How to choose the e-cig that suits you?

Firstly, on the taste of electronic cigarettes

Each brand has its own unique taste. For the choice of e-cigarette, firstly you need know your taste preferences, then to determine which brand to choose. The main flavors from silmo 3.0 vape of ALD Group Limited are fruit, tobacco, and beverages, and a special Red Bean.

Secondly, on the appearance of electronic cigarettes

As a prefect product, its refreshing appearance, strict design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a pleasant feeling. The appearance of the electronic cigarette is a three-dimensional vertical strip shape. The jumping color of the disposable electronic cigarette reflects the youthful vitality. And the appearance of the pod system is made of aluminum alloy. The black and white color is elegant and noble, and the blue and red color is young. Besides, its material is a matte texture, comfortably to take.


Thirdly, on the amount of vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes


Generally, e-cigarettes are actually divided into box mod and pod system. If you like mod mod, you should choose mod vape. Mod vape is a form of refilling the e juice yourself. You can also choose your own e-liquid, but the price of mod vape is more expensive. For pod system, the structural design of the entire electronic cigarette, the air inlet and the air flow passage are all different.


The excellent electronic cigarette design can ensure a large amount of vapor, and the stability of vapor output. Then there is the pros and cons of the atomizing core. The function of the atomizing core is atomization, which is the core component of the electronic cigarette. ALD SILMO atomization technology owns advanced ceramic atomized core, which has no welding design to reduce the generation of harmful substances. ALD SILMO is considered to be the more advanced atomization technology brand on the market.

ECC is Being Held Now – How to Promote Vape in Overseas Markets

ECC is being held now —one of the oldest and most well-known vape exhibitions in the United States.


Hundreds of e-cigarette companies from more than 30 countries around the world gathersh in Los Angeles for the second half of the year. On October 1-3, 2018, the RHBVE team of Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in China will also depart.


According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 e-cigarette exhibitions around the world this year. As we all know, e-cigarette sales are mainly based on foreign trade. How to do overseas promotion in the critical period of sprinting sales performance at the end of the year? Through field research in various countries, RHBVE gives you a trick.

ecc vape

  1. Exhibitors should choose the right one.

What is the scale of most well-known overseas exhibitions?

US ECC Electronic Cigarette Show – Booth: 300 exhibitors: 120


TPE Tobacco Show in the United States – Number of booths: 300 Exhibitors: 100

Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Show, UK – Booths: 200 Exhibitors: 80

German Electronic Cigarette Exhibition – Number of booths: 150 Exhibitors: 70

The turnover of the electronic cigarette industry is concentrated in Europe and the United States, and e-cigarette exhibitions are also emerging in these places. Among them, the well-known American ECC, the American TPE, and the Birmingham exhibition in the UK are all just one pavilion, not to mention some emerging exhibitions such as the Paris Exhibition. The Netherlands Exhibition, Copenhagen Exhibition, etc., only the scale of dozens of booths.

The advantage of the exhibition is not big, it is the effect. In order to maximize the exhibitors’ interest in exhibiting and match more accurate buyers, many European exhibitions will separate B2B and B2C. B2B is for trade only. B2C is for players to experience. It is not blindly expanding the scale and ensuring the effect of participation.

  1. Visiting the local market

ecc vapeecc vape

To open up new markets, we must understand the needs of the local consumer market, and field visits are the most direct and effective way. For example, at the end of June this year, RHBVE visited the German electronic cigarette exhibition in Berlin and local wholesalers, distributors, physical stores, etc., and learned that after the reorganization of the TPD policy in the previous two years, this year’s European, British, French, Italian and other European countries. The e-liquid market has re-developed.

Malaysia has always been the “heart of the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia.” At the moment when imported oil has undergone tremendous changes in China, RHBVE has arrived in Kuala Lumpur and has visited more than 100 vape juice producers, wholesalers, physical stores and player markets. Only know that Malay juice is the first choice for consumption in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. China, which urgently needs high-quality e-liquid, will also be a huge growth point.

  1. With the power of high-quality media and international organizations

ecc vape

In the mature European and American e-cigarette market, there are already many well-known media and network red, and there is a complete propaganda system, which can cover product information to the most accurate channel vendors, wholesalers and end consumers in all regions of the world.

For example, RHBVE electronic cigarette exhibition in addition to national e-cigarette media magazines, official website, social network; also through the advantages of Reed Exhibitions global exhibition resources, and cooperation with national exhibition organizers to invite overseas buyers; at the same time with the help of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce e-cigarette industry committee The official voice channel invited the electronic cigarette associations in Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan and other places to participate in the exhibition.

ecc vape

ECC EXPO: Welcome to ECC – Electronic Cigarette Convention

ecc vape

October 1-3, 2018 China Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition RHBVE


The established global media network includes:

* National exhibition organizers – German Electronic Cigarette Show, Malaysia Electronic Cigarette Show


* National Electronic Cigarette Association – Canadian Electronic Cigarette Association, Taiwan Electronic Cigarette Association, Malay Electronic Cigarette


* National e-cigarette media – Vapetrotter, Vapouround, VapeNews, VapingPost…

What do you think about promoting the overseas market of e-cigarettes?


As expected! The national standards for electronic cigarettes controlled by the official tobacco system will be issued. What does this mean?

Earlier this year, China Electronic Cigarette Information Platform had published an article titled heavy! The national standards of the electronic cigarette industry may be expected to be awarded by the National Standards Committee as important, which refers to the Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. Ling Chengxing, general manager of the China National Tobacco Corporation, emphasized in his address to the National Tobacco Work Conference in 2018. The “Electronic Cigarette” national standard was approved by the National Standards Committee. This indicates that the e-cigarette national standard has been formally put on the work schedule, and also revealed that the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration will be directly responsible for the formulation and implementation of national standards for e-cigarettes.


