feeling brought by RELX. The refreshing feeling of mint left on tongue in the later period is more lasting. However, people have their own preferences, you need to test it yourself.


bink data shows that its nicotine content is lower than other brands, but the acquisition of pleasure is no less than other products. It is speculated that this may be related to the use of HINs natural compound nicotine technology, the same content of nicotine, the degree of addiction relief effect will be higher. The degree of tobacco flavor imitation is also very good. The entrance of its four flavors is also very soft and smooth, the mint is moderately cool, and the banana has a high sweetness.


vvild and MOTI have many tendencies in tobacco flavor. vvild has strong stimulation, the pursuit of throat hit, and a thirsty feeling after vaping. MOTI has a low degree of fidelity in tobacco, although very soft, it really can’t feel a tobacco-like flavor. Maybe it is to make it more acceptable to new smokers? It is not ideal in the taste of mint and fruit, and the degree of tobacco fidelity is not high. If you prefer a cool mint flavor, vvild Mint is a good choice.

vvild or MOTI

In terms of safety care, RELX and bink have over-inhalation protection reminders to avoid excessive user inhalation. If the reminder effect is more obvious, it will be better.

There is also the problem of e-liquid leakage. When we received the delivery, only two MOTI pods were in the state of leakage. Because I didn’t make a large-scale purchase, I speculate it is likely to be the problem in part of its product. Vape e-liquid leakage is related to the interests of consumers, manufacturers should continue to make efforts in this regard.



To sum up, bink is the most conscientious one, and the pod is cheap on average. It is also the exclusive HINs nicotine extraction technology in China. Its soft taste is maintained at the upper and middle level. Next, the overall tobacco fidelity of MOTI is not high, its taste is easy to confuse, and the average price of its pods is the most expensive, which is not recommended. Then, vvild is the best in portability and shape. Its menthol flavor is recommended. However, it should be noted that its heating coil is a product of the previous generation. RELX and YOOZ have high tobacco-like flavor and belong to the brand that can not be mischosen. In most cases, people choose electronic cigarettes for the purpose of replacing cigarettes, taking into account the flavor and wallet, as well as the long-term disadvantages of use, we still recommend a brand like bink.

RELX α Will Be Launched on 1st April, 2019

In the current increasingly fierce market competition, users need not only a similar product. Differentiated experience with technical support is the key to help brands maintain sales volume and win consumer reputation when the marketing fever recedes. In this case, the latest generation of cartridge-replaceable nebulizer Relx Alpha will be on the market on 1st April, 2019.

According to insiders, one of the selling points of Relx Alpha is that it applies the unique design of Alpha ring airway in the market. By fully contacting the air and atomized vape juice, Relx Alpha has a richer taste and a better experience.

At the same time, this design also helps to solve the problem of condensate which has troubled users for many years. For electronic cigarettes, the internal structure has always been a “spiral lion shell as a pavilion” effort. It is reported that the new Alpha contains 27 new patents independently developed by Relx. It also responds to the call of the national two sessions to advocate that Chinese enterprises have their own R&D patents and R&D capabilities.relx

Alpha Ring Airway Design is part of the application of “Extraction and Release Technology” in this new product. As the best solution for the current industry, Relx’s “Extraction Technology” aims to provide more users with a better comprehensive experience.

It is understood that Relx regards “paying attention to users” as its most important corporate value. In order to continuously provide users with better products, Relx has invested heavily in R&D since its start-up.


According to the public information, Relx has invested in the construction of more than 300 square meters of laboratories that meet the requirements of CNAS laboratory certification. At the same time, Relx has established research and development platforms for taste creation, research and application of core raw materials, chemical analysis and detection, pharmacological activity research and so on, which are rare in electronic tobacco brands. Over the past year, Relx has gone from the development of cigarette bombs to the design of cigarette appliances in a multi-pronged way. The launch of Relx Alpha is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Relx to test its research and development achievements through the market.relx

For Relx fans, Relx Alpha also offers them new options for product upgrading. For a long time, Relx has a good reputation among e-cigarette players, and many users recommend each other. On-line, Relx keeps close interaction with its fans, and fans are actively exporting on the social platform, becoming an important “force” to spread brand reputation.

Electronic cigarette is a special industry. On the one hand, like all consumer electronics products, it is always the product itself that decides whether the brand can break through successfully. Feelings can not be eaten as food, and constantly improving user experience is the foundation for manufacturers to settle down. On the other hand, how to clarify the doubts about electronic cigarettes and establish standards for the industry is the goal that all manufacturers should strive to pursue.

Latest Relx Vape Wholesaler / Dealer Price List – April 2019

Update:  May 17th, 2019 latest statements from RELX official:

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RELX LAB – Discover the largest single investment project from Relx

RELX Lab Project:
Starts in 2019
Covering an area of 300 square meters
Total investment of 10 million yuan
Establishment according to CNAS standard
52 R&D equipment (38 imported instruments)

It has 12 laboratories, including sensory evaluation laboratory, chromatographic laboratory, physical laboratory, microbiological laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, organic laboratory and so on.

Though it’s kind of small and young compared to Juul, it’s still worth praising as a serious vape researching pioneer.


That is to say, the RELX products like Relx Alpha including e liquids will be tested from the lab first, at the same time, some peripheral products will also have to go through some laboratory processes of testing.

FEELM will release the industry’s first brand technology certification FEELM inside at IECIE

The 5th IECIE Electronic Cigarette Expo will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 14 to 16, 2019. As the industry’s leading atomization technology company, FEELM will appear at IECIE electronic cigarette exhibition in the form of “FEELM Carnival”. At the carnival site, FEELM inside brand technology certification logo will also be officially released.

FEELM inside is FEELM’s brand technology certification plan for cooperative brands. The brand atomization cartidgg using FEELM atomization technology will gradually tagged with the “FEELM inside” logo to ensure that every user enjoy the pure experience of FEELM technology.

feelm inside

For atomizing device, the function of atomizing core is similar to that of computer to Intel chip. FEELM began to be laid out in 2012. In 2016, FEELM ceramic atomizing core was studied and formed. In early 2018, FEELM black ceramic film-coated atomizing core was equipped with high-quality atomizing vape at home and abroad. RELX is the earliest publicly announced brand of using FEELM in China.

At present, FEELM has a cumulative selling quantity of 100 million, annual capacity reaching up to over 500 million, and won the Golden Leaf Award at the Global Tobacco Forum held in London, UK in September 2018. It is the only Chinese technology brand that has won this award in China. It also starts the FEELM’s journey from a national technology company to an international technology brand.

FEELM as the industry’s first brand to launch brand technology certification, the introduction of FEELM inside not only shows that FEELM has accumulated a lot of research in atomization, but also set a good example to the original technology protection and brand development for the savage growth of the vape industry

Related Vape hk fans question:

Who is the manufacturer of Relx e cigs

Relx is tagged with Feelm inside. Therefore, it’s almost produced by Feelm of Smoore. However, some of Feelm’s products are produced by some other manufacturers like ALD.