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Gippro dragon dance GP6 pod system review


GP6 of gippro dragon dance is a pod system under gippro. Gippro group, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, focuses on the research and development of the world’s leading atomization technology and HNB technology.

The company has a professional and technical R & D team and ID design team, advocating a more green, healthy and dynamic lifestyle, and creating a variety of vape pen, HNB and other fashion products.

Gippro dragon dance GP6 Gippro dragon dance GP6
GP6 of gippro dragon dance adopts the packaging form of Tiandi cover. The design of the packaging box is very simple. On the front is the product’s bronzing and line drawing, and a raised circle is used to beautify it. On the back is a description of the product structure, company information and precautions. The whole package is simple and elegant.

In terms of modeling, the GP6 of gippro dragon dance adopts a non angular streamline design, so it looks very smooth. We found that this design form, more perfectly fit the palm, and the appearance is quite outstanding.Gippro dragon dance GP6

At the same time, because the surface of BABYSKIN is anodised with the same brand paint of Ferrari, it has a plush skin feeling when holding. Its excellent touch, even if used in winter, can not feel special cold, very warm design.Gippro dragon dance GP6

GP6 of gippro dragon dance has launched four kinds of color matching, namely, Fritillaria white, sea fog blue, jadeite cold jade and mirage black. Both the color naming and color are comparable to those of mobile phones.Gippro dragon dance GP6

In terms of material selection, gippro dragon dance GP6 is made of magnesium aluminum alloy. I learned that magnesium alloy has been widely used in aircraft, spacecraft and rocket missile manufacturing industry because of its high strength, light weight and good dent resistance. Gippro dragon dance GP6 should be a pioneer in material selection.Gippro dragon dance GP6

The top of the GP6 of gippro dragon dance, it adopts a very popular U-shaped design, which is not only conducive to the pulling and inserting of carts, but also can make the devices and carts better integrated and improve the appearance beauty.

Gippro dragon dance GP6
The device and the cart are combined by the mainstream magnetic suction, and two strong magnetic wrapped electrode contacts and air induction pores can be seen inside. In particular, two air induction vents are designed to lift, which can effectively prevent condensation from entering the device. Small details shall be free of obvious burrs and defects, and the workmanship shall be fine enough.Gippro dragon dance GP6

The cart design of GP6 of gippro dragon dance fits the shape of device. The cutting treatment on both sides makes the suction nozzle fit the lips better. The matte treatment on both sides not only makes the suction more comfortable, but also effectively solves the problem of condensation and mouth adhesion, and can keep the suction nozzle clean and sanitary at all times. At the same time, the suction nozzle is also added with a circular design similar to a smiling face, which has the characteristics of gippro family.Gippro dragon dance GP6

In addition, the form of symmetrical design makes it unnecessary to check the sides before installing carts. And good transparency, even in the case of not taking out the cart, users can easily observe the residual amount of e-liquid, so as to avoid dry burning. There is no condensation inlet problem in use, mainly due to the anti-condensation design of the fan inside the suction nozzle.Gippro dragon dance GP6

After the separation, it was found that the atomizing core used in the cart was the cylinder type cotton coated ceramic atomizing core. Compared with the common ceramic core, the ceramic cotton core is wrapped with organic cotton, which can not only effectively control the e-liquid guide, but also avoid the problem of dry burning of the ceramic core, so the service life is longer, and the taste will be more delicate, soft and soft.

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