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Why choose gippro? Things you need to know



Ever heard of gippro before? Take a look at how it grows to be one of the best alternatives for vapers.

About gippro – Brand Introduction

gippro, headquartered in Tokyo in 2017, is a fully certified company with more than 300.000 users, over 50 technological patents, and 10 awards in Asia. It has a professional and technical R&D team, focusing on atomization and heat-not-burn technology, and a  world-class ID design team who are fully experienced in the design industry.

This brand was first unveiled at the international e-cigarette show in Japan and Birmingham in 2018, UK (the largest e-cigarette show in Europe). After it became popular in Japan, Europe, and the United States, more products appeared in major Japanese supermarkets overnight and became must-buy items.

Why choose gippro? Things you need to know
Japan Exhibition

Currently, gippro spreads its offices, sales, and development laboratories worldwide, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Europe, and so on, with aims to provide safe and high-quality products and to advocate a more green, healthy, and dynamic lifestyle for the ‘switchers’.

Why choose gippro? Things you need to know
Global Sales Map

About our Product 

Safety and high quality are the first things gippro cares about. All products are tested by third-party authorities, meeting the international standards, and acquired related Japanese certifications such as JFRL, CCIC, CB, TPD, CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.

Why choose gippro? Things you need to know

In 2019, gippro prefilled GP6 released. which has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers in key markets such as North America, Russia, and Southeast Asia, once again enhancing its brand influence. The huge success is due to its strong features as following:

Fashionable Design

gippro always chases for perfection in quality and design. The paint coat is called baby-skin, making the surface smooth and hard to leave fingerprints after the touch.

Great User Experience

The GP6 pod adopts the magnetic design. No need to distinguish between the positive and negative sides anymore. Simply plug and vape. Additionally, the battery capacity of 400mah can easily meet daily use.

Different Flavors and Smooth Taste

The taste is smooth rich and long-lasting. Additionally, the vapor production and vaping resistance are adjusted moderately. No leakage of smoke water in most cases.

In 2020, gippro launched disposable e-cigarette neo with outstanding quality and performance, which brought a large number of new fans and helps gippro take a larger share of the market. The features are as follows:

– Smooth, rich, and long-lasting taste.

– Lightweight and portable size.

– Multiple flavors

– 800 puffs meets daily use

Why choose gippro? Things you need to know

gippro pays attention to every user’s feedback in different markets, and strives to create high-quality, smooth-taste, high-value, and fashionable products after thousands of testings so that every user can enjoy the fun of new trends and lifestyles!


Who can ask for a better alternative than gippro? Smooth taste with multiple options and excellence in both design and user experience. To know more about this cool brand, contact Instagram


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