ECCC led a group of vape companies to take part in the Intersteam in Berlin, Germany

Intersteam German electronic cigarette expo was held for 3 days in Arena, Berlin from June 14-16, 2019. A group of 10 Chinese enterprises led by the ECCC (Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee) became the focus of the exhibition for the first time and attracted vast attention from the industry.

The companies participating in the exhibition are Sigelei, Green Sound, Buddy, IPV, Eleaf, Joyetech, Flow, VPO, Juwei batteries and Xiafeixia.

eccc Intersteam

The exhibition gathered hundreds of internationally renowned electronic cigarette brands, including overseas major electronic cigarette brands like JUUL, BLU, VGOD and European well-known brands. The media and exhibition audience gathered at the exhibition site crowdedly and witnessed the international grand expo of the electronic cigarette industry.

eccc Intersteam

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eccc Intersteam

Intersteam gave VIP exhibitors treatment to the Chinese exhibition group led by the ECCC, including a series of special arrangements such as outdoor billboards, brochures, admission cards, stage activities and TV interviews.

eccc Intersteam

Joyetech launches EXCEED Grip

Joyetech launches a brand new double cartridge EXCEED Grip vape box mod. It is the first time to adopt IML technology to create a double side appearance design. One side is black and white, which draws lessons from the Chinese ink painting style, the other side is colorful, which draws lessons from the popular abstract painting style in Europe and the United States. It is a combination of China and the West.


EXCEED Grip carries Joyetech’s latest research and development of anti-dry burning function. Based on the application of temperature protection technology, it provides users with a safe and enjoyable experience by real-time auto monitoring and controlling the temperature change of atomizer through the intelligent algorithm. The application of Mesh steel mesh heating wire provides a larger and more uniform atomization effect. Joyetech strives to build EXCEED Grip into a POD system with good taste and best smoke volume.

EXCEED Grip joytech

EXCEED Grip Mod Carries New DBP Anti-Dry Burning Function

As a compact and comfortable pod system, EXCEED Grip uses 1000 mAh batteries with a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4.5 ml, which can fully meet everybody’s daily needs. Various combinations of e liquids provide more choices for different groups of people.

View more details of EXCEED Grip on its official site:


Joyetech subsidiary brand Eleaf launches Eleaf iStick Rim

iStick Rim kit is equipped with a new IML surface and provides users with six different colors for choosing.

Eleaf launches Eleaf iStick Rim

iStick Rim uses 3,000 mA batteries reaching up to maximum 80w. And iStick Rim, equipped with type-C and QC 3.0 protocols, charges at an amazing rate: it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge.

iStick Rim’s unique anti-dry burning function frees you from the worries of dry burning. In addition, the new Melo 5 vape kit, with the features of lifting cover and bottom e liquid lock, adds convenience for our daily use.

Joyetech subsidiary brand Wismec launches Tinker 2

In 2018, Tinker of Wismec received special favor from users as soon as it was released. Now Wismes brings you a new generation of Tinker 2.

Wismec launches Tinker 2

A masterpiece combining strength and aesthetics. The new Tinker 2 focuses on upgrading its three defense functions – waterproof, ash-proof and fall-proof. With two 18650 batteries, the maximum power can reach 200 W. At the same time, the 0.001s second heating function developed by Wismec is added.