Thursday, May 30, 2024

OPI Imported E-liquid Association Will Be Established in Shanghai


Breaking news! OPI imported e-liquid association will be established in Shanghai, scam oil and fake oil is facing the end!

August 31-September 2, 2018 Vape Asia Tour (Shanghai) E-cigarette Expo will be held in Hall 4 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall!

It is understood that the OPI original imported e-liquid association will be held on the day of the exhibition on September 2. The original intention of OPI imported e-liquid association is to provide a reliable platform for domestic e-cigarette players to purchase high-quality and safe imported vape juice and enjoy the ever-changing and mellow exotic taste.original packing import e-liquid accociation

Regulation of electronic cigarettes

For a long time, the domestic e-liquid consumption market is full of all kinds of unrecognized scam oils and fake oils, which not only affect the consumer experience, but also threaten the health of consumers directly. This time, the establishment of OPI’s original imported e-liquid association is a big happy event for consumers, which will ensure that consumers can purchase genuine imported e-juice brands from formal channels.


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