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Enjovp spent 1 million on researching the 2nd generation pod vape with 5 core technology

Enjovp, a perfect alternative to RELX


Enjovp is a new vape brand got 50 million capital financing recently, which outraces RELX 12 million in total. And its new product Enjovp X has made 5 core breakthroughs according to its official statement. Let’s take a close look at Enjovp X.

RELX, an e-cigarette brand, received a first round financing of 38 million yuan

“The most sophisticated technology should serve the public. ” Said, Chang Can, the chief engineer of Enjovp, “This is what I have sought all my life to bring about a change in the quality of life for 1 billion smokers.”

Born for health and taking innovation as enterprise spirit, Enjovp has never stopped on the road of scientific and technological exploration. This is the product idea and brand concept promoted by ENJOVP in the electronic cigarette industry.

According to the inside person familiar with the situation, Enjovp’s strategic layout from its inception is to focus on the research and development of core technologies, persevere in the ingenuity of research and development of extreme products, and constantly seek integration points in science, technology and art. Shortly after the first generation of electronic cigarettes was released to the public, it began to deploy a large number of funds and talents dedicated to the research and development of the second generation electronic cigarettes. After nearly 300 days of research and development work, it finally established a landmark of new product ENJOVP X. It has fully patented structure design, integrated edge technology and the great formation of symbolic art aesthetics. It brought global users to a higher level. Let’s unveil the mysterious of Enjovp X after its comprehensive reform.

Enjovp Malaysia

The world’s first diamond-grade trimming process

A good look is a necessary condition to attract eyeballs. A new generation of Enjovp X has made great efforts on this point. The overall body design is full of the flavor of science and technology and art. From an aesthetic point of view, it is the world’s first CNC diamond-grade edge cutting technology in the electronic cigarette industry. Its exquisite outline is brilliant in light and shadow, extremely brilliant, and the low-key luxury palm experience is enough for you to be enthusiastic about it. The surface of the vape has been oxidized by first-class technology for many times, showing the texture of the international brand vape body, while the round vape gives the experiencer a perfect grasp. This is a natural redefinition of the quality of electronic cigarettes.


From the body logo point of view, exquisite workmanship, step by step in place, you can see the degree of intentions of developers, the pursuit of a machine to the extreme. It uses luxury technology to build it, I believe it is precisely because of this sincere heart that ENJOVP X , it is no longer limited to a simple electronic device, but also a high-end artwork.


Performance beast, born strong

For electronic cigarettes, the most difficult thing to conquer is the taste, which is almost the key factor to determine whether this product can please the users’ taste buds. So how to maximize the quality of the taste to users, first of all, we need to solve the common problems of vape juice leakage and e liquid burning problem in this industry, secondly, we need to maximize the restoration of real smoke taste, and Enjovp quickly achieved the success, then how does it make a good taste when strictly controlling the product quality?

1. Honeycomb Ceramic Atomizing Core Technology

In terms of product improvement and innovation, Enjovp is a brand that invests heavily in technology research and development. At the beginning of its establishment, Enjovp began a long research and development work in response to the national call for scientific and technological innovation policy. Although it is a very complex project with high stability requirements, it relies on long-term technology accumulation, abundant resources support and unprecedented determination. After numerous tests, ENJOVP X 3.0 honeycomb ceramic atomization core technology was announced to be completed in the R&D room. Every drop of e liquid can be fully atomized with ease, and its atomization power is strong and powerful. Thousands of honeycomb micro-holes work at the same time. Smoke instantly generates in milliseconds, which makes the taste more soft and delicate. After trial use, the author can deeply feel what is called a highly reduced true smoke taste. Its stability is definitely a pioneer in the industry. Not only Feelm, ALD Silmo has this ceramic technology, ENJOVP acquire this high tech as well now.


2. Patented Cyclotron Airway Technology

As for the first time that Chief Engineer Yingzhuo heard in an interview about the first small edition of the cyclotron airway, it is still vague. So how does it work in the end? After the suction action is completed from the intake port, the gas will go through the internal cyclotron structure to another operation process. This original design of the cyclotron airway effectively reduces the existence of condensate and makes people enjoy every inhalation.


3. TYPE C Interface Technology

New second generation breaks through the past, even charging interface is using new TYPE C interface technology. According to Enjovp official introduction, charging performance has been improved by 25%. It can be charged in about 25 minutes. Charging port selection and mainstream body universal model, hardcore performance brings not only extremely efficient experience, but also symbolizes the trend of convenient atomization vapor. It is worth mentioning that charging port has also used diamond-grade trimming process, which also reflects the R&D of all kinds of intimate design is to bring users a more comfortable experience.


4. Leakage-proof

It is believed that most people, like the author, have experienced the situation of tasting a mouthful of vape juice and the dilemma of putting it in their pockets and leaking e juice to clothes, but few brands can really optimize and do a good job of this sealing and leak-proof technology- RELX has a serious leakage problem. However, ENJOVP is quite good with the leak-proof. The new second generation has introduced the five-fold sealing and leak-proof technology, which has increased the e juice storage density on the basis of the existing ceramic core triple leak-proof technology. Sealing technology, which is brought about by the complex structure design, is effective in the tight leak-proof effect of e-liquid, no dead angle of e liquid flow, no vape juice leakage by any shaking, and the bottom leak-proof technology can quickly absorb the bottom condensate deposit, prevent the outflow or accidental suction. A focus on detail achieves the ultimate perfection of the product and the optimal upgrading of the use experience.

5. Design of food-grade ergonomic vape nozzle

No matter in technology and appearance, the new second generation pays great attention to details. Its vape nozzles adopt flat design, perfect fitting mouth, raw materials are made of imported silica gel of food grade, without any harmful substances to human body. They all strictly require enterprises themselves according to the safety testing standards of overseas exports. Their production is safe and our users are safe.


Above article about Enjovp X is according to its official introduction.

ENJOVP X will be officially released on April 14 at Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette EXPO-IECIE:

Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 9B22

Contact ENJOVP by adding Wechat number yingzhuo1234

Or scan the QR code below



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4 years ago

My enjovp is charging but it is not working when you smoke it . Any suggestion how can I fix it ?! Thanks

4 years ago
Reply to  Trishia

It seems the battery is dead. You need a new battery.

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Enjovp, a perfect alternative to RELX.Enjovp spent 1 million on researching the 2nd generation pod vape with 5 core technology