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WEL pod vape review – Vibration notification function inside


Pod-changing vape is an electronic cigarette product completely different from the type of mod vapes. What users will pay attention to before purchasing is obviously the flavor and price of the finished kit, and whether the device itself has serious leakage or major use defects. When the choice is made, the consumer will buy it without hesitation.

We’ll share a starter kit called WEL called Wel today. This article will describe the experience of using this vape in detail. First of all, the main specifications of this product:
Battery capacity: 350 mAh
Charging time: 45-60 minutes
Device weight: 20G
Device Specification: 118X20.6X10.6MM
Cartridge capacity: 2.1ML
Vape Resistance: 0.3 Ohm
Cartridge nicotine concentration: 2%-3.5%

In addition to the use of the anti-condensation design in the opening of suction nozzle, the overall structure of WEL is similar to most of the pod systems. It is still alumina grinding surface, pen-shaped magnetic absorption structure, universal USB charging interface, and has a good grasp in hand. One of WEL’s most recognizable conveniences is its vibration feedback signals: connection the atomizer / vibration once, charging notification / vibration for 4 seconds.

The “W” sign at the bottom of the pole is a hollow-out LED signal lamp. A special feature of this WEL is that the device will respond with vibration when inserting a pod and charging. A single white LED signal lamp will flash four times continuously when the battery is in low power.

The nicotine strength of the two original pod is different, the tobacco flavor is 3.5% and the mango is 2%. You need to try it yourself to see if the flavor is good or not. After all, the cartridge preference is different according to the needs of different users. The emphases of use experience must be the whole suction resistance of WEL. WEL with two air holes in the device body does not have a compact vaping experience in use. It’s suction resistance is comfortable and smooth with only slight resistance, which is slightly looser than some “compact” pods which are completely designed for quitting smoking.

WEL’s cartridges does not leak, and the grunting sound after long-term use is also an obvious signal to prompt users to clean up the condensation. The packaging of the pod system is designed as an gift. Because WEL has small box package inside the big box like a typical gift. Although it seems that there is not much difference compared to other pod vapes, the use of vibration feedback in the form of VAPE PEN in pod vape products is rare. Friends who like novelty may wish to try it.


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