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VELXTECH & GEEKVAPE – A Partnership That Will Revolutionize CBD Vape Industry


The CBD market has exploded in the last couple of years!

In the United States alone, the projected rate of growth for hemp-based CBD between 2019 and 2023 is currently at a whopping 500%. It’s important to also note that the growth was substantial between the years 2012 and 2020, during which time the sales of hemp-based products nearly quadrupled.

While tinctures, pills, powders, and edibles are all perfectly viable CBD administration methods, nothing beats a good, old vape pen when it comes to ease of use and convenience.


VELXTECH’s sister company – the one and the only GEEKVAPE – is one of the major players in the vaping industry. With GEEKVAPE’s help, we are becoming one of the most prestigious CBD healthcare hardware suppliers on the market, shaking up the industry with our know-how on CBD market, OEM/ODM experiences, R&D innovations and great craftsmanship. Our product line starts from CBD cartridges, batteries to pods and disposables.

And, definitely, nothing beats a VELXTECH CBD battery Prism, compatible with all 510 cartridges with a patented dual preheat feature! 3 adjustable voltages that suits all outdoor temperatures.

GEEKVAPE – Dominating the Vape Market Since 2015

geek vape

GEEKVAPE doesn’t need much of an introduction, especially to vapers or vape store owners.

“Through VELXTECH, GEEKVAPE is bringing their years of experience and R&D expertise to the CBD industry”, says Lawrence Wong, CEO of VELXTECH.

Our ultimate goal is to make CBD vapes just as good – if not better – than regular vape juice vaporizers. We want VELXTECH to become the only brand that people think of CBD makes its way into their conversations. And, we know exactly how we’re going to make that happen.

VELXTECH – Strong R&D with a Customer-focused Approach

In part, GEEKVAPE owes its success to the fact that they’ve always held their ear to the ground when it came to the innovation that was needed in the industry. Almost all of it was a direct response to what vapers around the world were asking for at a given time. VELXTECH, of course, plans on taking a page out of the same book. Actually, we’ve done it already with our patented CBD vape battery called Prism. The Prism is so special because it heats the tank and the coil at the same time in addition to heating the liquid itself. This is compatible to high viscosity oils and making CBD vape sessions safer, more beneficial, and more pleasant.

Instead of engaging in a race to the bottom (price-wise), with other manufacturers of CBD vaporizers, we have brought innovation, quality, and superb design to the center of the battle for the hearts of CBD vapers.

At VELXTECH, we are committed to manufacturing the best CBD vapes on the market, and our strong and experienced R&D team is how we plan to do it.

  • High-quality R&D department– more than 200 professionals are employed in our research and development department. From chemists to engineers, they all work around the clock, conducting groundbreaking research on new materials, alloys, heating elements, battery chemistry, and more.geek vape
  • ISO-certified labs & processes – we hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, and proudly comply with all the regulations in order to ensure top quality of our products while maintaining a minimal adverse impact on the environment. Future factory expansion plans include obtaining the ISO 13485 certificate, meaning that our standards and processes will satisfy for the manufacture of medical-grade devices. Currently, we comply with all the manufacturing standards required to sell our products both in the US and in the European Union.
  • Large production capacity – with around 3,000 floor workers currently in our employ, our maximummanufacture capacity close to 500K individual cartridges per day – more than enough to ensure a steady, uninterrupted supply for all of our international partners.

VELXTECH – Taking CBD Vaporizers to New Heights

VELXTECH & GEEKVAPE - A Partnership That Will Revolutionize CBD Vape Industry

It’s an understatement to say that we are very excited to bring GEEKVAPE’s extensive knowledge of atomizer technology and vaping to better serve a completely new (and underserved) market segment. People requiring CBD treatments on a regular and convenient basis deserve nothing less.

If you want to join us on this journey, you can do so by filling out this short contact form! You will secure a reliable CBD vape manufacturing partner for years to come.

What do you say – want to joining VELXTECH in revolutionizing the CBD vape industry? Make sure to click on that link – our representative will be in touch with you shortly!


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