Prestige Aspire Boxx Designed by Sunbox & atmizone – DirtyCheck No.149

Today we bring you the newly released Boxx from Aspire.
Aspire has developed very well in the past two years, it did well both in pod and mod vape fields.
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

Aspire Boxx Specifications

Dimensions (not including drip tip): 52.5*24*87 mm
Weight (battery not included):191g
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Pod parameters:
Pod Capacity: 4.0 ml / 2.0 ml (TPD)
Material: Food grade nylon
BP mesh coil 0.3Ω (30-40W)
Nautilus 2S mesh coil 0.7Ω (20-25W)
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Mod parameters:
Battery type: Replaceable single 18650 battery
Output modes: VW/VV/BYPASS
Output wattage range: 1-60W
Output voltage range: 0.5-8.4V
Supported resistance: 0.1-3.5Ω
0.91 inch OLED screen
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

Aspire Boxx package content

BOXX Kit comes in 6 versions:
Deluxe Version, Deluxe TPD Version, Nautilus Version,
Nautilus TPD Version, BP Version, BP TPD Version
If you like a big set, it is recommended to start with Deluxe Version and Deluxe TPD Version
Basically, everything you need will be included.
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

Aspire Boxx highlights

New Era of Multilateral Collaboration
Designed to further expand Aspire’s celebrated collaboration Prestige project schedule, the BOXX has been partner designed alongside Sunbox and Atmizoo. This single 18650 all-in-one variable wattage box mod bring cutting edge styling and world-class versatility, all in one mean and rugged package.
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
CNC Processed, Rich Metallic
Taking sterility and sleekness to whole new level, the BOXX follows the design language of the famous MIXX mod design. CNC machined for precision and high-end finish, the BOXX manufacturing process takes hours for each device, with 60 minutes alone being used to cut the main body structure by premium grade machining processes.
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Versatile in ONE, Richness in Fun
A wide range of coils are compatible with BOXX since it has 2 pods. One for popular Nautilus coils, the other for flavorful BP coils.  One purchase, two different pods, Aspire famous coils, infinite enjoyment.
1. Compatible with Nautilus coils and BP coils
2. MTL, RDTL, or DTL, match your vaping style
3. Intense flavor and dense vapor
4. Durable quality for lasting coil life
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Qbix RBA, Collaborated with Atmizoo
he Aspire Prestige sub-brand continues to delight fans of high-end collaboration engineering, with the BOXX now setting a new standard for all-in-one device design. Atmizoo is a Greek team of vape designers and engineers of high quality vape mods and tanks, it created a beautifully simple RBA system, Qbix, to run inside the BOXX, so you can easily harness your favourite custom coil builds in minutes. From MTL to DL, the BOXX and included pod systems can allow you to vape exactly how you love. Extra RBA AFC Pin choices bring added flexibility, on-the-go.
RBA AFC Pin Diameter: φ0.8/φ1.0/φ1.2/φ1.5/φ1.8/φ2.0/φ2.5/φ3.0/φ3.5/φ4.0 (Preinstalled)
Build deck: single coil build deck
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Unusual Convenient Side Fill
Filling the BOXX pod could not be more convenient. Just remove or slide the magnetic metal cover and lift the silicone seal to refill.
Powerful and Diversified
With a replaceable single 18650 battery, BOXX can be fired up to 60 watts. Prolonged energy and diversified output options will satisfy you.
Replaceable 18650 battery, Output modes: VV/VW/Bypass, Wattage: 1-60W
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone
Capture the Quality of Real Metal
Sophisticated in form and high grade in material structure, Aspire
BOXX utilises anodized aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel,
which help accentuate the 2 aggressive color options available.
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

Aspire Boxx advantages:

1. Excellent chip tuning, very good vaping experience, accurate reading of data
2. Excellent warehouse equipment, compatible with most BBBOX warehouses on the market
3. The tolerances in the process are very precise, and the workmanship is full of sincerity
4. The design comes with excellent visual effects and good looks
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

Aspire Boxx disadvantages:

1. The equipment is ergonomic while the overall grip feel is not good
2. The tank is not anti-condensation, and occasionally there will be oil residues
Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone


The appearance of the product is indeed very beautiful,
While this exquisiteness gives a bad experience in the hand feel.
The compatibility of the tank is undoubtedly very nice in the current market.
In the state where BBBOX has been leading,
It is really not easy to produce such a highly compatible device.
In terms of taste, the bin in the package shows a strong and comfortable output,
Bringing a very good experience to the taste.
The large full kit, except for the relatively high price, come with no other problems
Captain strongly recommends vapers to buy this high-end box mod.
Okay, vape how we roll,
All in Truetoy
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Aspire Boxx @$101.2

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Prestige Aspire Boxx by sunbox & atmizone

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