Friday, April 19, 2024

The Pure British E-liquid – IVG


IVG has millions of consumers in more than 60 countries on six continents. As a recipient of numerous international awards, IVG offers a wide range of mouthwatering smoky flavors. Sweet series, Desserts series, menthol series, macarons series, Tobacco series, each kind of e-liquid has a taste to satisfy every taste bud. The vision of IVG has always been to pursue excellence. To learn more about IVG e-liquid, click on:

IVG e-liquid


Sweet Series: Do you like sweets? And these tastes satisfy all your desire for sweets perfectly.IVG e-liquid

Desserts Series: Exotic and aromatic milk tea, full of cardamom aroma with a hint of cream.

Menthol Series: Black iceberg, blue iceberg, blueberry ice burst, cherry wave, icy kiwi and rainbow explosion, you can know how cool it tastes just by the name.IVG e-liquid

Macarons Series: The flavor of French macarons round cake. The texture is light, with a hearty fruit and cream filling.

Tobacco Series: A true tobacco flavor, a natIVG e-liquidural blend of Virginia tobacco, warm tones with sweet cream and the essence of black truffles

IVG’s vision

“We believe that we are standing in front of the world and making great steam products. This has not changed. Our team has always focused on innovation, growth and customer satisfaction. We have the technology to produce high-end products, focusing on the the development of taste.IVG e-liquid

IVG vision has always been to be satisfied with excellence in everything we do. In the evolving vape industry, they use honesty and courage to change and break through, making them lead the industry.

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