ALD Group Limited Highlighted SILMO Vaping Solution at Vapitaly 2019

From May 18th to May 20th,2019, ALD attended Vapitaly, the International Vape Exhibition taking place in Verona Italy, together with the latest self-developed innovative technology SILMO™, which earned enough attention there. This was the 2nd global exhibitions we have attended this year after Birmingham show.

 SILMO Vaping Solution at Vapitaly

 SILMO Vaping Solution at Vapitaly

As one of the top vape solution suppliers in the world, ALD never disappointed clients as usual. The 3 models integrated with Silmo 3.0 heater caught passers-by immediately once it was displayed. The free interactions between visitors from across the world and ALD presented us a grand visual banquet, imaging the cool vape drifting lightly, sometimes as soft as a dancing lady, sometimes just like a dreamy animation. Everybody seemed pleased by such activities. It was also a perfect platform for market information sharing.

 SILMO Vaping Solution at Vapitaly

There were even Silmo fans closely coming from ALD Birmingham booth to this one. Without any hesitation, vapors especially those who experienced by themselves gave likes or good comments. Some were even unwilling to put it down, and wanted to take possession of the customized Silmo samples. We would like to say “Thank you” to all friends coming from afar. In fact, what we appreciated most were different ideas they shared. After all, end-users’ favor is our final goal, we will mix various demands and try to serve the best product.

 SILMO Vaping Solution at Vapitaly

The popularity of ALD products, particularly the SILMO™ series at Vapitaly witnessed our strength in this field.

At last, please allow us to inform you that we will wait for you at booth T9911 @ Beijing CEE on June 28th-30th. Welcome!

ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Hey, vapers!

We are proud to inform you that ALD will attend Vapitaly in Verona (Italy) on 18th-20th of May 2019. As the fifth edition of Vapitaly, it is the ideal meeting point for companies, vape shops and consumers.

ALD will be waiting for you on booth A22, and we welcome you to try out our innovative technology products or just come and say hi.

Of course, ALD has prepared so much for this upcoming show to offer you an unsurpassed vaping experiece.

ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Revolutionary Vaping Solution Silmo 3.0 Will Show up on Vapitaly 2019

SILMO™ is an electronic atomization technology brand owned by ALD GROUP LIMITED. Silmo 3.0 is the first heating coil that offically released by SILMO™, which came out of comprehensive research and endless tests. By introducing advanced cellular ceramic material and metal thick-film printing technology into vaping industry, it has tackled the technical bottleneck of the industry and pioneers vaping to a healthier and sustainable future.

To feel the real magical power of Silmo 3.0, please come to booth A22 to test our newest products.

ALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

Most importantly, we had prepared a big surprise for people who come to our booth…

Amazing Vape GiveawayALD Team is all ready to meet you up at booth # A22 Vapitaly 2019

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