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FEELM will release the industry’s first brand technology certification FEELM inside at IECIE


The 5th IECIE Electronic Cigarette Expo will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 14 to 16, 2019. As the industry’s leading atomization technology company, FEELM will appear at IECIE electronic cigarette exhibition in the form of “FEELM Carnival”. At the carnival site, FEELM inside brand technology certification logo will also be officially released.

FEELM inside is FEELM’s brand technology certification plan for cooperative brands. The brand atomization cartidgg using FEELM atomization technology will gradually tagged with the “FEELM inside” logo to ensure that every user enjoy the pure experience of FEELM technology.

feelm inside

For atomizing device, the function of atomizing core is similar to that of computer to Intel chip. FEELM began to be laid out in 2012. In 2016, FEELM ceramic atomizing core was studied and formed. In early 2018, FEELM black ceramic film-coated atomizing core was equipped with high-quality atomizing vape at home and abroad. RELX is the earliest publicly announced brand of using FEELM in China.

At present, FEELM has a cumulative selling quantity of 100 million, annual capacity reaching up to over 500 million, and won the Golden Leaf Award at the Global Tobacco Forum held in London, UK in September 2018. It is the only Chinese technology brand that has won this award in China. It also starts the FEELM’s journey from a national technology company to an international technology brand.

FEELM as the industry’s first brand to launch brand technology certification, the introduction of FEELM inside not only shows that FEELM has accumulated a lot of research in atomization, but also set a good example to the original technology protection and brand development for the savage growth of the vape industry

Related Vape hk fans question:

Who is the manufacturer of Relx e cigs

Relx is tagged with Feelm inside. Therefore, it’s almost produced by Feelm of Smoore. However, some of Feelm’s products are produced by some other manufacturers like ALD.


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