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FEELM Air Launch: Revolutionizing Vaping with the Thinnest Ceramic Coil Pod


Introducing the Future of Vaping Technology

On January 18, 2022, in London, FEELM—a flagship brand under the global leader SMOORE—unveiled the FEELM Air, the world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod. This groundbreaking device debuted at the New Technology Launch Event, showcasing its innovative features that promise to transform the vaping experience.

Breakthroughs of the FEELM Air

Ultimate Design and Reliability

FEELM Air is the epitome of cutting-edge design, featuring a new generation Ultra-Slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil. This coil is designed with a seven-layer composite heating film that enhances functionality and ensures even heat distribution through a Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique. The microporous bionic structure also enhances e-liquid lock and smooth ventilation, promising a superior vaping experience.

Unprecedented Flavor Experience

The device employs exclusive Flavor-Lock™ technology, which enhances flavor release by 33%. The advanced terraced temperature zones allow for tailored flavor release, ensuring that each puff is packed with taste. This technology also aids in producing aerosols of smaller particle size, allowing vapers to fully appreciate the flavors.

Leakage-Proof Technology

FEELM Air also boasts a second-generation “Puzzle leakage-proof” technology, which has reduced leakage by an astonishing 237%. This is supported by an innovative choke valve and upgraded capillary structure, which also effectively prevents e-liquid splashing.

Energy Efficiency and Interactive Experience

The pod achieves the world’s highest energy efficiency at 1.3 mg/W, and includes the world’s smallest linear motor in a vape pod. This motor enables a unique “Shock-wave Mode,” which provides delicate vibrations for an interactive vaping experience.

Fast Charging and Extended Battery Life

The FEELM Air incorporates the TOPOWER™ super power management system, allowing a 10-minute charge to support 8 hours of vaping. This system has boosted the device’s energy density by 20% and extended the battery life by 30%.

Sensitivity and Safety

An integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical Systems) serves as a reliable airflow switch, enhancing device sensitivity and preventing accidental activation.

A New Era in Vaping

Frank Han, President of FEELM, emphasized at the launch, “FEELM Air is not just a technological leap forward in ceramic coils; it’s a revolution. By reducing the film thickness by 40 times from the previous generation, we offer a sleeker, more responsive device.”

The brand also unveiled a new logo and brand concept centered around the themes of Feel, Engine, Exploration, Lifestyle, and Memory, reflecting FEELM’s commitment to enhancing sensory experiences through technology.

Final Puffs: A Cloud of Innovation

With its ultra-thin design and a host of innovative features, FEELM Air is poised to lead the “second sensory revolution” in vaping. Have you experienced the new heights of vaping with FEELM Air? Share your thoughts below, and don’t forget to keep following us on for the latest and greatest in vape technology!

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