Western Nic E Liquid/Vape Juice Review

Tobacco taste vape juice/e liquid is the ancestor of the e juice taste. At the birth of the electronic cigarette, the tobacco tastejuice/e liquid vape has been working to make the traditional smokers feel close to the smell of cigarettes in the process of atomization, so as to meet the psychological needs of the smokers. Tobacco flavored vape juice/e liquid can also be divided into two major genres, one is based on the style of food blending, the other is based on the aroma of tobacco leaf, and each has its own support group.

Western Nic E Liquid

Today, in the share of the Western Nic E Liquid series, it is based on tobacco flavors, with a total of six flavors integrated with different elements to create a different tobacco experience, both for both heavy and light preferences.


Light tobacco /LIGHT

When inhaling smoke, there is a faint creamy vanilla flavor, the smell of tobacco is magnified when exhaling smoke companying the faint milk chocolate flavor, and the nostrils feels refreshing. The overall feeling of this light tobacco is likely for people who fear too much sweetness. In the vaping process,  there is no heavy mouth experience, but it always runs the mellow and sour of the tobacco smell.


Black tobacco /DARK

The vaping process brings a slightly sweet feeling, and the black tobacco has a very refreshing taste, which feels like eating the fruit. When doubting about it,  the smell of tobacco in the mouth and nostrils brings me back to mind. This is a tobacco flavored vape juice/e liquid.



Western Nic E Liquid

The sweetness and mellow taste of caramel is undisguised. Because of the blending of light milk, the whole prelude has completely abandoned the dry taste of tobacco flavor. When the smoke is exhaled, it was the key point of this flavor. The milk and caramel appear to be fresh, slightly smoother tobacco leaves with a good sense of hierarchy.


Mint tobacco /MENTHOL

A clear vanilla flavor once opening the bottle, its coolness is not the fruit ice kind. A slight mint leaf with tobacco aroma and sweet flavor are directly displayed. The mint is slightly overcovered with tobacco, which makes the whole experience a tobacco flavour. You can find the light sweet tobacco leaves flavour in continuous use. However, the vanilla flavor when opening the bottle does not exist anymore.



You can find a unique fragrance in the process of dropping vape juice/e liquid. It tastes like a kind of bitter grain taste, which is a typical flavor of a baked food. When the smoke is exhaled, the aroma changed greatly. The thick aroma of cigar would mix up the baking elements in front, with a feeling of fullness.


Caramel tobacco /VCT6

Opening the lid, it is full of cream vanilla. The inhalation is smooth but sweet. It has a touch of greasy taste. When the smoke exhaled, the vanilla flavor was high, and the tobacco was not clear at every puff of the smoke and the smoke was superimposed in the mouth. This sweetness would be more suitable for sweet taste lovers.

Western Nic E Liquid

The six flavors of the whole series are clearly displayed in their use, with the prelude experience of inhalation and the level of changes in the exhalation, especially in the tails of tobacco sweet, and the Western Nic E Liquid can create the feeling of the true tobacco. Users can choose the right taste according to their taste and experience in any degree.

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