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The first bottle of e-liquid was invented by this old man!


When you vape,

Enjoy the beauty brought by the e-liquid, indulging yourself in a variety of fancy smoke technology show,

Have you ever thought about who invented vape juice or e-liquid?

Maybe you won’t believe it if I say it.

In fact, the world’s first bottle of electronic cigarette oil was invented by an old man.

Time returned to 2004, when the world’s first electronic cigarette was born.

And what comes with it is the vape juice.

It is the blood of electronic cigarettes’ life.

It was just then that an old man from a well-known pharmaceutical listed company, was keenly awared of the industry prospects and future of this product.

As a result, he began to invest a lot of energy and funds in the research and development of e-liquid.

In 2005, the team led by this old man successfully invented the first PG/VG based blended vape oil.

This invention created the birth of a new generation of vape oil.

Since then, he has been promoting electronic cigarette oil products worldwide.

In the next few years, the team led by this old man has invented various flavors such as Vape 4, Marlboro, and mint.

These vape juice flavors are loved by hundreds and millions of consumers around the world.

Today, the position of PG/VG vape oil in the market is still pretty stable.

This old man’s contribution to vape  is absolutely unbreakable and extraordinary, and the title of “the godfather of vapes” is truly deserved.

Who is this old man?

He once worked as a project manager and a general manager of a foreign-funded enterprise and a state-owned company.

He is the executive vice president of the Electronic Commerce Committee of the China Vape Association, the CEO of Shenzhen Hengxin Technology Group, Yao Jide.

This old man’s vape juice brand founded by Hangsen, has successfully entered the ranks of the world’s most famous high-end vape juice / e-liquid brands.

Ch.1 History of Vaping


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