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Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review – DirtyCheck No.160


Today we bring you a new brand, Digiflavor
Digiflavor doesn’t have so many products that go popular as they are on sale, while its design is indeed more attentive.
Now let’s get to know its new product, Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4.

Digiflavor brand introduction

Digiflavor was established in 2016 by the parent company GEEKVAPE which is one of the most innovative companies within the E-cigarette industry. Our headquarters is based in Shenzhen and we have an experienced professional team for developing the vaping devices and the certificate ISO9001 manufacturer for producing quality products. We love to improve our products by listening to our customer’s needs and wants, such as the Drop RDA and the Drop solo series are popular among vapors. We currently service over 10 million customers within 50 countries and we still keep improving ourselves. Vaping is one of the most enjoyable things in the world, Digiflavor, a flavor chaser, devoted to delivering the most satisfactory vaping experience to vapors worldwide.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review

Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 brief view

With pride and honor, the reputation earning MTL vaping expert comes back with a more precise, linear AFC for a better and cleaner MTL experience, and improved deck design for a more convenient DIY experience. SIREN-exclusive flavor is evolved to another level.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review

Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 highlights

Successive Deck Design
Build with ease and taste at ease.
GTA deck design prevents liquid from leaking and spitting, and allows the airflow to come up straight under the coil, which creates optimal flavor.
Single-coil two-post style deck enables an easy coil-building and leaves enough spaces for more possibilities on the coils.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review
Built for DIY
Create your own combos!
4 kinds of MTL coils for more coil art possibilities!
Exclusive shoelace cotton for the coils with a diameter of 2.0/2.5mm. Only in Digiflavor!
Enjoy vaping with long or short 510 drip tips.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review
Precise Airflow Control
An everyone-want AFC.
Semi-hidden AFC structure – a precise and slide-to-adjust linear airflow setting. Anti-liquid-spilling, a clean vaping experience.
Center-located honeycomb-style airflow holes allow the air to flow straight to the coil.
Bottom airflow system.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review
Convenient Filling
Easy to refill your day.
Top fill cap – an easy-to-open start to fill up.
2ml liquid chamber – a whole-day nic-salt or freebase MTL vaping.
PEI chamber – monitor the e-liquid level without losing the aesthetics of the metallic tank.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review

Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 colors

Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review

Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 package content

1* Siren MTL RTA V4
4* Feather Cotton
1* 510 Drip Tip
4* DIY MTL Coil
1* Spare Parts Pack
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review


This Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 is actually a device without major problems,
This component is suitable for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.
There are two sets of drip-tips which are details that I am more satisfied with.
In fact, you can see many points close to similar atomizers, such as concealed air intake.
The advantage of this type of air intake is that it can provide a balanced and soft experience.
The downside is that it is not suitable for heating coils with higher power.
The overall performance is more suitable for experiencing slight direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung vaping.
Whether it’s the craftsmanship or the shape, this design comes with a more complex aesthetic.
So Captain highly recommends it.
Okay, vape how we roll
All in truetoy, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.
Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 review

Where to buy Digiflavor Siren MTL RTA V4 @$18.18

Coupon Code: SIRV4
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