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Smoore won the National Award for science and technology innovation with China core


Recently, the publicity period of the 21st China Patent Award ended, and Smoore ceramic heating core technology won the excellent award of China Patent Award, which is the first national patent award in the domestic electronic atomization industry.

Smoore won the National Award for science and technology innovation with China core Smoore won the National Award for science and technology innovation with China core

China patent award is jointly selected and awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the world intellectual property organization. It is the highest patent award in China. This award is the only governmental award in China that is specially awarded for invention and creation with patent right. It is recognized by WIPO and has international influence.

Smoore is committed to building the world’s leading atomization technology platform. Since its establishment, it has attached great importance to basic research, and has always regarded technological innovation as the core driving force for the growth and growth of enterprises. Its China core, represented by Feelm black ceramic coated atomization core, has become the industry benchmark of global electronic atomization technology.

01 Deepen basic research and solve global industry problems

The China patent award is awarded annually to all enterprises in China, and has been held for 21 times since 1989. The selection criteria include patent quality, technology advancement, application and protection measures and effectiveness, social benefits and development prospects. The selection process includes priority selection, first instance acceptance, professional review, review committee review, and many other links.

“This award-winning invention patent relates to the preparation method, porous ceramic and its application.” Zhou Hongming, a professor of materials science at Central South University and one of the inventors of the technology, said, “ceramics are the hot spot of basic research on electronic atomization technology.”

Porous ceramics are composed of a variety of mixtures, which are processed by grinding, pressing, high-temperature sintering and other processes before final forming. The ceramic has the characteristics of small thermal conductivity, small density, small specific heat capacity and so on. Because of its own material characteristics, the temperature field of the liquid in the atomization process is relatively uniform, and the atomization is more sufficient in unit time.

Compared with the traditional way of atomization, porous ceramics can adjust the size of aerosol particles arbitrarily due to its rich micropores and special sintering process to control porosity, so as to bring better experience for users with higher atomization efficiency.

On this basis, the impact and flow motion of atomized steam in the mouth are further simulated, and the trend of each atomized molecule is carefully grasped. Smoore has innovatively launched the Feelm black ceramic coated atomized core.


Feelm black ceramic coated atomizing core adopts ceramic honeycomb structure, which integrates advanced technologies such as structure, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, etc. by combining the metal film of special materials with ceramic conductor, an ultra wide heating surface is constructed, which can apply temperature more accurately and “intelligently” to ensure rich instant vapor generation.

At the same time, Feelm black ceramic coated atomizing core with completely sealed components can prevent liquid leakage or dripping, dry burning and paste core to the greatest extent, making the atomizing process safer.

In the eyes of many reviewers around the world, based on the breakthrough in material and structure science, the film coated Feelm atomizing core has outstanding advantages in liquid delivery, temperature resistance, taste and atomization ability, and has become a major quality benchmark of global electronic atomization technology.

02 Over 1000 patents, enabling leading brand of atomization technology

Data shows that in the past decade, the investment of Chinese enterprises in basic research accounts for only 0.1% of the investment in R & D of enterprises and 1.5% of the total investment in basic research of the whole country, while that of American, Japanese and European enterprises accounts for about 20% of the total investment in basic research. The low ability and level of basic research lead to the lack of motive power for tackling key core technologies in manufacturing industry.

In recent years, the state has realized this urgent problem, and constantly guided and encouraged enterprises to increase their independent innovation efforts, speed up breakthroughs in basic research, and promote high-quality industrial development. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee just concluded clearly proposed that we should increase investment in basic research, improve the system and mechanism to encourage and support basic research and original innovation, and establish a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and in-depth integration of production, learning and research.

Smoore always regards basic research as the core driving force of enterprise development, and has established a special basic research department at the beginning of the enterprise. Now, Smoore’s basic research institute has become an important force in the global research of atomization technology. It has accumulated a series of achievements and experiences that have attracted international attention in the fields of atomization mechanism, material science, device research and development.

In 2015, Smoore won the title of “national high tech enterprise”. Up to now, there are hundreds of professional personnel engaged in the research and development of atomization technology, and more than 1000 patents have been obtained in the global atomization field, covering various fields such as electronic atomization materials, appearance design, electronic control, etc.

Smoore won the National Award for science and technology innovation and China core

For a long time, the technology of heating element atomization core has been the hot research direction of global atomization technology. In 2012, Smoore began to invest in the research of ceramic atomizing core innovatively. In order to find the right materials, researchers have tried almost all the ceramic materials on the market.

In 2016, as soon as the film coated atomized core of Feelm black pottery came out, it attracted the strong attention of the industry. This product is mainly used in the closed pod atomization equipment to give users a more alcohol and clean experience. In 2017, feelm ceramic atomizing core technology obtained the national invention patent. In September 2018, at the global tobacco forum GTNF held in London, UK, Feelm was awarded the “Gold Leaf Award”, which is the only Chinese atomization technology brand that has won this award.

Smoore won the National Award for science and technology innovation and China core

On April 15, 2019, Feelm officially announced its new brand logo “Feelm inside” at the iecie exhibition in Shenzhen, which soon became the representative symbol of “China core” of atomization technology innovation. Up to now, the atomizers equipped with Feelm ceramic heating elements have been sold to many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and other regions, with a total sales volume of 1 billion, winning widespread praise from global consumers.

According to the comments of industry research experts, Smoore, who has always attached great importance to the construction of R & D capacity, has become an important “CPU” driving the global atomization technology innovation. Its strong innovation strength is also continuously injecting growth power into the enterprise, empowering the product quality and brand image of the enterprise, and strengthening the Matthew effect of its product brand represented by Feelm atomization core in the global competition.

There aren’t many enterprises can compete with Feelm, ALD is its most powerful peer.

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