Saturday, June 22, 2024

QISITECH, Shenzhen’s Big Vaping and E-Cig OEM/ODM, Introduces Advanced Pods, Vaping Sticks and Accessories

A glance at the factory behind Geekvape.


For international marketers of e-cigarettes and vaping products, Shenzhen-based QISITECH is the most reliable OEM/ODM manufacturer. The giant behind the bestselling brand ‘Geekvape’, QISITECH has emerged as the maker of highly advanced, trendsetting, and finely made vaping pods, e-cigarettes, and CBD vaporizers.

QISITECH is among the biggest OEMs in the vaping and e-cigarette industry. With high-quality manufacturing facilities, research teams and a large facility, QISITECH offers a very wide selection of products and accessories that match the best global standards.

Among the product line, QISITECH offers sleek, disposable vape pens, power-adjustable and multiple-choice pod mods, and vape stick kits with transparent pods. A unique offering is the chewing gum style vape pens. The product range includes CBD cartridges and batteries, and accessories such as E-nails, and wax/dry herb devices.

“We make the most advanced pod systems. Apart from being the maker behind Geekvape, we have a versatile range of vaping products. Every day, we make at least 500,000 pieces of pods and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems,” says Lawrence Wong, VP of QISITECH.

QISI stands for “Quality, Intelligent, Speedy, and In-depth understanding”. Partners of the company benefit from advanced equipment, high class management, and command over the industry for competitiveness. The company has collaborations with advanced and reputed testing centers and employs over 3,000 workers.
QISITECH supports its partners from the concept stage to production. A fast track collaboration can be as quick as 21 days. The R&D design process includes ‘double confirmations’ for technically advanced products.

The company employs over 300 full-time R & D experts, has four affiliate factories and its certified manufacturing space is over 300,000 ft². To retain its competitive edge, QISITECH is active in research in areas such as automated production, new materials, optimization, and atomization techniques.

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