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RELX CEO Kate Wang: Talents, resources, information are the 3 major factors of the innovation of private enterprises


“Innovation is a by-product of solving problems. For private science and technology enterprises, they should not only know who their users are, but also know where their problems and pains are. The process of trying to solve these problems is innovation.” Kate Wang.

The first award ceremony of Innovation China 2018 was held in Beijing recently. Wang Ying (Kate Wang), CEO of RELX, was selected as the “Innovation China 2018 New Entrepreneur” Award winner. The selection is based on four dimensions: innovation, innovation quality, influence and globalization.

After the award ceremony, Wang Ying, in a joint interview with reporters from our website and, said that innovation has a long way to go. RELX(Fog-core science and technology) should make valuable creations in the future and continue along the path of scientific and technological innovation.

The Growth Trajectory of Emerging Entrepreneurs

How to define excellent and new entrepreneurs?

It can be described in one sentence: “they are learning activists with new ideas, eager to learn the wisdom from different fields. They have an unyielding pioneering idea and define the era with the entrepreneurial decision with a bold move.”

And this sentence can not be more appropriate for Wang Ying.

Long before RELX (Fog Core Technology) was founded, Wang Ying was labeled as a new entrepreneur. Not only she has graduated from Columbia University MBA, but also in P&G, Bain Consulting and other international front-line companies experience, and later to the Chinese head of Uber, Didi, sharing car directors.

“I feel very encouraged to receive this award today! Starting a business for one and a half years, although the time is not long, but we put a lot of effort in R&D investment, these are the basis of our business. Wang Ying told reporters that in 2018, she and her team began to set up Shenzhen RELX Technology Co., Ltd. and act as CEO. In less than two years, the R&D team has developed from several people to more than 30 experts.

In addition, due to the outstanding achievements made by the enterprise, they have made outstanding achievements in caring for the healthy growth of adolescents and poverty alleviation. In 2018, Ms. Wang Ying was also rated as “the most concerned professional elite of platform users” by Linkedin China and “the most prominent society enterpreneur” at the 6th Annual Conference on the Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs.

Talents, resources and information are the 3 major factors of innovation

As a private technology entrepreneur, Wang Ying has her own understanding of innovation.

“Our users are all over the world, they will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using products and obtaining services. The process of finding and trying to solve these problems is the process of innovation.” In an interview with reporters, Wang Ying said that enterprises should make clear who they are serving. Integrating talents, resources and information naturally becomes the three main elements of innovation of private science and technology enterprises. Only by solving these three elements can we achieve real innovation.

Wang Ying told reporters that in terms of talent reserve, RELX technology has developed to a team of more than 200 people, relying on a step-by-step innovation and development. At present, the average age of the team is less than 30 years old, and most of them graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad or from well-known international enterprises.

Wang Ying told reporters that, adhering to the original intention of serving users and contributing to society, RELX Technology has applied for more than 20 patents and 8 patents in the past year and a half. The specialty division of R&D team covers biotechnology, organic synthesis, chemical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, flavor evaluation, structural design and other aspects. Each expert has his own strengths and is a leader in related fields.

Stick to the First Heart and Devote to Public Welfare

In addition to being a successful new entrepreneur, Wang Ying is also a public welfare enthusiast.

“We believe that the healthy growth of an enterprise should be proportional to its contribution to society.” Wang Ying thinks that when you are a small enterprise, you should do what you can. With the increasing scale of the enterprise and the increasing number of employees, the enterprise should undertake social responsibility within its own capabilities, or even more. Only in this way can the balanced development be a benign state of development.

During the interview, Wang Ying told reporters a story. In the first half year of RELX Technology’s start-up, they did a small-scale youth poverty alleviation work, and mobilized users to work with enterprises to provide large warm packs for left-behind children in remote areas for winter. In the public welfare action, she saw that the left-behind children are not an abstract group name, but composed of a vivid individual, with a unique age structure, personality characteristics and diverse needs.

With the development of our employees from more than a dozen to more than 200 people, we hope to mobilize all our colleagues to participate in more influential public welfare activities together. Wang Ying also said that with the continuous growth of enterprises, they also hope to be able to do more public welfare activities in more areas such as environmental protection and make more contributions to society.

It is reported that the selection is sponsored by Science and Technology Daily and sponsored by China Science and Technology Network. It aims to carry out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, finding innovative models and carrying forward the spirit of innovation. At the ceremony, the organizers, together with the participants, presented cups and certificates to 287 units and individuals in six award categories including cutting-edge technology enterprises and cutting-edge technology products.

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