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FEELM or SILMO, which is better?


The electronic cigarette is a new industry with broad prospects. With continuous technological innovation and change, this industry has been developing rapidly. At present, the technical barriers in the electronic smoke industry are mainly concentrated in the fields of air intake and outlet system, ceramic technology, atomization structure (no e juice reverse and e-liquid leakage), heating technology, ID design, component scheme and so on. Many related enterprises in the whole industry chain have made long-term efforts to develop and seek breakthroughs.

Among these technologies, atomization technology is the most core element of atomizer, which directly affects the user experience of products, and even determines the success or failure of products. The atomizer compared to the vape, just like the Intel chip to the computer.

Since the birth of vape in 2004, the atomization core technology of its atomizer has been constantly evolving and renewing iteratively. It has undergone six generations of technological changes, such as e juice storage cotton, e liquid guide rope, e-liquid guide cotton, ceramic core, metal mesh, ultra-thin stainless steel blade and so on.

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Ceramic core is the most widely used atomization technology for small and medium-sized vape products in this industry. Its greatest advantages are pure taste, clear layers, high reduction, durability and non-burning, which bring unprecedented VAPE experience to consumers.

Among so many brands, there are 2 major ceramic atomization technology brands in the global vape industry. They are FEELM & SILMO.


FEELM is a brand of vape technology based on ceramically coated atomization core issued by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co., Ltd.(深圳市麦克韦尔科技有限公司) in 2016.

About Smoore

Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes. After more than five years of hard work, this company has more than 8,000 square meters of modern factory buildings, a professional R&D team, more than 3,000 managers and employees (currently there are three factories in Shenzhen Xixiang Dongfeng Finance Corporation, Songgang Branch and Dongguan Changan Branch). This company has always adhered to the enterprise concept of “honest management, healthy development”, and jointly operated electronic cigarette products with a number of large foreign enterprises. At present, its subsidiary brands FEELM , Vaporesso & Smoore products are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions achieving a sales amount of 1 billion dollars per year.)

This company not only owns its own brand Smoore & Feelm, but also provides OEM service for customers. They are always guided by customers’needs and serve customers wholeheartedly. Therefore, in the industry it has a good product brand reputation and corporate imagefeelm

(Chinese:深圳市麦克韦尔科技有限公司 创建于2006年,是一家专业从事电子烟开发、生产和销售的民营高科技企业。我司历经五年多时间的努力打拼一年一个新台阶,目前公司拥有8000多平米现代化厂房,拥有一支专业的研发队伍,现有管理人员和员工三千多人(现有深圳西乡东财总公司、松岗分公司、东莞长安分公司三处工厂)。我公司始终秉承“诚信经营,健康发展”的企业理念,联合了多家国外大型企业共同经营电子烟产品。目前,Smoore产品主要销往欧洲、美国、日本、韩国等发达国家和地区。


FEELM metal coating technology takes ceramics as a carrier and uses ceramics forged at high temperature, forming a large number of honeycomb-like capillary holes inside, which is more conducive to the uniform penetration and heating atomization of fume. At the same time, it retains and improves the original characteristics of the ceramic core such as “pure taste” and “rich layers”.

The core technology of FEELM is to get rid of the bondage of traditional heating wires, cover metal film on the bottom of ceramics by special technology, and distribute it in “S” shape, which greatly improves the overall heating performance.

As a brand of atomization technology, FEELM is a paradise of atomization technology flow. It brings together more than 270 experts in atomization research all over the world and has established several basic research institutes. It has applied for more than 800 patents related to atomization globally, and won the only “Golden Leaf Award” of China’s technology brand in the global tobacco industry in 2018.


SILMO is a new brand released by Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd. on March 22, 2019, based on microporous ceramics electronic atomization technology.


SILMO is an electronic atomization technology with independent intellectual property rights. It uses microporous ceramics as the matrix, uses thick film printing technology of metal slurry, and manufactures a new type of heater by coating ceramic surface. It innovatively solves the technical bottleneck of heater which has troubled the industry for many years.

Approaching the “Invisible King” of Electronic Cigarette Enterprises

SILMO™ was first born in the ALD Institute of Basic Sciences in 2017. It originated from its original concept heater Silmo 1.0. This year, ALD first attempted to make a new heater by thick film printing technology on ceramic substrates to solve the problem of weak fog and thin taste in low power atomization equipment. After two years of exploration, after two generations of renewal and polishing, Silmo 3.0, the third generation of heater under SILMO brand, has matured, and the technology level has been far ahead of the whole industry. With Silmo 3.0 officially launched in March 2019.

SILMO™ is committed to improving the user experience of inhalation atomization equipment and contributing to the development of electronic atomization industry. As its Slogan conveys, SILMO is not only an atomization technology, but also a mission to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry with the power of technology. SILMO™ makes atomization cleaner, healthier, safer and longer — “More Than Pure” is its slogon.


Both brands have a peerless & strong background company, and take the use of ceramic metal coating technology. But there still some differences between the 2 brands. 


Company total sales amount: FEELM- 1 Billion; SILMO- 1 Billion

Ceramic heating technology stage: FEELM- 1 year; SILMO- Just launched

Brand history: FEELM- 4 Years; SILMO- 2 Years (Mother company ALD is 10 Years)

Employee number: FEELM- 3000; SILMO- 2000

Factory size (squares): FEELM- 8 thousand; SILMO- 20 thousand

Brand awareness: FEELM- Famous; SILMO- Plain

Awards: FEELM- Golden Lead Award; SILMO- None


Both FEELM  and SILMO has their own merits. Which is better will be decided by you after viewing above data.

PS: SILMO has an amazing large ALD factory with a capacity of 3 million vapes per month that no vape company can compete with.



FEELM official site

ALD official site


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FEELM or SILMO, Which is Better. Hard to say.FEELM or SILMO, which is better?