Thursday, June 20, 2024

Gimme Vape Aims To Create Personal Vape


Recently, I saw an electronic cigarette packaging with Jiang Xiaobai’s characteristics. The packaging was printed with “personal cigarette, not disturbed”. At first glance, packaging, if you didn’t know it’s vape, you will regard it as potato chips, candy or some other snacks.

This design is based on the ubiquitous pressure of the social environment, aiming at young Chinese smokers. It tries to shorten the distance between the consumers and the brand better in this way.

Indeed, the quality of a brand is important, but in today’s increasingly elevated aesthetic requirements, the exterior of a brand is also more worthy of attention. It’s like the once popular saying that no one has an obligation to discover your inner excellence through a sloppy appearance that you don’t even care about.

It’s still fun and interesting to see the packaging design style and the copy on the packaging of Gimme vapes.

See the introduction, I have enjoyed Gimme e-cigarette brand differentiation content, created by Gimme’s complete and professional team division of labor.

The founder of Gimme has more than 10 years of experience in high-end technology product design and aerosol agent sales, and has won many domestic product design awards. And he deeply understands the smoking habits and mentality of Chinese smokers. According to the in-depth understanding of smokers and vape category, he designed the products and lead the team to push products to market to target groups independently.

Gimme electronic cigarettes want to express in this way: a person is not a person in absolute space. It intends to create a smoking environment that cannot disturb others and not be disturbed anytime, anywhere.

Jiang Xiaobai took a shot in the field of liquor through the “young body” packaging. And its liquor has become a classic marketing case. We should not only make drinking fun and interesting, but also make drinking a picturesque thing, that is, scene. I wonder if Gimme electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed according to the in-depth understanding of smokers and types of electronic cigarettes, stand out in the field of vapes, becoming a classic marketing case of electronic cigarettes.


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