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ECCC led a group of vape companies to take part in the Intersteam in Berlin, Germany


Intersteam German electronic cigarette expo was held for 3 days in Arena, Berlin from June 14-16, 2019. A group of 10 Chinese enterprises led by the ECCC (Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee) became the focus of the exhibition for the first time and attracted vast attention from the industry.

The companies participating in the exhibition are Sigelei, Green Sound, Buddy, IPV, Eleaf, Joyetech, Flow, VPO, Juwei batteries and Xiafeixia.

eccc Intersteam

The exhibition gathered hundreds of internationally renowned electronic cigarette brands, including overseas major electronic cigarette brands like JUUL, BLU, VGOD and European well-known brands. The media and exhibition audience gathered at the exhibition site crowdedly and witnessed the international grand expo of the electronic cigarette industry.

eccc Intersteam

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eccc Intersteam

Intersteam gave VIP exhibitors treatment to the Chinese exhibition group led by the ECCC, including a series of special arrangements such as outdoor billboards, brochures, admission cards, stage activities and TV interviews.

eccc Intersteam

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