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3 Large Vape Trading Companies in China – Good Vape Companies in China


Some time ago, China E-cigarette Information Platform (subscription number: CHINADZYZX) shared with you five domestic well-known e-cigarette trading companies that focus on overseas markets. Click to view→A large number of domestic e-cigarette trading companies, to see which you are familiar with.

Today, we will share with you three well-known domestic e-cigarette trading companies, whose main business is in the domestic market.

1. Beijing Chuanqi Weiye International Trade Co., Ltd.

Beijing Chuanqi Weiye International Trade Co., Ltd. is the most characteristic e-cigarette trading company in China. Import and export, domestic trade is only the basic business scope. In order to meet the market demand, the company has carried out various one-stop services for online micro-business, Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall and offline stores to provide product marketing and new product listing planning services for e-cigarette factories. We inspire to support the physical store and open up convenient channels for those who have entrepreneurial dreams. So Chuanwei Weiye is your best friend on the road to success, and Chuanwei Weiye is the best choice for your partner.

After three years, Beijing Chuanqi Weiye International Trade Co., Ltd. has a first-class team and abundant resources in the industry. In the industry, we have a good reputation and the recognition of our customers, and we are in good faith to serve our customers.

2013: Starting

The company got the general agent of Gatlin, sold to customers all over the country, and cultivated a group of earlier domestic physical stores.

2014: Breakthrough

We have made a comprehensive attack. After the accumulation, we expanded our product line and fully represented the domestic first-line brand. There are more than 200 kinds of products.

2015: Construction

Established a sub-brand of Chuanwei Weiye, LEE VAPE national chain franchise store, and spread all over the domestic first-tier cities in a short time.

2016: Change

Diversified brand management, exclusive agency of many influential brands at home and abroad, actively participate in local exhibitions, increase publicity.

2017: Crossing

Founding, designing, and producing self-owned brand products, and fully recognized by the market, the products sell well at home and abroad.

We are always moving forward, and we have unlimited possibilities in the future.

2. Chengdu Comfortable Old Man Vape Club Co., Ltd.

The old e-cigarette of Baoyanzi is one of the major projects of Chengdu Baoyanzi International Trade Co., Ltd. The company is now focusing on the promotion of e-cigarettes. The related trade of e-cigarettes is the main direction of the company. The main types of industries are Brand e-cigarette imports and e liquid products sales and brand franchisee.

Established the original intention: “In 2015, I began to contact e-cigarettes, because I was exposed to e-cigarettes because I wanted to quit smoking, and the effect was very good. Of course, I want more people to understand and experience this good thing , so I am simply engaged in this industry. ”

The first is to do the online store, the official store is in 2016, because of the special nature of the product, I think offline entities can make more people understand and experience this healthy smoking method, so I choose to switch to offline Entity. There are now club-type stores and types of shops, and try to satisfy different consumer tastes.

At present, the old steam e-cigarette chain store of Baoyanzi has a good reputation in the market. First, it provides lifelong after-sales service for major brands of e-cigarette equipment. Second, the total number of cigarette oil is large, the update is fast, and a penalty of one hundred. Third, in terms of DIY, it is professional and service is good.

Recently, “the old E-cigarette of Baoyanzi Chain Store” is a member of the “China Electronic Chamber of Commerce” directly under the “China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee” (member number: ECCC.HY0920147), and is one of the few e-cigarette physical stores in the country to join the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Shenzhen Fulaier Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Fulaier Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in beautiful Shenzhen. It is a comprehensive multinational trading company, and it is the world’s first-line brand e-cigarette equipment and e liquid agent. In the field of e-cigarette industry, it has a lofty status, insists on only authenticity, and does not touch boutique manufacturing. It has a very high reputation in the industry.

“Wolf World” is a domestic business unit of Shenzhen Fulaier Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, engaged in domestic e-cigarette wholesale, providing first-class service and professional technology. The company’s products are constantly developing and innovating, with stylish appearance and stable performance. The establishment of the company system and the improvement of management information have made the brand of the wolf smoke world more and more influential in the field of e-cigarettes. The company does not seek to be big, but strives to satisfy customers, continue to invest more resources, and strive to find more perfect equipment to provide the best quality products at the best price. With perfect and efficient after-sales service, we develop hand in hand with customers.

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