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Gippro GP6 pod vape review – A vape with great taste


Under the icy surface of Gippro GP6 pod, there is a hot core hidden, but this core can not maintain the temperature at any time. From the moment when the pod vape appeared, it was doomed that the electronic cigarette would go to a different road, and this road would also change with the continuous development of the industry. The “cold” look will also allow it to maintain a “long-lasting hot” core on a larger stage.

The same is true for Gippro, who launched its new Gippro GP6 vape kit in April. Its business style appearance is suitable for the mass users. And its good vaping taste and mouthfeel have captured the hearts of many users.

The Gippro exhibition booth at the IECIE is very popular, and its business negotiation area is filled with agents.

Features look ahead:

The expression of GP6 pod vape as a “hot heart” is actually related to the processing of its surface technology and the use of materials. The appearance of the product is painted with the same brand of Ferrari paint, and the baby skin hand-feel material close to the skin is added to make the surface more smooth, and it is more inclined to have the warm feel of the summer The surface of the product is made of anodized lacquer, so that the paint will not easily fall off, and its wear resistance is stronger, leaving no fingerprints and perspiration. The careful polishing of 27 production processes makes the surface treatment more in line with the psychological needs of users.

Outer packaging:

GP6 pod vape suit packaging continues the classic,

Packed in white carton,

A product line chart is printed on it.

In line with the consistent style of its manufacturers.

The rounded surface of the surface increases its high-end feeling.

It is not a display of wireless charging accessories.

A brief introduction and precautions for the product are printed on the back of the package.

And the product “China Identity Certification” information.

Side English slogan

“Welcome to the world of Gippro, Open your new style, new life,”

Similar to the sense of bringing in the trendy elements.

Open the package and attach the instructions to the top of the lid.

Place the manual and warranty card and certificate.

When you open box, you can open it directly.

But when playing back, it is anti-human.

Built-in details:

The internal product details are:

GP6 main body*1

Cartridges *2

USB charging cable*1


At present, GP6 pod has two colors, namely sea fog blue and mother-of-pearl white. For more colors, please visit the official site. According to the manufacturer’s description, in addition to the blue and white bright colors, GP6 also simultaneously sells the “Wonder Woman” joint name, cross-border cooperation is unstoppable.

The appearance of the product is more business, but the traditional pen design is abandoned, and the long oval flat vape style is used to increase product recognition. The product size is 81*25.5*12mm, which is not much different from ordinary pods, but the width is increased, and the thickness is increased by a little design. In fact, it is more suitable for placing the position of the finger and not cutting hands.

The front of the product is printed with Gippro’s product LOGO, as well as a round LED sensor light, which is controlled by the air switch to determine whether it is gradually brightening or fading. The back of the product is not designed with any pattern, which is slightly monotonous. The built-in battery capacity of 400mAh is enough to support the daily use of ordinary users, and the charging time is not long, and will not affect the user’s use too much.

Shaft design:

The interface design of the vape can be observed inside the interface. It is different from the black PE material baffle, but the transparent color PE material is used, and the internal observation is clearer. Careful users can easily find that the product baffle is different from the electrode and strong magnetic separation design. Instead, a strong magnetic field is added to the outer ring of the electrode and placed on the side of the two sides. In the middle, two air switches are designed. It is also a compensation intake air design, combined with the bottom USB interface to increase the intake air volume of the cartridge. The product batch number is attached to it.

GP6 pod vapes are not difficult to find after the cartridges, and the front and rear ends are gradually tapered, and the smoker nozzles are supported. This design seems to be useless, but it is more comfortable when the user is in the hand, reducing the degree of opening and closing between the fingers, and improving the user experience.

At this stage, the product package comes with two cartridges, fresh mint and passionate mango, and the simulated tobacco and iced mung bean flavors are purchased by the user. The cartridges are also divided into 0mg/ml, 30mg/ml, and 50mg/ml nicotine salt content. According to the official description, the 0mg butyl salt content can also give people a little satisfaction.

The design of the cartridge is quite interesting. The appearance of the cartridge is similar to that of the bullet. The logo is round and round on both sides. The exterior is matte and does not leave lip gloss after contact with the lips. The nozzle inlet is large, indicating that this small cigarette is not suitable for small mouth feeding, it is more suitable for fast smoking, and the amount of smoke will also increase. The bottom of the cartridge also has a product batch number. In addition to the bottom two intake holes, there are also air intake holes on both sides of the joint between the cartridge and the shaft. After three days of use, it was found that it did not leak oil, which is enough to show that the sealing property inside is very stable, and there is no condensation inlet when it is properly sucked.

Gippro brand GP6 changeable pod suit,

Considered the product of April this year,

It first met with the public at Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Show.

Its design is exquisite.

Fitted with ergonomic design,

Increased hand-friendliness.

Streamlined mouthpiece design for extremely high lip fit

And matte treatment will not adhere to the lip scale

This is very good.

The smoker tastes more comfortable.

And the number of flavors

And the diverse elements of the shaft color,

The manufacturer said that the better changes will be made in succession.

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