As expected! After half a year of speculation and eagerly awaiting expectations, the national standards on electronic cigarettes finally have the latest news!

Recently, the China Electronic Cigarette Information Platform learned from the website of the National Standardization Information Public Service Platform under the China National Standards Management Committee that the electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette night national standards have now entered a review stage. If there is no objection during the review period, national standards for electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette liquids will be approved by the National Standards Committee within the next 24 months and 12 months respectively.

Note: screenshot source national standard information public service platform -Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China


Then, the national standards for e-cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids are really defined by who, what the standard content is, and who will ultimately execute it.


Note: screenshot source national standard information public service platform

After careful inspection by the China Electronic Cigarette Information Platform, it was discovered that the standards of the two national standards for electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids are the National Tobacco Standardization Technical Committee. The competent authorities are the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and the drafting units are all uniformly tobacco. System agencies, no one electronic cigarette companies involved. Among them, the main drafters of national standards for electronic cigarettes include the Shanghai New Tobacco Products Research Institute, the China Tobacco Corporation Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, the China Tobacco Standardization Research Center, and the National Tobacco Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The main drafting units of national standards for e-cigarette nights include the Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation and Guangdong Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd.

In fact, the e-cigarette and e-cigarette liquid state standards have been issued as scheduled without any suspense. Although the national standards under the charge of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration are already objective facts, this is within the expectation of all e-cigarette practitioners and individuals, but what will the whole e-cigarette industry bring after the introduction of national standards under the leadership of the tobacco system? Impact, the future development and trend of electronic cigarette is what! Believe! ! This is the most concern and concern for all e-cigarette companies and individuals!

Attachment: The scope and main technical content of national standards for electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

One. The scope and main technical contents of the Electronic Cigarette National Standard Program


Scope: This standard applies to electronic cigarettes.


The main technical content:

  1. 《Electronic Cigarettes – Part 1》Smoke Liquids”: Nicotine Limited Requirements and Evaluation Schemes for Cigarette Liquids; Technical Requirements and Evaluation Schemes for Electronic Cigarette Additives; Contaminant Assessment Programs and Related Technical Requirements.


  1. 《Electronic Cigarettes- Part 2》Appliances”: Technical indicators and risk assessment programs for contact materials (oral cavity, liquid smoke), including analysis and research of electronic cigarette materials, analysis of migration, etc.; requirements and evaluation plans for electronic cigarette devices. Including mechanical structure requirements, electrical safety requirements, environmental adaptation requirements, operational safety requirements, and assessment programs.


3.《 Electronic Cigarettes – Part 3》 Releases”: Including the study of the smoking behavior of electronic cigarettes and the stability characterization of electronic cigarette products.


  1. 《Electronic Cigarettes – Part 4》Packaging Labeling”: Research program for the packaging and labeling of electronic cigarette smoke and smoking accessories.


5.《Electronic Cigarettes – Part 5》 Storage and Transportation”: Study on the technical requirements for electronic cigarette smoke and smoking instruments during storage and transportation.


(Three) List of products involved


pre-populated electronic cigarette, oil-filled electronic cigarette, accessory vape oil for the electronic cigarette, parts of electronic cigarette (battery, adapter, atomization core, adapter, cigarette holder, etc.)


(Four), the main mandatory content and reasons


Mandatory reasons: Electronic cigarettes, also known as electronic nicotine transfer systems, are a type of consumer product designed to transport nicotine to the lungs. Similar to cigarettes or cigars, they can quickly deliver enough nicotine to consumers to simulate the sensory experience of smoking. Place one end of a plastic tube or metal in the mouth, inhale and draw out the mixture of air and vapor in the device and send it to the respiratory system. Including electronic atomization systems, rechargeable batteries and chargers, electronic regulators and replaceable cartridges, the cartridges may contain nicotine and other chemicals. China is the largest producer of e-cigarettes, and the number of e-cigarettes in China has increased year by year. However, the supervision of e-cigarettes is now in the “three nos” state of “no product standards, no quality supervision, no safety assessment”. If there are no standards to strictly regulate, electronic cigarettes will directly threaten the health and safety of consumers, so this standard should be enforced.


Two: Scope and main technical contents of the National Standards Program for Determination of Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, and Glycerol in Electronic Cigarette Liquids by Gas Chromatography


Scope: This standard applies to the determination of nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in e-liquids.


The main technical content:


  1. To study sample pretreatment methods for nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in electronic cigarette liquor. To investigate the effects of different extraction solvents, different shaking times and different sample weights on the determination of nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in electronic cigarette liquor.


  1. Optimize the analytical conditions for the determination of nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in the electronic cigarette liquid by gas chromatograph. The internal standard substance is preferably selected to examine the influence of different capillary columns on the separation of the target compound, internal standard and interferents.


  1. Internal validation of the analytical method. The linear range and correlation coefficient of the best standard curve for the analytical method, and the recoveries, detection limits, quantification limits, and precision of the analytical method were studied.


  1. Select 200 samples of representative e-cigarette liquids at home and abroad, analyze them using established methods, and investigate the applicability of the analytical methods.


  1. Conduct joint experiments on analytical methods: In the country, we organized 10 joint quality experiments conducted by accredited quality inspection agencies and laboratories.


  1. To form a draft for analysis of the analysis method, and to solicit opinions from domestic quality inspection agencies and laboratories.


  1. According to the feedback comments, it is modified to form a draft for the analysis method.