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Vapes are Not Allowed to Be Sold on the Shoppe Website in Taiwan


In Taiwan, ecigarettes sold on the Shoppe website are not allowed!

A well-known shop in Taoyuan, Taiwan, sells e-cigarettes. The flavors of the vape juice are fruit flavor, chocolate, etc., and each 30 ml sells 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, on the 15th, the person in charge was sent to the court in accordance with the Pharmacy Letter after being inquired by the police.

Police said, in addition to selling vape in his shop, the 25-year-old man surnamed Chen sold thousands of yuan worth of atomizers, e-liquid and vape juice on shoppee. He has made around 300, 000 profit since opening last year. However, on the website, he only says that the e-liquid vaping function should not be used for other purposes to circumvent relevant laws and regulations.

The Seventh Corps of the Security Police of the Police Department and the relevant personnel of the Food and Drug Administration and the Taoyuan Municipal Government Health Bureau were present. They found that many flavors such as oolong tea and frozen lime tea sold by the store, which were labeled with nicotine and vape juice and sold directly in the store and on the website without permission from the health department. These actions have violated drug laws.

New Vape Ban Proposed for Taiwan

In response to Taiwan’s provincial government’s abnormal attitude towards e-cigarettes, wang Yuyang, secretary general of the e-cigarette industry development association of Taiwan, said that it is not reasonable for Taiwan to ban e-cigarettes completely regardless of the higher health hazards of paper cigarettes.

Suspect: Wang Yuyang

He emphasized that electronic cigarettes should be banned under the age of 18 or even moderately taxed, but foreign practices should be referred to, for example, general commodity management without nicotine, drug management with nicotine through medical grade certification and tobacco management without medical grade certification. Besides, authorities can regulate conditions for traffickers.

Taiwan’s tobacco control law has not been amended for ten years and amendments proposed by the health and welfare department. Wang Yuyang said, “Taiwan authorities did not hold a public hearing so that they have ignored the relevant industries, public opinion. So they should give voice to the public.”

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