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Vaporesso GTX One mod review – DirtyCheck No.58


Although nicotine salt pod vape occupies a large majority of users, there are still a considerable number of vapers who choose MTL mod vape, then Vaporesso, as the current industry leader, will certainly not give up this market and launched the GTX ONE kit. If you like mouth-to-lung or slightly direct-to-lung devices, but don’t like DIY, this GTX One kit suits you best.

Vaporesso GTX one review

Vaporesso GTX One Specifications

Vaporesso GTX One 40W Mod
GTX tank 18mm atomizer
GTX 0.8ohm mesh coil
GTX 1.2ohm mesh coil
Spare small tank
User Manual

Vaporesso GTX one review

Kit Content

The whole is made of GTX Tank 18mm atomizer and GTX One 40W device.


Size: 127.5×29.3×22.7mm
Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery
Type-C supports up to 2A current charging
0.69 inch OLED display
5W-40W power adjustment

There are 6 colors,

Black, silver, red black, blue silver, dark green, pink silver

Vaporesso GTX one review

GTX Tank 18mm atomizer

Support current vaporesso major atomizing core
Only used for various taste needs


The device uses a non-slip coating like the SWAG 2nd generation mod, just like the sugar-plastic process, which is slightly harder. The feeling on hand is particularly good. The 2000mAh battery capacity is very suitable for such a portable device, and the charging speed of Type-C is really fast, especially good for emergent use, the first 20% of the electricity can basically be charged completely within 5 minutes, very efficient and useful.

Vaporesso GTX one review

The atomizer has an 18mm size. It is very good to match such a small mod, and the whole is also very coordinated. There is a difference in capacity between the original glass tank and the spare glass tank. The simple point is a fat tank (3mL), a conventional (2mL), you can also choose according to your needs.

The adjustment of the atomizer is only through the small hole adjustment, which also shows that this atomizer is prepared for that group of people, that is, friends who love slightly directly-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping.

The atomizer adapts to the current GTX major atomization core. Friends who have seen the review from Captain Dirty should understand that there are many types that can basically meet the conditions for various vape juice. It’s very good.

Vaporesso GTX one review

Vaporesso GTX One User Experience

Press the adjustment keys together to switch the mode,
Mainly smart mode, power mode is commonly used by everyone
Smart mode is to echo its GTX core group
It intelligently specifies the corresponding performance according to the data of the atomizing core.

Vaporesso GTX one review

GTX 0.8ohm mesh coil

Suitable for vaping a single taste, the advantage is to enhance the richness of vapor and taste.

Like the fruit flavor, the tobacco flavor is very suitable for the core of GTX 0.8ohm mesh coil.

The disadvantage is that the sweetness is too fierce. For those with low sweetness requirements, you can give up this atomizing core.

Suitable for vapers who love direct-to-lung vaping.

GTX 1.2ohm mesh coil

Suitable for vaping compound flavors, the vapor resolution is soft and precise,

The satisfactory analysis is suitable for experiencing some flavors of compound desserts or fruits,
The performance is very satisfactory, I just like the dessert type,
Sometimes even better than DIY done by yourself.

A relatively bad experience is that when refilling the oil, it may be the problem of air pressure, condensation and sealing,
As a result, the experience of the first few mouths after the oil injection is not comfortable, and sometimes there will be a lot of condensation running out,
The solution to the problem is to dry burn the core a few times, and it will be solved better.

Vaporesso GTX one review


At present, such MTL devices are preferred by DIY vapers. Products such as VAPORESSO are undoubtedly outstanding, which reduces the threshold for novices to enter this MTL field at this stage, and also gives friends who hate DIY a great comfort and convenience. It is really contributing to this industry.
The overall feel and experience of GTX One are also very good, suitable for beginners.
The current configuration is relatively close to perfect, and the late GTX RBA also provides convenience for new vaping beginners who are going to DIY, which is very good.
The only disadvantage is that the current 18mm atomizer needs to be upgraded. Solve the above problems to make it have better benign development and a better experience.
Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Vaporesso GTX One mod @ $45.9

Vaporesso GTX one reviewVaporesso GTX one review

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The overall feel and experience of GTX One are very good and convenient, suitable for beginners. Highly recommended.Vaporesso GTX One mod review - DirtyCheck No.58